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BTW, I don't work for Transcend, I am speaking SM

Posted By: A hospital VR editor on 2005-08-15
In Reply to: BUT...you are taking them at their SM - A hospital VR editor

about VR as a whole.  I have used it at more than one job and your production rate DOES NOT increase.

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Speaking of low work, does anyone have an idea when the new...
accounts are coming on? I am really, really trying to hold out and not get a second job.

Speaking from experience.. you work all day and make nothing. I also have worked for other companies
on Escription and made a lot more.I just came to the conclusion that they do not pay for headers, footers, spaces etc.. I swear I would work 8 hours and be lucky to make $50. It was my first Escription account so when I changed companies I could not believe it. I make in a few hours what took me 10-12 hours to make at Focus. Dont waste your time. They design it so you dont make any money. What a waste of time working there.
Transcend bought MDI, so if Transcend sends work offshore, so does MDI. nm
Transcend and no work...sm
I left Transcend over 1 year ago, and from what I have read here, nothing has changed except the forced VR, that I saw coming and one of the reasons I left.  The other was NO WORK, especially on the last week of the pay period.  On the weekend day that I HAD to work, I sat there and babysat my PC with NO WORK!!!.  It was so frustrating, and I was NOT one who got on and worked when I wanted.  I worked my scheduled shift everyday, all day long, and it was a struggle to get a decent line count...sometimes it was impossible because the accounts were over staffed.  I know there are slow times, but this was for the WHOLE year that I stuck it out there.  They had the most horrible accounts, sound quality was spotty and scratchy, and the dictators were awful.  The worst accounts were the ones you had to have a "faxed" copy of the patients in order to even start typing the report; had to search through tons of awful faxed sheets....ugh!!   I'm sick to my stomach just remembering it all.   Apparently nothing has changed, and only gotten worse, as evidenced by the constant help wanted ads and complaints posted here.  Sure glad I got out when I did.  Flame away with "things are different", but I don't see any evidence of it in the posts I've read.
How is Transcend to work for?
I worked for MQ for 6 years and it sucked. Management was terrible. Raises were unheard of and you worked your butt off. They appreciate no one!
So do you work for Transcend?

Are you making 10 cpl with Transcend?  If you are is that what you started at and how long have you been with them?

RE: So do you work for Transcend?
Yes I do, and I have been with them one year as of July.
Transcend...anybody able to work?


Does anyone work for Transcend doing...sm
editing for voice recognition?  I am thinking of making the transition as my hands are tired! But don't want to make a bad move and get paid nothing for hard work.
Currently work PT for Transcend
and so far doing okay.  It was a challenge to learn Beyond TXT, but so was DQS, I have a problem learning new programs.  The people are great and they have their own forum and web site to ask questions.  No shift or weekend differentials.  You have to E mail tech, but sometimes I just call them.  They usually get right back to you. I heard a lot of negative posts about them on this site, I guess disgruntled ex-employees need to vent, but I have not found what they said to be true. It has been a positve experience for me.  They leave me alone to do my work and I am picking up speed.  4 weeks now.  I do get some hard dictators, but also some easy ones. I don't listen to a lot of the negative posts because in my experience, they are exaggerated.  I have another job and that company gets a lot of negative posts also and the job has worked out fine for me.  MT stars in general gets a lot of doom and gloom posts.  The sky is definitely not falling.
I work for Transcend and it is no
company out there.  The posts below are not true in my experience about as the person hiring was very nice to me and not rude at all.  Please do understand, though, that every account they have they hope to get on VR and pay the MTs half per line what they are making doing MT, because it is expected your production will double on VR. So if you like doing VR and can do double what you transcribe, this would be a good company for that person. In the meantime, they still have plenty of regular work. Hope this helps. 
I work for Transcend. Beyond TXT
to others I have been on.  Also, all accounts will be going to VR in the near future, so if you like VR at half your line rate, go for it.  Otherwise I would seriously think about this one.
All Transcend work going to ME
If you want to do MT, be prepared to being switched to ME in the very near future.  This company wants all accounts on VR.
What is Transcend like to work for? How about MDI-FL? They both sm
talk a good game, but it sounds like a sales pitch and I want to get some honest opinions before leaving MQ.
I used to work for Transcend.
I also thought their platform was terrible and the training was a joke.  That is why I left.  They have the worst platform I have ever worked on. The training was the worst also.  And the technical department, if you have a problem, you have to email them and wait and wait and wait for an answer, sometimes not until the next day.  And they were crashing on a daily basis.  Reports did  not show up on my line count.  I had to constantly email tech to see why a report did not show up.  The worst company I have worked for.
I work for Transcend
They are a very good company to work for.  I've been with them over a year now and have been treated very fairly and kindly.  I highly recommend them.  They're looking for MTs, so definitely consider them as your home.  Hope this helps.
Transcend work
Where is it?  I guess they have none.  Anyone else having this?
Transcend work
My accounts are pretty busy this morning.
Transcend must have sent all their work
over to India this weekend too. Nothing available on my accounts. What else is new. This is getting to be routine.
Anybody work for Transcend

who is a team lead and would like to share some info on how they like it? Feel free to e-mail me.

