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They are wonderful! Pay on time, work always available, wonderful

Posted By: just me on 2009-03-10
In Reply to: Transform (also) - Gretch


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  • Transform (also) - Gretch
    • They are wonderful! Pay on time, work always available, wonderful - just me

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Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
The first time I used them they were wonderful, the second
time they never got back to me until I asked a mutual acquaintance and then someone finally contacted me and said they had tried to contact me earlier but... yeah, right.  I don't think so!!  Needless to say I was disappointed! 
I worked there for a short time. Wonderful company.
I went and got my own clients, so I couldn't do both. Pay was adequate and on time by direct deposit. I had a teaching hospital, good account, some difficult ESL, some not so difficult. Bayscribe platform is okay, had to get used to it. I personally was not fond of it, but to each their own.

The long distance phone service was not an issue. I used the Verizon unlimited LD and regional plan $49.99 per month.

All-in-all, my experience was good while there. Every company has their ups and downs. It all depends on what your individual needs are and how far out of your comfort zone you want to go.

Good luck!

Wonderful to work for
MDI is great!  They have a large variety of WT from acute care to clinic to private.  I cannot speak for others regarding line rate, but I started at 9.5 cpl 2 years ago. There has always been plenty of work for me and I am sure that is the case all around.  The owner, team leaders, and operations are the best people I have ever worked for or with, and I have been in this profession for over 30 years. 
TSSC is a wonderful co to work for for ICs. sm

Guess it just didn't work out for the poster above.  

I work for KS. Its a wonderful place

to work.  You are treated well, they listen to your concerns, pay is on time.  If for whatever reason, you don't like your account, just ask for another one.  If your good, they want to please you so you will stay with them.   It's in the top two on my list.  Spheris, oh no.   You have to get used to taking tests for these companies, that's just the way it is.  Test and wait, test and wait.    Good luck.


TransTech is a wonderful place to work
I work for SmartScripts and they are a wonderful company.
Plenty of work and pay is always on time.
I work on an ortho account. Keystrokes is just wonderful! They will help you in every way possible
and seem to really care about each person.  They have been very good to me and I am very thankful to have a job with such a great company!
I did some overflow work for Landmark.. they are wonderful to work for.. very nice people.. pay was
I agree with Tasha...I am having a wonderful experience at Keystrokes...plenty of work...
I worked for them previously. Very good, growing co., wonderful MTSO, average pay but lots of work.
Keystrokes has great ortho accounts and a wonderful manager over the ortho work. sm
I have worked with them for 4 years and will never leave unless something drastically changes. I do not post here normally as it seems that there are so many negative people, but this is one I felt I could answer without being attacked.
It IS wonderful!

I have worked in many places in 30+ years, but this is by far the best.  Very well organized. Lots of open communication.  Ongoing conversations with your fellow editors throughout your shift.  They will listen and help on jobs that you have trouble with.  The management treats you with utmost respect.  We are all called colleagues - no superiority complexes here.  I say go for it.  I have only been here a month myself but wonder what took me so long to get here!  Please join us!!

I am so glad that I found this company. Great pay, great dictators, great platform, pay is always on time, what more could I want?
Since you are new everything probably seems wonderful...
because it is at first...and then the more time goes by and you keep running out of work, have your e-mails come back unanswered when you question why there is no work, etc...then you will understand...if you still love it after you have been there a few more months then good for you...but obviously there is more than one person who feels this way...
That would be wonderful! (nm)
I use this one and it is wonderful!
www.nolimitlongdistance.com.  The ad should be up at MTStars shortly but meantime you can go to the website.  I use it and have logged in about 12000 minutes this last month.  Still only $24.95 flat rate.  You need high-speed Internet though but other than that, it can be used anywhere in the country. 
My sup seems to think is it wonderful too but not the MTs nm
It may very well be wonderful for SM

the people who are posting about whatever company.  What makes one place great for them may not be your cup of tea.  It doesn't mean they are lying.  Maybe they landed on a good account.  Maybe they have a huge Expander and can make money anywhere.  Maybe they like Meditech, who knows.

But to call them liars, recruiters or anything else is not fair.

