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I think we must work for the same company. I find it always interesting how they say how great

Posted By: BrokeMT on 2009-06-07
In Reply to: Waiting for work - TiredMT

the workload looks and people are really working hard when the fact is they have overhired and that is why there is no work. Must be DSG right. They are hiring right now.  Cant imagine what they are hiring for.  Hopefully not the acounts that are already out of work all the time. I wonder what kind of turnover rate they have there.

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Do tell. I find it interesting in what some people like and dislike in a company. Could you share
more about your experience...
great. well i'd like to find another company.
i've lost my main account, on a seriously crappy account with a supervisor who has a large stick up her butt. I can't make any money here and I'm about ready to just quit and do something else.
TransTech is a great company. I don't find that they have any more ESL's than any other
company. The pay is good (not great, not bad), the benefits are affordable. For me, the best thing is that I feel I am treated with respect. They are great people who care about us. Overall, this is the best jobs I have had in years. I would highly recommend them.
You are pathetic! I have a great life, loving family, work for a great company.
You might want to fix that.

You really don't have to shout (angry person), but yes you are wrong!!

That is my last word to you!

I will add that getting a great pay check every other Friday from Medware really puts a huge smile on my face.
It's a great company -- lots of work and great pay. sm
Web site is www.mditrans.net.  If you need anymore info, feel free to ask. 
I find that interesting as the CEO
of Transtech headed up an OTC (Overshore Transcription Company) for years. Better hold on tight to your jobs!
Find it interesting that.....
so many MTs have left this company for a lot of the same reasons, but they keep loosing MTs and never seem to be hiring on the job board for the MANY MTs they have lost.  Strange.....wonder who is typing all the work for them?  Must be sending it somewhere in my eyes.  Just my thoughts. 
I find it interesting...

We are isolated and I find it interesting the threads where people go back and forth.  If you really do not like it here, I'd suggest staying away. 

This is a board for venting, sharing experiences with companies, and also sharing life experiences. 

It's not such a bad place.  If you like mushy mushy lovey lovey try the other boards.  What you'll find there though is people not responding at all which tells me that no one has anything nice to say.

I do not frequent the other boards because they are boring. This board has action and truth.

Take it with a grain of salt or move on...  CHEERS! 

What I find interesting is....
You received an email regarding your resignation and wishing you good luck in your endeavors.

Well, normally when someone reads an email and wishes to respond, they just use the 'reply' option.

Obviously using the 'reply' option on that email would not have worked, because it was to a bogus email address designed to look like yours.

Sounds like somehow the boss knew to create a new email document acknowledging that bogus resignation, because would have never received that 'resignation' acknowledgement email had she just replied to the original email.

I'd get an attorney. I believe you have them by the gonads.
I find this very interesting...

If you go to this site (ftp://ftp.klasresearch.com/klasrpt_MTSO_2007.pdf) and look on page 290 (Win/Loss) you will find the quotes below. 

Two questions come to mind:  (1) Was this not exactly what the fuss was all about and (2) is this the same Transtech?

We really didn't get to make a selection.  Dictaphone offered either Transtech or an MTSO that did work offshore; the second choice wasn't an option on our end.

We did not select TransTech.  We went with Dictaphone.  We had selected another vendor and shortly after going live it was no longer in use.  Dictaphone assigned us to TransTech.

We selected TransTech because they are contracted by Dictaphone.

I find this interesting. I am getting ready to be in the same position. sm
I have only worked from home as an IC but have recently accepted a position, because of health insurance and benefits, as an employee. My thoughts are running scared because I, too, am afraid of the set schedule that I must work. But working as an employee is supposed to be giving me assurity of steady workflow which my old company almost took me to the poor house! I am like you, would give it a month and then compare. Then be tempted to stay with my old job because of it was like a good worn shoe to me. But I liked what the other poster said about give it 3-6 months. Makes sense. And maybe I won't be so hasty.

I hope you make it with the employee position because, even though I don't personally know your circumstance, I know that employee with benefits is much, much more beneficial than just an IC. Good luck!!!!
Hmmm but interesting....will the attorney actually be able to find out WHO is posting?
I thought this board was secure and identities were not revealed????
Does anyone find it interesting how companies want ICs and then give you the schedule you are to
work.  I thought by law you are not allowed to set a schedule for an IC.  Seems to me they are getting the best of both worlds for a whole lot less because of benefits they are getting out of paying and all the things the government requires. 
Here's a Link to an Indian MTSO that you might find interesting
Find a company with work already

darn!  There's a suggestion...  There are plenty that advertise...  Most MTs on this board swear they can transcribe anything and can do so many lines a day, so look around that's what you do.

