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I am glad to hear that a lot of money can be made with MT work. This gives me hope for the future.

Posted By: Sue on 2006-01-04
In Reply to: Its sad that we dont believe MTs can make good money at this job.... - HappyMT


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Thanks! I'm glad to hear that, I didn't think anyone used it anymore! I'm glad to hear so
I'll definitely check them out!
Thank you! I am glad to hear that there is clinic work with SM

Why is pay rate confidential? It is YOUR money that YOU made with YOUR hard work. You should be
Anyone hear of Future Step?
I received an email from Future Step telling me about a job.  Never heard of them.  Never applied with them?????
I'm so glad that made sense!
Having learned Escription at a smaller hospital with a total of only about 10 MTs, the difference in how quickly the system learned and started dropping down near-perfect reports to edit was a stark contrast to what I'm sure you're seeing.

We were all trained in the same basic account specifics, no allowances for personal styles or preferences, and no unnecessary expanding just to get the extra characters, so we were all on the same page.

Within about 6 weeks, Escription (with the help of above-average dictators) was churing out probably a 90% accuracy rate for all reports.

Whew...is it Friday yet? I feel like half of what I'm trying to explain isn't making sense, and I'm really glad you're understanding me :-).

I'm also BEYOND delighted to see an intelligent exchange between people regarding editing versus standard transcription! It's so refreshing to discuss this without insults, flaming, accusations, etc.

I want to thank everybody in this thread for their input and being able to act like intelligent adults instead of kids at schoolyard.

When we MTs put our minds and collective experiences together, it's amazing what we can do :-)
I made the move 8 months ago and am glad I did. I did sm
take an unpaid vacation so I time off and look forward to PTO. I have the insurance they offer now. It is expensive but has covered everything for me. I have also done the question sheet for 3 other insurance companies and they keep getting either turned down or higher rates. I talked to my supervisor, and she said that it is making the owner pull her hair out because KS is too big for some policies, too small for others and has too many pre-existing things for a good rate. Once they get it, though, it will be easier.

My FIL owns construction company and had the same problems for years, so I know it is hard to get good coverage at a good rate.

This is sad to see about MDI but actually I'm glad I'm not crazy like they made me feel (sm)
look what they're doing to everybody? It's a shame to see such a good company go down in flames but I saw it coming and predicted it too when they brought all those Medquist castoffs in...they let the snakes in the door. when you bring in Medquist people, with Medquist mentality of use and abuse, what do you think is going to happen to a company? Become like Medquist perhaps? There was a day when you could not find a person who had a bad thing to say about this company and they honestly felt that way but now look at it? People speak the truth and though it is sad and people are afraid to speak out I for one feel relieved like I said that I didn't just imagine all of this and that I wasn't the only one who just couldn't figure out to make it work anymore. It's validating.
I'm glad you are getting decent money
but I'm really hurt by this.  I feel used now. 
Me 3, made good money with less cpl than now. nm
I worked that way once, best money I ever made.
Glad to hear
you have another job already. Flossie is definitely a backstabber who will pretend to be your friend and then stab you when you least expect it.
Glad to hear it.
Wasn't sure from the way you worded your post.
I am glad to hear you say that...(sm)
It is nice to see someone with a professional attitude such as yours. I have just seen so much trashing of employers around here that it is no wonder that many times MTs are not taken seriously.
Glad to hear you are not looking any further at them...sm
FutureNet Technologies is a great place you may want to consider. Their pay is always on time and always correct. No benefits but the staff is great, pay is great and pay is on time and correct - that is benefit enough for me.

Glad to hear you are not looking further into Superior Global. It will save you a lot of headaches.

