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I've been trying to find a company with steady work

Posted By: for the past 6 months! No luck. Now what? nm on 2008-12-08
In Reply to: Harsh? - start looking


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I've had steady work the past 2 days on
my primary account, but I'm pretty sure it only has to do with people being off. I don't think there has been any kind of major change for the greater good or anything. So I'm not getting excited. I'll be back at the soup kitchen probably next week - so someone save my seat!
EMTS Great company steady work
Getting new work and accounts are sending more and more work.  Great people to work with. 
I've had a steady trickle today. nm
Find a company with work already

darn!  There's a suggestion...  There are plenty that advertise...  Most MTs on this board swear they can transcribe anything and can do so many lines a day, so look around that's what you do.

There's no such thing as job hoppin' if the compay doesn't have enough work for you.  Find another company that does.  Take control of your life and stop letting people walk all over you. 

The statement made by the other poster is most certainly a fact...  these companies take advantage because they have MTs who take their crap day in and day out...  move on already!

Why not? If your current company is out of work, you need to find another, and another and another,
you can make a decent weekly income. I've been there and done that, sometimes 5 companies at once, until I finally landed a decent position with consistent workflow.

How do you pay your bills making less than $500 a week?
No company can promise any steady

holiday season.  I find it very slow during holiday weekends as well, no matter which holiday it is.  I tend to just enjoy the downtime, and know that it will pick up. 

It is difficult even with 20 years of experience to keep job hopping, so I'm taking the good with the bad.  I do IC work for 2 companies online; that's how bad it is where I need to work 2 just to keep a steady workflow. 

I think we must work for the same company. I find it always interesting how they say how great
the workload looks and people are really working hard when the fact is they have overhired and that is why there is no work. Must be DSG right. They are hiring right now.  Cant imagine what they are hiring for.  Hopefully not the acounts that are already out of work all the time. I wonder what kind of turnover rate they have there.
If getting paid regularly for your hard work is important to you, find another company. nm
I've never clocked in/out, great company to work for.
Is the work steady?
Do you work for them?
If you want steady work...
Do not go to Amphion...Constant low work and they switch from account to account to account until there is no work on any account. Not Amphion!!
Does MDI-Fl have steady work? Are there benefits
at least they have steady flow of work -
I'd like to know too as we can seem to keep steady work, yet we are always trying to hire more.
If someone knows why they keep hiring more people, let us know. All I can think of is that the MTs they have keep quitting due to the lack of work, it's a vicious cycle. Somedays, they holler for help, you get in there and work hard, and then the next thing you know, we're out of work. I say STOP HIRING and let the MTs you have who want and need the work to do just that. I'm so sick of the feast or famine concept there. I'm job hunting. This stinks. They obviously advertise because they cant keep good help. That's my guess!!!
Good pay, steady work?
I was considering applying but don't want to jeopardize my current job.
i have steady work, on wav accts
with occasional lull's. i could work on secondaries, but usually do something around the house that begs my attention. All i can suggest is being able to be somewhat flexible with your hours, and/or talking to liaison about backup accts. as a last resort, a second company part-time i suppose. but in my opinion, MDI-MD is worth sticking with.
None for me either, no steady work for weeks..nm
Been at my job since March and work is steady
I work for a small U.S. company who does not offshore (and shall remain nameless, by me anyway).  You have a primary account and a backup account.  They do not over-hire so the work is mostly steady.  I am told that it only runs low around the holidays.  I'm pretty happy with that.  At least you know the lull is coming and can prepare for it financially.  My days at sitting at the computer waiting for work are over, for now anyway.
Steady work? Fairness in doling out the work?
Am so tired of crap work because I can do it, am getting burned out because of just that, crap work all the time.  One of the reasons I am looking at other companies.
I work for a small national. I have steady work, usually

extra if I want it.  I make 10 cpl as an employee, get vacation, 401K matching, PTO, wonderful QA, lots of ESL dictators but mostly decent ones, direct deposit, no IM, no nasty e-mails, no phone calls asking me to work extra day after day.   Saying that MTs are surprised at how much money they make because they have steady work even though the line rate is low sounds like a line a used car salesman would use.  A low line rate is a low line and an insult, especially since without the MTs you wouldn't be able to pay your bills.

Just because everyone else sees to be going to India is like the saying you parents would say if everyone else jumped off the bridge ....  Many companies sell out, but you don't HAVE to sell out.  You choose to get more bang from your buck but I've seen the work that comes back from overseas and I would never put my name to it.

You might can fool some of the people some of the time, but it won't fly with me. 


The starting is $1.08 but the work is steady and plentiful. I think the top is $1.25 but I am not s
that is just the highest that I know of someone making.
oops.. I meant that we CANT seem to have steady work EVER. nm

Did youhave steady work with Medware? Do they
Many old YOGgers at FutureNet, but the work isn't steady. sm
When I was at MQ, they lost many YOG accounts, but I haven't been there in a couple of years, so I can't really speak to that.
Agree with you. If poster has steady work, that's
We band together and start our own company offering our services to the hospitals we've been work

on already and take our accounts back from Transcend.  I haven't signed any noncompete contract with Transcend.  Would the MDI one be null and void? If my pay rate is null and void, so must my noncompete.  They can't have it both ways.