There's no such thing as job hoppin' if the compay doesn't have enough work for you.  Find another company that does.  Take control of your life and stop letting people walk all over you. 

The statement made by the other poster is most certainly a fact...  these companies take advantage because they have MTs who take their crap day in and day out...  move on already!

Why not? If your current company is out of work, you need to find another, and another and another,
you can make a decent weekly income. I've been there and done that, sometimes 5 companies at once, until I finally landed a decent position with consistent workflow.

How do you pay your bills making less than $500 a week?
Dont you find it interesting that MQ went right on advertising for statutory employees and hiring SE
people certainly having known for a long time that this was coming. I guess they figure a lot of people would not feel like switching companies so they screwed them also now they either become an employee or look again.
I've been trying to find a company with steady work
I find it interesting that this owner is constantly exposed as a slow to nonpayer with previous
bankruptcy issues and people still go to work for her.. Things that make you go hmmmm. I mean if this were a single incident with a disgruntled worker I could understand, but when GROVES of people complain, she is still able to recruit people. I do not get that. I personally turned her out because the pay was too low for me, but apparently for some, ANY payment on time or at all would be acceptable. People need to take a stand and quit. When she is unable to fulfill her obligations as she leaves her employees struggling to do, maybe she'd get her stuff together.  
Webmedx fits that bill, great company, great benefits, great pay and always on time. NM
Great company to work for...
Spheris is a terrific company to work for. They NEVER run out of work. They are extremely helpful. You use their computer set up. Direct deposit. Shifts you want. Need I say more? Oh, yes, the people there are terrific.

Ex-Spheris employee - hope to go back some day.
GREAT company to work for.
Hi, I have been an employee with them for almost one year.  I have NEVER had a late pay day, it is always on time. The work is plentiful.  In fact, for several months they have been BEGGING for extra help to stay in the TAT.  They do have some difficult accounts, many that are ESL dictators,  but once you get them - you get them - and they become like second nature to you.  They have employee status if you make a certain amount of lines every two weeks or you can be IC.  They are very thoughtful and nice people.  I don't believe they offshore, not 100% sure though.  I am happy to have found my home after two other internet company let-downs.  Hope this help.  But, really, you cannot go wrong with FutureNet.  And, their platform is the best!  Easy to work without putting in a lot of time for the demographics, etc.
Great company to work for!
I have worked for them for over six years and they are a wonderful organization to work for - very friendly, excellent benefits and pay, and flexible schedules.  You are paid every two weeks on time, like clockwork.  I would highly recommend them!
anyone else think this is a great company to work for?
From what i can see on the previous discussions, this is a great company to work for sounds like. Does anyone working for them right now think so?
Great company to work for. nm
great company to work for
They do not provide equipment but Dell has excellent deals going on plus financing. You can get a pedal for around $50. Line rates vary dependent upon shift plus bonus quarterly.
They are a great company to work for. sm
Pay is good and ALWAYS on time.  Have been with them for 1-1/2-years and NEVER has it been late or wrong.  They have heavy ESL load but for the most part they are good dictators with the exception of a few, just like anywhere else though.  Their QA is okay - one or two are not that nice but for the most part QA is good.  Workflow people are great!  Supervisors are great!  Had, months back, problems with work running out but not it is fine and has been.  Overall rating: GREAT company!
Great company to work for
I've been there close to a year.  Some of my acct's have a lot of ESL (but they are not bad) and some don't.  Support is good.  ExText is a good platform.  It took me awhile to get my lines, but after a few months, I got in the groove.  Works with Shorthand.  Don't know their pay range.  I've heard different things.  They recently changed their incentive schedule, and it is a lot easier to attain.  New accounts coming on board soon.
Great company to work for....
Anyone looking for a good company....apply at Diskriter they are a great company to work for. 
They are a great company to work for....sm

I have been with them for about 9 months.  They ALWAYS pay early or right on the day.  They always answer your e-mails, IMs, etc.  QA is very good.  They do not dock for errors, blanks, questions sent to QA, etc.  Work was slow around the holidays but other than that there is plenty of work.  I would recommend them.  Their platform is very easy (best I've ever used).  Good luck!!

