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I wasn't aware that Medware was trying to hide their

Posted By: In the real world on 2005-10-31
In Reply to: Medware - Employee

involvement in India with Medware India. This is actually a very good program, just like the one Transcription Relief Services has going on.

Neither of these companies sneak around and hide the fact that they offshore and both companies still actively hire US MTs and editors.

I am very happy with my editing job at Medware and having the opportunity to work with some really great professionals in this industry.

If you would rather work for a company who offshores and then lies to their employees and clients about it, then go for it. To me that is a very unstable situation to be in.

Sending work offshore is a fact of life, the way a company goes about it is what makes the difference.

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I wasn't aware
I wasn't aware that there was a pay cut, although I've only been there a year. I know there are some accounts going to VR, which apparently by definition pays less per line (I've not done it yet). I know that every time they switch platforms, I seem to struggle to make my line count (about 920), which is coming as a bit of a shock to me, as I used to be able to push out 2500 lines a day, albeit actual counted lines instead of the calculated lines everyone does now. If I sit chained to my desk day and night, it only will get me at most 1400 lines. Apparently they do have levels of account, so perhaps people getting bumped to the easier, non-ESL, limited formatting accounts are being made to take the pay cut to the rate paid for the lower tiered accounts.
I wasn't aware of it either but I read a post on here
that Acusis had cut the editor's pay by 3 cpl and they wouldn't doubt that the MTs are next. I have been doing VR and it pays only about 65% of your current line rate. They say you get lines faster but I am not finding if faster at all.
That wasn't my experience there. I wasn't on that kind of all-inclusive acct, either. nm
They are probably trying to hide again because they

have a horrendous reputation.  They have moved from one state to another, hid behind the software company, and now they have changed their name it seems.  The claim to be Christian, but their actions say otherwise. 

I would avoid them at all costs.

You should never have to pay up front for equipment/software to work for a company.  They may require you to have the equipment, but they should not require you to buy it from them and if they offer to sell it they should to it on a payroll deduction. 




Nothing to hide - sm
Maybe personal files, pictures...  I really don't think that anyone would choose to have someone have total access to their PC at anytime.  Just what I think.  
They all have something to hide. SM

Having a forum where they can suposedly answer questions is useless.  Recruiters are not the appropriate people to find out about what it's like to work somewhere.  They are paid to put a spin on every potentially negative thing - not to mention most of them have never typed a report.  Companies also change recruiters like they change underwear, so getting an answer one day from one person means nothing when you are dealing with someone else.

The company owners are not appropriate because if you dared to ask about something that doesn't measure up, they tend to get very huffy and start demanding that posts be deleted.

really who cares if you have nothing to hide?
now if they are delving into your personal life then thats another story, thats just plain nosey. But a criminal background check is not a bad idea.
proveros cant hide
This is hilarious. I am sure shortly Syd or Sheri at Proveros will whine to take these posts down. Because it is defamatory. LOL But you can run but you cant hide. Proveros is a deplorable company to work for for FREE.. Bottom line over and over and over again.. Pay is LATE or NON existent. Whine away girls at Proveros. We all know the deal.
they aren't even trying to hide where sm
they are at anymore are they? They want Americans to come to Saudi Arabia?

Don't know if you remember this but back in the 80s and 90s, many MTs use to go to Saudi Arabia for a contracted amount of time to work as MTs. The draw for many MTs was the fact taht they money was ridiculously high, food and housing was free and MTs went over there to make the big bucks in a short time. Kind of like American civilian workers who go to Iraq to work contract jobs.

I know several MTs that went over there and for women the conditions were outrageous. you have to go by their laws.......you can imagine. I wonder if this is like that OR if this is something else and they actually expect Americans to come over there and work?

I don't even know why that website allows these companies to post their work ads. Ridiculous. Its like a big slap in the face.
they aren't even trying to hide where sm
they are at anymore are they? They want Americans to come to Saudi Arabia?

Don't know if you remember this but back in the 80s and 90s, many MTs use to go to Saudi Arabia for a contracted amount of time to work as MTs. The draw for many MTs was the fact taht they money was ridiculously high, food and housing was free and MTs went over there to make the big bucks in a short time. Kind of like American civilian workers who go to Iraq to work contract jobs.

I know several MTs that went over there and for women the conditions were outrageous. you have to go by their laws.......you can imagine. I wonder if this is like that OR if this is something else and they actually expect Americans to come over there and work?

I don't even know why that website allows these companies to post their work ads. Ridiculous. Its like a big slap in the face.
When a company is secretive about who they are, they are trying to hide something.
I won't respond to someone that does not say who they are because you have no clue whether or not they are even legitimate.
DITTO They used to hide it & fired former QA mgr
If they had NOTHING to hide she should have NEVER BEEN FIRED!! She was a super QA manager. When she got fired a mass exit of MT followed.

