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I have checked into 3 different

Posted By: nationals and on 2007-07-25
In Reply to: 8 cents a line... - Jaerae

8 cpl seems to be the going rate for 8 years experience.  However, at one of the nationals, if I worked odd hours of the night, produced over 2000 lines an 8 hr shift I could get paid more than 10 cpl. 

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I checked my QA
and you are right. I don't know who it is tho.
Checked it out
My account doesn't use I-chart, but on a small single chart I counted every character and every space and ended up with 902; divided 65 into that and got 14+.  When I checked my line count later, it was 15.  Did the same with the next one.  It also agrees with the Word Count under Tools.  Checking CTL-S and statistics gives me a higher count, but I think that includes the headers, for which we do not get paid.  It looks fine to me.  I'm not sure about I-Chart.  This is Xpress line counter though, and I don't see anything like skimming.  Maybe you should explain better.
I had already checked...
the archives and the main board but I double checked just to make sure and sure enough there's nothing much there. The few that are recent are my posts, one about the type of platform they use and want ads, that's it. All other posts are around a year old. I read them anyway and it was informative, provided nothing has changed that is. That's why i was really needing someone who currently works there to shed some light.
Not last I checked!
I had checked into them once,...
And I thought their web site said they did NOT hire US MTs. Maybe is mis-read something. Good luck!
I checked out TRX...
...they require 500 lines per day for part time on a very heavy ESL account. I was looking for something to do 4 to 6 hours a day on fri/sat/sun but if they are difficult clinicians to understand, it could take you 12 hours to 500 lines! just FYI.
not last I checked ...
almost, but not quite.
My doc checked into it but said
it was too expensive right now. So he's not making the switch until forced to do so. So I'm safe for a little while. I told him to give me at least a couple month's notice. LOL
I just checked
and the highest producers posted had 98% or above, usually 99%. The reason I have gotten a higher LPH is from a change in how I look things up (using a nice Auto Hot Key script) and not because I am actually going faster. ISR has helped my total LPH average as well--something else people don't like to hear. I can't imagine I am that special so I think others can do it too.
Have you checked the archives lately?? sm
All those negative posts, and there must have been hundreds, have been deleted. It ain't what you know ....
I had checked out their website before...
and I liked what I read. I also love Softmed/Chartscript. Can you tell me how they pay (DD, per line, etc) and how much? Thank you!
Just checked for funsies and
all 3 of my accounts at MDI-MD are on the list!  This is definitely not a list of their accounts, although I'm sure they would love for everyone to believe that. 
Have you checked outside, there might be a black
Why care who reads what, if you're telling the truth it makes no difference.  Management might take the time to read this site (as if they have nothing better to do) for entertainment but give them more credit for intelligence than to base any management or company decision making issues on anything said on a board like this.  If you say nothing on here you wouldn't be afraid to say to management, then who cares what they see/read.  If management is particularly bad or corrupt, etc., they don't care if you know it because they've already figured out a way around what they're doing.  Now go close all your blinds and cower in the corner and wait for them to come busting through the door.   
NN is right -- notification is in the e/mail; i just checked.
Already checked out archives, nothing recent
Well, had an interview scheduled today with Amphion at 9:00 a.m. - they called and set it up - I'm still waiting for the phone call and it's 9:47 a.m. TransHealth called, now I called back and they're all in meetings. This is very frustrating. I think I will accept Oracle for the time being, since they are IC and TransHealth and Amphion are FTE, and keep waiting. Someone has to be a good match. I thought TransHealth or Amphion would be great choices, but now - set up an interview and not call? I didn't call them, they called me, but now after scheduling the interview - no one called? TransHealth sounds great - now if I can just connect with the guy who called me. If not ... who's next?
Medware, checked the archives but...sm
Nothing really recent.  Pros, cons?  Any opinions appreciated.  TIA!
It took them over 2-3 weeks to just get my references checked....and....
then by the time they got my references checked, they said that all they had was an opening for third shift, which I was being hired for first shift...so I turned them down.  I had a little bit of hesitancy to begin with before taking the job.  Then, I looked on their website, saw that they offshored, sent the guy an email who was hiring me telling him that I don't think I would be a good fit for a company that offshores (because I do not think it is right),he called me back and emailed me back franticly stating they do not offshore, blah, blah, blah...But that just gave me more leverage to turn down the job ONCE THEY FINALLY called me back...I would be very careful with them...Never worked for them, but that is my experience....
I checked before I posted here. I thought of that first.
Thanks though.
Checked to see who the person was who was so angry...and....
She worked at Shapin for 2 days and was unable to complete her work with any quality at all. Her scores were in the low 80's. So YES she was MOST DEFINITELY let go and YES she is MOST DEFINITELY angry about that. Sorry S. Please retake a Medical Transcription course before moving on. All employers would appreciate that!
Oops! Haven't checked in in a ....
..couple of days--didn't mean to leave you hanging .  Um, I don't fully remember the pay scale, except that it was a little tricky.  I was only going to work for them part-time and didn't hang around long enough to find out.  As I said, the platform was sooo tedious and time-consuming that I honestly didn't think I'd be able to make any money there. 
Have you checked with the office? My account seems to
be running behind. Do you have a backup acount?
I checked line counts ...
...against Flash count with the same settings and it comes out accurate. I have trouble getting good production as well, but I feel assured it's not that. 
I use ExText for a hospital. I have checked
Word and then counting, and it comes out right every time - it totals the characters and spaces and divides by 65.  I get paid for everything I type. 
I've asked, and I have checked myself - (sm)
when there is no lag time on I-chart, usually early morning, typed normal template, and it did count.  I also asked and we do get paid for everything except headers and footers.
Last I checked I didn't need gas to get to work
On my accounts everyone knows my name, I don't usually have reason to call the office. If I have problems I talk with my team leader or the regional manager, which is what I suggest you do. Why is it hard for people to voice their concerns to the company or people in charge of their specific accounts?? If you have no work then ask for more accounts.
I checked and could not find my post.
need to get my glasses checked. The guarantee for the
rose-coloring must have expired and now everything looks gray and bleak at this company. Glad you are as lucky as you are.
Mine is in my bank. I just checked! nm
I was told because I lived in Fl. I have checked,
You can search the archives here. I just checked
and there are pages and pages of recent info, within the last few months.  I know I had a bad experience, no work, along with many others, though that situation was rather snowed over by the company. I didn't have time to wait around, that's for sure.  I know how hard it is to find the right fit.  I'm going thru similar with the line counts - I have an extremely difficult account, and cannot make enough to cover my needs. I'm hanging in there as well, but its so frightening in this economy to try and break away from one thing and get caught in something worse.  I, too, used to type easily 300 lph, and now am at about 100 lph, and that is cranking it as well.  Like you said, something just doesn't add up right. When you've done this long enough, you get a feel for what you should be doing, right? I either look at my lines every hour, and gasp from shock, or I wait for hours, then look, and nearly faint from shock, and not good shock.  Sort of makes me think the unimaginable - going back -- to that place -- but I haven't reached that point yet, but am close. I just don't have the financial backing since leaving MQ to play around much longer.  Sorry to turn this into me, rather than you, but I'm going thru the same thing. It seems some do great at MDI, and others do not. Its like a crap shoot, literally, if you pardon my French.  It seems that way with most of the companies - you luck out and get a good account and good supe, or you get the opposite.  Sort of sounds like MQ, doesn't it???  Scary.
just checked my mail, no check
Just checked Data-Med Website
The one I sent my resume to has an Indiana address. I couldn't find anything about it being in India. What website are you looking at, or what is the website address of the company from India? I'm confused, but I have an awful cold so maybe I'm just loopy. LOL.
FYI, her work was just spot checked by us - sm
from time to time, as we are to send in client-ready work, no true QA. Hence a lot went through to the client that was less than stellar unfortunately. Their request to remove her was not a reflection of a bad QA department.
Checked out your web site - Questions

