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Email some of the people who enjoy it there and see what they have to say. They won't bite! :) nm

Posted By: Wanderer on 2006-12-15
In Reply to: TransTech - MT


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I kinda agree. I enjoy working at TT, but this kind of "overkill" is why people sm
get tired of us talking so much on here. Every place I have ever worked has always paid early if the pay day fell on a holiday.  Granted, they do not have to, and it is a nice and considerate thing to do, but hardly so much so as to make me want to burst into a chorus of Go Tell It On the Mountain.   lol
I also enjoy QA and enjoy the mentoring aspect
as well as the contact with the clients and MTs. I feel it is very rewarding personally. I also enjoyed being an MT (I earned between $30-$40 an hr way back when but those were the days). I was fast and burned my body out by being fast. Because I was fast, QA only pays me about half of what I earned as an MT and I only had to work as an MT for half the time that I have to work as QA.

I do understand there are different personalities and if the above poster does not enjoy QA, I definitely would not care what people think. I would get back into MTing. We have to try and be happy as this job no matter what you do can be a very tedious one.
Why email me? You want people to email you. NM
Email me. we will get those people
I have sent you an email. Email me if they are in NY
don't you people have email for this? this is a
public forum, not a Keystrokes formum to manage yourselves here.
4 dif people with same email address

... that keeps kicking back as undeliverable?  Aren't you just a little bit suspicious?

Please, it's probably some shady and incompetent offshore MTSO replying to you as 4 different names to try and get your transcription work and they spoofed the headers to make it look to you like they are inside the USA, so that's why replying to the emails doesn't work.  Forget these 4 candidates for jobs because they don't exist.

As that people email you with their opinions. SM
That way, you can assess the truth or, at lesat, compare opinions. You can set up a hotmail account and have people email you there. Good luck on your search for a good company.
Sheesh, should have said, have people email you.
After their email the other day about looking to fire people, I'd say …
Can't you just email or call the DQS support people? My last job let me do it. nm
The email was not about looking to fire people. Yes, they are hiring. sm
The email stated that everyone must maintain certain levels for production and for QA in order to stay a Keystrokes' employee.

They were reassuring us that even in this depression or recession, or whatever it is being called now, we will have work to do and that they are still growing.

There are 2 openings on my account, so I know that they are hiring, and there is a new account starting next week too.
Buzz off, old bag!
Ask the recruiter. They don't bite. nm

I'll bite
1. How long have you been working as an MT? 11 years

2. How many DIFFERENT companies have you worked for (even if it was only for a few hours) in the last 10 years? (If you left but came back later that is only 1.) I have worked for 1 private practice, 1 hospital, and 3 services.

3. How many companies have you accepted an offer of employment from but then never actually started working for them? None.

4. How many companies have you quit working for within the first pay period? None.

5. How many companies have you quit from? I quit my first job due to moving. My hospital job was outsourced. I have left 2 of the 3 services I signed on with by choice after 6 months at each due to lack of work or lack of flexibility.

6. Have many companies have you been terminated from (I guess the word “fired” from is no longer politically correct) i.e. you were not meeting line requirements, QA requirements, time commitment requirements (signing on late, leaving early), or being told you don’t have the necessary experience/expertise for the accounts assigned to you, etc? I have never been terminated as such, but did lose a job to outsourcing.

7. How many companies have you left because they were bought out by another MTSO and you did not like how the new MTSO was treating you? None.

8. How many companies that you were working for completely went out of business (was not bought by another company) and told you that you had to find a new job yourself? None.

9. What is the shortest period of time that you have worked for one company? (Even if it was only for a few hours) What is the longest period of time that you have worked for one company? Shortest 6 months, longest 7 years.

10. Have you ever continued working for your former company while training with a new company? Yes.

11. Have you ever worked for two different companies (2 part-time or 1 full-time and 1 part-time) during the same time period? For how many months/years did you work for two different companies? Yes, once. Overlap by about 1 week.

12. What is your primary reason for applying to a certain company (pay, insurance, flexible schedule, equipment provided, sign-on bonus, referral from another MT, etc)? Pay and benefits are my main motivating factors. I really miss the stability of hospital employment (pay and benefits) and have not found anything that compares.

13. What is your primary reason for leaving a company (cannot maintain minimum required number of lines, not assigned accounts or job types as originally discussed, running out of work too frequently, difficult platform, computer slowness/crashes, management conflicts, QA conflicts, other “bait and switch” type of issues where the MTSO said one thing but you ended up doing something entirely different, personal, family, etc)? I will leave if workload is not what was promised and running out of work unable to make line counts to maintain benefits.

