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I think the points you raise here are valid, and perhaps even accurate, but...SM

Posted By: Leadfeather on 2005-08-15
In Reply to: so, what if? - sm

I also think reasonable rebuttals to these arguments have already been posted. I am no longer willing to buy into the idea that nothing can be done and that there is nothing left to do but go down with the ship or just go wherever it happens to take us.

My decision has already been made. Maybe it's a losing battle, maybe it's not. But it's a battle that I am at least willing to fight. In this battle, I see the sword coming at me, and I for one intend to at least try to get out of the way.

Our jobs don't have to be as different as all that. I don't care what everyone else is going to do. I take the stand I do because I refuse to just lay down and be run over by the "wheels of progress," especially when it doesn't have to be that way. If everyone will stand together, we still have the ability to have a significant impact on what our collective future will be. If, on the other hand, everyone buys into the idea that it's "a losing battle," then your right, we're all just along for the ride in whatever direction the vehicle chooses to take us.

With an it-can't-be-done attitude, you know what we are? We're the elephant chained to the stake that's hammered only a few inches into the ground. We have the power to pull it up and move at will, but because we have been trained to believe that the anchor is stronger than we are, we eventually quit trying because we're convinced it's "a losing battle." Again, maybe it is and maybe it isn't, but I think we should all give the chain a good, healthy tug and find out for sure. It can't hurt.

By the way, I'm not saying stop working. I'm just advocating we become more particular about who we work for.

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Valid points! nm
You do have some valid points, but

there is a lot of misinformation also.   They will work with you to get your lines up and improve QA scores.  It doesn't take someone long to know if you have what it takes to do the work though and giving them another month isn't going to make much difference.  I made the minimum QA scores my first month.  I was on 100% QA less than a week.  They are NOT anal about punctuation.  If you are on 100% QA they are going to correct any error, including punctuation, but I have never been charged with an error for punctuation, though it may be corrected in a report.  

It sounds like things didn't work out for you so the company is at fault.  They aren't perfect.  I have issues with different aspects of the company on occasion, but what you have posted is a posting from a typical disgruntled employee.  I don't know you, don't know the details from either side, and I am not making any accusations, but your experience is not typical, as proof by the many MTs who have been there for years, myself included.  

revolts, change, etc, will NOT happen unless there is momentum created by mass involvement. Scattered about, in our homes and various facilities, many MTs do not even know of this board, would make it very unlikely for us to organize to effect a change. Have you ever tried to get people to take a stand? Many years ago I did. I went out on a limb, got everyone in the jobplace behind me (and that was all in one physical place mind you!!) and soon as the top brass got a bit serious sounding, they all, repeat, ALL, ran backwards. There I stood looking like a fool, and almost lost my job. Its very hard to organize, nevermind maintain other's courage to pursue the goal.
You have very valid points, and I'm going to try to work more on the positives. nm
What difference does it make who it is? He/she has some valid points. sm

While we are hashing through our own problems and such, sometimes (myself definitely included), we many times forget to consider what the other person is going through.   

That is MTSO PR b.s. A raise is a raise in line rate. A bonus or incentive is just that. NOT sm

a raise.

Asking for a raise isn't going to do it. There is a policy for raise increases.
My wants are just as valid as anyone
elses- I might have to go into therapy if I donít get insurance to cover. Big $$$$ for plastic, big $$$$ for other. What about my wants??
Valid question
I know psych work is easier; however, that is all I have done in-house for the past 14 years.  I do have medical transcription in my background.  I began in 1989.  However, I feel I would be a little rusty to begin with medical.  I am looking for a service that has psych work that I could begin with and work my way back into medical.  I will keep looking, and as you said wish me luck.
Too good to be valid
Yeah, those were valid enough for me - thanks.
Think I will re-think. I did not test though. No wonder she was surprised when I said I heard good things about them - LOL!! That should have been my first clue, I suppose!
Can only think of one valid reason

If you had not been paying your utility bills - without electricity and internet connections and a phone you could not do your job.  Even so, if you were living with someone else who was responsible for those utilities, that would all be moot; what are they going to do, run a credit check on everyone at your address?  If they did, they'd disqualify even more of us!

