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I work for 3 different services... sm

Posted By: IC MT on 2006-01-27
In Reply to: PT IC's who work 2 or more jobs (sm) - Considering

I work weekday mornings for one service, weekday afternoons for the second service, and then p.r.n. weekends for the third.

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work at transcend services inc

How is the work at Transcend Services?  is there a steady workload?  Are the managers helpful and the platform good to work on?  Was thinking about applying.

Thank you.

Anyone work for Aces UP Medical Services ? nm
Anyone work for Digital Transcription Services or DTS? (sm)
I can't find anything in the archives.  I have a couple questions if someone would care to e-mail me.  I think they are based in Oklahoma. TIA.
Weekly? Services are lucky if they get paid twice a month. Generally, services bill out to their
i work for one national, 2 services, and have one private account...
I have four kids between ages 18 and 5. Right now I have bitten off more than I want to chew with all the accounts. One pays 10.5, one pays 9, and one pays 8.5 with incentive. My private account, believe this, pays 21 cents per line, but they only dictate about $500 per month worth. I need to get rid of one but don't know which one yet. The good thing, if there is one.......I never run out of work.
Anyone out there work or worked for CBay Systems and Services?

I see this company is out of Maryland.  I wondered if anyone has had experience or know anything about the company.


Anyone work as an editor for Transcription Services, LLC North Carolina
Just curios
Anyone ever work/currently working for Medical Transcription Services, Green Bay, WI?? Offered..sm
new radiology account there, great people to correspond with, but info is extremely scarce....have a few offers to weigh.....anybody??? Merry Christmas!  
I work on the radiology account they are hiring for at Southern Transcription Services
and always have work. I have only run out a work a handful of times. It is a very busy account. It is a very good company to work for.
info on AMD Services/AmeriMed Data Services
Please help me. Does anyone know anything about AMD Services or AmeriMed Data Services. I have been offered a position with them and need to know if they pay good, etc. before I accept a position with them. Thanks in advance.

We band together and start our own company offering our services to the hospitals we've been work

on already and take our accounts back from Transcend.  I haven't signed any noncompete contract with Transcend.  Would the MDI one be null and void? If my pay rate is null and void, so must my noncompete.  They can't have it both ways.

Could be one of the MS services down there, too. nm
There are still some services (sm)

which treat ICs like real ICs and expect them to have their own equipment, know how to use encrypt files, use an FTP site, and the like.  If you would like to email me with an idea of what sort of work you are looking for, I can probably suggest a couple of places to try.

Do you use Instant Text?  That's your best bet if you want an Expander that works well with almost every transcription platform.

I don't like working on platforms that dole my work out a job or 2 at a time.  I find I'm much more productive when I can download an allotment of files and prioritize them, doing the longer dictations and more difficult dictators when I'm freshest and saving the easy stuff for when I'm dragging a bit.

Anyone know anything about DTK Services in CT? nm


MRT Services
Yes, I have info. The reps that work the office are totally incompetant. They state that payment will be received within 30-45 days of the invoice for the services. It's not. The pay in trickles here and there, say they mailed checks when they didn't, and they are currently behind on payment several hundred dollars for my wife. We received two checks from them in two weeks, and then checks just stopped coming. She had not stopped working or had any significant gap in invoices, they're just not paying her. I am seriously irritated with them. I don't know anyone who needs a job, but doesn't need the money. They state they'll pay you in a particular amount of time, that's what they need to stick to. The defend themselves by saying their clients haven't paid. That is their problem! They try to pretend like it should matter to you that they haven't been paid, but the fact is, you're working for them, not their clients. They need to pay on the schedule they agreed to regardless. My wife now has to get a full time job because this isn't cutting it for paying our bills. Not only that, but when you agree to take a job at NOON, you don't get the job until 5 or 6 pm or even later!!!  That makes a big difference in whether or not you can do the job. They claim it's because they have to digitize the jobs. How long can that possibly take? They make too many excuses, don't pay on a schedule, are constantly late, and whine about little details. They constantly try to correct your grammar when they're actually wrong (wife has a degree in English). So thanks a lot MRT, you people need to get it together in a big way. And teach you front office who deals with your typists to be a little more respectful of their time and money, stop making excuses for your mishandling of your role. I would not recommend MRT Services to anyone. If you need money, get an actual job, because MRT is a joke.
mri,services out of Los Angeles
Has anyone worked for Mri, Services out of Los Angeles.  Thinking of applying. Thanks.
Anyone know anything about BLS Secretarial Services?


working for 2 services
I work for MQ and one other small service very part time. I had no trouble at all loading the extra software and switching back and forth. It's a breeze!
Transcription Services LLC in NC???
Does anyone have any information on Transcription Services LLC located in North Carolina?  Anything is appreciated!  Thanks so much.
M & J Medical Services ?
Has anyone heard of M & J Medical or have worked for them?  I saw an ad but cannot remember where. 
Transcend Services Inc. NM
Transcend Services Inc is the company.  Employees are saying that they are offshoring but there has been no confirmation of this.  Could you confirm this for us?  I think they have an ad up in the Job Seekers board and I am confused.  Thank you for your help.
Med-Tech or MWP services

out of Michigan, may specialize in x-rays.  Anyone know anything about either of these companies?  I have GOT to find something to supplement soon!  Thanks!

