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I've been with the company almost 10 years. I know the truth. Hawaii was a company-paid vacation.

Posted By: . on 2005-10-01
In Reply to: Would it bother you as much....sm - Here's a thought


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I saw the MQ Hawaii vacation winner was someone named Lori G. (sm)
congratulations to her.  I, of course, am jealous though. 
Disagree with this. Every company I've worked for paid for normals.
Ain't that the truth. I've been doing this 30+ years sm
and the worst-ever dictators were born in the USA!!
I've been there for 3 years - yes, good company
I've been there a few years. I think it's a good company.
Although I feel that ALL MT pay is far too low, Acusis pays better than most. Several accounts are teaching hospitals, some regular hospitals, and some clinics. Most of the time they have plenty of work, except right after the Holidays.

I find the management to be VERY nice to work with - a welcome change from my old situation, which was horrible. Excellent techs, too. The SoftScript platform they use works well. Sound quality is good. If you email a supervisor or other person there, I've found they respond in a timely manner.

The pay varies based on the account; more for harder ones, less for easy ones. They ask for feedback from MTs, and are appreciative to get it.

Anyway, judging by what I read on this board about other companies, I think one reason you don't hear much about Acusis is that most people that work for them are happy with them.
Why not call them and ask? I've been with them for 2 years and love it. Best company
I have ever worked for.  There is always plenty of work, pay is decent and on time, and best of all I am treated well.  They offer all kinds of bonuses, continuing education pay, vacation pay, reasonable insurance through Aetna, life insurance.  Am I getting rich off this?  No.  Am I paid reasonably well?  Yes.  Would I recommend Transtech?  Absolutely!
Great company. I've been recommending this company for a long time.
I've worked for Ubiqus for 2 years now and I get paid every two weeks.
I really enjoy the work because it's advisory board meetings, round table discussions, and big conferences of all fields of medicine.  I started with them right after I graduated and I've never done any of the doctor dictation, I like this work better.
A horrible company who does not value truth or the employees.
And this is why every company overhires - MTs don't stick it out - the plain truth
She speaks the truth. No way to candy coat this company. Been There Done that.. and now just DONE...
and I am not alone.. Two other people I know also got another job.
Any company that makes you wait to get paid until they get paid by the client
is not a company you want to get involved with. That's part of being an MTSO, figuring out how to cover your payroll while waiting to get paid. I would stay away!
Me too.. the outsourced company was paid for and paid me for headers, but OSI does/did not.
They have NO paid sick or vacation time
You will likely not find any full timers who are happy there.
I think she is just saying she landed a job with them and a bennie is 2 weeks paid vacation.
So, if a company paid by VBC (sm)
(visible black character) at a 55-character line, would the pretty much equal out to a 65-character line with spaces?
Company paid internet
For those of you who do your transcription via internet, does the company you work for reimburse you for your internet cost?  If so, how much? 
Looking for paid holidays with a company. n/m
I agree -- if someone does not get paid by a company, that's something we all sm

need to know!  As much as some of us may love doing what we do, I doubt any of us want to do it for free.  One of the purposes of this board is to network and share such information.  I know if someone did not pay me, of course I would go through the legal channels, but I would be screaming my head off here, warning everyone too.

To the OP, sorry this happened to you -- hope you get your money soon.

It wasn't your company and you were paid well
you deserve a share of the profit when she sells HER company?
If your company hasn't paid you come payday and

promises it will either be overnighted to your or in your account by the end of the day and it isn't, and the next day the money isn't there and they wait until the end of the day to tell you they don't know when you'll get paid doesn't that sound very fishy?  I think the CEO should have issued a statement and outlined exactly what the issue is.  If it isn't a matter of money (like they don't have it) then why not say what the problem is. 

Someone mentioned this situation yesterday or the day before and got reamed, but I think this is now a MAJOR issue.  Fortunately for me I got a big tax return and I haven't paid all the bills yet so I'm not hurting, but I can imagine there are more than a few who NEED their checks NOW.  

company-paid phone bill?? sm
Crazy question, have high speed internet and AOL for my mail. I do not have unlimited long distance. Is there any company for whom you would not run up a huge phone charge, could not do that! Crazy question, I know - but doesn't hurt to ask.
Why would you keep working for a company for 3 months without being paid? sm

I'm sorry this happened to you, but when the first month's check didn't arrive, that would have been it.  I still enjoy transcribing (most days) but not enough to do it for free. 

Good luck to you in getting your money   That's an awful thing to happen to anyone.

Went from hospital to company using DQS, line count has definitely went down, don't get paid for
demographics even if we have to enter them in. I've put a lot more abbrev in my Expander since switching over to DQS to help compensate.
Company paid me 179 for 4645 lines. Whats that 3.8 cpl?

She does not seem to want to contact me about the money she owes me, either.  Thirty years and 3.8 cpl.  Unbelievable.        

First rule, never work for a company who says "I'll pay you when I get paid." sm
This is unacceptable. Any company with a decent client base gets paid at least net 30 days. I previously operated a small service and paid my subcontractors twice monthly despite being paid net 30 days by my physician groups. Yes, it was a hardship for me, but I brought those who worked hard to help me maintain my service first. Any company who pays their workers when they get paid, does not deserve to employ others. Plain and simple there is no excuse for this. Please, please find a company who values your work instead of using you.
I do not know anything about the company, but did read posts that they paid late. sm

The pay was decent, though, at 10 cpl, but it was 3rd shift every weekend, and I decided to pass just in case I ever decide to get a life. 