I agree with others it is an excuse so they can say they can't find qualified workers and offshore.  A credit score should NOT be considered a job qualification for a job such as this, where we have NO opportunity to embezzle or steal from an employer.  Are they running credit check on Indian MTs?  I bet not!

I think your point is valid

I'm sure there are many US MTs who do not work their schedule.  That problem would not exist if MTs were still working in house, which is rare these days.  So, I feel the MTSOs are most to blame for this problem, as I do not believe that transcriptionists were so eager to be sent home to work to begin with.  It was the MTSOs and the hospitals who were so eager to save money!  We always have this thrown in our face, Oh, but you get to work from home, as if it is a huge benefit.  We still have to work!  Also, some of these companies do not understand how difficult it is to sit for 8 hours typing.  Give the MTs a little flexibility and maybe they will work their schedule.  I do not know anyone who works in an office setting that actually WORKS 8 hours a day.  Alright, sorry if I got off track here...it's a bit of a rant .

you may have a valid point but sm
something doesn't smell right. I got the distinct idea from the recruiter that she didn't agree with the operations manager or whatever she is. Plus she told me she would hold onto my application in case I want to apply in the not to distant future but she could only hold it six months. If I don't work its gonna be the same thing. I realize companies want experience in the last 2-3 years sometimes especially if you haven't had years of experience. But I have had two offers (money was very bad though, no one is paying) that said they would obviously wave that requirement because of the years of experience and the type of experience. To me it was insulting. I did tell the recruiter that MT time is money too and they should not waste our time with all this testing if they have no intention of hiring. They had my resume. O well, obviously not a company that is a good fit. There are others out there.
link no longer valid - sorry
I hear you, but so many posts on here are valid.
I, for one, am the one stunned about the MDI-MD news. I have learned to take lots of reviews of companies on here with a grain of salt. You can tell the whiners and complainers.  Personally, right now I'm glad that they are so prevalent, and they can just keep on whining and complaining, because I'm among the high # of professional MTs in the job-searching market right now, and they just improve my chances of landing a great job.  However, there are just too many companies right now overhiring and overstaffing accounts.  Seriously, if, and I repeat IF, the claims of MDI-MD not having enough work to even train their new hires at a max of 5 jobs a day, that is disgusting.  I have had bait and swtiches pulled on me by several companies, all of them the bigger nationals, and it should be a crime. It is a crime to the victim.  So, yes, lots of griping and whining. I agree. Losing PTO and having to work nights and weekends means nothing to me, as I always have.  Most feel entitled and that they don't have to, and you know what? Most get away with it. I still don't get away with it 30 years into this business! But that's my gig and my problem.  So, I agree with you, and I disagree with you at the same time. There is lots to complain about in this industry, and its a shame.  Just hire me and give me the job you promised, just as I always deliver the goods I promised. 
Even if it is amusing to you, these are valid business...
expenses that the MT companies are not having to pay. A company with 300 MTs working at home forgoes having to buy or lease a facility, provide utilities, provide insurance for the facility, provide basic supplies such as cleaning supplies or toiletries, provide supervision 24/7, and and provide office supplies such as desks and chairs.

While there are still companies who provide equpipment, all equpiment downtime is absorbed by the MT where in an office setting, it is unlikely it would be. There are also many MT companies who do not provide equipment, software, footpedals, or cable reimbursement. I am sure everyone is aware that this might be provided for you, but it is usually with a decreased line rate.