Needing steady work as well....email inside
Thanks! nwmt68@hotmail.com
True but I got news for ya - you aren't going to get steady work anywhere that way.-
An MTSO has an account to cover. Period. She will give the work to whomever is willing to be flexible enough to cover the account. Even an IC has to work within some framework, not just whenever I feel like it, right?
As far as I know, IC only. Very steady work flow. Pay is good and on time.

Great lady to work for. 

enjoy it there. good accounts. steady work.
Pay on time and accurate, work flow steady.


Downside is that there's rarely a steady/even load of work everyday unless there's always a ba
Is the work flow pretty steady on the evening shift
Just started myself - steady work - and I do work
I've decided to find a new job.
However, everyone seems to want fulltime or Tu-Sa/Su-Th or C-phone.  Is anyone hiring for parttime day shift any more?  I dream of a steady workload, decent platform, honest company, direct deposit, consistent QA, DSL instead of dial-in or dial-up, no need to rent their computer.  Is there such a company out there?
QT gets my vote! I love it! Gross line pay, on time, 1 account, steady work! Great place!!!! nm
Way too many trying to find something to supplement my wonderful PT local that I've been with for
I did QA, didn't find their platform great. I've seen
a recent post where they pay 8 cpl.  Sound quality and dictators horrible and no way is 8 cpl enough.   They have constant tunover. 
Yes, six files is ridiculous. I think we've all done ..four hours of testing to find out

we're offered a whopping 7 cpl. Why waste our time. I'm not a genius but I can tell you in three files or less whether someone knows what they are doing. I've seen graduates from MT programs that have blown my mind with their no concept of punctuation or just English at all. That definitely shows up in less than six files. Let us test and move along to the next disappointing test that will come back with a joke of an offer. Gotta love it!!!

I've been following your story because I find it disgusting the these MTSOs stiff people
and get away with it. I find it awesome that you had the courage to stand up to her and send this notice to the hospital. Why shouldn't they know what liars and thieves they contract to. A lot of business out there that subcontract, especially hospitals, are even running background checks so they know how they are dealing with. I'd file a complaint with BBB, Department of Labor..anywhere I could to get her bad name out there and hopefully if she does try to solicit more business she won't be able to. Again, I applaud you!!!! Good work!!!!
Loyalty has nothing to do with it until you find the company for you. Be loyal to THAT company.
I've been with the company almost 10 years. I know the truth. Hawaii was a company-paid vacation.
Great company. I've been recommending this company for a long time.
U.S. only, very steady work, some VR, good pay, good insurance, no PT, schedule. sm
That should cover it!
Find another company
I agree with these posters. I am there NOW and will not be soon. They do NOT provide equipment, you have to buy your own pedal, you get these bitchy E-mails, being talken down to REGULARLY. Not only is their management a piece of crap, but their tech support sucks..if you happen to work when there is no tech coverage, too bad for you, you have to wait until they come in the morning. PLUS I am using my own computer. Arrogant QA people, ignorant "managers"...and it all crashes down on the poor MT's head who is just trying, FIGHTING to make their lines. Please, please do yourself a favor and apply elsewhere.
If you find a company that does that let me know, please. nm
You will not find a better company
The dictators, etc., is up to the MT.  Can you do it?  TT is a great company.
Find a different company. This one will not get better.
No one answers any questions, you only hear something if you make a mistake. The platform for work is really nasty, more editing demographic work than typing, and the editing platform is the worst of the worst. Someone wrote that their pay is fair and it is, if you use fair in the context of poor, fair, good, and excellent, but it definitely is not fair in regards to quality or experience. During my interviews, I find many companies are offering much higher rates, especially with VR, even MQ with their bad reputation. In order to survive you have to work a 12 hour window because there is no work much of the time.
Find another company!
Transcend sure sounds like they are getting worse.  They have a ton of positions open but the VR platform stinks so bad that people are leaving rather than working at such a reduced wage.  No communication is the fault of the TL and ROMs which are the worst in the industry as someone said on here a couple of weeks ago and I found in my 3 years there that they are the rudest things and talk down to you and insult you more than help you. Now, there are a few great ones but from reading this I think the bad ones have infected the whole lot of them.  There are better VR platforms out there and companies with straight typing that are not rude and treat you like crap, go girl, go! 
I don't have all day to try to find a company
You won't find anything like that with a company. Hospital sm

benefits are much different, but there aren't many of those jobs left.  They are tumbling to the nationals increasingly.

Wmx has 6 paid holidays for all full time employees.  Graduated rate of PTO, 5 days first year, 10 days for the next 5.  You won't find any company that offers any benefits at all to part time people, as far as I know.  The insurance cost at Wmx are cheaper than, and the coverage far superior to, any other companies I have seen.