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They outsource heavily and

Posted By: sure have heard of them. on 2006-05-17
In Reply to: DTS Medical Transcription - me

make no bones about it.  They are located in suburban Nashville, TN and generally make no bones about their ties with Indian transcriptionists.

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Do not outsource to India, outsource a small amount to Phillipines.
Aren't they mostly IC now, and heavily invested
Instead of only applying with companies that advertise heavily,
try Googling for transcription companies, perhaps in your home state, and go to their websites. They usually have a way to apply on their website, and they won't be receiving 300 resumes the same day yours arrives. Send your resume to several and you might hit the timing right with one or two, or perhaps they will keep your resume for when they do have an opening.
SPI heavily offshores to India and Phillipines.
FUNNY !! TT not up-to-date with software either -- just into getting VR going heavily now n/m
I agree. Some accounts heavily staffed for quick TAT. nm
Precyse has had problems with lack of work, too. They offshore heavily.
JLG outsource???
Anyone know if JLG outsources? I asked their HR person and so far have received no response. Very suspicious about that.
JLG Outsource???
They have advertised on boards using their "Vianeta or Arrendale" software. If you search Google for Arrendale software, you will see that Arrendale and CBAY formed a partnership.... Check past posts on CBAY. What do you think?
Do they outsource?
MDI does not outsource but they do
overhire. Not a bad company overall, just have to fight for work a lot of the time.

Do they outsource now? If not, they're planning it, big time. Companies need excuses to outsource, main one being they can't meet demand. Yeah, drop that line req down, that'll do it! Care to divulge company name?

they outsource and their pay is low nm
MDI does not outsource but they were bought by Transcend who has been sending work to Florida. Just an FYI.
Not an outsource
No everyone there worked from home.  They also used Transcend for overflows.  It was a good place to work, but dayshift was years away.
Need MT Outsource

This Is Prasanth From, I would like to know any outsouce work available for Medical Transcription.
Need MT Outsource
Hi, This Is Prasanth, I would like to know any outsouce work available for Medical Transcription.
Need MT Outsource
Hi, This Is Prasanth From India, I would like to know any outsouce work available for Medical Transcription.
Need MT Outsource
Hi, This Is Prasanth from India, I would like to know any outsouce work available for Medical Transcription.
Need Mt Outsource
I would Like to know any outsource Medical transcription work, Pls help me out ..
I am 99.9% sure they do not outsource. nm

Boy do they outsource
The offshores get preference for the work.  Some of the managers are just awful, especially one in particular.   I mean downright nasty and not even available for questions. Big shakeups lately.
if they did HAVE to outsource all, tho,
or even a ton, it would be a QA nightmare and clients would finally have to ask - WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH YOU PEOPLE?

They do more than outsource, as they have

an office in India. 

No, they do not outsource.
They do outsource, don't let them kid you
no no NO! TT does NOT outsource sm

There is, however, an Indian company with a similar name that IS doing business in India.

I know it gets slammed on here for doing all kinds of things and I have never heard a word of truth about Transtech spoken here.

I did not say that they don't outsource
I said that not all of the team leads are in India.
Yes, Medware does outsource....sm
and they make no bones about it. However, they are not the only company to do so and more and more companies will likely be doing the same in the future. Like it or not, this is the future of medical transcription...to get the transcription done offshore and then have it edited by more qualified egocentric jerks like myself in the USA.

I think you have overstepped the boundaries of common decency in categorizing people who work for Medware or any other company who chooses to outsource their work. If you don't like it, you don't have to work there and don't have to associate with us, but it is a low blow to attack fellow members of your profession in such an unprofessional manner.
MDI does NOT outsource.. all work is done
on-shore. Transcend does outsource though (minimal).
Does Transolutions outsource?
Most of the companies out there outsource now.
companies who outsource
Do you consider Canadians being outsourcing? With all the Americans out of work does it bother you that companies hire Canadians?
SPI information? Do they outsource?
Any info appreciated.
They don't outsource VA accts because they can't (sm)
Contracts with the fedgov won't allow it. Funny how the gov't won't allow VA files to be sent overseas, but they don't bother putting a stop to the rest of ours going huh?
They outsource to India and..
when the recruiter was asked, she said she didn't know that for sure even though it is posted on their website.  When this was pointed out, I still couldn't get her to admit it.  I turned them down because I prefer straight answers and dont' work for companies who outsource to India.
They outsource on VR accounts. NM


