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I use anonymous email. If I use a moniker it isn't my real name.

Posted By: I'm totally anonymous. What in the world? on 2008-12-20
In Reply to: They also track your location - USA-mt

It's been like this on this website for a loooong time now! I've been posting anonymously for ages, so I don't know where you get the fact that you can't post anonymously anymore. The email I use is for this website only and doesn't even include my real name.

It's as anonymous as it gets without having a bunch of spam posts invade the boards.

I've liked it for a long time now and still like it. If you don't ... then, well, you know...

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    OSI allows only company email, keeps coworkers anonymous
    and that stinks
    I receive an anonymous email from someone that had a friend go to work for them and it was bad news.
    Glad I passed it up. It sounded awful, no communication and no work etc..
    To the person who sent me the anonymous, rude email. FYI: I AM an MT and I post answers here to di
    a true response is given, not supposition and rumor. I do not know why you find it take and ignorant (your words) that I answered that Keystrokes does not and will not send work overseas, but as an MT, that was very important for me to know and part of the decision I made to go to Keystrokes in the first place.

    I will not be intimidated by anonymous emails and certainly will continue to post answers with facts when asked.

    This board is for everyone in transcription, not just those who think they can control the threads, and I for one like to hear from others in the industry with different viewpoints.

    It should not reflect poorly on KS as you said; quite the opposite, I will only post facts and as offshore is an important topic. If your opinion is different than mine, that is your choice, but to send a rude email anonymously with a threatening tone was obviously meant to intimidate me.
    I would email you, but it's a real touchy
    situation with knowing who I am emailing. I currently work for Diskriter but I am seriously looking around. Maybe it's my own paranoia, but I do not know if you work for Diskriter and are just checking to see what people are saying. I know that sounds strange and extremely paranoid, but that's how I feel.

    I have been looking at Alltype and a couple of small, not national, companies. I'm thinking that might be my best route. The stuff I have to deal with at DKRTR is just too much for too little pay.
    Same moniker but different MT
    Yes, they offer part time, but no benefits. The requirements are 1/2 of what is required for full time. I started full time and went part time also because of health issues. Since I decided there are more important things in life than money, life is now wonderful and I have the best of both worlds.
    Someone else also uses the same moniker, but

    I have provided my suggestions to TPTB at Webmedx on how to improve the system.

    If the platform is slow and you can't make lines than your paycheck is going to be less.  The people can me as nice as can be, but that isn't going to pay my bills and I don't need the benefits. 

    If I were the only one that had an issue with Enterprise there wouldn't be the e-mails and the postings on the community board promising to make it better, so obviously there are others with issues with it. 

    I actually have two real jobs with real benefits. sm
    One is SoftScript at 10.5 cents a line, taxes taken out and PTO, insurance, the whole ball of wax.  The other is a hospital work at home job, same scenario.  They are out there. 
    duh, I never even looked at your moniker

    I would ask for a different primary, but I'm not sure I would go into details with your liason at the risk of jeopardizing a good working relationship with him/her.  Good luck.

    how about 'retard' as a moniker for you...sm
    It does not matter how short or elaborate a moniker is, it can be traced through the boards, comprende??
    That's what you obviously want to avoid, making you totally anonymous.
    Comprende?! Obviously NOT.
    How old are you? 80?
    this is what I mean: If we post under a moniker,..sm
    we are not totally anonymous. Posters on this forum recognize and know YOU as 'Fed up,' it is your forum name.

    Posters who post without a constant moniker, those are the really anonymous posters and usualy the most offensive ones.
    What about posters who use different moniker for
    I believe the poster's moniker is a clue. ;)


    Your moniker is Overseas MT, which is very confusing.

    Your post was fraught with errors.  You didn't even get the gender of the owner right. 

    I realize this is a message board, people write quickly and are bound to make typos.  Many of your errors simply weren't typos, though.

    If I were an MTSO reading your post, I don't think I'd invite you to work for me.  Sorry. 