Thanks for your help. It looks wonderful.
And you are a gem for telling us about this. A big Thank you! :)
How wonderful could they be
if they were using OS MTs and did not tell the client? That stinks on ice.
Great deal! I am SO glad to hear that you have an interested audience. PLEASE come back and let us know how it goes. Good luck!!!
There is a wonderful saying
PAY PEANUTS, GET MONKEYS. How on earth they can expect quality for that price is just beyond me. I hope none of us enables their bad behavior by accepting such jobs. Believe me, it is not worth it.
QA can be wonderful, BUT
Most of the time my QA is terrific, can occasionally help me out.  For the most part, the blanks I leave they can't fill in either.  The only time I get frustrated with QA is when the QA person obviously has less experience than I do and changes things that I have done correctly to be INCORRECT.  IMO, QA people should be seasoned and well-rounded MT's.  I can't for the life of me understand why a company would put a 2-year MT in QA to do QA for MT's that have say 15 years of experience.  Usually the 2-year MT is one of the ones that NEEDS QA, simply because they have not had time to learn all the surgical terms, terms for all kinds of specialties, etc.  I don't care how fantastic you are at grammar and spelling, nor how fast you learn, for QA experience should be a must and it's just not something a 2-3 year MT has enough of.  It drove me nuts at one company I worked for when they would welcome a new QA person and say they had been an MT for 2-3 years and would now be checking the work of all MTs, many of whom had 10+ and far beyond years of experience.  I think odds are good that these are the QA people who change correct dictation to incorrect, and it just frustrates me and makes me nuts that my good name/#/initials, whatever, are on a report that I took great pains to make high quality, and then a QA person changes it to subpar and sends it through in my name, to go in a patient's medical record with errors that I did not put there and should not be there.  Anyone else experience this?
that is wonderful! There are sm
many MTs out there still able to make a living at this if they are willing to work.....even with lower cpl wages
a WONDERFUL job and how do sm
we due this every weekend? You are only working one weekend day. This is the healthcare field. Some companies require a weekend day and that is how it is. How do you adjust your family time during the week? What's the difference?

This profession has gotten ridiculous. First it started with schools touting the profession as a work at home job and everybody and his brother, sister, aunt, uncle wanted to work at home. Now that it is classified as work at home, now its too hard to work a weekend day? If you were in a hospital setting you would have to work weekends there. I get so tired of hearing this stuff.

If the job is wonderful as you say and you are not taking it for the only reason being you have to work Saturday (having Sunday and Monday off, or Friday and Saturday, then go work in a bank for crying out loud.

This is the real world and if you need to work, this is what it is. Your comment on please explain this to me as I just cannot see how it is possible absolutely amazes me. Where is hubby on Saturday? You have your time after work on Saturday just as you would during the week.

Sorry, you need to explain this as I cannot see how you think this is an impossible situation. There are plenty of folks out there who would love to have that job. Sounds like they deserve it more and wouldn't whine either.
What a wonderful moment.
Those don't come around that often. We all know that "no work" isn't always a good thing, but she got a fabulous morning out of it. Let her enjoy it, and let's hope we get one like that soon!
They are really a wonderful company with little or no
turnover in staff. The owner really knows how to treat his staff well.
Thanks to all the wonderful MTs who have responded to the ads
as well as to all those who have been with us awhile. Sue and I, along with Wendy and Vikki, Nancie, Diane, Pat, and the rest of the staff are so grateful to everyone who helps make this a great place to work and a success. We are very happy that so many new MTs will be joining us.
You sound wonderful
Or at least give me a chance to test with you?
Where are all these wonderful extras we are getting.
I would much rather be SE than this new plan.
Has been a wonderful experience for me. SM

The attitude and support I have received there have been great.  The QA is strict but very helpful, and it is actually a pleasure to work for them. The manager is a truly good person, hard to find in this field.

Sandy is Wonderful!
I worked for Fast Chart when I very first started out at home almost 8 years ago. Very honest!. The pay is not great, but you will be paid each and every time without a doubt. Also, you will have plenty of work. The consistency of reports was also excellent. If  I ever had to go back to find a job, I would work for her again in a heartbeat. I cannot say that for too many companies anymore.
yes the do!! a wonderful company
Oh good. She is wonderful
and extremely helpful.