To quote your obvious enjoyment of this other post, don't you have to eat anyway? Don't you have to wear clothes anyway?
I think I made a valid point. What is your purpose in
My point was that a lot of recruiters will talk up their company when people looking into them inquire about them.  They're not supposed to do it, but it's done all the time.  Anyone who is seriously looking into a company will know exactly where to contact them and TO contact them.  Someone asked a legitimate question and got a rude reply from you.  You got called out and you don't like it.
I'm not saying you don't have valid concerns but I sincerely feel...
You all should be entitled to have your own board. I've done the Transtech thing a few years ago. This is all old news. Same as most of the companies on here, you either love them or hate them but I feel there is a ton of people that work there or people who want to work there and you should have your own board to discuss this.
Doesn't seem a valid point to me. Most people can make 250 lph sm

so why not do it making 8-9 cpl (or more) and make $24-27 per hour?  I don't think $15/hour is much nowadays, but that is just my opinion.  I made that 10 years ago in an office setting -- hate to think of going backwards, although I do reailze that is the trend in transcription nowadays, sad to say.

I just hope he/she (and everyone) finds something that pays more than that, especially for IC work. 

some points right, but
hospitals want to pay less and less for the same service which makes it very difficult for the MTSO to pay experienced MTs the line rates they are looking for - - which makes it difficult to hire US based MTs, it's a nasty cycle
Two points SM
1. Where in the world did people get the idea that TT does not do audits once an MT is off full Q.A.????? They most certainly DO do audits. If you don't hear anything about it, well I guess that means you're okay. They aren't the first company to not give feedback on audits; both Medifax and MRC, for example, did audits but did not give feedback to MTs unless they fell below the required accuracy.

2. I probably do about as much looking at old reports as anyone and I have yet to see any glaring errors that would call into question the expertise of TT MTs. Now if I wanted to nitpick.........

Just as an aside note, I can easily do 2000 lines in a day. If I push it I can do up to 3000 but that's a pretty HARD day. This is acute care and various accounts, both extext and the ichart thingy.

If I had 1 complaint about TT it probably would be that communication isn't the best. On the other hand they give me a job to do and leave me alone to do it. So given a choice between great communication and being left alone to do a job, I'd take the latter any day of the week.
I see your points, but.....
As an MTSO, do I chance losing this large client, and need to layoff MTs? I believe I am doing more for MTs by keeping their wages as high as can be afforded by searching for off shore companies to fill in when the client is too penny-pinching to worry about anything else but cost.
Two points to add

1.  Do not be surprised to find out that many facilities already know that US records are being offshored and simply do not care.

2.  Speak for yourself about taking 1 cent less per line.  Many of these companies are already offering US MTs 6 and 7 CPL.  You think I am willing to work my tail off for 5 or 6 CPL?  No thanks!

It's more accurate......nm
But it is not accurate!
not accurate
They have never said I needed to complete my shift.  I make my 1600 goal before my 8 hour shift is over.  They care about production, not hours.  You do need to put on your time sheet FT hours though and not go over 40 but I think FT is 35 if I remember correct.  They have never chased me down after I am done for the day!!
not accurate
its not strange
it happens all the time at these companies
the whole teams let go where houly QC people getting paid too much
No, that's not entirely accurate.
What they require is 100 lph unless you are full time with full benefits and then it is 150 lph. It will depend on the number of hours in a day you work as to how many lines that day you need. And it will depend on where the payperiod falls as to how many payperiod lines that is.

You're on the losing end and don't even understand your own requirements if you think it is a flat 1200 lines a day and 12K lines a payperiod.

You are 100% accurate, VR on my end
has everyone on it, no exceptions. We have tons of ESLs with English. I know of no one who is exempt from being on there. I read others here who say their company does not allow this or that dictator to be on, not on this end, all the same and the ESLs, thank goodness, are on there, I am not pulling out the few hairs on my head I have left because does a really good job.
Many good points, they just have to be right for you. sm
Good account for me. Took a bit to catch on to the second one, but I love it there. Treated fairly, tested at nite, and was contacted immediately the next day. Pay always on time, supervisors are nice, love IM's for questions or help, instead of phone tag and waiting forever for e mail.