yes, they still OFFSHORE (not outsource), otherwise
Wow, that's impressive. Do they outsource?
Now I am very intrigued! I did e-mail them and asked a few basic questions. Do you have any idea what their pay scale is? I have almost 7 years of experience as an MT.
Yes, they do outsource to Spheris
When ATSIS offered me a position back in early November, the account I was going to work on was with Spheris and the company was fixing to leave Spheris. It was a BIG mess. Maybe it's a blessing I did not end up working with this company. The recruiting manager is so darn RUDE. I would never want to communicate with her again. I would not trust her if she gave me the biggest offer to come back. That company is so darn SCREWED UP! I can see why the keep advertising over and over again constantly. They are probably screwing every MT like they did me! I sure hope every MT that is reading this post does not even consider appling with ATSI out of Clearwater, Florida because they will be sorry!!!

Have a great holiday. You deserve so much better out there than this CRAZY company.
Do you mean outsource as in offshore? (NM)
I know they outsource to India sm

Whatever is not done by a certain point at night the send to India so that it is ready to edit in the morning.  I am surprised they are allowed to advertise for MTs on this site, but they DO outsource and I have this from the current recruiter.  They pay their American MTs pretty well, but on the backs of the outsourced stuff from what I can tell. 

For the record, I had an offer at the end of last year, didn't take it because it is outsourced.  As long as we support this sort of thing it will continue.  The minute we all refuse to work for a place like that, the sooner it all comes home.

u can't outsource nursing, so i'd go with that
It is possible to outsource to another service without
They DO NOT outsource/offshore.
The outsource ax has fallen!
I just got terminated from my in-hospital job.  I had worked for these people for almost 20 years but I guess it was ineviable.  They are going to outsource to some place I think in the Phillipines.  I have done some part time work at home but now I'm looking for a full time at home with benefits. Gulp!  Anybody have any suggestions?  I was thinking about Diskriter or Sten-Tel.  I am best at clinic work but I have done acute care for a couple of years.  I hate ESL but they are a part of life, unfortunately.   . 
Does DeVenture outsource?

Does DeVenture Outsource?
I don't believe they outsource outside of the U.S.  However, someone else on this board might have more information.
So are you saying they don't outsource to India?
How long have you worked for them?
TT does not offshore or outsource
TT has to do whatever Dictaphone-Nuance says to do. It would be great if TT would get their own accounts that Dictaphone-Nuance had no control over.
Why does a service outsource?
Hi - I also am an American citizen and live in a rural area of Florida where the unemployment rate is 20%. I have taught hundreds of people to become MTs and they are some of the best I know, and still working for Transcend.

I have to tell you, when I owned MDI-FL, we did not outsource any work to India. But you know as well as I do, times have really changed. I am not thrilled with this. I never thought I'd see the day when we would have to go outside of the US. I always felt like most of us do, that I would definitely rather have US MTs.

Then, a hospital comes along and says - OK, we expect you to credit us $6,000 a month or we are going to outsource our work to India. For the first few years of this, we stick it out, but then you find out you are being undercut by so many other services because they can afford to charge a lot less than us because they outsource.

We still tried to hold out. Then it becomes a choice to either lower your MTs pay or outsource. I know how hard we work - don't forget I have been a MT for 35 years. So do we lose the work, lower our fees to the hospitals, have to lay off our MTs, lower our MTs pay, train additional MTs who work for less money, but then hurt our quality? You don't know how hard this decision is unless you are directly up against it.

Today, Transcend purchased and merged with a transcription company with a great reputation, who has 500 U.S. based, extremely experienced MTs who know their accounts inside out, who know what the doctors are going to say before they say it. I sincerely hope you all decide to stay with us, actually helping to lower the amount we outsource.

And yes, there are many hospitals who request please do not send our work overseas -- and WE DON'T. I am happy to say this is happening more and more.

It might be safe to say that I don't think there is a transcription service around that does not outsource. It is a sorry statement to make, but I think that is the case. And yes, it does come down to MONEY... We just can't continue to lower our rates, year after year.

We hold lunch time conferences each week with the entire company joining and I am going to suggest that the next subject be Why does a Service Outsource to India. I am sure Sue and Larry can answer this a lot better than I did.

Take care, and hang in there. Please e-mail me and if you want I can give you my number.