Hope you find a great place to call home!
Sorry to hear about the job, but glad
I am glad to hear about MDI-MD
Just starting there!  I hope everything works out with this company. 
Glad to hear that!
I know some people LOVE it. Not me. Maybe if they'd keep the bad dictators off of it, but they're now putting everyone on it. You might be flying through 1 or 2 reports, and then all of a sudden get someone who definitely does not belong on VR. That messes up your line count for the whole day. Plus getting 30% less in pay. Like I said, I've only been doing this for 1 month, but my line count for VR has only gone up on average 30 lines daily. My straight-typing line count has gone down 40 lines daily. How could that be? These companies are messing with the statistics to make VR look better than it actually is, all the while paying less to the Transcriptionist for both VR and straight typing. I'm making now with VR(cpl)what I made in 1997 when I first was hired to work at home via internet. At least I have a job. Still, I feel defeated.
I'm glad to hear that
I just accepted a job with them.  I sent them a resume about 1-1/2 weeks ago, did not do the testing on that day because I didn't have time. Did testing last Saturday, called them on Monday and talked to the receptionist. Was thinking of giving them another call very soon but today they called me.  Good luck! 
Glad to hear this.
Happy to hear that KS will not be giving in to Transcend. I don't care what kind of ranking they have, offshoring is bad news for us.

Between VR and offshoring, we will all end up at flea markets hocking our wares...but then again...you have to pay rent to get a table at the flea market. No money for that. Oh well.

I have too many fat rolls to work a corner. The gobs and gobs of folks in other industries who have lost jobs have already taken the fast food jobs. Guess I really need to come up with a plan.

Regarding the companies losing millions each year...I don't get it either.

Glad to hear that!
LOL, I keep wondering when the 'honeymoon' will end because it's just so astonishingly fantastic working there. I keep thinking it's too good to be true, but posts like yours help convince me that it is like being in MT heaven working for TT!!!
I'm rather glad to hear that, thanks!
I was suspicious because normally HR/recruitment personnel use their real name and their posts are MUCH more professional, such as thanking everyone for their interest, etc.

Glad to hear this may not be legitimate, because if it was, it would have been, IMO, a negative reflection on the company.

Ooh. That made my skin crawl. Let's hope not. nm
Is there good money to be made at Transtech? nm
Me, too. I've made so little money this month that I can't even
make my house payment.  This is getting beyond ridiculous.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  I suppose I could go pawn my computer since I'm not getting any work.
I made excellent money in my very first year but ...
... that was about 13 years ago, and it was with a local MT who needed help for all her own accounts, all easy family practice office visits.  She paid 9 cents gross line, didn't use a counter, just said to manually count the lines on each page (!) but was always at least $5 a page.  We didn't use expanders, had no platform, just used a dictaphone machine hooked up to their office and just typed as it came in, 24-hour turnaround time, and anything that came in after 5 p.m. that day was considered the following days' work.  It was great.  Too bad the big corporations spoiled it for all the little guys out there like me and my mentor.  I haven't made anywhere near what I made that first year since because the big corps ate up all the local accounts around here and won't pay more than 8 cents a line for clinic work.  Sucks.
RN versus MT, which would involve the most money to be made. I am not sure if I want to go into RN
nursing or remain an MT.  I wonder which one pays best?
You said it: "They made good money."
I don't mind working hard if I am getting paid accordingly. Doctors and nurses make good money to work weekends. My sister even gets a very nice shift differential for working evenings, nights, and weekends. I get none of that. I get the same 7 cpl regardles of when I work. Hardly seems worth the $12-13 an hour I make to give up the precious little time on the weekends I get to spend with my family. Guess each just has their own priorities in life and mine is not work.
I was so glad to hear this!! They are a decent

a decent company despite the posts here.

