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I have a chiropractic account and charge

Posted By: hannakat on 2007-10-11
In Reply to: Transcriptionist in a chiropractor's office - MTseje

0.13 a gross line.  Most of the lines are long though.  They have been happy with this arrangement for years now. They also went digital for me.  Love it!

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chiropractic reports
My chiropractor is interested in having me transcribe reports for her. If they are just clinic visits, would 15 cpl be too much to charge? She is in a major city in MA and would be dictating on a handheld digital recorder and sending me files on the computer...

Any thoughts? Thanks!
EMTS Chiropractic MT? Anyone test?
Has anyone tested for the clinic job available right now for the chiropractic MT position?  Also what is anyone's experience with EMTS?  Their voice files are very horrible - wondering if that is normal.  Thanks.
chiropractic MT is bottom of the barrel for pay in my experience
Has anyone applied for the chiropractic position with Larry and Eileen?
It says listen to the instructions carefully, but I'm having a hard time finding those instructions?  Anyone else having this problem?
footnote, its not what they charge, it is how they charge --
I would love to see a more fair process for all, as in easily checked and verified. No option of software...calibration...on any side, be it client, mtso, mt.

but if VBC - I'm gonna want more money per line.

How to charge

HELP PLEASE- The company that I have been transcribing for (RADIOLOGY ONLY) for the past three years, just told me that they are going to switch over to voice or speech recognition and want me to come up with a fee for being the proofreader....I HAVE NO IDEA! Any help that you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks!

how to charge
Dear Lori,
Do you have experience with voice or speech recognition? Is asking for samples from each person a legitimate request?
There is no charge to the MT

Take Charge
Call the supervisor of the transcription department and speak with her in person. Explain that you have been cleared to work full time and would appreciate a chance at your position once more. Let her know that the deiscrepancies in your performance evaluations were due to an illness that has now been resolved. If she does not return your call, wait a a few hours and call her back -- say something like, I was called away and wanted to be sure I hadn't missed your call. Lay your cards on the table. Don't start by lying or leaving things out -- it will only haunt you in the end.

Good Luck.
what to charge?
Looking for what are approximate reasonable rates (approx. range) for MT company to charge doctors' offices.  Any info is appreciated.  Just started a very small company.  Seems difficult to find this kind of info.  Thank you in advance.
Those In Charge Probably Will
Don't you think that those in charge of the US-only accounts will form some kind of offshoot and absorb the workers? This seems the most likely outcome to me. Cross fingers.
Usually Clients are charged per character. Depending on if MTs get paied for spaces, the client would get charged for spaces as well.
They only charge $125 now.
You charge for QA?
But they charge you
$300 for equipment don't they? At least, that's what I heard. What kind of equipment are they providing for that money and is it transferrable?
what do I charge?
Hi everyone - quick question. I am in the Houston area, and have a private doctor's office interested in my services. I really don't know what to charge per line. Do I charge the same as I am making with my company, or a little less? Do doctor's pay the same rate as hospitals? Any input would be appreciated! THANKS!
What do they charge for their service?
I would be curious to know the cost of such a wonderful service and the success rate of placement.
Well - you need to charge $50-60 an hour and you will. nm
What do you charge per line? nm
That is for pay; what they charge is much higher. sm
They are not cheap. Our department went with them a few months ago, and they were higher than all but one other company. My manager and her higher-ups really liked them. We have met the owners and two of their managers and I have to say that I was impressed too. They were definitely the nicest company that came in. They are doing a great job too. I am going to work there part time evenings, so I would recommend them.
Charge for equipment
Well if they don't charge for equipment rental just how recently did they stop. I just started working for them last month and have to pay $20 month. As for the incentive, doubt I'll ever see it because all I seem to get are ESLs, financially a disaster.
So "power hog" is probably in charge of that too
word charge
Does anyone charge by the word and if so what do you charge?  Thanks
Sarcasm aside, they may actually not charge for them.
I've not been privy to the mgmt/marketing end of this biz in a few years, but I can totally see someone promoting you don't pay for blank space to customers.
Why on earth do they charge??
How much was the membership and what do you get in return?  Just curious.  I don't pay to belong to message boards, although I would consider if I got something great in return!
They do not charge you with errors while
on 100% QA so the score always shows 100%,  They do make corrections in your reports if needed, but they don't count against you.  Once you are released from 100% QA (I was released my second day, some still on 100% for much longer) they only QA 3% so most reports where only blanks are filled in your QA score will show at 100%, but it doesn't mean your monthly QA score is 100%.
OMG. I can't believe a company would charge $20 so you can
They charge you to work!

