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Just a minute here chickie. There is work at Webmedx and plenty more coming on board. SM

Posted By: ME on 2007-09-06
In Reply to: No Work At Webmedx! - Bummed

Maybe if you had more than one account to transcribe, you, too, would have work. Don't spread lies on this board please. It is not nice.

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webmedx has plenty of work all the time. The posters who sm
complain only have 1 or 2 accounts and DON'T want more. There is overtime today on 9 different accounts, 4 of which have OT until further notice. Now, does that sound like Webmedx is out of work? I know I work there, have for several years and have NEVER run out of work.
There's plenty of work at Webmedx - my group of accounts is running OT. SM
Again, why don't you ask your manager for MORE WORK?
I'm at Webmedx after 10+ years at MQ. Good company. Plenty of work. SM
Pay is direct deposit and on time. You have a 12-hour window and 35 hours is considered full-time. I cleared QA review in less than a day, and they leave me alone to do my job. Benefits are affordable. I don't need the insurance, but I understand it's pretty good. Don't get much PTO the 1st year, 3 days. If you know you will need to be off ANY time in the first 6 months or so, tell the recruiter. Line rate is fair and you can negotiate. They have a bonus/incentive plan that allows you to earn good money. Seems like no place is great these days, but they are probably as good as it gets. Feel free to E-mail me if I can help you out.
I saw it on the *other board* just a minute ago.nm
The "powers" that be watch this board so you will have a ton of TT MTs coming on here to say t
plenty of work, which will only make you feel worse like your being singled out, but I suspect this happy TT'ers are management. How else can you explain someone saying no work and then others saying how swamped they are. It happens all the time. Makes you wonder...
Did they say a new account is coming on board and they are training the
WEBMEDX is getting all sorts of new accounts coming up. sm

Might want to apply to the 2007 and 2008 MT Employer of the Year!


Does Webmedx inform you when new accounts are coming on? (sm)

I know they recently were hiring and now the backload summary numbers are down on a lot of accounts (mine included).  I am hoping they just hired in anticipation of new account and are training these people on the current accounts and things will improve after the new accounts come on.  Am I dreaming? 

I understand no company wants to pay OT and it is a balancing act to get the correct number of MTs on any given account.  I just don't think they were hiring to overhire.  They seem far too nice for that. 

Sorry for blithering, main question was do they share info about upcoming new accounts? 

Webmedx acquires M-TEC! I didn't see that coming! nm
You, MTSO, should just stop coming to OUR board if you're (NM)
Well, I was happy for that overflow account coming on board

It is helping out some. No, I don't work on that account, but I did put in a full shift today.

In fact, the work is picking up on the account I work on as I had a total of 3 full shifts this week. Sure feels funny to work a full shift lately.


sometimes you'll hear that there's a new account coming on board ...
sometimes that happens, sometimes it falls through ...

I'm not saying that they absolutely don't care ... but particularly if you are an independent contractor, it genuinely is not their problem.

Either way, the people who are willing to sit and wait for work will stay ... I've been one of them ... not ready to switch companies, need the lines to pay the bills.

I remember when, first of all, work was often backed up (and ALWAYS out of TAT -- the first 7 or so years I did MT) these were hospital accounts being done done by local companies who had history with each other ... The national bought out and underbid the smaller companies and one of their big selling points was TURNAROUND and they agreed to penalties into their contracts ... IMHO, many turnaround times I've heard of are silly -- ER reports and STAT H&Ps/Consults do affect patient care and could justify a 2-4 hour TAT -- most other work types could easily fit a 12-24 hour TAT with the option to flag as STAT.

It was great to be able to work any hour of any day -- now it's much more iffy and harder to make up lines if you have an unexpected down time. JMHO.
I'm coming on board wtih MDI/MD, have to have unlimited long distance, BUT...
my local telephone service offers that for $24.95/month.  Since I'm coming from Medquist, I figured I'll be making that up almost entirely in one DAY!!!!  and I had to pay my Internet for me anyway, I'm an addict  with four domains of my own, LOL!
Uumm, fellow MTs. Why would a hospital director be coming to our lil ole board??? nm
Don't know about turnover but new clients coming on board - GREAT company

Deb Garrison, I hope you're reading this board, because I'm coming at you with one hell of a l

I know that there are a lot of you out there who are owed money.  Some of you are owed LOTS of money and Deb just spends it on herself.  You'll likely NEVER get paid, but together you can all make sure she never runs an MTSO again.  But, what needs to happen is ALL MTs screwed out of their paychecks must come together for this to actually happen.  You all can email me at flagfootballcoach@gmail.com and we will pull together and bring down the hammer on this woman.  She has had too many different businesses, taken people for their hard earned money, and needs to be shut down for good. 