Good for you! I am glad to hear that you
are a good recruiter, having no idea who you are, was only relaying MY experiences.  Sorry for those, such as you, who do your job well.  I have lost thousands of dollars depending on what was told to me by recruiters, and that is a fact.  If I would not have listened to the out and out lies, simple questions like, Will such and such an abbreviation Expander work with your system? and was told yes, when they had no clue if it would or not after I was hired and quit my other job.  As I said, good for you for being on the up and up and doing your job well.  And I agree, if I could quit MT today, I would run away as fast as I could!!!  Not only is your job thankless, but apparently OURS are TOO!!! Or at least I am given that impression but more than just ONE company!!!!!!
Glad to hear something good about them,
Be glad you didn't hear.
Why? Stella and crew are psychopaths. You will pay them to use their software license to boot, won't be included in your contract, unless of course, my experience with them has changed that. I have a horror story to tell with this company, believe me.

The most controlling and thorougly unprofessional MTSO I have ever had the displeasure to work with. No wonder they are advertising...they can't keep good MTs.

Glad to hear that. Welcome aboard!
so glad to hear that MTing has been sm
brought down to a profession of chump change by the newbies.
so glad to hear that MTing has been sm
brought down to a profession of chump change! You do the profession proud. NOT!
Glad to hear you are happy.
Maybe they save this behavior for their ICs. There is no reason for me to lie. They are threatening in the way they DEMAND that you work a set schedule, even though one is SUPPOSED to be an IC.

The micromanaging comes in when as an IC you don't log in exactly at the SCHEDULED time to work.

Bottom line, TTS does not respect the law when it comes to IC workers. Period. They will eventually be dealt with if they do not begin to follow the law.
I hope you hear from them if that is (sm)
what you really want. I hope you have better luck than we had. Best wishes!!!!
So sorry to hear this! I hope that you
you. One time years ago a boss told us we were worth our weight in gold and should be treated as such. Sounds like you should be treated like gold. Hope the holidays shine bright for you, and wish you and the other posters best of luck for finding a great job.
Glad you love your company. Hope you stay there - LOL
Glad for you! Let's hope Webmedx will follow suit.
Glad you are happy. You making good money there? sm
as well?
I hope you made a mistake when you posted below my response.
I certainly do not have an easy account like the poster I responded to. I don't complain about TT. I like it there and plan to stay. They treat there people decently, not like some other companies.
Good luck and I hope you get your money!! nm
Doing great! Made more money in one week at TT than I did in a whole month
at previous job!
Be wary of their platform. If it's Apex, I'd run. No money to be made there.
I would do whole pages and only end up with like 30 lines. No thanks. I would have starved at that rate and it could be their line counting system too. They do it based on only black visible lines which obviously means no spaces. Good luck though. If I remember right, they send you the footpedal but it's been a while.
Hated VR. Made less money that straight transcription..sm
I was extremely boring and mindless work.  People say they doubled their production/lines with VR.  That is true but remember if you make 0.08 straight typing and 0.04 doing VR, you are making the same amount of money.  I made about 150 bucks less a month because the dictators were horrible and I had to end up typing almost all the reports over.  I will never do it again.
I agree. I was with MQ and made fabulous money and worked for
large universities.  Finally, I had enough and left 2 years ago and never looked back.  It wasnt easy at first learning new hospitals but I am still at that place and am fine.  Actually, I like learning new hospitals every now and then, takes care of the boredom.  Now dont get me wrong, the money isnt as great, but I cant take the boredom.  I lose my focus when I get like that and get sloppy I think.  You just dont watch as closely so every now and then you need a reality check and get pulled back into shape, at least I do.  I focus much more closely on new accounts.
perhaps she preparing for this for a long time. seems she made a ton of money. NM
That's great - glad to hear you got response
I'm glad you posted a followup as I was wondering how it was going for you.
glad to hear there is still a good company out there...
So sorry to hear about that Michelle! I hope that you are okay now.
I was all happy when the e mailed me, but when I looked at the archives here, it said same thing you are saying. And they state they are the #1 MTSO employer by some organization. Oh, brother. I am sticking with my regular job, and if I take on extra work, it is going to be with a small mom and pop. Things are too wacky in the MTSO world these days. Thanks for your advice and I hope that you find something so you can get over this horrible experience with them!
What a hateful post. Hope your rant made you feel better. nm