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If you are IC, the company is NOT your employer.

Posted By: Do you get that? Not saying be discourteous. nm on 2008-02-15
In Reply to: give me a break - FLMT


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Reminded her the company is not employer of IC.
Sorry, that should be employer!
If I were an employer
and observed the way some of the people behave on this board. I think I'd be giving psychological tests as well.
As with any employer..
They expect you to work your shift. If you want a schedule that is flexible, become an IC.
You need to ask your employer how they
count lines. Vary from MTSO to facility. Everybody is different.
No. If you are an IC your employer does
not withhold anything, you are totally responsible for federal and state and SS taxes. Most companies pay the IC a higher rate than employees because taxes are not withheld.

They are an at-will employer
and if you can't do x-number of lines in an x-amount of time with 98% or better accuracy, 40+ hours a week on a strict schedule, don't even bother. You can just imagine the kind of accounts they have.
No, this they cannot do, not an employer,
this is discrimination.
Health insurance company operate like that.
Do you ask your employer's permission to do everything
in your life?

I don't. I did what was best for me.

They purchase my skills and expertise from me while I am on the clock for them. I don't share their secrets with the enemy nor vice versa. I have maintained my quality and production the entire time I've worked for them.

I don't ask for permission before I go do what I need to for my household.

You're right. MQ doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Spheris would not feel the same way, probably.
MDI is very good as an employer, think they
have IC status but not sure and also may have SE status.  They are flexible as long as the accounts stay in turn-around time.  They are good to work for.  I have been there since 3/2004, started part time, went full time in 05/2004 after I tried them out to see how I would like it. 
To tell current employer or not? SM

I am currently looking for a new job.  I love it where I work now, but need benefits and they do not offer them.  On applications they want to know if they can contact current/prior employers.  I certainly don't want to put no (as I'm quite sure that would raise a red flag), but I just worry how my current employer will react if he gets a call from prospective new employers asking about me.

Should I write my current employer and explain why I'm looking for work rather than let him be shocked to get a call out of the blue?  Guess I already know the answer, but am so worried.  Would hate to burn my bridges if the new job doesn't work out.  Ugh...I sound terrible.

What would you do?


By all means ask. I have and my employer was
They want you to be as productive as possible. If you're not producing lines, they aren't billing and receiving for them either!

Do you always believe what your employer tells you?
I worked for a local company and transcribed university hospital and VA reports.  The company was pretty busy - 100 MTs across the country and the owner whined all the time about how he couldn't make ends meet and couldn't pay MTs more - blah, blah, blah - but I certainly never got any tissues out during these meetings.  We found out from the bookkeeper later that the company charged and got18 cents per line and that was 6 years ago.  Then he increased his charge to a large account the next contract bid and lost it and and didn't have the guts to lay off by senority and just let everyone keep working with promises they were seeking new accounts that didn't happen very quickly at all while we were all out of work and scrapping to find what we could.  It is called GREED.   
been there, done that - on the employer side..sm
not a lawyer, and not MT environment at that time. Did briefs, etc when working as secretary in legal dept of company (factory type/employee paid piecemeal wages for on-site work). Unless you can prove the time card was fraudulently filed (the hours were not actually worked), the company is responsible for payment of the OT. The advanced approval is not part of the law, only of the company policy. The company's recourse is through discipline for failure to follow company policy, but cannot withold pay. The laws have been tweaked some since then, but not to that point.
Best employer who provides equipment
I may be changing jobs soon.  I will spare you the gory details of why.  Anyway, can someone tell me who you consider to be the best employer?  I need one who provides the employee's equipment.  I am also looking for one that does not offshore, pays well (I have 25 years experience), good insurance, steady work, minimal ESL, HOPEFULLY DAY SHIFT OPENINGS M-F, and let's see, I guess that would mean I am looking for the perfect employer!   Opinions invited!
As long as the new employer does not
contact them, and you can request they not, how would they know??
If Transolutions is not your employer
I don't care what location your talking about.  Transolutions in Illinois advertises they do not outsource. The connection to India is clearly the company in Illinois. 
Is that employer's initial FI? nm
Depends on who the employer is ...
and if it's okay with them ... signed confidentiality agreements and QA issues can make this a deal breaker.... not to mention income reporting for the IRS ...

You MIGHT be able to act as a and MTSO or subcontractor ... but I'd check the fine print of YOUR contract. I've known of people who did this -- usually an older MT mentoring a newbie family member with 100% QA on all work -- but problems with keeping within TAT and, I think, the requirement to use a very very basic platform in which overlap of login/hours/senders would not intrude ... might work, but might not be worth the effort.

Doing such a thing behind an employer's back is a gonna bite you in the butt move for sure. IMHO there's a fairly strong likelihood you'd get caught, so get it okayed before you try.
The IC who works on an employer-SM
directed schedule and is required to ask for time off and other things only employees do is the same as the person who wants to come in and do transcription for 4 cpl.  It DOES impact the situations ICs can find in the future - the first thing the MTSO says is **well, I have ICs who work the schedule I tell them to and if you won't I'll find more people who will**
eTransPlus is my employer (SM)
and they do not have any VR accounts. Sorry about the confusion.
From what my employer says, the 50 have to be within so may miles of one another
Yes, there have to be 50 but they have to be within a certain mile radius before we are eligible for FMLA.  It really doesn't count for home MTs if this is the case.
Let me get this straight. Your employer
sold out to a company who offshores to India, and now you may well be going the route of Cbay, Medquist, etc., with all your work dwindling & being sent to Indians, and YOU feel guilty? That's absurd. I have no sympathy or loyalty or appreciation for ANY company who sends our work overseas, sacrificing patient safety for the almighty buck and thereby screwing over American MTs.
3rd largest DOMESTIC employer
Besides MedQ and Spheris, who else has 750 domestic MTs?  And to answer your question before you ask; yes, CyMed really does have that many.  I work in the corporate office and they've been stuffing envelopes for employee Christmas cards and gifts all week.  (Finally getting them out the door on Monday.)
that employer requires employees not to say anything on the
Any employer who is late or gets the pay wrong better think twice
about what they are doing. If you think word does not get out, it does. The statement this poster made about paying well rings true. I know several people who work for one very popular MT service that is supposed to pay well who never get paid on the day they are supposed to or the pay is always wrong (this service is not mentioned in this thread) and their reason for staying is that their pay is so good. I say ditto what this poster is saying. If you have to pay late fees and such what good is good pay? I know a couple of people who are always worried about whether they are going to get paid on time and if it is, if it will be right. There is something wrong with this picture and no, I will not mention the service but it has not been mentioned in this thread.
Isn't it illegal now for an ex-employer to bash?