Sounds like you had a bad experience -- sorry for that.  Hope wherever you are at now is better. 

The company I worked for paid by the dictation minute as well. They said sm

that was the only way to know what you had transcribed, since there is already so much information there.  If I remember correctly, it was something like Meditech where you are typing in the patient's actual chart.  It didn't work out to be very profitable for me, but perhaps this company has a better system.  The company I worked for was MedTran Unlimited or something like that.  I was only part-time, but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.  After a few days, I realized it wasn't going to work out for me and so I gave my notice, and so they didn't pay me for the training or any of the work I had done.  I haven't read anything bad about MD-IT, so they might work with you and make it worth your while.

Good luck.   And thanks for the compliment on my doggie -- she is very much my baby. 

Every company I have worked for (5 total) has paid twice a month. sm
Every two weeks would be too hard to manage. I get paid on the 10th and 25th, so I pay all my bills on the 12th and 27th, which works out perfectly for me.
I've heard that about this company.....sm
it's too bad that they require new hires to work one weekend day, otherwise I'd be applying with them.
Here's a company I've never heard of ...

This is a company that seems to be hiring.  I believe they are in Virginia.  I know nothing; just stumbled across their website and thought they looked interesting. 


Best company I've worked for. sm
The pay is a little low but it's worth it for good accounts and great management, not to mention the good benefits.
I've never heard of this company.
Maybe their transcriptionists don't frequent this board.
Paid for spaces depends on the account. Good company. nm
Not paid for the WHOLE report? Classless highway robbery by that company. nm
Sounds like a company I worked for. I did get paid in full but I sure know how you feel!

Can you post or email me just the initials of company and I'll let you know if this is the same one.  It has happended to me by more than one company in my time as an MT

I've never worked for such a good company
I was contacted immediately after I tested. I wanted part-time work at night to try them out, so I worked 20 hours a week for them. After a month, I quit my other full-time job and went with them full-time. I've never seen such a fast platform. The benefits are incredible compared to other companies and the work is excellent. Good communication and accessability with co-workers and supervisors. Extra bonuses for what we had to do normally at other jobs. Direct deposit. company contributions to 401K. Earn vacation money from your first day on the job, and you don't lose it when/if you leave. I'm extremely happy with them.
Every company I've had contact me offshores
and all that is left is the garbage, even had one company let slip that they sent the good stuff to India.
I've been with this company longer than any other national -sm

I think that says a lot in itself.  I've also worked for Edix in the past and Medware.  In comparing Precyse to those 2 companies, I feel it's better than Edix was because you do get paid for headings in the report, and you don't have to fish around for those headings either.  (I thought that was such a waste of my time as well as an insult to my intelligence.)  Of course, there's an upgrade coming up at Precyse, and I'll be sure to let everybody know if anything changes with that.  I'm not on it yet, so I can't say. 


And Medware, well, I'll just say that's probably a great company for people that don't have that much good experience, because otherwise they waste your time with a lot of things like that list of questions to answer and they send excessive QA feedback (very nitpicky feedback if you ask me) which Precyse doesn't do too much of.  (Of course, they do send feedback though, don't get me wrong.)  MW also forced me to work on too many different accounts on the weekend.  Their way of catching up I guess, but not a good idea for anybody, quality and production-wise.  So, if you've got a lot of good experience, really do work well independently, and don't mind having a few accounts, Precyse is a great place to be. 


They pay on time and correctly.  They offer some really good benefits.  The PTO you're allowed to use right off the bat and you'd be surprised how fast it adds up.  You can use that PTO any time with no questions asked, even if you didn't take any time off.  I don't think it's unreasonable for them to ask for you to pick a schedule and adhere to it either.  No professional should have a problem with that.  I should mention you do need to type at least 5000 lines per week to keep full-time status and benefits.  Of course they give a reasonable time when you're new to work up to that as well as if you start a new account. They really prefer 6000 which gets you a bonus.


Good luck to you with whatever you decide.  And remember, if you don't like your supervisor, account or schedule, try asking for a change.

About 6 years ago this company did the same SM
stuff with the pay (and for a period of time didn't pay anyone) and MM from the paid site had to intervene.
Me too. About 25 years ago the company I
worked for (not MT) went to ADP.  The process is probably different now, but I had to fill out paperwork to submit every week that they then entered.  My paperwork always balanced, their paperwork never balanced - well it did one time and they sent me a know saying that my information didn't balance.  I had to go through all the paperwork again every week, where again it all balanced, and then I had to make sure the checks were right every week.  Took me twice as long to do payroll by using ADP as it did doing it all by hand. 
25+ years and this is the best company ever!!!
Highly recommend applying!!
I agree, if you went to work knowing full well that the company paid 7 cpl no spaces
why on Earth did you accept the job?
Wonderful company, but you type letters and look up addresses and you do not get paid for spaces nm
If getting paid regularly for your hard work is important to you, find another company. nm
QT Medical is an awsome company and seems to be what you're looking for, from what you've said
Possibly a new Indian company. They've never been mentioned here before. nm
EMTS is a wonderful caring company - I've been
there over 2 years and I will have to be chased away with a stick. This company is SOOOOO kind to their employees ... seriously caring people. You can't work for a better bunch. That is my .02
I've never clocked in/out, great company to work for.
What is your favorite company you've worked for in the past??
I'm just curious if anyone has a favorite company that they've worked for and why are they your favorite?
I've been trying to find a company with steady work