14. Are you really happy at your present company or are you just working there because you are afraid if you try another company it will be worse and not better? How long have you worked at this company? Do you plan to continue working at this company for at least 1 year (of course barring unforeseen personal or professional events). Would you be willing to give the name of your present company? I cannot say Im really happy, but not entirely unhappy. Of the 3 MTSOs I have worked for, I am happiest at this company. I have been there about 4 months. I do not plan to stay with this company long-term if I can find hospital employment again.

15. Do you think you will retired as a Medical Transcriptionist (or in the Medical Transcription field, such as an Editor, Supervisor, etc) or do you think you will switch careers at some point before retirement? Im not sure. Switching careers at this point would require me to go back to school and being in my mid 40s with young kids still at home, I doubt I will go back to school within the next 5 years. I do think I will retire from the medical field in some area, just not sure if it will be MT unless a hospital job comes up.
told em to bite it........
Oh boy. I have to bite my tongue on this one
Let me just say that if only one of the participants in this study would walk even half the walk that he/she talked, the MT world could be a better place.  Talk about saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. Also would be more enlightening if the complete background history regarding MTing was published regarding some quoted in this article, i.e. the past companies he/she was running/associated with.  It would shed a lot of interesting light and again, contradictions. Talk about 2-faced rhetoric.  Sheesh.  OK, I'll be good and shut up now.
We're not the only ones who are upset.


flea-bite-a-me, anyone?
The OP's right and it CAN come back to bite you.
ok, I'll bite - where do you get your info?
Another coordinator bite the dust at OSi?
I think I'm gonna go ahead a bite...
I turned in my Keystrokes paperwork today for a RAD account starting Monday.  It looks like most of the problems are with acute care accounts with more positives on the RAD accounts.  I'm not worried about OT/paid holidays because I have an actual IC job with plenty of work if/when I want it.  I'm just hoping that being this RAD account is new, there will be enough work to keep me qualified for medical.  I see others who just posted recently are new hires also--good luck to all of us!
The truth will bite us if we are not careful

The reason why these groups prevail is that folks like us sit back and do nothing.  Maybe that's because we don't know what to do. 

At any rate, don't pass it off as senseless babble.  It's about more than just medical transcription, but the medical transcription industry may be a bigger player than we all realize.  Of course, the biggest players are money and commerce.  It is reality. 

I first heard about the Illuminati more than 30 years ago.  Back then, the commentary was combined with predictions regarding the card with the magnetic strip that could be used to purchase such items as groceries, which has become reality but has not fully evolved to its final potential, such as disallowing the use of cash and only allowing certain obedient individuals to obtain stuff using the magnetic strip card.  It was also predicted that this magnetic strip could hold over 100,000 words, which would include a synopsis of all of your transactions, including what books you checked out of the public library.  There were some far out disturbing predictions such as the one where the invention of cable televsion was just a way to get the public to pay for underground fiberoptic wiring that would eventually be used to spy on every individual.  I wonder what the new digital TV situation might have to do with this endeavor. 

If you haven't been on the planet for as long as I, you may not remember the days before the invention of the ATM card.  There was a time, for instance, when the only way we could pay for groceries was with cash and checks.  There were few credit cards available at the time, but none could be used at the grocery stores or at so many other places as today, including drive-in fast food restaurants.  Times are changing, albeit very slowly, but it is scarey to think of the end result.

I have no idea what we can do as individuals to combat the evils of the Illuminati other than to stop using money and to be totally homeless and starve to death, etc., which is a fate that I fear anyway if I continue relying on the medical transcription industry for a living..  I would certainly love for someone to enlighten me.


You said Bite Me first. As for Xmas? - I was off, thanks very much. PAID too. nm
Yes they did finally bite back
I also read those posts and picked up on the bravado with which the 'inside information' was shared.

I work for TT and the way they've been trashed on here since some accounts went to VR, they'd have defendants around the block if they were suing MTs simply for stating an opinion.

There's merit to this lawsuit or TT would not have even bothered pursuing it, plain and simple.

The moral of the story to everyone should be to keep the self-importance in check and to make 110% sure that if you're posting something as fact, you can indeed back it up. Otherwise, you too could end up being sued, not just by your employer/former employer but anyone else you are defaming.

I love working at TT.

And I could not possibly care less if I get flamed for that or not.
don't complain about how your hospital has too much work - it will bite you in
the hiney!!!