    Like 'it" is a great moniker? LOL nm

    Glad to see your moniker back, have
    missed you, GP. You hit a nerve with me because I was employed at a hospital, but laid off in 2007 because they were going to save so much money using India or Pakistan, but there's this: By the time they pay QA and editors over here American money and pay the tx's over there, where did they save any money? The equipment is the most exorbitant expense which they still are paying for since they are the parent company of this fiasco. Where they could have saved money was getting away from physical charts and letting go half of the gossiping clerks they had in the clerical side who were mostly concerned about their next dinner, luncheon, who was doing what and how much WE might or might not be making! oh, well, off the soap box...for now.
    Your post was ugly and your moniker was a
    slap in the face.  I don't know the situation, but why kick someone when they are down.  
    Love your moniker - gave me a laugh. nm
    I know, but some posters use it as moniker too, especially when typed with capitals..sm
    Imagine, I even know that 'sm' means see message, wow, ain't I smart!
    To anonymous. SM
    I totally agree with your post. You would think a forum such as this would be full of comradery, support, and help. And, sometimes, it is.

    Unfortunately, mostly it seems to be MTs (and MT business owners posing as working MTs) bashing each other. It's almost as if you become afraid to post an opinion for fear of being jumped on for having that opinion.

    But, hang in here if you will and post what you want. Help when you can. Take what decent advice you can get. And, just let the b.s. roll off your back.
    You are anonymous here, so sure!
    I am not anonymous
    From what I understand there was insurance but too high, they are working very hard on getting a plan a lot more reasonable, I am sure if that is a big issue someone could wait until it is in place, but I would work for Keystrokes if they didn't provide insurance.
    I am still not anonymous
    We have all become so cynical,I am myself, and have really lost a trusting part of me that I miss because of this profession. Keystrokes has been honest and that is something so many of us are not used to anymore. I don't think that is going to change, at least I hope not. Keystrokes is not a fit for everyone, but if you want honesty, a fair shake, then what I am posting is the truth, I am not a lead, not a manager, haven't met the top people but the owner is hands on and that means a lot. I personally emailed Lee when I wanted to come back after leaving for 2 years and she took me back with open arms, and for that I am greatful.
    to anonymous
    Finally, I knew this could not just be happening to me,and I know that there are even more out there that this is happening to. Monday count off by 58 lines, Tuesday their count and my count the same, Wednesday count off by 44, Thursday count off by 69 lines, and today the counts are the same; but nothing changed on either end as far as how the counters were set up. Come on now, you don't have to be an accountant to see it does not add up.
    To anonymous
    I doubt the other poster is your honey (whatever happened to treating colleagues like fellow professionals); you might gain a lot from taking a basic business course. Many of the women's business organizations offer them and that might help you find a practical answer that you could use in your situation. Asking what the top line rate is is like asking what X equals in a huge algebra equation with too many variables. We'd like to help you, but there are just too many variables here.
    Cuz?--As a former MTSO, I would not hire anyone who cannot use the tool of our trade (English) correctly. No, I am not being the grammar police. I think it is relevant because the issue seems to be professionalism--on many levels. Please keep in mind that all kinds of people read these boards--recruiters, hiring managers, etc. It seems that people either have professionalism or they don't......
    The best thing I ever did when I was starting out was to take a workshop in basic business for women. Although this class was in California, I am sure that various women's business organizations offer them other places. They will teach you how to price things, how to do P and L statements, how to write a business plan and a proposal, etc. Truly, it was kind of fun and it might help you get started. Not trying to be the police here, just trying to give you a hand up.
    It does not matter how many times you say it and it does not matter whether the client allows it or not. What matters is that the company actually DOES it and it deprives an American worker of work. Get it?
    No, that is incorrect. The merger went into effect 1 September, 2009. The MDI-MT's will have things as they are until 1 January, 2010 when heaven knows what will happen. Just guessing, but I am putting my bet on a reduced cpl for all MDI-MTs and forced use of VR. I could be right, I could be wrong, but that is how I would call it. Just saying.....
    Anonymous report to IRS (sm)
    I just posted a reply to an IC who is tired of being burned.

