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I worked there for a short time. Wonderful company.

Posted By: MTE on 2006-08-02
In Reply to: MDI - NMC

I went and got my own clients, so I couldn't do both. Pay was adequate and on time by direct deposit. I had a teaching hospital, good account, some difficult ESL, some not so difficult. Bayscribe platform is okay, had to get used to it. I personally was not fond of it, but to each their own.

The long distance phone service was not an issue. I used the Verizon unlimited LD and regional plan $49.99 per month.

All-in-all, my experience was good while there. Every company has their ups and downs. It all depends on what your individual needs are and how far out of your comfort zone you want to go.

Good luck!

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Great little company..I worked there for a short time, IC, and pay always on time, great owner too!
I had good dictators, they use FTP, and I had a 12-hour window to return the work.
I worked for them a short time ago.. sm
I found them to be a very good company, very fair and very honest. I had no problems with getting my check at all. I did not stay with them long, however it had nothing to do with the company, it was for personal reasons. I would work for them again. Good luck.
I worked there a short time
and EVERYBODY I ever dealt with was pleasant & professional.  Very, very nice company. I ended up leaving because I had trouble with my DSL and kept losing jobs, but it was a great company. I loved being able to review other chart notes on the patients, very helpful. Good luck to you there!
I worked for them for a short time.
Very, very fussy in QA, but other than that was a decent place to work.
What do you need to know? I worked there for a short time
Not my favorite company -- not because of software, but QA issues. No two QA said the same thing. It was a losing battle. I am much happier since I left that place. AMEN!
Worked there for a short time
I had no issues. I was never threatened. They will ask for help if MTs are not working/meeting quotas and as an AM myself, it seems there are more MTs who don't care than do.
I worked there for a very short time
...just long enough to figure out there was no way to make any money...especially on the Emdat Inscribe platform they use.  The people there are very nice though but that doesn't pay the bills!
Worked there for a very short time. Glad to be gone.
also worked there just a short time last year .. nm
I so agree. Worked w/them for short time sm
and one of the worst experiences of my career.  Too many things to list.  Horrid.
I worked for them for a short time and found the
platform very cumbersome. It was the worst platform I have ever worked with. The people were nice, a little flaky, but nice. Communication could have been better. Pay was on time and direct deposit.
I worked for TSLLC for a short time last year
They pay hourly for editing voice recognition reports. Back then, very few of the reports were very good quality, most of them had to be pretty much retyped. The software might have learned some of those by now though, not sure as I didn't stay to find out. One thing I was told AFTER I started working there was that your hourly rate will most likely go down. During the first 3 months, you get paid the hourly rate you agreed upon and then they start charting how long you're actually playing the voice file and that's what you get paid for. In other words, every time you stop the voice to make corrections, you're not getting paid. They also constantly sent emails with stupid mistakes that other MTs/editors were making and I just got annoyed and quit. But all in all, it was actually a good company and I always got paid on time, and if I remember correctly, it was weekly. I would just recommend asking for a higher hourly rate to begin with or making sure it won't go down later, put something in the contract or something. Hope this helps and wasn't too confusing :)
I worked for a wonderful company. sm

It is pretty small and she will probably keep it that way.  She is the best boss, very knowledgeable and willing to share the knowledge, fair wages, sits right there every day typing or proofing along with everyone else, and she turned out to be a great friend.  I worked for her as long as I could but was making much more money doing radiology reports so made the decision finally to concentrate on that only.  We keep in touch and some day I may be back with her, who knows.    So, I would say not all companies are the same but the really good ones just may be harder to find. 

I worked a short time, El Centro & Salinas acct.
It took 3 1/2 solid days for the install (for free) System not too stable, had to contact tech support constantly. QA was from overseas, some inhouse. The account were also sent there after a certain time of day, 5pm I think it was. The particular account I worked on was really difficult lot of accents (account near Mexico border) A lot of slurring and speedy ones, they did not seem to care how they dictated. I am familiar with ESL too. I did not enjoy the experience.

