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I personally used to enjoy the little quotes (sm)

Posted By: just me, though on 2005-08-22
In Reply to: That is the most disgusting thing to see these - MQ supe using imail for trivia postings

that were at the end of the job overviews we got each morning, on Cottage. Now that I'm on DQS, I don't get anything. And I don't even get an e-mail each morning from my supe, so you must be special!

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I also enjoy QA and enjoy the mentoring aspect
as well as the contact with the clients and MTs. I feel it is very rewarding personally. I also enjoyed being an MT (I earned between $30-$40 an hr way back when but those were the days). I was fast and burned my body out by being fast. Because I was fast, QA only pays me about half of what I earned as an MT and I only had to work as an MT for half the time that I have to work as QA.

I do understand there are different personalities and if the above poster does not enjoy QA, I definitely would not care what people think. I would get back into MTing. We have to try and be happy as this job no matter what you do can be a very tedious one.
That's why I used quotes...
That people who were let go were let go because they 'weren't doing their jobs' is the standard company line; that's why I put it in quotes...a LOT of great people were either let go or felt they had to leave on their own because of untenable circumstances. It's a shame all around.
should have put quotes around next-to-last paragraph nm
Allogations was supposed to be in quotes
because that is how I posted it. That is the way the boss spelled the word.
Yes, that is why I wanted quotes around the word
The office manager misspelled the word and I wanted to illustrate her illiteracy by spelling it the way she did in her e-mail.
Very odd, I put your original questions in quotes, but they did not show up in the post. nm

enjoy it very much
depends on what hours/days you work as to amount of QA to do - many days 50/50 on QA versus transcribing - quite a few strong Spanish ESL dictators but after a while you get used to them
I would not even think twice. GO for it an enjoy.
yes hospital jobs do get outsourced, where do you think all the nationals get their work from?  It happened to me, too, and it happened a couple months after we were told that they were thinking of adding an incentive for certification.  Then we're booted.  Go figure.
They enjoy it??
There are a lot of sickos in MT HR; at least, I've met quite a few.  Maybe they derive some perverse pleasure out of watching us jump and squirm for them.
I also enjoy my job at Transcend but still..
believe that management does come on this board, and know for a fact that management posts because I have seen it.  Not that it matters though because they can post just like we can, as long as they do not pretend to be an MT.
I really do enjoy transcribing, actually
as much as the day I first started almost 17 years ago.  I'm willing to go the extra mile and learn as much as I can.  I just need someone to give me the chance.  Thanks for the encouragement.   
I currently work for them and enjoy it.

They only hire ICs and there is no direct deposit but I get my check like clockwork every two weeks, either Friday or Saturday.  I have never had any problems with them.  The pay is not that great but it is what I was looking for account wise.  I have two accounts and really enjoy the work, 48 hour TAT.  I have complete flexibility which for me compensates the low pay for now.

They are really growing and I would highly recommend them to you.  The last newsletter they sent out stated they were actively seeking new MTs, so you might want to apply online if interested.

Do you want to enjoy your work? If so, you know what you need to do.
It is your choice; it doesn't make any difference what others think. They cannot find peace for you; you have to take charge. Personally I love QA as I find it much more challenging.
I do psych and I enjoy it.
It actually ends up paying pretty well for me too because they are generally longer reports but I can do them fast without stopping and starting like clinic notes.
I know it is frustrating and I sure don't enjoy it
either, but doesn't it make sense to give all applicants a difficult transcription test?  What better way for a real cream of the crop MT prove that she is skilled?  If the test is easy, the results will be the same, whether the MT is a newbie or highly experienced.  True?
You must enjoy being clueless....
Didn't get your paycheck?  Why not contact your employer?  How's that for rude !
Enjoy it while it lasts.
I hung in there with MQ for a long time, about 9 years. I watched them go down and down, get worse and worse. I hope they get bought by somebody soon and all the people who created the mess there get fired. Then, and only then, do they even have a prayer of being anything like the great company they used to be. If the powers that be stay the same there, forget it, it will never get better. I agree with the poster below. They do not treat all their employees the same, and their pay is all over the board. They do not reward experience or excellence. All they care about is their bottom line, which I am sure is getting smaller and smaller. I hadn't had a raise in about 7 years when I left.
And YOU must enjoy being extremely
Enjoy EMDAT!

I totally enjoy EMDAT.  It's very different from what I was used to at MQ and at first disliked it strictly because it wasn't what I was used to.  I've worked with it now for almost three years and wouldn't go back.  My particular account has all the data filled in already and I have two lines before I even begin typing the history.  I average about 300 lines per hour and have often gotten 400+ when I have my good doctors.   The expansions and short cuts are wonderful...once learned.  I was told once when I applauded EMDAT that I was just not familiar with the more advanced/professional platforms!  No, I don't switch jobs often.  In 11 years, I've been with MQ and present company, so, no, I don't have experience with all the advanced platforms!  If they are all so wonderful, though, why are these people changing jobs all the time.  I think it is a very professional platform.  And the bosses of the company I work for said that all the people that stay with them, do not quit real quick before they learn it, all the stayers, there has not been one complaint Ever!  It's a matter of learning it.   

