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Thank you! I will take the work. I love Transcend!

Posted By: nm on 2005-08-15
In Reply to: Your comment is totally ignorant of the facts - sm


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Used to love Transcend, now no work.
Iused to make good money, did not even mind editing, but now I have to work 18 hours a day to try to get 1200 lines because all the work is taken. I have to ask permission to work outside my regular hours - absolutely no work on my regular hours now, have to beg for work all the time and my supervisors do not care. I used to make good money, now I qualify for food stamps. I've worked for my accounts for a long time and if this is a sign of what's going to happen to everyone else at the company, good luck.
I love Transcend. Lots of work, sm
great communication, flexibility.
I work for Transcend, love them, but right now a few accounts are slow..so depending on which you
were hired for, do not get your expectations too high. The work can flucuate the key is flexibiltiy. If you have to have a set schedule, I would double check on the work flow for your shift on your account. I would hope that they could be honest, and if I know them, they will be.
I LOVE Transcend!!!!!!!!!

Love Transcend
I have been with Transcend for two years and I plan to retire here. The benefits are great, just started a 401-K match, the people are supportive.
I love transcend. They have a great rep with MLS...
Any company with over 600 MLS will have some happy, some not so happy - but to say "shady" I take offense to. I really love the company and many people agree with me
I love Transcend, I would not speak for everyone...
It's amazing the things people will say on these boards. There are a lot of happy transcriptionists at Transcend, and I get treated great. I love my job, get paid well per line and also get great benefits, including a 401-K match
I love Transcend, have been there for years...
started with MDI. The offshore component is mostly on Escription, and has never affected my workload.

Transcend is a good company; they treat me well and I make great money - I could care less if they offshore. Then again, I also have a Samsung TV, a German car and many things made in China!
I love Transcend. I've worked for MANY
I agree. Hate Transcend but love Robert..nm
I totally disagree, I love Transcend... there are a lot of companies out there..
instead of complaining, why don't you find another. Life is way too short, as someone said.

Transcend bought MDI, so if Transcend sends work offshore, so does MDI. nm
I'll love to know who you work for. I also work every weekend with no extra pay.
It'd be nice to get paid for all the nights and weekends I work.
Love, love, love TransTech! Not overhiring, just growing like crazy!
Spheris has work and they would love to have you work
I would love to work for DRC (sm)
but their family insurance coverage is over $900 per month! I can't afford to pay half of my salary for insurance. I wish they had a cheaper insurance plan.
I LOVE it this way! I get my work at 6 am and have
until 6 am the next day to return it completed. I love it! It's the greatest thing in the world. Some days, I type all morning and I'm done by noon, some days I have things to do so I type in the evening - works out great, AND, I get paid much higher doing it this way!
I work for them...love it!
I work for DSG..love it there.

I'm not an editor, but the staff, editors and MTs are great to work with.  I am happy there. 



I work there and love it
I have been an SPI/CyMed employee for a year now and I love it there. The platform that they use is called Chartnet and it is sooooo easy to use. I have a great account that I have been on for the entire year that I have been there and I love it. I make excellent money there. My manager is very friendly and helpful. They do also have benefits, but I don't know too much about them since I have never needed to get them.
I work for them and love them.
Great place to work.
love VR work
Try Precyse Solutions. I work for them and do VR and absolutely love it. Have done it for quite awhile and feel I am more productive than straight typing. Also gives hands a break. Their platform rm is wonderful as well. Good luck!
I work for WMX, love it ...
Granted, I've only been there for a few weeks, but so far I love it.  The people are absolutely great, the platform is easy, and I really like the 12-hour window to get my work done in.  My primary is 30-50% ESL, but I'm finding out that it's actually much less than that, unless I'm really getting lucky, which is always a possibility.  It seems like overall it would balance out, though, to get my fair share of it.  I don't have any complaints at all about WMX.  Love their incentive tier platform, also.  You get paid incentive on ALL work done, not just work done ABOVE the incentive base. 
I would LOVE to work at FN!

I am from South Carolina and know the new account they are obtaining very well.  I have called, tested (they emailed me back and said I passed) and emailed and have not heard anything.  This would be a dream account for me as I have worked for many of the doctors on this account in the past.  Any advice? 

would love to go to work..sm
I would love to go to work for this company.  I put in my resume, but haven't heard anything.  Do you know how long it takes for them to respond?
I love where I work.
Medium size I guess, lots of work, pay on time, flexible hours. Love it!
I work for TRS and I love it.
I've been there 5 months now, and the only way I could be happier is if my old boss hadn't shut down his practice so that I had to find a new job....

After all the horror stories I've read here and elsewhere about other companies (some of which also offered me jobs) I consider myself very, very lucky in my choice of jobs. They've kept every single promise they made when they recruited me, and the only times we've run out of work have been on major holidays.

E-mail me at crankybeach at yahoo dot com if you have specific questions, or want to know more. :)
I work there, love it
I do work on VR but working only parttime do at least $500 per week. I have never had an email asking about where I was in the years I have been there. Maybe you have a problem with not showing up to work? I love the lack of communication, no one breathes down your neck there.
I work for TTS and love it
Anytime someone wants to know about TTS it always seem to garner the same information. Some love, others hate. I do VR and my platform is extremely good. I get paid on time, hardly any feedback. I have worked there about 2 and a half years and very satisfied.
I don't work for WMX, but also love sm
to do ops. My experience, and I hope this is wrong in your case, is, one has to work their way up in order to get lots of ops.

