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I believe they have changed the policy about (sm)

Posted By: check them out on 2006-01-14
In Reply to: I worked on a surgical orthopaedic - account while there!

bonus lines for reaching next level. 

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Obviously their equipment policy has changed

I started working for them in October 2006 and they loaned me a C-phone free of charge at that time, for a radiology account. I worked there until the end of February 2007 so the policy must have changed since then.

Internet accounts are much better. I found using a C-phone a real pain in the you-know-where, mainly because (at least with this account) there was no way to go back to the previous report and double-check the dictation if you had a question after you went on to the next voice file.

But that's just me.....

This is OSi's old policy - just changed DRASTICALLY
The owners haven't changed, MT supe hasn't changed
I've been in their office. I know the people. It is a sweat shop and you will never be paid a decent amount or get respect. You won't know which is a good or a bad day for the person you report to until you literally get yelled at.

They have to offer bonuses because their reputation is that bad and nothing has changed. You may get work that has been recorded 3 times from some of the worst accounts you could ever imagine. They take accounts no one else will touch. That hasn't changed.
They changed buildings so maybe the phone number also changed...
They are still going strong...
been there, done that. That's the policy.
Yes, they have a policy on
employees posting on forums.

If you post on a forum, you are not supposed to talk about the company in any form. You are not supposed to visit sites like that on their computer either.

If they catch you at it? Termination. They have that right, whether we agree with it or not. You need to look at the employee handbook.
I had a policy that was better than what
most companies offer.   There are many companies out there and each agent can have a different premium for the same insurance.  I was able to get the same insurance I had with DH company for about $200 less and it was very good insurance. 
Policy is that you must use PTO (sm)
but this will depend a little on your supervisor. If she knows your account's been low anyway, and you've documented your out-of-work situation through the Community page, AND if you've shown some willingness to keep checking back in case work becomes available, she might be more flexible with you.

I can honestly say I've found my own supervisor to be excellent about this, especially during the summer slowdowns.

Of course, it's hard to keep checking back in if you have another job to get to! Congratulations, by the way, and best of luck to you.
This is my new policy too. SM
I am also a CMT and from now on, I will require pay info and insurance info up front.  No testing will occur until this information is given.  I am also a CMT, I have that to back up my skills, there should be no question that I can do the job.
That has been the policy for the many years I have been at MW. sm
Near the beginning of the year we are asked to decide which holidays we will work and which ones we would prefer to have off. That gets submitted to your team leader for approval. The 6 are Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thnxgiving, Xmas, and New Year's. You must work 3 of those.
MQ notice policy
I am leaving MQ (Columbus office), have accepted another position. Does anyone know MQ's policy on termination. I would like to be nice and give them 2 weeks, but if I do, are they just going to tell me goodbye and no more work? I'm an SE, so I could just wait until I start my new position, then fulfill my SE lines at night for 2 weeks.

Any input appreciated.

But from the posting policy above it says...
Third -- No company-specific information, i.e., account names, privileged information, posting of internal memorandums/communication, etc. Company names themselves are, indeed, permitted. Do not name specific accounts or copy/paste the memo that made you upset at work.

It says company names are permitted....?

You can get a private policy for less than that and probably
better insurance too.   At that price I don't think they are absorbing any of the cost, so it really isn't a benefit.  
I'm looking right at the policy: 16 hrs a week.
Go take a look.

MTStars Ad Policy
That USED to be the policy - but according to the www.mtstars.com homepage:  The hands of time cannot be turned back on the widespread transfer of information globally and as of January 1, 2006, MTStars opened itself up to include the global environment. MTStars limits this only to allow US Transcription Services that outsource offshore to post open jobs seeking US QA Editors. DIRECT offshore posting, communication, solicitation is still prohibited.  Translation:  Only companies that are BASED offshore are not to advertise through this site.  Hope this helps!

