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Glad to hear something good about them,

Posted By: I am testing this weekend for them-nm on 2008-08-09
In Reply to: Regarding Keystrokes, a little long...sm - New Keystrokes hire


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Good for you! I am glad to hear that you
are a good recruiter, having no idea who you are, was only relaying MY experiences.  Sorry for those, such as you, who do your job well.  I have lost thousands of dollars depending on what was told to me by recruiters, and that is a fact.  If I would not have listened to the out and out lies, simple questions like, Will such and such an abbreviation Expander work with your system? and was told yes, when they had no clue if it would or not after I was hired and quit my other job.  As I said, good for you for being on the up and up and doing your job well.  And I agree, if I could quit MT today, I would run away as fast as I could!!!  Not only is your job thankless, but apparently OURS are TOO!!! Or at least I am given that impression but more than just ONE company!!!!!!
glad to hear there is still a good company out there...
Thanks! I'm glad to hear that, I didn't think anyone used it anymore! I'm glad to hear so
I'll definitely check them out!
Glad to hear
you have another job already. Flossie is definitely a backstabber who will pretend to be your friend and then stab you when you least expect it.
Glad to hear it.
Wasn't sure from the way you worded your post.
I am glad to hear you say that...(sm)
It is nice to see someone with a professional attitude such as yours. I have just seen so much trashing of employers around here that it is no wonder that many times MTs are not taken seriously.
Glad to hear you are not looking any further at them...sm
FutureNet Technologies is a great place you may want to consider. Their pay is always on time and always correct. No benefits but the staff is great, pay is great and pay is on time and correct - that is benefit enough for me.

Glad to hear you are not looking further into Superior Global. It will save you a lot of headaches.

Hope you find a great place to call home!
Sorry to hear about the job, but glad
I am glad to hear about MDI-MD
Just starting there!  I hope everything works out with this company. 
Glad to hear that!
I know some people LOVE it. Not me. Maybe if they'd keep the bad dictators off of it, but they're now putting everyone on it. You might be flying through 1 or 2 reports, and then all of a sudden get someone who definitely does not belong on VR. That messes up your line count for the whole day. Plus getting 30% less in pay. Like I said, I've only been doing this for 1 month, but my line count for VR has only gone up on average 30 lines daily. My straight-typing line count has gone down 40 lines daily. How could that be? These companies are messing with the statistics to make VR look better than it actually is, all the while paying less to the Transcriptionist for both VR and straight typing. I'm making now with VR(cpl)what I made in 1997 when I first was hired to work at home via internet. At least I have a job. Still, I feel defeated.
I'm glad to hear that
I just accepted a job with them.  I sent them a resume about 1-1/2 weeks ago, did not do the testing on that day because I didn't have time. Did testing last Saturday, called them on Monday and talked to the receptionist. Was thinking of giving them another call very soon but today they called me.  Good luck! 
Glad to hear this.
Happy to hear that KS will not be giving in to Transcend. I don't care what kind of ranking they have, offshoring is bad news for us.

Between VR and offshoring, we will all end up at flea markets hocking our wares...but then again...you have to pay rent to get a table at the flea market. No money for that. Oh well.

I have too many fat rolls to work a corner. The gobs and gobs of folks in other industries who have lost jobs have already taken the fast food jobs. Guess I really need to come up with a plan.

Regarding the companies losing millions each year...I don't get it either.

Glad to hear that!
LOL, I keep wondering when the 'honeymoon' will end because it's just so astonishingly fantastic working there. I keep thinking it's too good to be true, but posts like yours help convince me that it is like being in MT heaven working for TT!!!
I'm rather glad to hear that, thanks!
I was suspicious because normally HR/recruitment personnel use their real name and their posts are MUCH more professional, such as thanking everyone for their interest, etc.

Glad to hear this may not be legitimate, because if it was, it would have been, IMO, a negative reflection on the company.

I was so glad to hear this!! They are a decent

a decent company despite the posts here.

Be glad you didn't hear.
Why? Stella and crew are psychopaths. You will pay them to use their software license to boot, won't be included in your contract, unless of course, my experience with them has changed that. I have a horror story to tell with this company, believe me.

The most controlling and thorougly unprofessional MTSO I have ever had the displeasure to work with. No wonder they are advertising...they can't keep good MTs.

Glad to hear that. Welcome aboard!
so glad to hear that MTing has been sm
brought down to a profession of chump change by the newbies.
so glad to hear that MTing has been sm
brought down to a profession of chump change! You do the profession proud. NOT!
Glad to hear you are happy.
Maybe they save this behavior for their ICs. There is no reason for me to lie. They are threatening in the way they DEMAND that you work a set schedule, even though one is SUPPOSED to be an IC.

The micromanaging comes in when as an IC you don't log in exactly at the SCHEDULED time to work.