Isn't it great to actually ENJOY your job again?
I actually look forward to starting my shift every day and truly am enjoying my work again.

I currently work for Meridian and really enjoy it
There was only 1 person that I ever had a problem with, and that was only on 1 occasion with a person in QA.   I just chalked it up to a bad day like everyone has.  Other than that, I really haven't come across any problems with the itchy office staff. 
Wow..Good luck and enjoy it !!...nm
Enjoy my 401K at Medware
It has kept me ahead of inflation, and I have no problems with their plan.  I make a regular deduction from my pay and get statements every quarter.  Have you contacted HR, maybe you did not fill out your paperwork correctly.
Think we're all just very hopeful and looking for a way to enjoy
Enjoy your good fortune! nm :)
You MUST enjoy arguing, looooool....

As much as I enjoy the freedom of working at - sm
home, I've come to detest the loss of so many other freedoms I'd taken for granted: Freedom to buy everything on your grocery list at Safeway, not just the few that fit in your budget. Freedom to FILL your gas tank, not just put in $5 and hope that gets you back home from Safeway. Freedom to take a vacation once in a while, and if you DO take a vacation, you actually get to GO somewhere, and don't just spend it in front of the TV set because you can't afford to leave the house. The freedom to put even a tiny amount of money into my savings account with each paycheck, instead of continually siphoning off what little is left in the bank to pay bills each month, would be nice.

When I worked in an office, I only had to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and I made 3 times what I'm making now, and I now work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

I was willing to trade a little bit of poverty and maybe have to work a few more hours per pay period in order to be free of supervisors breathing down my neck all the time, but honestly, I miss being able to do things on the weekends besides just work. That's gotten REALLY old.
I enjoy this company. Sorry it did not work for you though. nm
Actually I enjoy reading most posts
Even if they are repetitive.  That only reinforces one's opinion.  Accept or not.  Since I did not see the prior posts, I actually thought the post would be informative and there would be useful feedback.  That is what this board should be about, and most of the time it is.  Then you always get the one or two people who have to be rude, nasty, demanding, negative critism.  Nothing useful.  I think it probably makes them feel better about themselves.  My point was, even if she was annoyed by the post - other people might not be. So many topics are actually repetitive here.  If the topic was old or annoying to her, then why participate in the post at all?  What was the purpose of being so ugly?  I don't even recall the post being addressed to her.
Enjoy the same "benes" you do, work at home,
but work for a company that pays fairly, average $22-36 an hour, depending the dictators. Also get PTO, insurance, 401K, etc., and equipment furnished. I do not consider less than 200 lines an hour good output..
Boy, so do I (NJ gal but got to Philly enough to enjoy the cheesesteaks. I miss them
I work for a company that really enjoy flogging the MTs. sm

Cracking that whip really seems to send chills down their spine for some reason. We get notes every now and again telling us how badly we are doing and how the clients are so unhappy with us, etc. I have also noticed that this company has a problem with letting the MT win and that if we do something extra for them, it becomes the expected norm in the future. I must admit that I fear doing anything extra because I know that will factor into the totals I must reach for bonus pay. Also, it increases my chances to receive nasty notes from QA if I happen to get a difficult doctor. They actually had the nerve to jump on me (and it was literally a blind-sided attack) about a very difficult doctor on a report I had sent to QA that I really spent a lot of time on and just could not figure out what he was saying. Then later, they come across with these sound upgrades, and it is like night and day from what we were struggling with before. I feel they owe me an apology for that attack from QA - I really do. It was not my fault!

I am relatively new to working at nationals. Since they upgraded the sound quality, my QA percent has reached to less than 2% (sent to QA). I always do what I say I am going to do and I am exceeding line quotas, though I know it will work against me at bonus time.

My worry now is that they are mismanaging the accounts (and blaming us) and that the company will lose accounts, and I will be out of a job. I really can't work more than I work now because that makes me such a terrible person to live with. I have to have some down time.

This is a very troubling situation. Any comments? Thanks for letting me vent.