What is the current client base?  Why is there not instructions for an MT who might wish to apply?  How long have you been in business? 

I would have a million questions.  I have a good job now, but might be interested in something part time later on (still training where I am).  I have been an MT more years than I care to admit and I have to say - working for the smaller companies is a better choice for me.

I checked the archives and can find nothing...
Any info on JLG please?
I checked the AAMT list of schols and do not see either.

Does SPI really offer benefits? The last time I checked they did not.
Thanks for any information.
I checked with my state, too, and they insisted MW was in the wrong
I decided not to accept the position Medware offered me. If they are unethical about this requirement, what else is going on? I've already been burned by one big service.
I checked archives. Thanks. I almost made a bad decision.
No way will I work for them.
Have you checked your control panel settings?nm
Pay was definitely on the lower side when I checked recently. nm
The last time I checked they only hired emp. I will check. Thanks! nm
Better get your sniffer checked...Not MTSO and DO type 135 wpm
Just because you can't type that fast doesn't mean no one can type that fast.

And just because you can't make any money at VR doesn't mean anyone else can't either.

I'd suggest you find a way to make yourself successful at VR. It's the wave of the future and you're rendering yourself expendable.

Not that I care. With that attitude, you probably already are.

Apparently not..I thought it was 'til I checked. n/m
What happened to my post? The last time I checked in, there were no responses. sm
I had asked which companies did not require working Saturday or Sunday.  Thanks for your help!
When I checked before, it absolutely didn't matter. Yes, a QA person or other
inside person could write it.

Why not give the AAMT a call and let us know what you find out? :) That's very interesting that Medware won 2 years in a row. Wouldn't you like to know how many people were in the running the years they won?
Then you need to be professional, give a company website than can be checked out sm
and let people apply there.  Why in the world would you expect people to get their personal info to you, if you are less than professional yourself.  I certainly would not, especially after your post here.
Yes, I have checked into and worked for several companies that use Escription and Transcend has the
best pay..now, they just need more work so if you have steady work, then I'd stay put.
checked the CEOs salary of Transcend. See inside.

Maybe if we lowered his salary we wouldn't be paid peanuts.

Salary $265,000.00
Bonus $0.00
Other Annual Compensation $0.00
Long term incentive plan payouts $0.00
Restricted stock awards $0.00
Security underlying options $0.00
All other compensation $0.00
Option awards $ $68,523.00
Non-equity incentive plan compensation $132,500.00
Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings $0.00
Total Compensation $466,023.00

Options Granted

To the people at Transcend that had their line rate reduced by 40%, have you checked with any
attorney to see if this is legal. I didnt realize a company could just reduce your income like that with no advanced notice and that be legal. I know I would be checking with someone on the legality of doing that.
Nope, the board administrator checked with OSI and they lied to her and got caught.