What questions should I ask an employer before I accept the job?

I am new in this business and have already been screwed by empty promises.  I want to try and get it right this time.  I would like to know what I should ask before accepting this position. 



They asked for client not employer
Told them employer. She asked 3 times for the hospital I transcribe for on behalf of the employer. Thanks for confirmation. Glad I didn't get hired...shame on them...they offshore anyway...
you will find ESLs with every employer, nm
Nothing wrong with that but many recommend to their employer
privately so nothing gets posted just to weed out those that might not be qualified...understand...protecting a good employer from having to wade through resumes and resumes of nonqualified applicants. Referral by word of mouth is very much accepted without having to post publicly but rather privately to those MTs that are known to be good and this has been happening since the internet
So who is their 2006 Employer of the Year?
Agree. And it is up to you if you want to be non-IC but yet not have your employer pay the taxes
Thanks...I'll check with new employer to see which one (sm)
they have..Hope it's Meditech Client! 
Harassing e-mail from ex-employer.
Every employer makes their own decision about that.
If IM is an employer requirement, just load it and put on your..


I vote for OSi ~ Employer of the Year!!
Long ago, an employer said we'd get insurance (sm)
and I started paying into it. But I never got any info, & was too young & dumb to follow up on it. About 7 or 8 months later I asked about it, and employer told me you have no insurance. When I said then I wanted the money back I'd been paying into it every month, she threatened to fire me over it. All I wanted was what was rightfully mine - either the money or the insurance. I later quit, but filed a claim with the state's LABOR BOARD, and not only won the suit & got my money back, but put her out of business as well.
Transcend uses VR and is a great employer!
Yes, I'm prejudiced because I work here!  Check our our website for more information at http://www.transcendservices.com/corporate/careers/.  We've been using voice recognition for more than 2 years now and our platform is very user friendly and produces excellent drafts.  The training department and management is really committed to everyone's success in the editor.  I asked for some help driving up my lines per hour in the Editor and a trainer is emailing me my LPH per week, along with tips on which shortcuts I'm not utilizing to help me reach my goal.  I'm currently at 280 LPH editing, compared to about 180 LPH transcribing. 
Your employer sets the parameters.
They determine what characters are counted in your lines and how many characters equate to a line.

No, it doesn't cheat anyone. It is set by the values it is loaded with.

I think you should check with your employer. It seems to me they would have to notify you,
because I think they would have to offer you COBRA, which you probably couldn't afford anyway as you would have to pay the full premium, but it seems like you would have to be notified that you benefits were being terminated.
It could be a setting. Ask your employer to check it. nm
You already pay your taxes, just employer takes
I would recommend them as an employer if that helps -
I don't know what specific questions you might have, but if you want to post a couple I will try to help.
If I were an employer who didn't want complaining, I'd be -
fair and above-board with my employees, to begin with. And I'd probably have my hands full with running the business properly, not checking internet sites to see who said what.

And if I did have an MT that was still complaining, better she do it here, than show up in the office someday with an Ouzi in her hands.

There are safe ways to vent, and dangerous ways to vent. This is the safe one.
Equipment rental from employer
I cannot seem to find any information on this...if I am paying my employer a monthly computer rental fee, is that amount taxable or nontaxable on my paycheck?  TIA
I have had a raise every year at my employer
So, yes, there are people that do get raises.
As a true IC, an employer cannot dictate
your hours, you decide when you work. However, they have the right to terminate anyone who they think is not working out to what they need. They can request you work, but they cannot force an IC to work.
I was hired by my current employer over
the phone on the first interview, the day I sent my resume in; no tests or anything; and there was no way they checked my references before the call (I got a call 30 min. after emailing them). I never heard from anyone whether they had or not. I wouldn't worry about it.
Just an FYI, my current employer asked about the many different

companies I had worked for and made a comment something like I see you've been quite a few different nationals.  I simply stated that MTs jumping from job to job is the nature of the industry these days what with losing work to offshoring to India without any prior notice.  That seemed to be a satisfactory answer. 

I think more supervisors than we know realize that the MT industry is tough these days and they know that MTs will work for a number of different companies looking for adequate work flow or good fit. 

Then you have to consider too that new services pop all of the time or disappear.  Bigger companies buy them out and they cease to exist or a supervisor leaves a company and starts her own.  So as much as MTs jump around a lot, one could certainly use the excuse that I've really only worked for three companies, but all were bought out by bigger companies so I list them all on my resume.

The bottom line is to say you discard resumes if an MT has jumped around too much is absurd and you've probably missed out on some really good, professional MTs.  That's just my take on it.

Oh and it never hurts to through in I'm looking for a place to call home...  in an interview too.  Sups love that stuff!