    I want to add - and not to out of spite to fellow MTSOs - if you want to stop the trend of requiring ICs to follow set/ employee schedules, you can make an anonymous report to the IRS. No company, and no one wants an IRS inquiry/audit.

    That said, I strongly suggest that, so as not to arouse suspicion that you are the anonymous reporter, you not complain about your hours/set time while you make this IRS report. You want to rectify the situation, but you do not want compromise your earnings.
    It's anonymous board.
    posters here use monikers/handles to protect their real identity.

    No way to search by name!

    See my name above :))
    I'm not hiding behind an anonymous name. I am me and have
    used this moniker for years, though others are posting with the same moniker.  
    Nope, its anonymous.
    Anonymous Transcender
    I hope it all works out for you. Rather than looking it as being jerked around, you might take it instead in the positive viewpoint of being given a heads up. Good luck to you!
    Yep. And those praising are also anonymous. I like to hear the
    full range. Usually the truth for the majority falls somewhere in between the two extremes.
    Anonymous; that's the problem here, people
    can say anything they want and not be held accountable; in particular, on the Word Board.  Posting anonymously takes away from the reliability of the poster. I don't know who to believe the majority of the time!
    Are you going to trust the anonymous post of someone you
    You don't know the poster, his/her ideals or goals, whether they are credible or not.

    Seems like blind faith that could cost you in the long run.

    Your anonymous and just showing one of the reasons
    that SS is a horrible place to work. 
    Ethics? On an anonymous forum? (sm)
    It's too much to hope for wanting people to be ethical on an anonymous forum. Just take everything you read with a grain of salt and post what you know to be the truth whenever you see flagrant bull being posted by unscrupulous people. Unfortunately, that's about all you can do. People do unethical stuff all the time in business. Sad but true.
    So you can believe an anonymous person who is friends with the owner
    when they say it isn't so, but you believe an anonymous poster who says they are losing the account?  If you have concerns call the company.  You've come here many times in the past and griped about this company.  You have the right to do so, but you're still with the company.   Could it be that they are one of the best companies out there, not perfect, but better than most? 
    Name calling on an anonymous board? How cliche.


    soooo, you are posting anonymous posts to your own
    posts now??? How childish. Besides that, I did not see any copyright mark on the eye rolling thing, and I was not responding to YOU, but to someone else. I thought you were *bored* and had moved on. Apparently not because you always have to have the last word about anything. I guess that makes you feel that your are always right, as well as a people abuser. LOL.
    not anonymous - I do work for Keystrokes, I thought I made that clear
    I do work for them, it is hard not to trust anymore but yes, I do work for Keystrokes, I thought I made that clear. The other poster seemed cynical. I understand that. I love working for Keystrokes. it is an honest company. After all the other companies I have been with it is refreshing!
    I can't tell you how often I've considered sending anonymous letters to hospitals/docs! nm
    Hey OrthoMT.. tried to email you back but the email was returned as undeliverable..
    Basically, this is what I'd like to know.. You can email me the information if you like..First off, are they hiring for ortho? and what is their scheduling like, FT or PT, IC status or employee etc. I would like to find a company that is pretty flexible. Also, what platform do they use? I have worked at some like you were saying, took forever to get the line count and I want to work 8 hours and be done. Oh, do you have benefits, and what are they like if you have them? Thanks for any information you can give..

    No, but I will email the Moderators as soon as I find the email. You know it's the truth, Becky.
    Administrator- could you email me. I never posted that message about Netmed, yet it came to my email
    address and I figured it out when someone from Netmed contacted me about my post. Is it possible for someone to steal and use your email address to post things. I thought there was some validation in place.
    Not real sure - LOL!
    Was with Atlanta, which is being closed 09/01. I think we are being sent to the Florida office.
    Are they real?
    Does anyone even hear back from them, I have 30+ years experience and did not even get a phone call last time they posted.
    For real?
    Can you please expound how you are doing it? How many lines per day do you produce? Are you doing hospital or clinic transcription?
    How sad... no one no one uses their real name.
    It's so much better to post anonymously whatever kind of crap you want. Thanks Rhonda for posting, sorry that these people have no class.