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Yes. I bought a policy when I knew I would drop below

Posted By: Terri on 2005-10-06
In Reply to: I wonder just how much medical - Tina

production levels.  It has a higher deductible than my MQ insurance but it was the almost the exact same cost.  I will never tie my health insurance to an MT job again.  Too risky. 

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Focus bought by Nuance/Dictaphone, DRC bought by Acusis. nm
Drop it already! ENOUGH! DONE! OVER! nm
Is there a reason you cannot let this drop?
We are all tired of all the nonsense, but seems to me you are tyring to continue it!
Drop Hyphen
Thanks for setting me straight and thanks for your time in answering.

I think you can drag and drop it.
Isn't that working for you?
Did they also drop the rate?
If this is the case, then this is why.  If not, and it is as you say, I would start sending out resumes and don't leave until you have another jobtained and even work both for a time if you can, to see if you like the place.  Some management style is punishing, they feel this is the way to do it WHERE it should be the opposite, people will work their guts out if they just be nice and fair.  Start looking for a better place. Their loss.
I had to drop my coverage -
I could not afford to pay the premiums as I had no work. I was basically working just to pay that.

Also, since they paid on a tier plan, I went from making over 11 cpl to making 6 CPL at the same time. That is why they do not mind overhiring - they get the same work done for much less money, so that means more money in their pockets.
You do realize what MQ is doing right now is exactly what Spheris does. I still think they may drop
SE but hope not but Spheris does not have IC or SE so if there is a plan in the works MQ may just have employees.
Hope that stays the same because it is apt to drop
as mine did. Lot of us outsourced from a major hospital and went from salary and incentive to less than 4 months later VR at 4 cents a line, still make that but on straight it is 8 (over 30 years experience) but I average about $18.75 an hour and that is because of my speed only. When pay and incentive though over 40 thou a year so quite a drop.
So, if your the lucky soul who gets 7.4 cpl and you drop below 98.9%, then you'd get 6.4 cpl..wow

You can drag and drop, but under the more button you
have to check the box that says remember player position. HTH.
Don't people who obtain the CMT normally drop the RMT sm
from the end of their name?
Comm Pg; request Help; use the drop-down box. nm
Just wondering - why would an MTSO drop

Not disputing you or anything, I just wondered why they would do that.  It seems it is dog-eat-dog in the MTSO industry and I can't understand why they would practically give an account to a competitor. 

Just wondering, not disputing here. 

I believe there is a Drop Chute program but
I don't know anything about it.
Thank you for posting. I've been waiting for the axe to drop
because I can't get up to speed. I was expecting to be able to do 250-300 lph there because I heard how great their platform was. I do love so many things about them compared to other places I've worked.
While the acct does make a difference, the drop in pay
will make it difficult for anyone who has been a speedy MT to make nearly the same amount of mone. It appears to me that their goal is to put all employees in the $30-35K per year range. That's not good enough for me.

I should have listened to the warnings last year on this board last year, but that's okay - I've learned my lesson and will be starting next week with someone else who give me a CHOICE as to whether I edit or not.
I would call or drop an email inquiring.
Agree Completely. Will Clients Drop Us?
Those clients surely will drop the new entity first thing. Perhaps a new entity will evolve to cover those clients and will absorb those of us familiar with them?
Let's drop the subject. The issue has been addressed SM
by the company and resolved.
What scares me is a drop in pay beginning today.
Certainly, not the training; certainly not being out of comfort zone. In all my years as an MT I have gone through many changes. What I don't like is being put in a position where I put a question mark next to my check for the next rent, and for the future... That is what I am scared of...
Doesn't it make sense to be frightened of a sudden drop in pay when you have no other income to depend on? If I were salaried I certainly would not be afraid of anything... I would enjoy learning something new... but this is like no safety net.
Also, my car loan as well as my landlord expect me to have the same or better income on my paystub... what am I supposed to tell them about a drop immediately in the same job? They would certainly be afraid if they knew this were happening.
I didn't drop, the computer dropped a "k" but as a professional
Any Spheris employees notice a drop in PTO time? SM

Before we got 4 PTO hours a paycheck, now is seems to be 3.38. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks.

You can make up your lines whenever you like. Just drop them and email letting them know that you ar
Must be your manager 'cause mine lets me off at the drop of a hat. sm
You should ask again, saying that you have extenuating circumstances. Offer to work extra during the pay period to make up any missing hours, if possible.

As for slowness, it is MUCH IMPROVED since earlier this year.
I hate to ask this question but do most MQrs think they will stay if MQ would drop SE status for
part time and full time employees if it was a fairly flexible schedule, of course, never like IC and SE.
On the MT side? They start off attentive and then drop you real fast when you need them. nm
Pay will drop significantly with Dictaphone EXSpeech 1/2 per line, or something to that tune. nm
I've also worked there over 4 years and I have noticed the work drop
Whatever left is the crap. Also, check your line count some time. I swear that they have manipulated that also. I can now do over 2 pages and it comes up with like 50 lines. I used to be able to make a living there but can't anymore. I'll be quitting.
Bad things on the horizon. Wating for the other shoe to drop. A sham indeed,
Indeed. :(
Drop them an email. Mine was stolen. I received a nice empty envelope.
they don't pay their share of the premium in any pay period you drop below full-time line count..
been there, done that. That's the policy.
Yes, they have a policy on
employees posting on forums.