What state? There are several services with this name. nm
QT Medical Services
Anyone have any info on QT Medical Services?
AB Document Services???
Does anybody have any info about this company out of Arizona????
AB Doucument Services
I was just offered a position with AB Document - information on them would be cool.
Transcend Services does....sm
and they just gave out holiday gift cards to the employees!
Transcend Services
I have a question about Transcend.  I used to work for them and am thinking about going back, but I've heard through the grapevine that they are sending 3/4 of their work to India--can anyone confirm this?  I only work for American companies who deal with only American workers.  Thanks for your help.
Transcription Services LLC out of NC
Does anyone out there work for this company? Having hard time logging in and wonder if server is down.
MRT Services, Inc. in Georgia
Does anyone have any info on this company? Thanks, Lisa
RC Transciption Services

Anyone work for this company or have any info on them?  All info appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Probably Q-T Medical Services, Inc...nm
JLG transcription services

Does anyone here work for JLG?

Their website is a little cryptic about where they are, etc.



RI Transcription services

Does anyone know anything about RI Transcription Services.  I cannot seem to find anything recent about them.  Any information good or bad would be appreciated. 

Thanks a ton

Transcend Services
Any new information on Transcend? TIA
Do they have an ad up? Can find 3 other PRN services in 3 other
they match up ppl with what services
they need...ie filing bankruptcy, they will link you with those resources. Lawyer referrals for what you need, not just a lawyer. If you use those services, you get a discount of one sort or another. Counseling, weight control, other life problems are free. Depends on what you need them for, but they are supposed to be pretty good. The hospital I work for has them for things like child care, elder care, cousneling, life matters, etc. Hope this helps.
Ola Corporate Services
A most excellent company. The owner is very helpful and friendly. Great group to work for.
Transcend Services
Does anyone work for or have any information on Transcend Services.  How are they to work for, pay, etc.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 
Transcend Services
Hi Patty - I have worked for Transcend for almost 3 years and am now a team lead. I have always found the company to be very fair in both pay scale and employee relations. They are very open to discussion about almost anything. I would say go for it. Email me if you would like. Sue
Has anyone tried those MT matchmaker services?..sm

I have been looking around at MT companies for months now and only apply to those that I would really want to work at, including being able to do work in my specialites, days/hours I prefer to work, pay rates that are acceptable to me (when stated in the ad), etc.  So there really aren't many that I have sent to overall, but I am flabergasted how many do not return my emails or email back saying that specific position is filled, but would I consider a different position/shift, etc... like a bait and switch before you're even hired.

I have over 12 years of experience and a decent resume of work done in the past for multiple types of transcription services and also includes that I've been with one national company my whole career so far which shows my loyalty and dedication, so I don't know why I'm not appealing to these companies.

Has something changed in the industry?  Several years ago I was going to leave my national and sent out resumes and every single one of them called or emailed back with an offer within the day... now, there's nothing.  Are the services just overwhelmed with resumes or are they shying away from experienced MTs or what's going on?

So my question is... Have any of you tried those matchmaker services where they match you up with companies looking for MTs with your skills?  Do they work?  Are they legit?  Do they cost?  Just because the companies are registered with them, does that mean they are legit companies, or is this a sort of an anything-goes type of thing?

Just wondering what other's experiences have been and whether it's worth trying something like this.  I put my resume on this board years ago and got spam, spam, spam, and no responses, so won't do that again.  Any other suggestions?  TIA!!

Anyone know about DataScript Services
Does anyone know anything about DataScript Services in Michigan?
Iridium Services
Has anyone ever heard of a company called Iridium Services based in Florida?  They actually contacted me asking for my services -- said "a physician" gave them my phone #.  I have an unlisted # and the accounts I work on don't have my #.  Just wanted to know if it was a legit company or are they an outsourcing company.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ever heard of MRT Services?
Any info would be appreciated.  I have checked their website but doesn't really answer any of my questions.  It says they type focus groups and interviews.  Medical terminology is a plus?  So are they not a medical company?
Know anything about LS Services a sibsidiary
prn Military Services
Did anyone else apply hear and never hear anything?
MTS Services (not in West MA)
Hello all.  I run a small transcription service.  I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of responses and resumes I get all at once!  I am truly apologetic that I am not able to get back to all of you in a more timely manner.  If you ever have questions about who we are and what we do, please feel free to email any time!  I am a MT as well so I have been there done that.  I understand all the probs and things that go with being a MT.  - Mark
AccuPro Services

Does anyone know anything about this company?  I don't think I have ever seen them mentioned on this site.  Pros and cons, please.  Also, do you know where they are located?  Thanks.

Transcend services...
We have platforms compatible with Vista.
AccuPro Services
Looking for current information regarding this company.  Pros and cons please.  Thanks for your time.