I don't work at Transcend. nm
Low/no work at Transcend?
Anybody? Or maybe it's just me. I don't get it. I've barely had part-time amount of work and I check in at all hours of the day and night just to get that. There is zero work on the system right now. It's ridiculous. I've been begging them to add another account and they are doing it I guess but at a snail's pace. Bills are coming due, gas is getting higher and this looks like the end of the road for me. Even during MT week, everyone was suppose to get a package, I didn't and to add insult to injury there was a contest I had won that week ($25) and you guessed it, no sign of it.

So although they're extremely friendly ppl who don't give me a bit of grief, I can't afford to work there anymore. It's been since the end of May and hardly any work.

Oh well. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','%3Cimg%20src=http://forum.mtstars.com/smileys/sad.gif%3E');

I've already applied to a few places, so we'll see what we see.

It's back to the drawing board, Again.
Transcend work
I have had no problem with communicating with Transcend.  Got out of training on the second day, and I am on a very difficult account.  None of it is easy, but I feel I have lots of help and support when and if I need it. 
If you work for Transcend and do VR
how many lines per week are you doing? Is it possible to make any money with their VR accounts?
Low to no work at Transcend
Anyone else from Transcend frustrated with low to no work for the 3rd day this week.  Granted there was a hurricane that hit Texas and some healthcare facilties were hit ... but most are back up running now and back to usual...  Is this a case of overhiring for Transcend escription or what? 

I was already near the poor house and 1 day last week and now 3 days this week of basically now work is a surefire boot to the poor house.
Transcend work...
I do VR and ST for Transcend (going on about 4 months now) and absolutely LOVE this company and their accounts. Not much I can add to that!
Transcend work
Good for you. Hope it continues have worked there for about four years and it has gone from poor to worse.
If you work with Beyond Txt with Transcend what
is your opinion of the platform?  Can you make a decent living?  I've read the archieves back to 2005.  I find lots that hate it, but a good number who like it. 
For those of you who work at Transcend...
And you are on the Editscript platform...what version do they use?  Version 6 or Version 8.  With Version 8, can't you have Word 2007 and use an USB footpedal? 
Transcend - anyone else out of work almost
consistently?  Guess they must have decided to do 90% offshoring to India.  I rarely have enough work to even work an entire shift and I work on 3 accounts.  Feel sorry for anyone who believed that stuff about big bonuses for 3rd shift work.  You will never get it.  
I work for Transcend
I have worked for Transcend 8 years now; was working for MDI-FL during the merger with Transcend. I have had the very rare occasion to run out of work over the years, but on those rare occasions, it was welcomed by myself. As far as I know, every merger with Transcend has went smoothly. I would not worry too much if I were you until you have a problem, and let me tell you, if you do have a problem, every member of the Transcend team are very approachable, from team leaders and regional operations managers, right up to the president and the CEO. I have met several of Transcendís upper management and you could not ask for a more understanding, more honest bunch of people. The president of Transcend has been a MLS for more than 20 years and she not only will tell you to call her if you have a problem, she will also give you her cell number. I have being in this industry for more than 25 years myself and hated the thought of working for a company as large as Transcend, thinking I would get lost in the shuffle and just be a number in their quota, but Transcend has certainly proved me wrong, they could not be more personable.

Please fee free to email me if you have any questions or concerns, I will be glad to put your mind at ease, and no I am not management, just a MLS who likes her job and enjoys working with the Transcend team.

I too work at Transcend. Had you

said it was not a horrible place to work, I could have bought it. But I run out of work regularly on several accounts leaving me short most paychecks. 

You paint a rosy picture that has not been my experience. 

You work for Transcend?
You were just posting down in the Transcend thread.  Transcend pays for spaces, what are you talking about?
Low work at Transcend

Exact same situation here!  They are claiming 2 big new accounts in another week or two & then I will have a decent back-up account.  VR pay is bad enough without having to wait for the work & some days having none at all !

The post above is not from me. I work for Transcend, not MDI

I've been doing my best to stay away from these boards because I find myself being drawn into arguments or having to defend myself for what I say, feel, or experienced.  I already apologized for my part in the argument the other day, so why do you feel the need to drag me into another one? I still stand by my assertion that the posts by disillusioned and myself were blown out of proportion by a select few in an effort to change the subject, and it worked quite well.  You should feel very proud of your efforts. For a person who is so adamant that it is only the negative posters causing the problem, what is your excuse now for trying to stir something up? Like I said, I don't even work for MDI - I work for Transcend.  This post wasn't from me. Lots of people know how to use the bold and color font function above.  If you know word processing, you know the text effect functions.

