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Instead of only applying with companies that advertise heavily,

Posted By: Misha on 2006-03-27
In Reply to: MDI recruiting - frustrated

try Googling for transcription companies, perhaps in your home state, and go to their websites. They usually have a way to apply on their website, and they won't be receiving 300 resumes the same day yours arrives. Send your resume to several and you might hit the timing right with one or two, or perhaps they will keep your resume for when they do have an opening.

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We want companies to advertise - not drive them away.
Please do not mock their offers.


I though offshore companies could not advertise on this site?
Guess I am wrong about that.
Why do companies advertise for jobs if they have no work?

I lost my job with a big offshoring company a couple of months ago.  I knew it was coming so I started applying for jobs and sending my resume for posted jobs.  The company that hired me responded to my resume submission within 2 HOURS and I was hired the next day.  They had an immediate need, speciality I love, good pay.  Now, a couple of months later I am getting calls and e mails from companies that I applied to months ago.  One recruiter said, I don't know when we received your application, it was probably 90 days ago.  During this same time period I have seen the Q advertise twice, claiming they have steady work (????)  Of course, after reading posts here I would not even consider any offer from them.  A lady from Spheris e mailed and ask that I let her know a time I could interview some time in the next several weeks.

I don't get it.  If you do not have work, why are you posting jobs?  I would consider this a big red flag.

My advice to you is start applying with other companies
Cobra is extremely expensive and you have to qualify for Medicaid.  It is usually for indigent people.  I think it also takes a while to get qualified.  If you get on with a new company and you currently have insurance, you usually don't have a waiting period with your new insurance coverage like you do if you let it lapse.  I've seen ads inviting displaced Heartland MTs to apply with companies. 
They outsource heavily and
make no bones about it.  They are located in suburban Nashville, TN and generally make no bones about their ties with Indian transcriptionists.
Aren't they mostly IC now, and heavily invested
SPI heavily offshores to India and Phillipines.
FUNNY !! TT not up-to-date with software either -- just into getting VR going heavily now n/m
I agree. Some accounts heavily staffed for quick TAT. nm
Precyse has had problems with lack of work, too. They offshore heavily.
That's probably most of them except for the top 5-7 that advertise over and
Yes, we DO advertise for MT's!
Why do you thik it's so? It's because we are getting new accounts each and every week. How do you like them apples? It's because we have very high standards and have to replace those who can't cut it. Its because we LOVE giving people work when they are in need of work to earn a living for their families, and we have plenty for them to make a very good living. We have a huge recruiting team because we are always in search of the best, the brightest, the most ethical, the most honest, the hardest working and the most successful of all the MT's around. We are NOT interested in those who spend hours chating in various gripe boards when you should be typing. It clearly explains why either you are NO longer here, or why you couldn't get here in the first place.  
They sure advertise like crazy!
Hope its cuz they have lots 'O work?
They advertise they start at 8 cpl
and go to 10, so you know this one has a few wires crossed upstairs. n
Trying to Advertise my letter...
in the Toledo Blade myself. They told me that the advertising managers will have to review my article and decide if they will let me do it. I don't know what it will cost to do it, but I am sure going to try!!!!

I will send it to Lou Dobbs now.
Transhealth-They used to advertise all the sm
time here for MTs, haven't seen an ad in forever. Wonder why? 
They seem to advertise a good bit .... SM
often on MTJobs.com which is where their current ad is.
They used to advertise they pay scale as -
9-11 cpl.  PRN status is 7.5 cpl.  From what I heard recently, they are trying to lower their MT pay expense (not investment), so if you ever were to get off 9 cpl it would surprise me.
The good ones donít advertise? Then why, tell me
when I looked at the listings for jobs at only the 10th one down I found an ad from Transcend? I guess they have to go over to the bad companies, right for advertising?
Email the website where they advertise for MTs - sm

They will remove them from future advertising as they are reputable website.

I have not seen them advertise in a long time.
I have never heard anything negative about them to my recollection though.
I have not seen them advertise in a long time.
I know their recruiter left and I really have not seen any ads. They do have a banner on this site though.
When I advertise, I give all that information as
well as all information related to the job.

I worked for one company once that had their pre-canned ads. I hated them because they told nothing. They did give their website, but it was way old.

