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To the person who sent me the anonymous, rude email. FYI: I AM an MT and I post answers here to di

Posted By: KeystrokesRecruiter on 2007-10-29
In Reply to: Keystrokes will not use offshore transcription. sm - KeystrokesRecruiter

a true response is given, not supposition and rumor. I do not know why you find it take and ignorant (your words) that I answered that Keystrokes does not and will not send work overseas, but as an MT, that was very important for me to know and part of the decision I made to go to Keystrokes in the first place.

I will not be intimidated by anonymous emails and certainly will continue to post answers with facts when asked.

This board is for everyone in transcription, not just those who think they can control the threads, and I for one like to hear from others in the industry with different viewpoints.

It should not reflect poorly on KS as you said; quite the opposite, I will only post facts and as offshore is an important topic. If your opinion is different than mine, that is your choice, but to send a rude email anonymously with a threatening tone was obviously meant to intimidate me.

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My only contact with them was rude. The front office person or whomever schedules interviews is rude
This was about a year ago but I set up an interview and either I was supposed to call them or they were to call me at a certain time but I totally spaced off the time change. The lady went off on me and told me that they had no interest in me because I couldn't call on time etc. Rude. There is no way I would ever work for someone like that.
Exactly what I'm talking about RUDE! You are a very unhappy person. A happy person does not
respond in such a way!  This is the reason SS has such a bad name.
So you can believe an anonymous person who is friends with the owner
when they say it isn't so, but you believe an anonymous poster who says they are losing the account?  If you have concerns call the company.  You've come here many times in the past and griped about this company.  You have the right to do so, but you're still with the company.   Could it be that they are one of the best companies out there, not perfect, but better than most? 
OSI allows only company email, keeps coworkers anonymous
and that stinks
I use anonymous email. If I use a moniker it isn't my real name.
It's been like this on this website for a loooong time now! I've been posting anonymously for ages, so I don't know where you get the fact that you can't post anonymously anymore. The email I use is for this website only and doesn't even include my real name.

It's as anonymous as it gets without having a bunch of spam posts invade the boards.

I've liked it for a long time now and still like it. If you don't ... then, well, you know...
The rude rude rude post is TRUE
'Hmmm' always gives rude answers to everyone.
I receive an anonymous email from someone that had a friend go to work for them and it was bad news.
Glad I passed it up. It sounded awful, no communication and no work etc..
Are you going to trust the anonymous post of someone you
You don't know the poster, his/her ideals or goals, whether they are credible or not.

Seems like blind faith that could cost you in the long run.

Rude answer to a rude post. nm
You are a very rude person,
That's all I'm gonna say. Have a great day.
rude person
That's a good one about changing the name of that company.  This might sound bad, but I didn't send in a resume just because of the name of that company.  It sounds a little strange.
The above is obviously more than just rude person,
That was rude - I was going to help this person. I should not have to do a search.
People like you ruin it for everybody. Now, I won't give any information to help anyone.
What a rude person you are, who are you to tell someone to get on meds?
The person who always answers Med-Scribe postings...
has a complete inability to punctuate correctly. I have always wondered about this person's qualifications as an MT, and I am really surprised you have not had a heyday with those posts. Why the extensive grammar lesson on this particular post?
I would leave email address for better answers. Co
That was RUDE of you to post
that the prior recruiter was let go.

I would think if someone were let go (also known as fired) that they would rather it not be published in an open forum for all to see.
Your post was rude...

This is exactly what you said:  'It is downright ridiculous, but so is a lot what YOU are putting forward.' 

Nothing in my post warranted that type of response, but I really expect nothing better from you.  Once again, today you act as if you need something to help you relax, maybe Xanax?

How was her post rude? True, she does
seem a little snotty, not wanting to start apparently at the bottom of the totem pole where newbies do, and not fully realizing that the workflow in this business waxes and wanes, but she was not rude. Just extremely inexperienced.