right now plenty of work, also plenty of ESLs.nm
Plenty of BOTH on my end, I do traditional have plenty of work, always
Try the Job Seeker's Board as there are plenty of jobs there.
there are other jobs boards also, but the Job Seeker's board here holds lots of IC jobs for full time and part time and some have very good pay.
There are plenty of jobs on the job seekers board
Plenty of jobs, just look at Job Seeker's board,
they just don't want to pay anything.
Just got an E-mail about a Webmedx town hall meeting coming up. Those are NEVER good news. FYI.
I predict they will announce that, due to tough economic times, they will cut the VR rate. You know it is going to happen.
Nice try chickie, but wrong again!
work with here for a minute
I think there is some offshoring going on.  Last week there was no work for days.  I have seen this before in another company.  All of a sudden, come the weekend, there was over 500 minutes of backlog on one of my accounts.  Where was that work that it got so seriosly backloged to that extent?  Do not believe it is because some MTs are off on the weekend.  India is 12 hours exactly opposite us.  Their Sabbath starts on Friday.  I looked at the time of dictation.  If MTs are babysitting their computers to wait for a crumb, why would this work be so seriosly backlogged?  Where was it that it now being dropped in our laps to improve TAT?  I thing she is offshoring, but that is just my opinion.  I also thing she is trying to get rid of the older employees that she feels makes too much money.  She makes reference to the line higher line rates that she pays in her e-mail.  Well, she will only get what she pays for.  It used to be that MDI was thecream of the crop company to work for and only hired cream of the crop.  Her MTs are now the wind under her sails.  Will she continue to fly with this kind of secrecency?  Sorry about my spelling.  The way she is dealing with her MTs is like trying to build in the future a submarine with a screendoor; it simply will not float or fly.
Yes they do send work overseas and do not hide this fact. There is plenty of work and they do pay
well. Overall, I like having work as I have been at places where you had to fight to keep busy so this works for me.
You are not supplying work right this minute but you will be soon
Don't you think we are sharp enough to know you train them first, get a US-based account and then outsource to them? Why the heck else would you be training them? US MT skills are not needed for them to do their own local accounts!!
Getting paid by the minute.....how does that work??

Since I can't imagine getting paid by the minute, how does that work and what is considered a good rate??  Thanks!!!

So you are supposed to work until that minute like nothing is wrong? sm
Do they really expect everyone to just say OK and carry on as usual until that time? They're nuts.

I gave 2 wks notice as IC and I had to work to the very last minute. It sucked.

they are constantly out of work. Will show 40 jobs and a minute later none.
Do you work evenings or nights? If so TT has plenty of work
It is not that TT has no work, it is that everybody wants banker's hours. What do you expect?
I'm sure because the work is coming back a real mess..sm
These companies think they can breeze by with their overseas MTs, and sure they can if they have enough back up by seasoned US MTs and editors. Once the proportion becomes unbalanced, and they have more overseas MTs and less US MTs, the mess will start to pile up. It really does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. In time, it will come back to kick these companies in the rear. That's why I always say an experienced MT makes a much better transcription service owner because they would never put themselves in this situation; clearly able to decipher fantasy from reality and not just the big $ signs. I am not referring to this company, but any MT company in general.
1.70 regular minute, 2.25 stat per minute. sm
I do all cardiology.
Plenty of work
OSI has plenty of work to go around...
...but since hurricane katrina hit, things have been kind of slow. I think they have a big account in Louisiana that got hit pretty hard and it shut down. Since then they have had to move MTs from that account to other accounts. I've been running a little low on work too (just every now and then), but I like OSi so I'm willing to stick it out. I'm sure everything will get back up to speed soon.
Plenty of work...sm
I don't generally post on companies I worked for because in the long run it doesn't seem like opinions matter, for some it may suck and for others it is great.  I worked for them for a couple of years and had to leave due to needing insurance.  There was always plenty of work and if you are a hard worker, you'll make money, get paid on time, etc.  The accounts were incredibly stable and extremely easy compared to acute care. 
P.S.. you have plenty of work?
Plenty of work at MDI

Hi Freebird,  I was just passing through and saw your note.

I have been with MDI-MD for a little over a year now.  The only slowdown I have ever experienced was around Christmas and New Year's.  Right now there is plenty of work on all of the hospitals that I cover. 

I have been in this business for a long time, am a former MQer, and I just love this company.  The work is not for newbie's, but if you are an experienced acute care Transcriptionist you will have no problems.  The staff at MDI-MD are professional and gracious, the platform is the best I have ever worked with, the pay is great and always on time, and the flexibility is wonderful. I wish you luck!

I do all Ops and there is plenty work available for anyone who wants just
Ops and is good at them.  
I have plenty of work.
Have you tried asking for another account?
Plenty of work

Good line rate with incentive pay and shift differential.  Good benefits.  Sick time, PTO, plenty of work.  I'm happy.  Normals are right in their platform, which is handy and helps production. 

Anyone else care to chime in?

I have plenty of work
Plenty of work.
I have plenty of work at both places I work, just would like more money. :-)
there's plenty of work to go around....
TRS does manage a group in Guyana, but they make up a TINY portion of the total reports. NO jobs have been lost in the US to employees in other countries either. There is plenty of work available and the recruiter works constantly to find qualified MT's here in the US! Why is going offshore a bad thing if it doesn't affect the workload or TRS employees in the US??
Is there plenty of work. nm
Plenty of work
No, there is plenty of work. But it looks as though workflow is caught up and under good control.  There is no mandatory OT, it is just optional now. 
Plenty of work here.
If my primary is out, I have plenty of secondary accounts. They are always looking for people who are willing to have multiple secondaries. It's been my experience that the more accounts you know how to do, the less you run out of work. That's why I don't mind learning new accounts or work types.
Which of these have plenty of work RIGHT NOW?
Email me if you prefer.
Plenty of work here
One huge account.  I make myself available for backup for anything and nope, I am not listing my company name
Oh well there is always plenty of work
On the accounts that are always backed up because they are extremely crappy accounts. You can have all of that you want, BUT, I promise you - it brings your lines per hour average WAY DOWN and not worth it. The account specifics are horrendous!!!!

As the earlier poster stated - No work at WebMedx because they OVERHIRED!!!!