Get a private policy. You s/b able to get
a very good policy for half that.  Call local agents in your area and get several quotes. 
New policy on Spi account
They just sent out a memo on one of their accounts that getting a date wrong in the demographics is written up first offense, second offense is 3 days off without pay.  How's that for incentive?
time-off policy
I have been there 2.5 years and now they are saying EVERY time you are away from your computer you have to enter into HRO and you only get 2 flexes per month.  Well, I have kids and somtimes they take more time than that.  They suggest I work a different schedule, but that would be at night and that is when we are all home and I don't want to work then.  I have big issues right now and I'm looking elsewhere.  Thanks for letting me vent!! 

Someone was inquiring about MQ PT positions.  We received a letter on this a few months ago and this is directly from that letter. 

Effective 10/01/2007 Regular PT employees will be required to work at least 24/hr a week.  MTs who cannot commit to a work schedule that provides for a minimum 24/hr per week will be reclassified as Flexible PT.  Flexible PT employees are rquired to produce weekly minimum of 2,000 lines and minimum 100/hr.  The number of hours worked is determined by the employee in conjunction with his/her supervisor based on workload availability.

Hope this summary is helpful to those who wanted to know.

Why not just get a private policy? Unless you have
pre-existing conditions you can get your own policy that may be cheaper than what you can get through work and then you aren't tied to a company for insurance only and you don't have to worry about a lap in insurance if you change jobs. 
Honest is the best policy!!
I have been going through company after another that continue to hide the truth about their accounts.  For example, ATSI is posting again for a large hospital account.  Guess what!!  The recruiter did not tell the truth.  They hired MTs and guess what, when the MTs got a taste of that large hospital account, they all quit and ATSI is posting again for the same hospital.  ATSI is paying 8 cpl for this horrid, horrid hospital account.  Plenty of gastly ESLs with samples emailed to you.  You cannot pull any prior reports.  Why not tell MTs the truth, offer them more money to work on these accounts and allow them all the time in the world to get to know them. Why keep posting advertisements and MTs take the bait, when they find out the truth they quit.  Honesty is the best policy, why not give it a try.
If you own the company, you set the policy. She's not

telling you how to vote.  She's telling you how she's going to vote.  So what?  People whine to much! 

Send out an email of your own, see how it flies.  And if something is said, then you can simply say you thought it was okay because the manager or owner did the same.


Holiday policy/pay is...
that you are scheduled to work the holiday if the holiday falls on your normally scheduled day, unless you have requested off previously and had it approved. You will receive holiday pay for that day.
Is it possible it is the companies policy? s/m
I have worked for certain hospitals in the past as an IC and they put a limit on the purchase agreement of like $30,000.  Once that $30,000 ran out, then it had to be renewed and if they did not have it in the budget to replenish it, then you were out of work.  I saw this happen last year to a friend who ran out of work the last 7 weeks of the year, just before the holidays.  She ended up subcontracting through another company that worked for the same hospital for those 7 weeks as they had money left in their purchase agreement.
Honesty is not the best policy?
I had an interview with a company who I know is hiring yesterday and when they asked why I left the company I was with, I was honest with them.  It was a simple error on my part and all of a sudden the mood changed in the interview and they didn't have anything right now...try in a couple of months! It doesn't pay to be truthful any more, I guess, but I'm not so sure I would want to work for a company anyhow who doesn't feel it is worthy of taking a look at me, even though at times I may have flaws.
There is always a company policy on
this in most companies, but very rarely enforced.
It isn't company policy....

nor did I say that, Jan.  Once again, you are being rude. 

The MTSO simply prefers to have MTs working for them that they know are excellent by personal reference.  The pay is outstanding, so they expect a lot.  In my experience, there are very few top-notch MTs these days, so why would an MTSO spend time reviewing hundreds of resumes when they can simply ask their current top-notch MTs for referrals?