There are times when someone is with a company a very short time but they are obviously sm
management material, especially if they have been management somewhere else in the past. I have never had anyone as a manager and am looking into that but it is difficult to figure out what and how to pay this person, what their duties will be and what kind of hours I need help during. I have had 15 of the same MTs for over 5 years and while they are all good MTs, they either do not want to be or would not make good managers, but someone I hired just 3 weeks ago is someone I am considering based on her experience and what she has proven to me in this short time.

In other industries, it is called the Fast Track to Management or Climbing the Corporate Ladder Quickly. Why should MT be any different?
They are wonderful! Pay on time, work always available, wonderful
Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
I worked for the same company the whole time and

just traveled for a year.  I downloaded via FTP site so as long as I had internet access I could work anywhere.  I have direct deposit so I didn't have to worry about that.   My family and I traveled through 34 states and Mexico and I worked the whole time.

Probably not what you were asking, but maybe something you hadn't considered. 

I worked for them for a short while.

Their method of transferring files was very frustrating, slow, archaic and clumsy.  Their record keeping is also pretty sloppy.  They are nice and absolutely pay on time.  There was never enough work in the account I was hired for and she kept putting me on other accounts on training wages.  I was up front about the lines I needed weekly and in which fields and she was in total agreement but it was rarely available and almost never in the field I was hired for.  I do not like sitting all day wondering if any work would be coming in so I had to move on....good luck! 

I worked for them for a short while also
and never got docked for quality but I found the system very combursum (sp) and struggled to get lines in.
I worked for them for a VERY short while....

So, the work was easy enough.  The first paycheck was very small, I believe I started mid pay period, still trying to get used to the work and such as that.  I got a check mailed to me, it was right, it was on time, no problem. 

Okay, the second check, another story.  So, 2 days after I should have received the check, I received an email from him instead saying how he needed to delay paying me because the funds weren't there yet.  He basically told me that I should go along with this because I should understand that he is building this company.  I told him this did NOT work for me and that I had nothing to do with building his company, I am not a share holder of his business, I only need a paycheck and I need it on time for my bills.  Well, he acted like I was just the most selfish person in the world to assume I would be paid on time for work done and made it like basically I should be doing it for free to help HIS company out.  We bickered back and forth by e-mail, he never returned my phone calls, I quit working for him, but I did finally get my check.

You sound so positive, which is wonderful. I have worked my...
tush off learning this, too. In the last 5+ years I have had 1 week-long vacation (that's all) and other than that have regularly exceeded transcription goals for my companies. My average is about 7000 to 8000 lines a week which is well above what most companies expect.

Like you said, it is blood, sweat, tears, and NOT so easy. I just want to work somewhere where I can be excited about my job, too. Congratulations to you for landing your perfect job.
I worked for them for a few short months
and could barely make 1000 lines a day.  Dunno if I just needed to put the pedal to the metal or if it was their system...
I worked for them a short while and found them to be.. sm
very nice and they were very accommodating. They treated me fairly and offered a fair line rate. I left for reasons of my own. It had nothing to do with the company and would recommend you give them a try. I was not out of work while I was there.
I worked for them for a short stint
They were not bad at all.  Paid more than most.  Paid on time.  Direct deposit.  It was a mix of VR and straight typing on a platform called Beyond Text.  Training was okay.  I left before I had the chance to really get a hold of it, but if you like VR and using shortcut keys, I didn't think it was too bad of a place.  I agreed to never disclosed pay, but it was higher than most you see on here.  I really liked the recruiter that posts on here.  She was very forthcoming.  Unless things have changed since the merge with MDI, then I would probably give them another shot if I were in the position to take on a full-time job.  Good luck to you! 
No job fits everyone. I worked there a short while (sm)
and one day got a snippety reply from a QA person I don't know what's wrong with you, most people from the company you came from love it here. Needless to say, good company or not, that one cranky remark set me off. I had worked there a week or so and of course had a couple of format issues.

I do see ads for them fairly frequently, so perhaps they aren't a good fit for everyone.