I talked to the lady from Augusta and she told me that they charge you $11 a month to use their platform, which I cannot remember the name of right now.  They also charge you $2 a pay period for direct deposit.  They only pay 8 cpl, but your 163 lines is going toward you paying for the use of the platform so you can receive the work plus being able to receive your direct deposit.  Do they think we are CRAZY? ! 

does amphion charge rental fee
cannot answer this question but as to your line rate, you could make 9 cents if you worked an afternoon or night shift with Transcend, but they are switching to voice recognition, so dont know what they are going to pay for editing!!! Try Webmedx, they pay for experience and apparently have work. You might make that much with a differential at amphion as well. try their website, they are in wisconsin.
What to charge for clinic work...
I was just called by a local clinic and asked to do some overflow clinic work - they are behind and are looking to hire - I'm not interested in leaving my acute care for a national, but wouldn't mind helping them out. I was asked how much to charge and I haven't any idea. Is anyone willing to share what they charge for doing clinic work? I would work at home using my own equipment.
Transtech, right? Yes they charge for equipment. I have seen sm
there lph and benefit rates, and I feel I can post negatively about a company who pays very low line rates and has a really low incentive schedule.  I have seen it in writing.  Would not consider them.
they do still charge for FT employees within the Last few months
I am being charged but it isnt much really.
MQ does not charge a deposit or rental
Charge by the word instead of line?
Does anyone know what the going rate is on charging per word instead of by line? I don't know of any place that pays that way so I would appreciate any input!! Thanks.
If you do not have a lead, then the coordinator is in charge. sm
You can call the office (someone is either there or gets the messages and returns calls) or email or call the person who trained you. There is someone in charge of every account, even if not an official lead if the account is new.
Hmmm, do ya think they CHARGE for spaces???
Transam still charge for errors?
Does Transam still charge MTs for errors?  They use to. 
He may have cashed out, but he is still in charge as an employee, as CEO!
Charge about $900+ for health insurance!
A few days off here and there isn't worth it to me either. Also, as an IC, they wanted a schedule. I never have worked this way before in my 10 years as an IC. Just giving my opinion. I understand how the whole employee/IC status works. You get tax benefits, time off, insurance, etc. It just doesn't sound that great to me. If you want 7.5 cpl for employee, go for it, but it is not for me! I have been offered more for employee too with another company.
This is unreal. If I were in charge of new hires,
you'd be off my list for sure.  Hasn't MDI taken enough false hits lately? Here you are posting about this, when its not even happened yet. This is just so unprofessional to me.  Thank goodness I'm not involved with trainees or many of you would be history.  It is a sure sign of needing your hand held literally, and of just gossip, really.
Is a company allowed to charge,.sm
a fee to use equipment to do company work?  I am assuming this is not IC but employee.
The reason they charge a fee is to cover
cost of equipment.  Most don't charge a monthly fee, but a deposit that is spread out.  When you return equipment in good working order you get  a refund.  There are some people who have accepted a position, gotten the equipment, and then immediately quit without returning equipment, so this is a way for company to try to eliminate that.  Some companies will send you a foot pedal or a C-phone at no charge, but you are expected to return them if employment terminates. 
Charge double what you would pay a subcontractor.

 If there is anyone who lives in Florida, who could give me an idea of what is being charged per line down that way I would appreciate it. 
Does Amphion charge a computer rental fee

What are their usual starting rates for 15 years acute care experience with OP preference, at least 8 specialties, about 210 to 220 lph, and used to working very heavy ESL?  Wondering if anyone has started over 8.5 or 9.

They didn't charge me for sending it back
I thought they were pretty nice about it and my final check was deposited as usual.  They are ethical people.  But the demographics will kill you.
If you are going to get it back to them in 2 days, you should charge BIG buck. But from what I
Just the opposite. The rates we charge have gone down too because of offshore sm
and several other reasons, including MTs that go in and get accounts for the amount that they are paid by a company. I had a potential customer decide against us at the last minute because a new Transcriptionist offered to do their work for 0.08 per line. They said that they could work with her being new.

I also see times where newer companies willl go in and underbid everyone just to get their foot in the door. Then other doctors or clinics or hospitals that are looking call around to their friends at other offices and find out that they got that low rate and no way are they going to pay 0.14 per line.

When I started 16 years ago with my own accounts, I charged .18 per line. Now I cannot even get 0.13. Most want 0.12 or under. Ridiculous!
It's a little thing called TAT and they have a new person I think in charge.
Are they factoring in a "special handling" charge?


Yes -- it is legal. Many companies charge a fee or deposit. and many do not. NM