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I agree. Some accounts heavily staffed for quick TAT. nm

Posted By: HappyMT on 2008-11-12
In Reply to: probably is best company but - sm


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They've been hiring so much because they have two new GIGANTIC accounts that need to be staffed.
Between the two accounts they need something like 50 people. I wouldn't worry about it. A company CAN hire lots of people and still staff appropriately, you know.
I agree, they are quick to answer only if THEY think
Quick, the gene pool need a quick Clorox!
Could I please get a quick reply to quick hiring???....sm
I cannot find anything here or in archives about Integrity Transcription Service LLC; I was rapidly recruited and offered employment w/o testing, and wonder if there are any MTs here who work/have worked there?  Could you please share here or at my e-mail?  Soooo much appreciated, trying to weed things out!
Perhaps over-staffed because SM
new accounts coming on board? I have nothing to do with MDI, but new accounts come on board companies in the first of the year and six months later, in June. That could be it. Also, companies are very concerned about TAT these days and do not want to pay out the ____ for late work.

I'm also suggesting the old adage if people worked their schedules it would probably be better all the way around.
All I see posted around here is I want to work when I want. Then sobbing about no work. You cannot have it both ways.
They outsource heavily and
make no bones about it.  They are located in suburban Nashville, TN and generally make no bones about their ties with Indian transcriptionists.
Aren't they mostly IC now, and heavily invested
"Well staffed?" What does that mean, everybody 3-4 jobs a day?
Instead of only applying with companies that advertise heavily,
try Googling for transcription companies, perhaps in your home state, and go to their websites. They usually have a way to apply on their website, and they won't be receiving 300 resumes the same day yours arrives. Send your resume to several and you might hit the timing right with one or two, or perhaps they will keep your resume for when they do have an opening.
they don't tell you because many will jump ship and they will be short-staffed. SM
Maybe not all, but the majority of companies will not tell their employees when they lose accounts, outsource, etc. They are a little bit smarter than to chance losing a large number of employee. But they won't hesitate to dump you without notice. Unfortunately, it's called corporate business.
SPI heavily offshores to India and Phillipines.
But they do say to limit emails when short staffed
I was told the account is just "well-staffed" and
that the work load has not plummeted. But, at 2 million lines a month, how can it be cleared up so often?
FUNNY !! TT not up-to-date with software either -- just into getting VR going heavily now n/m
Precyse has had problems with lack of work, too. They offshore heavily.
I agree about some companies getting the accounts
quite a bit of companies gobbling each other up. Whenever there is a management change, there is also employee turnover as procedures are changed. Sometimes it is a matter of MTs not working out with one company and moving on to a better fit at another company and sometimes it is because MTs are being asked to leave because they just don't fit where they chose to go. I don't agree totally with your statement about good for MTs as while there may be jobs being offered, the industry itself is offering less to the MTs they wish to employee/retain, which also leads to dissatisfaction and increased turnover. It's an ugly cycle IMHO.
I agree and I don't think I can run out of work, not with 4 accounts I don't! nmn
I wonder what the quality of the work is like adding all those people to accounts. I agree. They
will lose accounts this way and MTs will move on. No one is going to sit around and make no money and then have QA breathing down your neck when you are thrown into all these accounts. So no one listens in New York. What is the problem with them.
The MTs can't get out of there quick enough.
Keep looking!
Don't be too quick..
I know a lot of QA people that are not consistent including the ones that trained me. One person can say one thing in one month, and the same person will say something else the next month. It's not always the MT ya know
Very quick!

RUN - away - quick!
you are just too quick to....
point your finger, AND this is not gossip as I, along with others, went through the same thing. OP was just asking a simple question and your cocky answer was not called for. So I say it again, GROW UP!!
It's all about quick TAT sm
The TATs are tight so the accounts have to be staffed 24/7, and more people are working on the accounts keeping them caught up. The work is steady on my internet account, but it is always very current with very little backlog but the work is there. I've been at MDI for 4 years, cleared for all work types on my accounts, and have 5 accounts I can work on although only consistently work on 2. I have a friend who started recently. On her account, she was not cleared for all work types, and she does have trouble getting her lines. She doesn't want a backup account yet.
Quick, quick
I testing and applied with them and got a phone call from Bonnie Monaco within 2 hours of submitting everything.
Thanks for your quick response!
so dont be so quick to THINK you know
what happened. anyway, don't worry about what I will or will not do.
Thanks for the quick responses! s/m
I can't find anything else at all. Don't know if this would help me gain exp though for medical transcription.