All places have good and bad, you just have to find the right fit for you.
Good points. SM
Newbies are not necessarily careless or ignorant. Anyone can be a bad MT, experience or not.
They had a lot of good points--
but there was one bad point (I won't elaborate on it any further than that) and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to try again. 
All have good points,

Best thing about Medware is XXXX .  She will go overboard to make sure you are happy.  Best thing about Amphion, people are friendly and nice.  You won't make a lot money, though.  Best thing about Spheris... I'm still thinking. 

Please do not post names.  Thank you.  Goldbird

APT...All Points Transcribers......SM

Boss bought it from an MT.  Boss couldn't type, knew next to nothing about computers when we went over to computers...played all kinds of holiday/bonus games involving money and was EXTREMELY cheap and I expect nothing in the life and can still say just how cheap she was and to her 5 closest (most important and highest producers) people in her office.  I left first and then 4 others slowly followed (her 5 best people) and then her biz liquidated (completely went under) which was my plan from the moment I walked out. 

Payback is just SO GREAT, isn't it????  *ROFLMAO*

Now she is a miserable old lady today! 


I will give you a few points there.
It belongs on the comedy board, but I would hate to see our country become so PC that no one can say anything because it is too sensitive.
good points, but.........

Maggie had some very good points, but what about companies that you do work as scheduled and then no pay!  I am a very hard working MT and have worked for companies like that!  Also what about working for companies that ships the work to India and you have to sit in front of your computer almost all day and through the afternoon to hope you get enough work to pay your bills and sometimes things change so quickly (no heads-up) you are just caught.  Also with voice recognition, we are paid less, have to produce more and basically depending on the physician, some of the reports we have to type because voice recognition does not, recognize many of the words the physician is dictating.  Also what about the companies that lie straight out, just to get you to work with them.......and there is no work!  I work my but off, almost every holiday, and every weekend (I am making the sacrifices now) so I can pay my bills and I go to school full-time because this industry is going downhill fast and the fault lies with both sides, for the MT who slacks and to the jobs that don't pay on time, treat us like crap, lie, etc.......

LOL--I have to agree with you on all points
and you weren't rude at all. The system is a part of it but I am the remainder......
Thanks for making these points.
Great points!
Totally correct!
Good points
Those are good points. I never really thought about it, but I have worked for a couple of MTSOs and this is the first one where it is just so....quiet basically. I guess I should be thankful that no one bothers you unless you mess up or you are just called to be informed that if there is a lot of work they give you a message to let you know if you want OT you can have it. But, I feel almost isolated. It's not that I even want to contact any of the other MTs, but I think it would be neat to be noticed if someone's birthday or anniversary date at the company, and just some odds-and-ends info put in there. One company I worked for even had something called the 100 club or something like that, where if you made 100% QA score for either the month or could have been payperiod they put it on the newletter and you were paid a bonus. I missed it a couple of times with a 99.9 :( but it was just fun to see those.
Think you may be mishearing my points
AAMT has not elevated the profession EVER in my opinion. AHIMA did more for the MTs, again in my opinion, than AAMT ever has. AAMT has advocated for global transcription for decades now. I remember sitting in meetings with a couple of very high muckety mucks as they talked about how to cut out lines for the MT.

AHIMA has made HEALTH INFORMATION a profession and I see AAMT as having done or accomplished very little in 30 years.

Because MT is a telecommuting position for a portion of MTs, those are the MTs who will be affected by global economy.

And my comments regarding being single and supporting myself is that I do not have a supporting income from a signficant other, and I've learned what the field is like and know that working one gig as an employee doesn't usually meet the financial desires I have.

So i would say the requirements of a telecommuting MT is to acquire the best skills you can. Treat the work as a real job and draw healthy boundaries for yourself with your company. Ask questions if you think your line counts are off. Ask to be shown how lines are calculated and don't accept it's based on 65 char line as the answer.

If you are an IC, know how to run a business. Don't allow yourself to be called an IC for the sake of a company skirting the law. If you are not meeting the IRS criteria for an employee, know that. If you are, know that.

Know when the slow times are and that there will ALWAYS be slow times. Stay abreast of technology. Be PROACTIVE instead of retroactively bemoaning your plight.