I agree that all companies that advertise for MTs need to give their website
How did you come to apply with them? I have never heard of them or seen them advertise.
Wish you the best though
Could someone please explain to me how Focus can advertise for a QC
when they just laid off a bunch of people and told them they had nothing to offer them but transcription?
P.S. - I don't even know why they are allowed to advertise on this board because....sm
their US QA gets audited by guess who???  The team leaders which are not from the US and are based overseas....lovely, eh?
They will advertise and talk hourly, but sm
when the actual offer comes, it is BY LINE ONLY.  M.L. is posting on any web site that will have him about his job openings and they are now so desperate they will take an MT with only 8 months experience.
does Amphion advertise that they now offshore?

Was I dreaming or did a certain company advertise for ESL MTs at 15 to 20 cpl a week or so ago and

now it's suddenly 9 to 13 cpl?  I tried to take their test and one of the questions they asked was what you were making. 


Maybe I was dreaming.  I copied the ads I applied to and that one seems to be missing.

Did you see that they want 9 test files done??!! And they advertise as a Global
I never see any postings about Accuscribe of SC. They evidently don't advertise (sm)
for help much, that could be a good thing.

Any info?
http://www.ustranscription.com/....they advertise on a different job board...nm
I personally don't advertise in the Yellow Pages because I was getting a lot of sm
calls from housewives who know how to type *real good*. Or people who wanted to do this because they saw in a magazine that you can make a lot of money in your free time!
Transcend does. If you look, they advertise on the Jobs board but they admit that
they send work overseas.
They advertise on the "other" jobs board. Lots of posts about them here. nm
Just curious why Focus Infomatics is being allowed to advertise here. Totally Indian-ran.

Have you tried applying for

unemployment compensation while looking for a job?  It might help to alleviate some of the pressure if you have bills to pay and might prevent you from accepting the wrong job out of desperation.

Good luck to you. 

Try applying elsewhere. I have 8 yrs exp. and most
thanks, I was considering applying
Are you applying
to MD-IT?  All I know is I also am looking for info on this company, as they my clinic has outsourced all of our in-house transcription to them.  I have an opportunity to work for them, transcribing the same physicians/therapists that I do now.  However, they seem to not be too forthcoming with information.  I am a little leary to sign on with them, having been in-house for 14 years.  It is a little scary to me.  I do not want to sign on and then miss the opportunity for unemployment/COBRA for a while and just take a break and move on.  I don't know what to do here.  Many sleepless nights I'll tell ya that much.
Why are you considering applying to OSI?
Won't be applying there.

Why do companies even allow this? It only allows the lazy MTs to make more money, leaving the MTs that will actually do all types of work by all kinds of dictators to struggle to make their line counts.  This is why I am currently looking for a new job.  I am tired of the cherrypickers on my account who refuse to work the ESL docs.  You know what?  I don't like them any more than you do, but I still do it.  Why?  Because it is my job!  

Sorry, just makes me so angry! 

I think you might have better luck sending resumes to companies who are NOT posting ads on the Job Seekers board. Looking at the number of hits their ads are getting those companies are probably already getting flooded with resumes.
Applying MT
Because they know we seasoned MTs won't just settle. Too bad we can't organize all MTs to not settle.
applying MT
I believe that transcription companies and owners do not want to pay for real transcription quality and are willing to hire the ones that will accept the 0.3 cents for QA and the 0.7 and up to 0.825 per cpl. Where is the real appreciation for the excellent transcriptionists? It seems that Transcriptionist is viewed more as a money maker.
I saw that and thought about applying.
Sylvan that's never been used, couldn't get it to load onto the computer, and couldn't get a refund for. I wouldn't want to use them again. I noticed using that software is one of the requirements.
I was thinking about applying

I work every sunday now, and I would really like my weekends free.  I also don't like the software too much, and I have to pay LD.

Thanks for all the info you gave me. 

Anyone with exp w/ PMT in Kentucky? Am considering applying there. Thanks! nm
Can anyone tell me anything about TTS? I am thinking about applying

Can anyone tell me anything about TTS? I am thinking about applying?
Thank you.  I appreciate your reply. 
Applying for jobs
Do you tell them how much money you want? Sometimes if you do that they do NOT respond -- you may be asking too much. I have applied for five jobs and have heard from all five.