Everybody there is, but when a new account starts up, they are quite busy, which can't really be helped, I'm sure.
Is this from the wonderful OSi QA manager?
This is what I would expect from her.
They are wonderful for Indian MT.
Get out of town!!Wow how wonderful! I will look you up there.
I am wiseoldowl2000 and have been on there since 1992, though my exhusband had been on since 2000. The night my son was born he overbid on something he already had he was so excited. But I was not yet in the E=bay world. I will definitely look you up. We should have an e bay board here, I don't know about anyone else, but I am more addicted to e bay than I am transcribing! LOL. :)
You know, this made me think of a wonderful job at
I had a great job at Diskriter.  It was a great account, and I would have been very happy, but...the MTs were allowed to email each other.  From the start, I was getting lots of emails from some gals on the account, and some on other accounts, all warning me about this and that, letting me in on the - poop - so to speak, making me feel welcome, but giving me a heads up about all the injustices, etc.  As old as I am, and as experienced in the ways of the world as I thought, I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Had a negative outlook and just a miserable experience, which, it turned out, was created by my wonderful coworkers who were basically trying to pull one over on me and get me to quit.  Which worked perfectly. I was so shocked by the time I figured out what had gone on, and how perfectly these lovely coworkers played me like a fiddle.  Lesson learned, but boy I wish I had it to do over again.  Its just your comments about getting emails right at the start warning you - I think its a ploy and a trick to get newcomers who are a threat to be unhappy and leave right away.  So, your mind was already poisoned to KS before you even got started.
Wonderful company.
Wonderful Webmx

Too many MTs, if you are to believe this board, have applied here and put on ice.  They apparently make a practice of overhiring.  I, myself, did the oral test with them, did great I was told (it was almost all abbreviations/eponyms) ....and then told by the recruiter that there were no jobs at the moment, but that since I had applied for 3rd shift, something should be coming up soon .....and that I should take the transcription test in the meanwhile (4 basic 4 tests).  NOW WHY SHOULD WANT TO DO THAT, GIVE THEM ANOTHER FEW HOURS OF MY TIME, TO BE PUT ON HOLD???? 

____ed once, shame on YOU, ___ed twice, shame on ME.





Wonderful addition -sm
Thank you for adding it to the list. The two of you need to represent all of us. How about forming a union? I'll join. Just tell me when and where to sign up. Thanks again!!
Wonderful post...
But I didn't think any company paid 10 cpl.  How long have you been with Keystrokes in order to make 10 cpl?  Do they base your pay on the difficulty of your accounts?
Wonderful company!
I love working with MTA.  Pay is good and on time.  Hours are flexible (probably depending on account).  Lynn is very organized and great to work for. 
Wonderful Idea!
I do think it's a great idea! I started out at 6 cents per line 19-20 years ago and, over the years, have managed to get myself up to 10, 11, and, in some cases, 12 cents per line. At one time, I subcontracted for someone who was making 15 cents per line and was paying me 10-11 cents per line. But I think, I mean I know, those days are over, especially in this economy. As transcribers, we know how tedious and time-consuming the work is and we know what we should be paid. Realistically, though, with all the options dictators have nowadays, it is difficult. Even after all my years in the business, I have recently had to work for 8-9 cents per line, and it absolutely killed me to do it, but I needed a paycheck! I think that, at minimum, we should expect at least 10 cents per line. When you have years of experience and skill, it is really insulting to have to work for any less than that, though I know that many of us do what we have to in order to provide for our families, including myself. But I honestly think 10 cents, for an experienced transcriptionist, is as low as we should go.
Wonderful Idea!!! nm
You bet Keystrokes is WONDERFUL! sm
They are great to work for, no VR and they appreciate you. The only folks who really WANT to do VR are the ones who are no good at transcribing. Problem is they aren't very good at VR either. There are plenty of really good MTs doing VR who don't want to be and should be.
Wonderful job and you passed it by because
of a 1 day weekend work? For me it is work and make money. If you want to pretend to be prima donna then go for it. Hospital work is 24/7, not when convenient for you to work. If family time so important, why not just quit altogether? Oh, I forgot, some need to make a living. I am sure someone out there very happy you turned down such a wonderful job. Your loss, their gain.
Not true, I get that for a WONDERFUL VA account. NM
Wonderful VA account??? Now I know you aren't an MT.