Guess I missed it.
I wanted to tell person who contacted me via email
that I absolutely do nothing to achieve more lines (money) than just keeping (as much as possible) the audio at fast a speed as I can and also I use my mouse when working. Supposedly you are supposed to be able to edit faster using combination keys but I did not learn, did not care to learn and mostly can keep up with the dictation (either VR or straight) as it goes so I just do not think I could make more even using the combo keys. I also do not give out where I work because to do so would probably be a swamping of the company and I would prefer to keep my job to myself as long as I could.
Above post is rude and noth even worth reading.
The word 'CLUELESS' comes to mind....
It was the insinuations in your post that wrought the answers you received
First of all,several MDI-MDers did indeed post they had decided to stay and give it a try. Their posts were met with support.

Those posts did not contain comments about feeling guilty for talking negatively about MDI and did not insinuate other MDI-MDers were disingenuous about their choosing to leave the company.

YOU set the tone for the replies you got. Read the threads the past couple of weeks and you'll see that other MDI employees who chose to stay for their own reasons were met with support.

You, however, chose to set a whole different tone with your post, which is why you failed to get the 'poor baby, it's okay' responses you were apparently seeking.

Just calling it the way I see it and only my opinion...
Wrong. The person who was fired this week was from Keystrokes. I just got an email

from someone asking if was me posting here tonight, so I came to look.   I agree with a lot that the poster has to say but I post my name when I post.  Anyone who knows me or of me knows this.  I do not have to post behind anonymous names nor do I. 

I do disagree with some of what this poster says though and will take a moment to tell her/him something:  You chose to run a service and knew or should have known what you were getting into.  If you are doing all that, you should either hire more people or hire different people.  The best move I ever made as a service owner was learning to delegate and hiring the right people including Human Resources, Accounting, Operations, QA, Recruiting and IS.  (The second best move I ever made was to stop letting the posts on the MTStars and others affect me).  Best advice I could give a service owner is to cough up the money for a good staff; it is worth it in the long wrong although hard in the short term.

While not everyone agrees with me or likes me or wants to work with Keystrokes, I do not feel a need to hide behind the anonymous nature of these boards and would rather have people know where I stand than wonder.

You would also know that I value our transcriptionists and know that as a company, Keystrokes constantly tries to improve.  If you know me at all or anything about Keystrokes, you would also know that our rates are going up not down and we do not undercut prices to beat our competitors. 

If anyone has anything to say to me directly, please use my email.  I do not visit here often anymore and do not plan on starting again as it gets a bit addicting :)

Not on ER here, another acct. Got an email by mistake a few days ago with an Indian person in the
Person from corporate contacting me via email regarding my posting today
I have no reason to meet with you, have a good job and certainly do not care to discuss with you where you send your work. I know what I read and it was quoted by a top official at your company. Even though you said the newspaper slanted the story like they wanted it to read, I saw quotes and never saw where the paper did a retracation of the story.
What post/person or what
who are you referring to. What post are you replying to? I don't get it.
You put your post about the wrong person in with
the posting that he is a criminal, steals $$, threatens lawsuits against MTs, and more. Geez back at ya! Can't you figure out that posting the wrong guy in with this mess may tarnish the wrong person's reputation? So you thought he was a salesman, your opinion. But you opened your mouth and inserted the WRONG PERSON in this thread, and others then knew who YOU were talking about and assumed you had to know what you were talking about, or why would ANYONE post something so horrible about someone? Read names more carefully next time. There were far more than a few letters off for to you arrive at your wrong conclusion - the entire last name was wrong. And yes, some people do value their reputations, especially when their livelihood depends on it. Seems these days our reputations are about all most of us have left.
Where'd my post go? I'm the ŕst person" referred to...
and I was only ASKING how she could be a CMT with only 8 months' experience! That's a legitimate question, I think, because the AAMT website clearly states that MTs must have a minimum of 2 years' acute care experience before testing for their CMT.

I realize a poster later confirmed this, but as my post has been deleted and referred to, I wanted to clarify what I actually said. My post was not insulting. I was asking a question. :-) Thanks-

The type of post made by this person

The type of job ad post made by this person is not condoned by MTStars.  Due to the unprofessional content of the job ad, the post has been removed, the posters email has been deleted, the post itself has been removed, and the posters IP has been banned.

I can't stress enough how degrading it is for any MTSO to post foul language in a job ad post along with making references that people should know what the **** they are doing.  Our industry has been demoralized enough without our own MTSOs posting in this manner. 

MTStars apologizes to posters for this MTSOs poor judgment in posting.


