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I would suggest just checking into other

Posted By: sm on 2005-09-14

companies to see if you can find a fit for you. I personally have gone back to IC work because I'm tired of the hassles you have to deal with as an employee. Good luck to you, hope it all works out in the end.

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I'd suggest checking the link enclosed. There are
Just checking
Linda Hill and TU are both alive and well. What do you want to know?
I am going to check mine as well. I understood they paid for this on the first page only is this correct?
Okay, just checking. Please
Any way you can send me an email, cassy? I have some information but would rather not post here (you'll understand once I tell you)!
try checking with the BBB
i am a religious person and would be skeptical of a company that invoked His name in this business.
enough already with checking spelling and - nm
just checking - testing
testing testing
Checking on Spheris
Need help.....anybody out there work for Spheris?  Need honest opinions about the company please!
I'm checking into it. Thanks for your patience.
From my checking around TTS has lowest pay
I will be checking on this. No fair
I currently work QA there and am paid by the line. If they are bringing on new people at an hourly rate, then we all need to be switched to hourly.
she's here checking on her own reputation. nm
Checking credentials
Agree with you Gourdpainter, checking credentials explains many things. The roller coaster started the down slide several years back and will pretty soon be at the point of no return, if not there already. One could sing the song The Way We Were.
ok. just checking. thought maybe the whole
board had been blocked for some reason or other. lol. pouring cats and dogs here, and supposed to have a condo association picnic today! not without my scuba gear! Have a nice day too.
Hi Siren, I was checking the MD-IT website and sm
they acquired SecureMTSource back in June also. Maybe if you check out some of the people who went through it already, that might help. Try a search for SecureMTSource.
I applied with them before checking with MT Stars...

but their offer was so low-ball I declined, after taking their rather rigorous and pain-in-the-neck test.  Then I remembered this board and started reading... and thought phew, I dodged THAT bullet! 

This is not just about MTSO checking credit. It is
I just spent a lot of time checking the web and the
personally attempt it. Maybe you will get some good feedback from people who actually work there, but there was enough information here for me to realize it may not be the place for me personally... I will see if you get any responses, because I am wondering if there are good things there too... Good luck to you!
I've been checking mine today
They seem pretty accurate, same as for the past +1 year.
One supervisor I had actually said, "They should be checking these reports." uh no, not dr
and she still has her high-paying job while me and others are in the dirt. 
There are so many things we MT's need to look for when checking out jobs opportunities ...

We can ask and ask questions, but hard to cover all the bases.  There is so much to weigh when looking into these companies anymore.  Transtech offers us 11 PTO days, but no sick time, vacation time, NOR paid holidays.  Only paid for the holiday if you work it ! 

I guess the office employees didn't get paid for the holiday, even though they were at home and the office doors closed !

Have been timing off system and checking back in every so often (sm)
so I don't show too many hours on. Used to work for Medquist and their time clock made you paranoid about things like this.
OP is checking opportunity by coming here. Dont
If you're paid by the line, and not for checking - sm
demographics, then the more time you spend checking demographics, the more you are working for free. A little bit of it is one thing, a lot of it is quite another.
What would you suggest?
I'm not being sarcastic or trying to start a riot. Just an honest question. What would your suggestions be to improve a company/industry? I'm talking good, honest, detailed suggestions. Alot of complaining going on... I can understand that. But let's actually DO something about it. Let's have some constructive posts now. Who knows, maybe some of the 'higher ups' are readining and would like some good feasible suggestions. I'll start.

I think shift differentials are a great idea. Maybe an extra cent per line for 6 pm to midnight and maybe 1.5 center per line for midnight to 6 a.m.

Your turn.
Here is what I would suggest.....sm
A flexible schedule for at-home MTs. You give the company a monthly schedule in advance with your commitment. I want to work within a 24- hour time period to get my commitment done.

I want to be left alone to do my job and not have annoying e-mails all day.

I would like to have tons of work, so I am able to make a decent paycheck.

I would like to see tech support 24/7.

Communication regarding account updates, how much work is on them daily.

An account liason to contact for any questions or problems and have a person on the other end and not a voice message system.

A transcription platform that is MT friendly, meaning one voice and document screen with demographics and report. Automatic physician rosts, templates, and search features for difficult dictators previous reports. Software that has an expander, preferrably Word based, and preferrably Stedman's Spellcheck programmed in it.

I would like to see a decent line pay, especially for experienced MTs. I believe that quality-driven experienced MTs with 15-20 years or more doing Acute Care should receive a better line rate than less experienced MTs. Experience with quality should be rewarded.

I think that if all the MTs did their jobs on Fridays and throughout the week, less or no weekend work would be required. I suggest no mandatory weekend work unless we want it.