I would put the word out you enjoy them and are very experienced. Many MTs don't like doing them, although I cannot figure out why.

Anyway, good luck to you.
I work there and LOVE it. sm
Pay is on time, doctors for the most part are great, accounts are super picky, QA are wonderful.  I highly recommend them!
What I love is someone who is out of this work now
and yet finds the time to educate others on what they should and should not do. I also really like when people can run either hot or cold, 1 day 1 way, the next day the next. I think if I had any legal action facing me I probably would think more about that than telling others what to do.
I work for AllType and love it! nm
love ortho work
Me too!  I am looking for only orthopedic transcription work!
I'd love to work for OSI in management
I work for CorT and love it!
Have been working with them for about 6 months now.  There have also been good posts about this company.  It's amazing how people forget the good.  They are great people to work for.  They have had problems in the past with pay, but that has been resolved.  I've had no pay problems since then.  They have consistent work.  The owners actually care about the people that work for them.  I will not be looking elsewhere for a place to work!
I work for GIMT and LOVE it....
Still a small company, but really NICE people, empl status, almost all clinic work, good pay, flexible hours. The only downside is no benefits yet, so need your own insurance. I will never move again; would have to get fired first.
I love MT work... I get up in the morning
put on a blonde wig and a tight dress, look like Anna Nicole Smith and type all day long.  And I'm not even a woman!
Same thing where I work and I love it
especially when it is a difficult dictator or a really fast talker. If I can't understand him/her I will pull up past reports by him/her and look for the same type of report. Helps out big time!!
I currently work for them, and absolutely love them!
Pay is direct deposit and always on time. The account I'm on is relatively easy, although there are a few ESLs. I've been there 6 months now, and am very happy.
To be a good RN-you have to love the work. sm
I spent 13 years in the hospital in varying departments, 10 of them as a nurse aide. You can tell which nurses go into it for the money. They don't like to work afternoons, weekends or holidays. They get upset when they get blood or human waste on their uniforms. They can be very rude with the patients. I worked with lots of nurses and my point is, it takes a special nurse to work with sick people 5 days a week and many times over 8 a day. It's not for everybody. If you want to get a feel for nursing, become a CNA first. You can deal with very sick, very contagious patients. You can deal with very nice and also very cantakerous doctors. It's physically demanding, hard on the back, etc. The world needs more kind, caring, patient nurses, not nurses who just love the money earned and yes, it is good. If you love people, take pride in your work and truly don't mind all else that goes along with it-good and bad-then go for RN. But don't just do it for the money. I wanted to be an RN because I loved being a CNA but couldn't continue due to health reasons. I love being an MT because I still am exposed to the medical field, only now I am in the background instead of the front of the field.
I work for two companies and love them both
StenoMed and Executive Transcription Solutions.
I do not work in the office but I love my job. I have never sm
had broken promises, have a lot of work (1500+ lines every day), get paid on time AND I have spoken to the owner, who has always been very nice to me. I do not talk to her often, only if she happens to answer the phone when I call, and I have never talked to her about an account. I would go through HR or my lead if I were to need more work, which is what you are supposed to do.

I have a friend who also worked at Keystrokes but it did not work out for her ONLY because she thought she was special, tried 4 or 5 different accounts, refused to deal with anyone except the owner who repeatedly told her to talk to HR, complained about everything. She finally went to another company when her lead expressed concern about her quality.

Guess what? You might not be surprised that she has been to 4 other companies since that happened a year ago and has the same supposed complaints about every company out there.

Maybe you thought you were special and went over everyone's heads. Why would you bother the owner of a company? It sounds like you were offered many accounts but didn't like any of them from your post. Perhaps the problem is with YOU. But of course not.
I too work for Medware and LOVE it...
They were a very good change for me also. The benefits are good. My team leaders are GREAT. I could NOT have picked a better place to work. They DEFINITELY are a GREAT company to work for, and I too have been VERY happy there!
I work for Medware...I love it!

I work Ortho and love it!!!

I always have more than enough work, pay on time, lead is wonderful....very few ESLs....my work is assigned, not pooled, so that helps not having to fight others for work...

I work on Scribe and I love it...
very easy to get good line count and very user friendly...
I work for AccuPro.... love them!!
You won't be sorry there, I don't think. If you'd like to email me, I'd be glad to chat with you. Let me know if you want my email address.
I currently work at DeVenture and love it...sm..
I am on an eScription account and make a good salary (8.4 cpl transcription and 4 cpl editing adds up fast even though it doesn't sound like a lot). Don't know about any incentives, must be on the other platform. It is my best transcription job to date and I have been quite a few places!
I love Amphion & never run out of work
I work in ExText and love it
My main account is mostly templates, and it is an extremely easy ER account with about 8 doctors. I easily do between 400-500 lines per hour on that account. My secondary account is on Chartscript, and I do about 300-350 lines per hour on that account. I love them both.