I started 6 months ago and enjoy my account
I am on an acute care hospital and they have me backed up to ER.  They just mentioned starting a new hospital, I guess a big one, in about a month so I know they will be hiring.  So far so good.  Pay is every other Friday by direct deposit so it is on time. 
Email some of the people who enjoy it there and see what they have to say. They won't bite! :) nm
Great Idea. I'd enjoy participating.
You'd enjoy it if u like micromanagement. She wont leave you alone to do your job!
I guess some enjoy aerobic exercise
That must be it! I know of multiple MTs (the American ones)testing elsewhere and looking for the best option to get out. Must be about swimming! You don't hear from them here because they're afraid to post anything, lest they drown. They know as soon as they do, that a few others will pipe in with smart-aleck remarks. I assume the non-swimmers prefer the beach so they can dig a hole and put their head in the sand.

To each their own. I enjoy the incredible money I make at QT. Would never leave!!!!! nm
enjoy it there. good accounts. steady work.
Do you enjoy living with your head buried in the sand?
My wages in 2006 were $67,000. In 2007 they dropped to $52,000. 2008 fell to $45,000, and this year I will be lucky to break $40,000. This while working for the same company. How is anyone supposed to be happy about that? I am grateful in this ecomony that I still have a job, but to sit here working the same hours I always have and making $27,000 less a year, is disheartening, frustrating, if not just downright criminal on the part of companies who continually expect the same or more for less.

I don't know how any can call themselves an American and not be concerned with American jobs being sent overseas.

You really take the cake with your attitude. Just go back and stick your head in the sand where it belongs.
I kinda agree. I enjoy working at TT, but this kind of "overkill" is why people sm
get tired of us talking so much on here. Every place I have ever worked has always paid early if the pay day fell on a holiday.  Granted, they do not have to, and it is a nice and considerate thing to do, but hardly so much so as to make me want to burst into a chorus of Go Tell It On the Mountain.   lol
I think it's thoughtful in a way. Maybe your supervisor is just trying, in her own way, to make her MTs feel less isolated. Might not be the way you'd choose, but I'd take this sort of supervisor over one that ignores me any day!
Personally, I liked it better when it was
a small company.  I'm not excited about all the tiers of management that have been added, makes you feel more like you are just a number rather than someone who is making a difference.   Some of the team leaders are good, some are not so good, some are there to collect a pay check.  Pay is every other Friday, without fail.  As far as the programs to work  on, there are several, just depends on what you like. 
They KNOW THE LAW. I know personally I sent it to
them enough as well as others. They just do not want to abide by it.
I don't think some of these schools really care if their students gets a job or not; they are just in it for the money. I had a situation where my stepdaughter had a friend who took a course and wanted me to tell her where she could work. I had no answer. The school SHOULD have had some ideas, but a lot just don't care.
personally, i don't think they
overhire. I think it is a combination of short turnaround times, and work flow variations mainly, with maybe a few other factors thrown in for good measure...

also i believe that they (and rightfully so) hire a few more than needed as all of the new hires never stay. The ones that do are transitioned in slowly and then generally i believe (as with myself) get plenty of work. and they will work with account changes until you are happy. but obviously that doesn't work for everyone. i'm sorry it was a bad experience for you, but it has/still is an excellent one for me! wishing you well...
Don't take it personally

The QA people don't know you other than how they see your work. They can't possibly like you or dislike you.   I have found that most people who are very busy (I have been one of them) when they are sending e mails or messages along those lines, just don't have the time to pretty it up.  When you don't hear tonal inflections from someone speaking it's very hard to interpret how a statement is truly intended.  It's also very easy to take something in a way that it was not intended at all.

Ignore the perceived tone and focus on the content.  Keep every e mail as backup.  Make the corrections that they want you to make.  Now if they are being contradictory with themselves, that's one thing, but if they're just being picky . . . . . that's their job.

Just keep at it, don't take personally
Have you ever noticed how many hits (viewed) listed on each job posting? So say 500 or more and allll emailed a resume and only 1 position AND, say they stopped reading resumes after one or two and hired. See? Just keep emailing your resume, even go to the old listing and email. It is not costing anything, not a stamp etc. Just check both main job posting areas MTjobs and MTstars. Look to see if you can add or subtract something on your resume. Make the Font heading a bit larger.
Personally, I would not take it
I make way more than that now, but it the other things it offers meet your needs, go for it. Insurance isn't cheap to buy on your own, and that would be an attractive part of the deal. I personally couldn't handle the $13.50 an hour, but that's just me. Maybe the advantages outweigh the low salary? Do what is best for YOU.
personally, not really,
I am honored to have a job that others think sounds great. well, I guess I do get irritated if they think it sounds too easy, but whenever I've let someone listen to a few sentences of dictation, they get a whole new perspective!!
Why take it so personally? No one

wants to listen to YOUR ignorance, either. Maybe you should also stay in the seat that's best suited to you, and you know which one that is.

You are you to constantly insult MTs here? This board is for MTs, which you are not, otherwise you wouldn't lose your drawers everytime someone posts something you don't agree with, HMMMMMM???