If you post on a forum, you are not supposed to talk about the company in any form. You are not supposed to visit sites like that on their computer either.

If they catch you at it? Termination. They have that right, whether we agree with it or not. You need to look at the employee handbook.
I had a policy that was better than what
most companies offer.   There are many companies out there and each agent can have a different premium for the same insurance.  I was able to get the same insurance I had with DH company for about $200 less and it was very good insurance. 
Policy is that you must use PTO (sm)
but this will depend a little on your supervisor. If she knows your account's been low anyway, and you've documented your out-of-work situation through the Community page, AND if you've shown some willingness to keep checking back in case work becomes available, she might be more flexible with you.

I can honestly say I've found my own supervisor to be excellent about this, especially during the summer slowdowns.

Of course, it's hard to keep checking back in if you have another job to get to! Congratulations, by the way, and best of luck to you.
This is my new policy too. SM
I am also a CMT and from now on, I will require pay info and insurance info up front.  No testing will occur until this information is given.  I am also a CMT, I have that to back up my skills, there should be no question that I can do the job.
That has been the policy for the many years I have been at MW. sm
Near the beginning of the year we are asked to decide which holidays we will work and which ones we would prefer to have off. That gets submitted to your team leader for approval. The 6 are Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thnxgiving, Xmas, and New Year's. You must work 3 of those.
MQ notice policy
I am leaving MQ (Columbus office), have accepted another position. Does anyone know MQ's policy on termination. I would like to be nice and give them 2 weeks, but if I do, are they just going to tell me goodbye and no more work? I'm an SE, so I could just wait until I start my new position, then fulfill my SE lines at night for 2 weeks.

Any input appreciated.

But from the posting policy above it says...
Third -- No company-specific information, i.e., account names, privileged information, posting of internal memorandums/communication, etc. Company names themselves are, indeed, permitted. Do not name specific accounts or copy/paste the memo that made you upset at work.

It says company names are permitted....?

I believe they have changed the policy about (sm)
bonus lines for reaching next level. 
You can get a private policy for less than that and probably
better insurance too.   At that price I don't think they are absorbing any of the cost, so it really isn't a benefit.  
I'm looking right at the policy: 16 hrs a week.
Go take a look.

MTStars Ad Policy
That USED to be the policy - but according to the www.mtstars.com homepage:  The hands of time cannot be turned back on the widespread transfer of information globally and as of January 1, 2006, MTStars opened itself up to include the global environment. MTStars limits this only to allow US Transcription Services that outsource offshore to post open jobs seeking US QA Editors. DIRECT offshore posting, communication, solicitation is still prohibited.  Translation:  Only companies that are BASED offshore are not to advertise through this site.  Hope this helps!

Get a private policy. You s/b able to get
a very good policy for half that.  Call local agents in your area and get several quotes. 
New policy on Spi account
They just sent out a memo on one of their accounts that getting a date wrong in the demographics is written up first offense, second offense is 3 days off without pay.  How's that for incentive?
time-off policy
I have been there 2.5 years and now they are saying EVERY time you are away from your computer you have to enter into HRO and you only get 2 flexes per month.  Well, I have kids and somtimes they take more time than that.  They suggest I work a different schedule, but that would be at night and that is when we are all home and I don't want to work then.  I have big issues right now and I'm looking elsewhere.  Thanks for letting me vent!! 

Someone was inquiring about MQ PT positions.  We received a letter on this a few months ago and this is directly from that letter. 

Effective 10/01/2007 Regular PT employees will be required to work at least 24/hr a week.  MTs who cannot commit to a work schedule that provides for a minimum 24/hr per week will be reclassified as Flexible PT.  Flexible PT employees are rquired to produce weekly minimum of 2,000 lines and minimum 100/hr.  The number of hours worked is determined by the employee in conjunction with his/her supervisor based on workload availability.

Hope this summary is helpful to those who wanted to know.

Why not just get a private policy? Unless you have
pre-existing conditions you can get your own policy that may be cheaper than what you can get through work and then you aren't tied to a company for insurance only and you don't have to worry about a lap in insurance if you change jobs. 
Honest is the best policy!!
I have been going through company after another that continue to hide the truth about their accounts.  For example, ATSI is posting again for a large hospital account.  Guess what!!  The recruiter did not tell the truth.  They hired MTs and guess what, when the MTs got a taste of that large hospital account, they all quit and ATSI is posting again for the same hospital.  ATSI is paying 8 cpl for this horrid, horrid hospital account.  Plenty of gastly ESLs with samples emailed to you.  You cannot pull any prior reports.  Why not tell MTs the truth, offer them more money to work on these accounts and allow them all the time in the world to get to know them. Why keep posting advertisements and MTs take the bait, when they find out the truth they quit.  Honesty is the best policy, why not give it a try.
If you own the company, you set the policy. She's not

telling you how to vote.  She's telling you how she's going to vote.  So what?  People whine to much! 

Send out an email of your own, see how it flies.  And if something is said, then you can simply say you thought it was okay because the manager or owner did the same.