There are many companies that do not run a good business. If you went to work at Home Depot and they said you had to work 2 hours extra a day for free, would you?

Mind set. Most of making it in this business is all about mind set.
They deduct points for that?

The company I worked for did not deduct for punctuation.  I believe in the AHDI guidelines there is no deduction for punctuation, unless of course it changes the meaning of a statement or something like that.  Alot of the commas are open to interpretation, but some QA people are really picky about the hyphens.

The companies do get paid by the lines, so if your accuracy is 98% they should not care that your line count has increased significantly.  I would say take note of what it is they are complaining about, and keep up the good work.  As far as running out of work, I would wait and see how often that happens.  Could it be another case of offshoring what is out of TAT?

Good points...
It's true that many facilities/MTSOs consider working at home and having a day shift perks. There are many people working in various industries who telecommute and many of them are treated much better than MTs. I think as MTs working from home the 'out of sight, out of mind' rule applies.

I agree that transcription is an important part of health care as a whole. I read that some 159 end-users rely on our transcribed documents for anything from patient care, to statistics, to reimbursement and funding. Can you imagine the cost at all levels when these documents are riddled with mistakes? Not only does it affect patient care, but it affects all of the above uses of these documents.
Some good points...
But the bottom line is that each person is responsible for themselves. We cannot change how the facility operates or what management is paid. If the consumers (patients) rallied together and demanded quality, then, and only then, would change take place. But MTs do not have to be a part of that cycle by creating low-quality documents. It is never okay for any MT to decide to personally let quality slide because they don't like how the facility is run or because they are unhappy with their rate of pay. If they are unhappy, then they need to find a different job. The patient does not deserve to suffer because of this. Should the way the facilities operate change? Yes, but that will never justify producing bad documents. Our entire healthcare system needs reform, but that still doesn't justify an MT sitting somewhere not doing his/her job correctly.
Good points
I've been in the business a very long time myself and with many of the things you described above.

When the SUITS figured out there was $ in transcription, the industry started its slow spiral downward. Not to say good service is a thing of the past, but there is no doubt that it has suffered, because as usual in a capitalist society, a corporation is INTENT on making as much $ as it can - in profit.

The balance started to shift AGAINST MTs when the bigger companies forced the smaller ones out - limiting opportunities. At the same time schools were churning out half baked (and sometimes fully baked) MTs, and the VR machine was constantly being tweaked.

So it comes back to the old supply and demand model: to some degree we have to realize that MT work is certainly not the first job description to be affected by changes/progress in technology

OK I am tired so this likely makes NO sense so I stop now.
Do you want quick or accurate?
Why go to a board like this for a question to do with your company's benefits? Actually, you would probably get a pretty quick answer by e-mailing your HR rep, and it would have a much higher probability of being correct!
Accurate Transcription -
Any info anyone?
IS accurate with my company
Very accurate post
I work for another national company, but you are absolutely correct. I, too, am always willing to help wherever I can. Too many days, though, I find myself working 9 or 10 hours just to get my minimum daily line requirement in. Looking up new drugs, procedures, etc., as well as having no templates to work with, I find my hourly line rate zooming down to 100-125 lines an hour. The worst of it is, as the poster correctly stated, we are seeing a decrease in pay for helping on these other accounts, so to what benefit is it to us?

Good post, and valid points!
more accurate info here

The letter stated they will ALWAYS need MTs to do transcription, VR can't do everything.  They also stated that the are evaluating the line rates for when we are on full VR accounts.  Honestly, do you expect to make the same to sit and read through these reports and make a few changes and send on their way as you do to type the whole thing?  I've seen a few VR jobs personally and the software doesn't miss much, so we should be able to pump these jobs out like crazy so a difference in like rate for editing is going to be offset by the fact that we can edit more jobs in a day than we can transcribe.  Industry is going this way and we all have to quit complaining or move on, this isn't new news has been happening over the years with all the bigger companies.