Use your own judgment, there are many good companies out there, we just have to pick around until we each find our perfect fit.

Good luck.
worked there, they micromanaged and pay was always short and
The first time I used them they were wonderful, the second
time they never got back to me until I asked a mutual acquaintance and then someone finally contacted me and said they had tried to contact me earlier but... yeah, right.  I don't think so!!  Needless to say I was disappointed! 
Have been with them a short time
I have been with them for about 3 weeks.  QA is very nice.  My account is very decent.  I can work whenever I feel like it as long as I put in my lines.  Bayscribe is a very easy and simple software to get used to.  Pay is excellent.  Overall, I'm pretty happy so far. 
No, and if it goes down, it is for very short time.
Yes. Quite a while ago and for a very short period of time.

Just wasn't a good fit and didn't feel good to me.  The pay was on time.  Platform was shoe-string transfers via e-mail but that could be different now.

I filled in for a short time . . sm
I worked for them about 3 years ago. They have a WP platform I believe. I thought it was a little fiddly, but not bad. Lots of OPs, big hospitals. They didn't bug me, just let me work. It's easy to make the lines if you're experienced. They really know what they are doing. If I needed the work, I would go back to them without hesitation.
I've been with them a short time.....sm
and am very happy. Nice folks, good accounts and good pay.
The choice is for a short time @ all SM
companies.  As more and more accounts and job types are run through VR, the straight typist will find herself without work at times.  When they tell someone they have no work, they will be told that if they would do VR they would have plenty of work.  That's how it goes.  Company will tell the MTs it's a choice, but even they know that eventually it will be forced upon everyone if they want to have steady work.
I worked for them previously. Very good, growing co., wonderful MTSO, average pay but lots of work.
Just a matter of time - the Indians know they are being short-changed. nm
She was talking abt not meeting standards in a short time - sm
like a week. Doesn't sound like she was good enough to keep around for longer.
The grass, in my opinion, is definitely not greener. I left QT and a short time later, sm
I came back and was never happier that I did. I should never have left in the first place. I think QT is, by far, one of the most flexible, good-paying, understanding company to work for. I actually enjoy when it is a little slow and volunteer to have a day off. I love to have a day to myself every once and a while.

In regard to the person who waits 30 minutes for work, just call again. Sometimes, the office people get side tracked and then might forget that they didn't get work routed. L told me once, if I didn't have work in 10 minutes, call again. Usually, if this happens to me, the person says something line, Oh, I got busy and totally forgot, I'm sorry, I'll do it right away. Sorry about the long post, I just happen to think that QT is the best company out there! ;)
They are really a wonderful company with little or no
turnover in staff. The owner really knows how to treat his staff well.
yes the do!! a wonderful company
Wonderful company.
Wonderful company!
I love working with MTA.  Pay is good and on time.  Hours are flexible (probably depending on account).  Lynn is very organized and great to work for. 
I think someone on the Main Board had this problem a short time ago. Maybe a search there will show
Transform is a WONDERFUL company!!
They pay on time, helpful, wonderful/nice people.  They are pretty much everything you would want!
Was there a short time last year. You work as an employee, not IC. Different software/diff. accts.
I personally can't sit for 4 hours at a time. I work 2 hous, sign off and take a short break.

It might just be fixing something to drink or starting a load of laundry.  If you did something like that then you wouldn't have to worry about a disconnect and possibly losing a report. 


The company sounds wonderful, by chance....
do you need a really dedicated Radiology MT???? 
I work for SmartScripts and they are a wonderful company.
Plenty of work and pay is always on time.
Axolotl is a wonderful company but not sure if hiring. SM
You are welcome to email me if you want.  Good luck
I just declined a position with a wonderful company due to
How many of you work for a company with a Tues thru Sat or Sun through Thur schedule? How can you possibly due this every weekend? I would have no problem working a rotating weekend schedule every 3 to 4 weeks, but EVERY weekend when I have kids and family time is important? Please explain this to me, as I just cannot see how it is possible. Thanks!
Proscript is a wonderful company, great people. nm