Be glad you did not go to work for OSI. You are much better off anywhere else.
Oh that's pathetic...trying to hide their names because they don't pay them MTs. These
companies need to have their names out there. I don't care what their excuse is...if a MT works for you, no matter how long or circumstances, pay them!!! They need to be turned in. I find it disgusting to NOT pay your employees and keep trying to recruit more suckers. Shame on them.
Because anonymity is a cloak to hide behind
No way would anyone speak to another person they way they do here. Most people have self-control, but here, that is thrown to the wind.

I didn't know people could be so mean to each other until I started reading on this board!
No way...TROLLS hide under bridges
And those things are annoying and smell bad.

Spheris does not hide the fact it off shores. It was a
news letter.
Personally, I think that is awesome. They're not trying hide anything from anybody. I think tha
would be a company worth checking into.
If transcend has so much to hide and has to treat everyone with threats, they stay away.
That is a big red flag in everyone's face.  From what I read, they are going downhill fast with lots of disgruntled employees anyway, so I am sure they will all leave the company "at will" when they find new jobs. 
If you're not afraid to hide, then tell us who you are so we DON'T apply to your company!!!!

AND, if you don't NEED us for anything, then why are you HERE!!  Go away!

Yes, I am aware of it. sm
I struggled and struggled when I first discovered my company was offshoring, but then I realized that I have bills to pay and a family to feed; which comes first for me. I cannot afford to just give up 5 years with a company and start over with new docs, new accounts, etc. It was taken a little while, but in all honesty, the work that I edit from India is pretty good. There are a few things that still throw them for a loop, but for the most part, they are not as bad as you would think! I actually do way better doing editing/QA than I did transcribing, so this is where I stay.
(from above), as they must be aware of them by now.
I'm an IC with DSG - now aware they do this.
sorry - s/b noT aware they do this.
I was not aware FN had VR
do you mean Voice Recognition or were you doing QA???
I am aware of them
because I almost took a job with them, and I'm glad I didn't. What I hear is never good. If you Google I'm sure you will see discussions about them from this site.
no VR at all as far as I'm aware (nm)
Please be aware that...
they have more VR editing jobs than straight transcription, for which you will not earn enough to buy groceries...the pay for editing is very low no matter where you work.
Yes, I'm well aware of that...
If you took the time to read my post, I said that there are others who make more.  You are the one who has such a difficult time believing it, not me.
Yes, I am aware
That's why I was hoping to find someplace that kinda paid as you go. Someday when I've hit the lotto it might be an intriguing business concept- a true on-call perdiem type service. Until then, though, I guess I'll just have to learn to drink my coffee black and thrive on Cocoa Wheats and Ramen Noodles.
Are you not aware of the

unemployment numbers climbing as we speak?  Getting into a new field even if you have the right education is no piece of cake in this job market.  You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. 

The reason people try to stay with MT is because if you have years of experience and the education, the health care field is one that is relatively recession/depression proof.  To go out on a limb at this time and try to get into a new field/job is highly risky. Who is to say even if you do manage to get the right education that you would be able to get your foot in the door with no experience under your belt?  Then, how are you going to pay off your education debt?  That is what a lot of college grads are facing today.

A lot of the MTSOs are highly mismanaged these days.  The left arm does not know what the right arm is doing and in many instances very talented MTs with years of experience, dedication and devotion to this industry are finding it a sticky mess and are jumping ship early lest they get mired into madness.  That does not mean they are not looking elsewhere and darn well should.

So please let's not knock our fellow brethern when they complain about what they are going through making a living in this industry.  Let's all be empathetic and listen and try to empower rather than put down.  There is no job in America these days that is a anything to right home about.  If people say they love their jobs and are making gobs of money, you might ask them what planet they are living on.  We don't need to hear the tough love approach at this time.  This is a serious business and it is being seriously mismanaged and a lot of MTs are unduly suffering due to the callous and thoughtless approach of the powers that be.



Thank you. We do not pay for spaces, and we are aware of all the
very very good arguments about it. We feel our line is a true 65 char line, unlike some other services, we pay for headers, footers and everything on the page, and we have volume bonuses, we reimburse for flat rate phone plans, have bonus days off for volume, have given a raise, some small, some better, every year since we began 7+ years ago, and always have work. We try to fit people to the type of work they like, ops, discharges, internet, lanier, acute care, etc. We give high volume producers a few accounts daily so they don't run out of work, and lower producers just one, or perhaps two if they wish for insurance. We don't jerk you around acct to acct daily like I've read on this board of other services, we have a wonderful QA staff and support for all new people, growing every year so no one is cut short. We have almost all the original MTs who came with us when we started, and we hope that speaks volumes. SOmetimes it's not how much per line but how much can you make per hr, or per day, day in and day out with a service, and be treated with respect. We are not for everyone, but we hope we are not dismissed offhand because of the space issue without one really knowing us as a company.
And besides, they are already aware of the problem
I just wonder how they are going to resolve the issue.  I don't suppose they can unhire the recently hired MTs?  I wonder if they hired them at a lower rate than the oldtimers and just figure if the long time MDIers quit then they are paying less? 
Please be aware that Transcend is
accounts in the near future, so if you like VR that is for you.  But they are only paying half, so if you get 8 cpl for MT, you only get 4 CPL for VR.  Also, no incentives or shift differentials and they require you to work on weekends.  I don't know about the other one.
Are their clients aware?
If I were a client of theirs, I would look for someone else to do my transcription. If I were a patient of this client and if I found out that the client knowingly supports this sort of crap, I'd look for healthcare elsewhere. Heck, docs come a dime a dozen!!!