I work for a great company and NOT BOS
In my experience, I have found to type verbatim.  Not all companies follow BOS guidelines. 
That's a great company you work for. I
sure would take advantage of it if I had the chance. I'm terrible in trying to make macros. I keep trying, but they never work....and to think I took programming years ago and updated my skills 20 years ago, so you would think I could get the hang of it.
If getting paid regularly for your hard work is important to you, find another company. nm
Diskriter used to be a great company to work for
but I do not know what happened. They lost a LOT of office staff, as well as transcriptionists, and I am one of them. The management became horrible, the work was either there or not there on days, mandatory overtime, etc. I doubt they have changed. After 5 years I had to let go and move on.
Amphion is a great company to work for!
Great accounts, I have one primary that keeps me busy. The people are great to work with.
Great company and I hear that work will
soon be picking up. I was hired recently, too, and I am willing to wait on some more work just to have the nice people to work for. Also, they pay half of the social security tax, not half of your taxes. But compared to IC deductions, that is a big help.
Oh wow what a great company TT sonds like to work for
Well thats 1 pt for TT, early deposits. What else ya got? Good line counts? Prompt response from management answering all your questions to your satisfaction? Hurry now I need to make a decision soon!
8 cpl for clinic work is great. What company
Softscript is a great company to work for! sm

I have been there a good while.  Pay is on time.  I have plenty of work except through Christmas/New Years.  It was low then.  Some people have negative to say about the company, others have positive.  You are better off judging for yourself really.  Our managers have not changed since last June, so don't know about the 'new management' as they have all been in place since then and since then I have noted nothing but positives within the company.  Hope this helps and no, I do not want any flames just because I happen to like Softscript.

It's a great company with plenty of work!
Pick your own schedule; they'll match current pay rate, tons of work, good-to-great money; nice people. Stuff posted on here is old and from dirtbags who couldn't hack it there!
WMX is a great company to work for. Made
Started small; great company. Rapid growth; not so great company
First year I was there was like heaven. Then the big growth spurt when they hired managers from another company (that I had run away from before because of their bad management) and let them kind of take over. Although I have no proof it was as though I got 'bumped' by these new people when they came in and I lost a good account, good manager, etc. My paycheck went down every month lower and lower, and it became harder and harder to make my minimal lines. Having any kind of advocate was nonexistent.

It depends on you and what kind of MT you are. Seems to me there are pretty much 2 types...

Sports like basketball where you have the pros who play with finesse, and then you have street players who think it is all about physical strength, period. More and more the physical strength is winning but the art of the game gets lost more and more...

As in this country where there are almost 2 sides now, those with intellect and thoughtfulness, and those who think the only way to be strong and be a leader is to beat up everyone who does not agree with you...and force your will on others.

Suffice it to say in my opinion WMX changed its philosophy of the way it treated employees and lost its heart when it grew, and it was literally almost overnight...

If you are a mass producer who has no care of what it takes to make money, if you are a 'street fighter' then it would probably be for you because you WILL have to fight for everything. Fight for the right account, fight for lines, fight to be treated fairly, etc. If you appreciate MTing for the art of MTing or have any kind of joy for the profession, my guess is you will not make it there very long...

This is happening all throughout the what used to be called profession. Seems to happening all through everything these days. Humanity and heart are being pushed down to the bottom...
FC is a great company, very stable, lots of work. sm
The platform is simple and easy to use. You have a choice of transcribing in Word or WP5.1. My only negative is the sound quality. QA is very helpful and responsive. The people are very, very nice. I'm a bit of a perfectionist but still manage to rack up the lines pretty well. Pay is direct deposit, never late, many times early. On a scale of 1-10, I give this company a 9.

I recommend this company to seasoned MTs.

EMTS Great company steady work
Getting new work and accounts are sending more and more work.  Great people to work with. 
I've never clocked in/out, great company to work for.
Small but growing company, great to work for
Really sharp owner, great QA.
About Diskriter - It's a great company to work for, but why did you post under the MQ question
First Choice Medical is a great company to work for, and I think they are hiring too.
I have been there for over 4 years now. They use WP51 too if you want. Good luck to you.
The same here! I agree. They are a great company but the lack of work drove me away.

Thanks for posting that...Just goes to show that Keystrokes is a great company and will work with yo
I hope it works out for you and you start feeling better soon...
Great company, great boss, great account!!!nm