You may end up losing your job to an outsource service and end up making less money with horrible benefits!! Count your blessings.
You can only kick a dog so many times before they bite back!
Let's just say I'll bite my tongue for fear of
getting kicked off the board for stating how things have been since they started offshoring. But I think you get the general idea.
I can't believe a supposedly professional adult said bite me! HA!!! sm
Now we ALL want to work for Proveros and get invited to bite the management woohoo!
sry--meant I'm gonna go ahead AND bite
Bite the Wax Tadpole??? No, I have never heard that expression before, please explain ...
You learn something new every day..
enjoy it very much
depends on what hours/days you work as to amount of QA to do - many days 50/50 on QA versus transcribing - quite a few strong Spanish ESL dictators but after a while you get used to them
I would not even think twice. GO for it an enjoy.
yes hospital jobs do get outsourced, where do you think all the nationals get their work from?  It happened to me, too, and it happened a couple months after we were told that they were thinking of adding an incentive for certification.  Then we're booted.  Go figure.
They enjoy it??
There are a lot of sickos in MT HR; at least, I've met quite a few.  Maybe they derive some perverse pleasure out of watching us jump and squirm for them.
I also enjoy my job at Transcend but still..
believe that management does come on this board, and know for a fact that management posts because I have seen it.  Not that it matters though because they can post just like we can, as long as they do not pretend to be an MT.
I really do enjoy transcribing, actually
as much as the day I first started almost 17 years ago.  I'm willing to go the extra mile and learn as much as I can.  I just need someone to give me the chance.  Thanks for the encouragement.   
I currently work for them and enjoy it.

They only hire ICs and there is no direct deposit but I get my check like clockwork every two weeks, either Friday or Saturday.  I have never had any problems with them.  The pay is not that great but it is what I was looking for account wise.  I have two accounts and really enjoy the work, 48 hour TAT.  I have complete flexibility which for me compensates the low pay for now.

They are really growing and I would highly recommend them to you.  The last newsletter they sent out stated they were actively seeking new MTs, so you might want to apply online if interested.

Do you want to enjoy your work? If so, you know what you need to do.
It is your choice; it doesn't make any difference what others think. They cannot find peace for you; you have to take charge. Personally I love QA as I find it much more challenging.
I do psych and I enjoy it.
It actually ends up paying pretty well for me too because they are generally longer reports but I can do them fast without stopping and starting like clinic notes.
I know it is frustrating and I sure don't enjoy it
either, but doesn't it make sense to give all applicants a difficult transcription test?  What better way for a real cream of the crop MT prove that she is skilled?  If the test is easy, the results will be the same, whether the MT is a newbie or highly experienced.  True?
You must enjoy being clueless....
Didn't get your paycheck?  Why not contact your employer?  How's that for rude !
Enjoy it while it lasts.
I hung in there with MQ for a long time, about 9 years. I watched them go down and down, get worse and worse. I hope they get bought by somebody soon and all the people who created the mess there get fired. Then, and only then, do they even have a prayer of being anything like the great company they used to be. If the powers that be stay the same there, forget it, it will never get better. I agree with the poster below. They do not treat all their employees the same, and their pay is all over the board. They do not reward experience or excellence. All they care about is their bottom line, which I am sure is getting smaller and smaller. I hadn't had a raise in about 7 years when I left.
And YOU must enjoy being extremely
Enjoy EMDAT!

I totally enjoy EMDAT.  It's very different from what I was used to at MQ and at first disliked it strictly because it wasn't what I was used to.  I've worked with it now for almost three years and wouldn't go back.  My particular account has all the data filled in already and I have two lines before I even begin typing the history.  I average about 300 lines per hour and have often gotten 400+ when I have my good doctors.   The expansions and short cuts are wonderful...once learned.  I was told once when I applauded EMDAT that I was just not familiar with the more advanced/professional platforms!  No, I don't switch jobs often.  In 11 years, I've been with MQ and present company, so, no, I don't have experience with all the advanced platforms!  If they are all so wonderful, though, why are these people changing jobs all the time.  I think it is a very professional platform.  And the bosses of the company I work for said that all the people that stay with them, do not quit real quick before they learn it, all the stayers, there has not been one complaint Ever!  It's a matter of learning it.   

Isn't it great to actually ENJOY your job again?
I actually look forward to starting my shift every day and truly am enjoying my work again.

I personally used to enjoy the little quotes (sm)
that were at the end of the job overviews we got each morning, on Cottage. Now that I'm on DQS, I don't get anything. And I don't even get an e-mail each morning from my supe, so you must be special!
I currently work for Meridian and really enjoy it
There was only 1 person that I ever had a problem with, and that was only on 1 occasion with a person in QA.   I just chalked it up to a bad day like everyone has.  Other than that, I really haven't come across any problems with the itchy office staff. 
Wow..Good luck and enjoy it !!...nm
Enjoy my 401K at Medware
It has kept me ahead of inflation, and I have no problems with their plan.  I make a regular deduction from my pay and get statements every quarter.  Have you contacted HR, maybe you did not fill out your paperwork correctly.
Think we're all just very hopeful and looking for a way to enjoy
Enjoy your good fortune! nm :)
You MUST enjoy arguing, looooool....