It all comes down to the customers--that's US!!! The American citizens who trust that our medical records are (1) kept confidential and (2) are done correctly IN THE USA!!!

There should be a way to inform the customers of HIS's clients. First and foremost, we, as customers, as Americans, need to boycott the physicians first--the ones who are sending American money overseas!!! There are PLENTY of other docs out there who support the USA and want to keep the work at home. They'll gladly take my money!

Persnonally, I don't want my medical record entrusted to overseas folks who, for the most part, hate us to begin with. They barely speak a word of English and they certainly do a pathetic job at trascribing. I've seen the damage these folks can do to medical records.

I think that we should boycott MDs who are paying HIS to transcribe for them.

If we don't stand up for ourselves now, what's next????

Just be aware that all accounts

on VR and they only pay you half your line rate - so if you are making 8 CPL, you would be paid only 4 CPL, and also no incentive for production, no shift differential, nothing extra, just 4 CPL.  Also it is very, very hard to double your production to make up for the half pay.  I felt I was mislead when I was hired about eventually having to go to VR (not given a choice) and what it entailed, low pay, etc. 



Thank you. I am aware of that. I am wanting
Thanks for your input.
Not that I am aware of. As it seems that most of the "nationals" are going there, maybe some d
You all may not be aware that there are two MediTasks
They are not the same company. The web address of the one which posted a job offer here is as mentioned above. There is another MediTask with the web address of www.meditask.net. I am only personally familiar with the meditask.net as that is the company I work for, a great one, by the way.
No bonuses that I'm aware of - s/m
Only been there a couple of months, though.  Schedule:  You pick either a Sun-Thu or Tue-Sat schedule.  You have a 24-hour window to make your daily line count.  Minimum required line count is 700 lpd.  Need a day off - just tell your supervisor.
You are aware that when you are working sm
outside your hours and work is low, you are taking work away from the people who are actually scheduled to work those hours?
I am very aware of that, didn't ask for your
smartazz answer.  I just found it hard to believe that this was posted on a US board. 
Do be aware . . . paper checks only! (sm)

They don't offer direct deposit, just mailed, typed, handsigned checks, which can be  very hard to cash.

They don't communicate very well -- hard to get someone after 3pm EST if you have a problem.

At least one of their major accounts still uses a DOS platform and requires you to have this weird token thing that changes passwords every few minutes to log in.  You also have to get their footpedal and software.  So, if you're using their tools, their token, etc., how can you be an IC (since part of the definition of an IC is that you provide your own tools)?  Another company the IRS needs to look into, IMHO.

The DOS platform is so slow you can't make any kind of lines.  Instant Text works, but there is no way to save normals.

I'm looking for specifics. Well aware of job board.
thanks for nothing. why even take the time to reply like that????
You don't think the clients aren't aware of where
their transcription is being sent?  My doctor (a major health system in Michigan) bragged about how cost effective it was for them to send their dictation to India, until he realized I was an MT.  The bottom line is the almighty dollar.
K-Force is the only company that I am aware of

that advertises for traveling transcriptionists.  From what I have read about them it isn't something I recommend, you have to front expenses, takes a while to get reimbursed, pay isn't anything special, etc.  

With the internet it has pretty much eliminated the need to bring in transcriptionists. 


Are you aware that all CAPS is shouting? nm
Be aware of the open medical
in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Be very aware of the supervisor. Not a good place. Three new employees, all three walked within the first six months. Just thought I would put a warning out!!!
Here's what I'm aware of. Contact them for details.
-Full Time, first shift, Tuesday through Saturday
-Full time, first shift, Monday through Friday
-Full Time, second shift, Tuesday-Saturday Radiology/Acute Care mix
-Part Time, second shift, Sunday, Monday, Thursday
-Part Time, first shift, Monday thru Thursday
TEAM THREE (ACUTE CARE - eScription) 5 Openings:
-Full Time, first shift, flexible days/times, forty hours, high percentage of ESL dictators. 4 MTs
-Full Time Wednesday-Sunday ten hours or Wednesday-Thursday eight hours
Nice people but be aware....sm
they do not pay for spaces, even if they tell you they do.  You need to definitely get this is writing (the spaces part).  You will find your check short about 20% and you won't get the money either.  Bad experience for me.  Most people probably don't check their line counts.  Maybe this has changed but I know others had this problem too (old posts here).  Good luck.
Agreed.. I think the managers are getting aware of that now...
I got a memo that said unless you are scheduled, DO NOT WORK. This business is kind of crazy; I have found it is the people that hog all the work on holidays that don't work regular shifts.