Believe me, you made your point the first time you bashed me for talking about my experience.  I really don't want to go through it again and, although flattered, I really don't want a stalker either. You won okay? I will never, ever speak of any of my experiences about Transcend again, good or bad.  So, please, just leave me out of your future bashings.  Thank you.

Thank you! I will take the work. I love Transcend!
What's the word on Transcend-GA, Lot's of work?
I have searched the archives, found some info.  Please tell me what I need to know about this company-will start work soon.
work at transcend services inc

How is the work at Transcend Services?  is there a steady workload?  Are the managers helpful and the platform good to work on?  Was thinking about applying.

Thank you.

Charity Work for Transcend (LOL)
How was your experience w. training? Make you a little paranoid??? Spent most of time doing pt/MD lookups, cc's, filling in demographic data, looking up dates, worse, having to study mounds of manuals re. this unpaid part of our job...very lucrative for MTSOs.
GRATIS work Transcend
You'll be given a huge amt. of account information to learn on your account, with almost as much of it demographics, Date of Admission, DOD, MD/dictator lookups, research, all to be researched and looked up before starting on the report. If that's your thing, that's between you and your line counts, but what's unfair is that any omissions/errors in the unpaid demographics work is deducted from your 98% quality rating. Doesn't seem fair to be judged on something you're not paid for.
I don't work for Transcend, so I can't answer.
Maybe you'll have the version of Meditech with expansions and it won't be an issue.  If not, you can get a trial version of ShortHand for free, and after 30 days you can buy a one-year license for only $30.  That's what I did.  Good luck!
I don't work for Transcend, just responding to
the post of company can't guarantee work.
Work at Transcend if you want a very little paycheck.

I worked at Transcend for about 5 months.  My main complaint is very low pay for VR work and complicated editing which was actually re-doing the whole report.  Took just as long as actually transcribing it, but you got half the money.  Oh yes, they are very clever in having MTs completely re-do the report and pay them only half.  I could not pay my bills working at this company.  I know people working at Wal-Mart who were making more money than I did.  Anybody making $6 an hour was making more than what I got from this company. 

Yes the people are just wonderful and very easy to work with, while you are starving and getting kicked out of your hourse because you cannot pay your bills.  

Oh well, probably just a minor detail about no money here.  LOL.  

There is lots of work at Transcend!
I've been with Transcend for over 2 years now and have NEVER run out of work. There have been times when work was a little slow, but if you can be a flexible during these instances (usually around the holidays, like all companies in my experience) you will always stay busy. You just have to communicate with your managers and they will bend over backwards to make sure you are working.

Good luck with your training, Passing Through! Please come back and share your success story! There are many of us Happy Transcenders. We just don't get a chance to chat on the forums often because we are busily typing away!
Anyone else at Transcend out of work again today.?
Lots to do on Saturday and Sundays, come Monday morning everything dries up for the rest of the week.  Overhire maybe or maybe the swarm of mosquitoes that blow in from the east every night? 

Used to love Transcend, now no work.
Iused to make good money, did not even mind editing, but now I have to work 18 hours a day to try to get 1200 lines because all the work is taken. I have to ask permission to work outside my regular hours - absolutely no work on my regular hours now, have to beg for work all the time and my supervisors do not care. I used to make good money, now I qualify for food stamps. I've worked for my accounts for a long time and if this is a sign of what's going to happen to everyone else at the company, good luck.
Transcend's out of work daily.

You might be able to get enough work if your hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. but there is no work in the morning and at night I watch 40 to 50 jobs disappear all at once and I have nothing left to do. 

Transcend does outsource work.
We just lost an account to them and were told they DO outsource work to India. This field is becoming a joke - outsourcing work, low pay, crappy platforms - I'm looking for another line of work.
Plenty of work at Transcend
In regards to the person worrying about running out of work -  I can tell you I have been with Transcend 15 years now, orginally with MID-FL when Transcend took over. It was the best thing that ever happened.  I have never seen us out of work, and in fact we just won a new contract to take on 17 more hospitals.   We have grown by leeps and bounds over last year alone.   I could not work anywhere else.  I feel very, very secure here, especially hearing the horror stories from other MTSO MTs.    I also feel grateful that my COO and CEO, my co-workers, team leads and MLS are fabulous, dedicated people to work with.  It is so busy here all the time, you sometimes find yourself wishing things would slow down a bit - but then you know you have job security!    Something new is always scary, and I can relate to that, but I would not be here if this was not a great place to work.   MLS are treated like queens here because our executives know who makes money for the company!    Please feel free to email me with any questions at all.   I am an honest, straight shooting from the hip person.  
Response to I too work at Transcend
Please email me and let's talk. I am not sure why don't have plenty of work when we send message out regularly asking for help. I would love to talk to you and let you know where the work is and believe me I could use the help!
Why would transcend hire? There is no work now.