Where is the board policy? Can't find it anywhere.
Where am I not looking?
There is no explanation for this "confidential" policy. nm
No, you wouldn't be able to explain it because there is no good explanation for this policy.  I could tell people I don't know what the company pays everyone but I make $.  Is that better?  I am giving just MY infor, making no promises about what the company pays. 
My policy also says 16 hrs a week, PTO, and 401K..sm
I'd be asking to see their policy, because that's what mine says also.
For the company I work for, not that one, the policy is sm
not to show it as then someone can either share the test with someone or take it again and get 100% when their skills are not what they should be. Sheesh. If it's that important to you, call and ask again.
Before I take a test I find out what the policy is
on hearing back re the results and if I have not heard I call.  I would definitely get back with these companies and see what the prob is!!  If you passed then you may have gotten lost to followup which you need to take some responsibility for and if you failed some then you need to find out which areas you need help in and bone up - I think probably more than likely when you did not call and find out results they moved on to people who did and they figured you were not interested! 
Softscript time-off policy
Anyone have any comments? 
So why not change the policy for the All Stars?
OSI All Stars is a joke if there ever was one. Why not demand the same qualifications in order for them to receive this honor?
Has OSI altered their holiday policy

Why? No work, overhire, or new policy?
I can get a private policy for a family
of 4 for about $400 and that is with very good coverage.   We have no pre-existing conditions though and no chronic medications. 
smartmed blank policy
Smartmed makes you list 3 sources for any blank you send to Qa. Then you put the report on hold and they send you back the answers for the blanks and you must pull up the report and fill them in. VERY LABORIOUS and consumes your pennies per line VERY rapidly.
It's common policy. If you want pay, go inhouse or
Usually, you get holiday differential if you work a holiday but workers paid piecemeal production don't get hourly compensation for work not produced, unless it is their own earned PTO.

Ykes, I have a private policy and only pay $160/mo. nm
WRONG! Their payment policy is (sm)
Pay periods run from 1-15th, and 16-30 or 31st of each month. Payment is twice monthly. PLEASE NOTE: For example; If you begin your employment with them today, July 20, you would work from July 20 to 31st (that's 12 days). You THEN add the 30 days, meaning you will be paid after having worked 41 days. If you're going to make a post regarding a subject matter as paramount such as this, make ***** sure it is accurate. I am reporting your post under the guidelines of being defamatory.
WRONG! Their payment policy is (sm)
Pay periods run from 1-15th, and 16-30 or 31st of each month. Payment is twice monthly. PLEASE NOTE: For example; If you begin your employment with them today, July 20, you would work from July 20 to 31st (that's 12 days). You THEN add the 30 days, meaning you will be paid after having worked 42 days. If you're going to make a post regarding a subject matter as paramount such as this, make **** sure it is accurate. I am reporting your post under the guidelines of being defamatory.
Transcend policy states that an (sm)
employee who discloses or discusses their salary can be dismissed.  Their line rates are comparable and you can ask for an increase, but like every other company there is a max.  If you're looking for a ton of work and to always stay busy, they're a great company.
Isn't this a rather strange company policy?
It is downright ridiculous, but so is a lot what YOU are putting forward.

Not meant as bashing, rather suggesting.
Does TransTech have QA submission policy ? sm
as in what percentage of reports can go to QA.  I just left the Q for WMX, and now have found out they too have a this asinine rule too.  Maybe I should change yet again before I get started. 
I think it's a good career policy to always have a
Webmedx's new policy manual?


Yes. I bought a policy when I knew I would drop below
production levels.  It has a higher deductible than my MQ insurance but it was the almost the exact same cost.  I will never tie my health insurance to an MT job again.  Too risky. 
No, I was referring to the Webmedx Policy Manual. sm
Check the back where it lists privacy rules regarding the platform. I think what you posted crossed the line. Just a tip. You know, the bosses read these boards, too.
OK, if this is your co policy, then tell the people who give notice. You
cost them money if they have no job so if they are professional and give you what normally is a 2-week notice (considered to be professional), then you should let them know that. Tell them no notice is needed if you need to quit...put it on paper.
No, but breech of company policy is grounds...nm