I suggest an MT be recognized some how for her excellent efforts, either at Christmas time or MT Week.

Yearly bonuses or profit-sharing for the MTs would be awesome!

I also suggest the company provide the ability for the MT to move up the ladder within the company when the opportunity presents itself.

These are my suggestions. I do not need health insurance, as I am covered with my husband. So, that is not an issue for me; however, I also prefer working as an IC or statutory.

Flexibility - That is what working at home is all about.

MTs keep their line or minute commitments, MTSOs keep their commitments to their MTs and clients, and every one will be happy!

The MT world can be such a beautiful place!
I would suggest
The MT who wrote about MDI being nice posted up further. Take a look and learn a lesson. I happen to agree with her!
So, how would you suggest...sm
I get into a recruiting position? Is cold-calling and sending letter/resume the best way? I've been there and done it all as well and would love to get into recruiting. I rarely see ads for this position.
Hi, I have recieved a mail from Rapid that they pain me 300 US dollar per month. I am wondering 300???????? US dollar is very low rate of transcription, how can they say that to me.
also suggest--sm
that you go to the MQ board on here and just read some of the posts there..see if you would like to be a part of that group. also, from what I believe, Spheris offshores, at least that is what I heard.
Where would you suggest then?
What companies do you suggest then?
I would suggest you go for
employee status and not IC.  No, insurance is not affordable.  I have been an IC for many years and the only way I can do this is because my husband carries insurance on me.  There is also a self-employment tax that you have to claim for the IRS and you have to be a very responsible person when it comes to setting aside part of your paycheck every time to anticipate paying your taxes so you don't end up with a shortfall.  The advantage USED TO BE but isn't anymore that you could be very flexible with your hours but MTSOs have found a way around that.  They are now pretty much dictating what/when/how and not having to give you any benefits.  Trust me, ICs don't make more anymore.
Then I would suggest
getting another job with a good platform. They are out there. What kind do you have now?
Personal computers and have no idea WHAT they are checking for, but they will not get a chance!nm
I would suggest you try Spheris.
Cannot get my check. What do you suggest?
I need that money, bad.
Anyone suggest a company with
affordable health insurance?  Thanks in advance
I too suggest contacting them. sm
From my experience they are very happy to try to work things out with you. 
So suggest something. You want another subject,
And I would suggest we begin by having a SM
better education system. The school systems have gone downhill and other countries are ahead of us in math and science.
If this is your attitude, I would suggest sm

that you not move forward with Webmedx.  Nothing against your point of view, you are within your rights to have your opinion about VR, but it is not the right attitude to have or to display with this company.

The CEO is full bore, gung ho for VR.  You need to know that.  Most every account that I know of is VR for the most part.  If you are resisting it, you will not fit in with this company. 

If we shut up as you suggest....
What I suggest is that you get those fingers
working to make money before that rate changes. Don't waste time on here. This does not pay you a thing, just gets your blood pressure up.
calculus is with and acalculous is without. I knew that, just double checking. Thnx!
I would also suggest to check the archives. SM

I have never worked from home before, always in-house.

I have worked for Transcend for roughly 2 months. I have found everyone to be very professional and willing to help, understanding as well. Aside from only a couple e-mails not being replied to, all of my inquiries to managment, trainers, and technical support have been answered in a professional, prompt manner.

The new platform they are using does have a few bugs, but they are working on it and have made improvements even since I started on it a week ago. It is a little faster to get reports and is easy to navigate now that I've used it a week.

The pay has been right on time. The work is there on my account, however, most of it comes later in the evening. I do know e-mails often get sent out for help on other accounts.  My main account has VERY little ESL. There are many samples to go by as well and that helps greatly. There is quite a bit of formatting to learn with each separate account, but like with any new job, policies and procedures take a while to get locked into the brain.

My main problem is getting my line count up as my family is not cooperating with me!

It's just like working at McDonald's or Burger King. Either you like McD's fries or you don't. It's all in what you like and what you can accept, etc.

I suggest contacting Medware
wanting to know information that should come directly from them, not people "that they think they are in the know."
So what would you suggest? Typing ER work
Hardly ever happens. I suggest you call the office. (sm)
Must be a problem with your connection. 
I suggest you do your own search. What works for
I have had recent experience with FI and I would suggest
you give them a try.  Their techs are overseas but much many of their MTs and accounts are here.  The work I QA'd was done by American MTs - I've done both so I know.  Like another poster down below tho - I would never give notice somewhere else - I would try both for a while and then make the change to one if you truly like it - it will only take a week to 10 days for you to find out if you like it.
I don't work for Transtech but I'd suggest that sm
if you are so unhappy there, find another company. There are LOTS out there, where you might be able to find a better fit. You are not stuck at this place if it doesn't suit you.

Take care and please have a safe and happy holiday season.