Where is the work at home mom's board???

Thanks again :-)
Transcribe it Quick
I was wondering if anyone had heard back from Transcribe It Quick or has worked for them before.  They posted on the job board on 05/09 for per diem transcriptionists.  I received a phone call from a very nice woman who was the owner of the company.  She told me she wanted to hire me, told me all the specifics, welcomed me to the company, etc. and she even had me register with the site and download their player.  She was supposed to call me back that night, and I haven't heard word one back from her.  It sounded like a great job opportunity with great pay.  I called and left a message on her answering machine and I still haven't heard anything.  I thought it was really strange, and I was wondering if anyone had received a phone call back from her and was offered a job. 
Thanx for the quick reply!
Do you want quick or accurate?
Why go to a board like this for a question to do with your company's benefits? Actually, you would probably get a pretty quick answer by e-mailing your HR rep, and it would have a much higher probability of being correct!
Quick Question - sm
 Which forum on MTStars is the best one to visit if you're interested in learning about obtaining private accounts - tried-and-true methods, platforms to choose, etc.?  TIA!
quick to defend too
Please, quick info regarding....sm
Medical Transcription Services in Wisconsin -- sent me a letter regarding a new radiology account coming on board, would really love to take it (love rad), but I cannot find much about them AT ALL.  Thanks in advance!
Why are people so quick...
to think that lack of work is the sign that a company is *bad*. There is such a thing as TAT. Anyone in this field knows that at times it is feast or famine. I have no problem making my lines during the pay period, even when volume is low; it's called being flexible with my schedule. I do what I have to do, still have my days off and still make decent paychecks.
thanks, another quick question-
do they supply computer/equipment?
I got a quick response, but
they only had 3rd shift available.  I took a few days and then responded saying that I would be able to work the shift, then the recruiter told me she would contact me to discuss the position.  That was 2 weeks ago, and I still have not heard anything.  I'm also very experienced, with 99.5% QA or better.  Very weird . . 
Don't be so quick to doubt

I'm 5 years into my MT career.  I'm 48 and currenly I work an average of 10 hours a day for a popular MTSO.

2 years in house - most I made was was 27K

Last year 6 months in house, 6 months at home - 24k

Next year - 34k

This year 55k!  Do I count on that for next year?  Nope, but I can hope.

Yes, my speed probably is increasing.  Since this industry has a give yourself a raise mindset, that's what some of us do, when we can.

Yes, its awful that many of you made that much in the good old days, and its been reduced.  But as a relative newbie, I have nothing to be bitter about, so I just keep honing my skills and my expanders.

I think a quick email to your STM would be it. sm
That's all I did, said that I intended to work an extra hour each day, although I was usually getting 37 hours a week anyway.
Quick ? Sunshine
Just how strict are they on the 98% and QA submission? I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give!
Just a quick question please?


I was hoping maybe you could share a little information about the Keystrokes hiring process with me?

I am really hoping to join the Keystrokes team but I am not sure if I should and my emails are not returned.


Many thanks!!

Quick clarification...
A lot of the accounts have the ability to go back to old reports and you pull several lines of information, those lines are paid at a different rate than the lines you actually type. It is basically getting paid for free lines I guess you would say. Nice enough company. Pay normally on time. They bascially leave you alone if you are doing your job.
Yes, yes, and yes. Honeymoon over real quick! nm
That is exactly how quick this company can get people going.
This company truely is one of the best. I feel like I am honestly part of a great family!
I'm a quick study but it was immediate. Its so easy.
can you quick explain "link" to me?
Keystrokes Rad MTs.....quick question...sm
Could you all let us know the per report rate that Keystrokes is offering for their radiology MTs?  I am intersested but don't want to waste anybody's time either.  TIA
It was a very quick little blurp during an interview
and the recruiter said, as we were talking about Medquist - Yeah, Transcend will have its hands full when it picks up Medquist. That'll be soon.

It was the recruiter from OSI. Yes, they tell little fibs, but she also did tell me they outsource a very small percent of their work, and that was true.
Thank you LM for all your quick responses and information!!! NM

oh but they are quick to send an e-mail...
when you get something wrong in the dictation...
Thanks so much for your quick response and advice. sm
It's been a few years since I have had to apply for a new job and wasn't sure if it was worth mentioning or not, or if it would ever be asked. Thanks again!