The type of job ad post made by this person is not

The type of job ad post made by this person is not condoned by MTStars.  Due to the unprofessional content of the job ad, the post has been removed, the posters email has been deleted, the post itself has been removed, and the posters IP has been banned.

I can't stress enough how degrading it is for any MTSO to post foul language in a job ad post along with making references that people should know what the **** they are doing.  Our industry has been demoralized enough without our own MTSOs posting in this manner. 

MTStars apologizes to posters for this MTSOs poor judgment in posting.


Sorry, the Erin Lindahl post is the same person as MTinTX...
I acidentally posted the wrong name, but it is the same person.
Please post your email...sm
Would you mind posting your email or email me please. I have a few questions for you about MDI. Thanks
Try again on this post...if it does not go through may I email you please? Thanks. nm
Use the Reply By Email on the post.

Test post for email

Sorry, this is only to test.  I cannot post here if my email shows up. 

Just be rude..out and out rude so they have just cause to "fire" you.. haha..What a bunch of i
Who would want to work for incompetent people like that. Time to change your phone numbers. They are like bad stalkers.
Hi! Can you post your email address please? Thanks for responding. :) nm

no email came through, but feel free to post ?'s here
In case this company doesn't see this post, email them and tell them
Feel free to post here or email Natalie as well. nm
Can the happy MT at Stat-Med post a contact email for them? The 2 on their website don't work. An
3 words, rude, rude, rude....sm

the owner sends out UGLY and NASTY emails to the MTs. The communication is just a disorganized mess and they hire you as an IC, but pretty much treats you like an employee.  Emdat sucks and pretty much the accounts are not that great.  VERY hard to get your lines in Emdat platform.  They LOVE to FIRE....when in actuality.....(that is the term they use)...you cannot FIRE an IC, you can lock them out of the system and I guess that is firing, but those two words have always been a pet peeve of mine....hearing when MTs are fired as ICs....Just my opinion

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MTStars Team

To anonymous. SM
I totally agree with your post. You would think a forum such as this would be full of comradery, support, and help. And, sometimes, it is.

Unfortunately, mostly it seems to be MTs (and MT business owners posing as working MTs) bashing each other. It's almost as if you become afraid to post an opinion for fear of being jumped on for having that opinion.

But, hang in here if you will and post what you want. Help when you can. Take what decent advice you can get. And, just let the b.s. roll off your back.
You are anonymous here, so sure!
I am not anonymous
From what I understand there was insurance but too high, they are working very hard on getting a plan a lot more reasonable, I am sure if that is a big issue someone could wait until it is in place, but I would work for Keystrokes if they didn't provide insurance.
I am still not anonymous
We have all become so cynical,I am myself, and have really lost a trusting part of me that I miss because of this profession. Keystrokes has been honest and that is something so many of us are not used to anymore. I don't think that is going to change, at least I hope not. Keystrokes is not a fit for everyone, but if you want honesty, a fair shake, then what I am posting is the truth, I am not a lead, not a manager, haven't met the top people but the owner is hands on and that means a lot. I personally emailed Lee when I wanted to come back after leaving for 2 years and she took me back with open arms, and for that I am greatful.
to anonymous
Finally, I knew this could not just be happening to me,and I know that there are even more out there that this is happening to. Monday count off by 58 lines, Tuesday their count and my count the same, Wednesday count off by 44, Thursday count off by 69 lines, and today the counts are the same; but nothing changed on either end as far as how the counters were set up. Come on now, you don't have to be an accountant to see it does not add up.
To anonymous
I doubt the other poster is your honey (whatever happened to treating colleagues like fellow professionals); you might gain a lot from taking a basic business course. Many of the women's business organizations offer them and that might help you find a practical answer that you could use in your situation. Asking what the top line rate is is like asking what X equals in a huge algebra equation with too many variables. We'd like to help you, but there are just too many variables here.
Cuz?--As a former MTSO, I would not hire anyone who cannot use the tool of our trade (English) correctly. No, I am not being the grammar police. I think it is relevant because the issue seems to be professionalism--on many levels. Please keep in mind that all kinds of people read these boards--recruiters, hiring managers, etc. It seems that people either have professionalism or they don't......