Bottom line, TTS does not respect the law when it comes to IC workers. Period. They will eventually be dealt with if they do not begin to follow the law.
Thank you! I am glad to hear that there is clinic work with SM

That's great - glad to hear you got response
I'm glad you posted a followup as I was wondering how it was going for you.
I am glad to hear that, I start training with them tomorrow.
Don't sweat it. Be glad you didn't hear back.
I thought it was just me, glad to hear others aren't making much with all the junk you have to ad
So glad to hear all the positive feedback and I also accepted a position with them
I am glad to hear that a lot of money can be made with MT work. This gives me hope for the future.
Good for you, always glad to know
others liking their jobs. Best to be happy, life too short not to be. As far as the ignorance equaling bliss, I have no ulcers, do not have to work endless hours making a living, no worries in this life. Others should try always to find out where they belong. I can only speak for myself. If others want to be unhappy and stil continue at same job, cannot help those out. I do have fun in my life now because lots less stress than in years gone by.
I would give them a try, you hear good and bad, but mostly good. nm
That's really good news! I am glad for you!
Yes, Transcend seemed like it had so much potential, and I did believe that when I was there coincided with Transcend hitting a big bump in the road, probably fast growth, and I know they said there were major mgmt problems at the time.  I tried to stick it out, but didn't have the patience at the time. Glad to hear that things sound organized now.  We all deserve an organized, calm, productive workplace, right?
glad you think it is a good company
I dont know  how many people would agree with you.
Good for you!!! I am glad it worked out. nm
Good grief!! Glad I just sent them
an email telling them I was no longer interested in testing as I will not work for companies that offshore USA work. No wonder the person didn't sign their name. Probably too long to spell! LOL!
Good for you, I'm glad you found someplace sm
you feel treats you well.  If you left the bad place behind, why are you still thinking about it?  Enjoy where you are now.
That is good news! Glad you got to spread
Glad you are happy. You making good money there? sm
as well?
Of course we do. This will make time #5 that I do just that. Glad you have good luck.
Not everybody does. Ummm...you do know you don't always get what you ask for/want, right? And if you try sometimes, you still don't get what you need.
GOOD. This is important. Glad you thought ahead.
.I think we as women are condition to wait and see how it goes. Has it really ever gotten better -- whatever THAT was. We need to learn to believe our gut. When My Office Genie sold to MQ, I guess she (carol) was so fearful, she made the anouncement and wham, immediately gone. Had it all planned out in advance packed and gone..
Why does someone only want to hear the good
about a company.  Isn't enough that they offshore and lied about it, of in the event of some other companies that checks are late or bounced.   Any of the above is enough to make me not want to work for a company.   In most cases there are multiple complaints against xx company, so it isn't just a personality clash, an MT who produced a bad product and got fired, etc.  If they aren't going to listen to the experience of others, why even ask.  
That's good to hear! I wonder why
there are a lot of people who say they run out of work there though? That would be my only concern. Otherwise, sounds like a good company. Another question - do they do voice recognition and do you HAVE to do it? Where I work now everything is going to VR and I HATE it - income has dropped drastically.
Good to hear it

I'm glad to here that.  I am starting on 07/10/2006.  Everyone has been super nice and very accomodating. 

I will -- That is definitely GOOD to hear!
I have been SOO nervous about making the change, but the job I have now is the absolute dregs of the dregs. 
Wow, that's good to hear
Really, my primary complaint there was the lead. The doctors were good dictators, very easy to work for.  I think KS probably offers benefits that are comparable to any other major MTSO. The pay could be better but hey, that's the complaint every MT has. 
That's good to hear and maybe

it can come back.  Posters like the rectum person need to be banned.

But the way things are going in transcription now, people need a place to vent.  There are some negative people who are negative by nature, but when everything is going to crap it's hard to be positive, and we need to be honest with each other.

If there actually was a place to send all of our legitimate complaints -- and there are many -- and someone would take us seriously and help -- maybe the situation could eventually be turned around.

And, one more thing, really bad things are actually happening to many transcriptionists today - they are NOT just WHINING.  We need a voice.

So, if you have a job that you are happy with, keep it as long as you can.  But, really, try to have some empathy for your peers who are facing REAL hardships.

Cbay doesn't sound good. Glad I left
the Q when I did.  I really hashed over that decision, but I am so glad I did.  There will be a lot of people looking for work very soon.  I wouldn't wait around until all the good spots are filled.
Great to hear! Good for you!
I feel the same way and it's good to hear
To the original poster...It is frustrating at times, I must admit. But life is full of ups and downs. I like to compare it to a NASDAQ company - you know, when they post the company's 1st quarter earnings, etc. Even multi-billion dollar companies have ups and downs, so they take advantage of the ups and tighten their belts during the down times. That's the nature of working in this profession.
Oh no! That is not good to hear. I searched
the archives and there were a lot of good things about them. I was considering switching from another well thought of company which is wanting us to work every weekend, just so I would not have to work every weekend. Sounds like this may be a move from the frying pan to the fire! Please, if anyone has any info good or bad post before I or anyone else makes a mistake... Thanks!
Good news to hear! At least some companies are
trying!  Best of luck to you in 2006!
You hear bad and good - it is what you make of it - if it fits your needs, try it out!
I hear you. I pay NO attention to how good someone thinks they are.
With all that wonderful experience, if you cannot pull the testing, you have just proven you don't know your own skill level.