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If you are an IC you shouldn't have to ASK to take

Posted By: me on 2008-02-14
In Reply to: Focus - FLMT

off, you tell them you will be off. 

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shouldn't ask but...
do you know the approximate line rate?
Shouldn't be the MT's job.

I DO NOT THINK IT IS THE MT’s responsibility to make followup calls after hired.  What do you pay the people in the office a nice fat hourly wage to do?  Sit in the office and surf forums and expect an MT to do their job for them?  


I can tell you one thing, if I wasn’t contacted back after hired I would find somewhere else to work! Jobs in this field are a dime a dozen. A company who would “forget” about me as fast as they hired me WOULD NOT deserve me, (usually most companies at least will wait a week or two to do that). 


This goes for all of the places that would do that to an MT and wasting their valuable time.  The nerve of these places. Shame on them. 


Just giving my 2 cents. 

Should I or Shouldn't I?
Went on interview with a hospital for transcription position.  I've been a MT 29 years now, last 10 years working for various transcription companies.  This particular hospital is very small, maybe 200 beds, but have merged with a larger hospital organization.  At present the transcriptionists are paid only hourly, but director says an incentive plan is on the table but not finalized yet.  The benefits are excellent.  Toward the end of the year, the transcriptionists will have the option to work from home, all equipment and everything provided by hospital.  There are only 2 shifts, day and evening, of which I will work evenings. The transcription also includes radiology.  When I asked about a minimum of maximum line requirement, Director says transcriptionists are not on production per se but minutes typed, anywhere from 60 to 100 minutes a day, and that would depend on the difficulty of the dictator, as she would not expect the maximum if the dictator was difficult to transcribe.   I will be getting a phone call tomorrow as to an offer, as the pay rates have changed since the merger, but  the old pay schedule was a base of $10.80 hourly and  max $18.80 hourly.    There will be probably a 20 to 25 mile commute one way.  What would you consider an acceptable offer.   I know the bottom line is what is affordable for me, but just want to get you guys input on the whole take.
Thanks in advance!
RE: Should I or Shouldn't I?
Accept the hourly offer, my opinion, whatever the final dollar amount.
Right, but we shouldn't have to look it up
That's what those machines are for, remember?

Right - I shouldn't have to
they wouldn't hop along on their butts.
You shouldn't. But you will, believe me.
You shouldn't have to pay a fee, but there is a fee
involved that is usually absorbed by the company, but evidently JLG doesn't want to foot the cost. 
They shouldn't be taking someone right off the
This profession isn't greeting or flipping burgers at Wal-Mart or McDonald's.   Why hire someone off the street with no skills in the first place?
Shouldn't u be working?
FT or PT shouldn't matter.

Pay should be based on your abilities and quality of your work instead of how much you can do sloppy just to get your lines.  There's nobody stopping you from going PT with several different companies.  I would never put all my eggs in one basket since every place runs low on work or overhires, etc... 

Makes more sense to me to work PT as an IC, unless you absolutely need benefits through an MT company, which I'd never trust since you don't know how long you'll have them if they don't have the work or lose the account, etc...  Too many things could happen to be able to depend on a single MT company.

Shouldn't it be give, not get?????
I hope you are not a QA or in charge of anything to do with grammer.
Shouldn't be dreaded
It is a good learning tool for those people who utilize it. If you are down the tubes for one report in a month, and minor errors, then its time to look for another job. Your QA department is not utilizing this as a learning experience, but as a means of attack.
Probably shouldn't ask, but whose pay got lowered 1 cpl?
We shouldn't matter. Only you
If you feel the need to push then go for it.  Do you think your coworkers really care if you have work or not?  I highly doubt it.    
Meant shouldn't have to pay
Granted, they shouldn't lie to you about
it, but they are not obligated to tell you one way or the other why accounts suddenly drop off.
Shouldn't have to beg for paycheck
Even if you change jobs while the DOL is investigating, you can still collect damages through civil suits. There are a lot of employment lawyers out there that are working on contingency - no money up front - because these cases are now being won and employers are having to pay up for breaking the law.

Although you shouldn't have to be a squeaky wheel to receive a hard earned paycheck, keep squeaking that wheel after you've left a company if a law has been broken. Believe me, there will be results in your favor if you have documented everything well.
First, it shouldn't have been happening sm

often enough for anyone to notice, meaning if they are truly monitoring, that person should have been dealt with immediately, not only when people complain.

Second, why would an email like that be sent to all the MTs?  If all of you aren't doing it, why punish everyone with these threats?

Whoever the **same person** is, that person should have been called by management and given an ultimatum.

Not at all! They shouldn't get preference over
regular MTs when work is low.  They should be basically just another MT; line up for work like everybody else and run out like everybody else.  We have lead MTs in our company too, who get paid extra to perform the lead duties but they don't take preference over the rest of us, i.e., they don't get work before/instead of  anyone else.  In this company, editors edit, not MTs (lead or otherwise). 
Should I or Shouldn't I take an in-house

hospital job? My friend at the hospital that I worked for as an IC for 10 years stated they are looking for another FT  MT. I left because the only way they would hire me as an employee was 2nd shift MT until an opening opened up on first shift, which I couldn't do due to my own admission that I can't stay awake past 8 p.m. most nights. I'm an early morning person.

I have been working for a national since then. I miss the hospital although we only have 40 doctors and I really did get bored transcribing the reports every day, but I kinda miss the camaradie of the job.  Can I work a 36 hours per week job and follow all their rules? I don't know since I've been a free agent for over 7 years; i.e., not very flexible with the hospital. I know the other MTs at this hospital would jump for joy if I were to get this job. They've been waiting so long for this. They all came to my aid when the last opening came up, but the HIM was totally strict on having to work 2nd shift, which I couldn't do then. Now she is gone, but I don't know if I would still have the same constraints.

I have been thinking of submitting my resume just to see what the outcomje would be. I can always turn the job down. After all, would I even get an interview because of my age? I don't know what they would use as an excuse not to hire me....

I'm really in a dilemma here. DH states I should follow my heart. Nah, I want to follow the money and bennies. Does anyone know what the average hourly pay is for in-house MT in a part rural setting in the northeast? I know it would be hard to answer, but I figure I would need $20/hour or more to make it worthwhile. Is this possible?




Shouldn't be a year old there was just a discussion the other day.
Precyse Solutions/should I or shouldn't I?
Got an offer. Could use some info on this company. Benefits sound pretty good, line rate decent for FT. They send their own computer. Curious about the platform...easy to learn? Good sound quality? Expander friendly? Nice people? Do they seem fair-minded? QA/team manager oversight...too much, too little or just right? Any feedback would be helpful.
No one forced MDI to hire us. They shouldn't have
saying George Soros shouldn't be any more of an

Queen Elizabeth or something.  George Soros is a public figure, not the small-time owner or employee of an MTSO.

But you never know if that makes a difference in terms of using names here, I guess.   

shouldn't this be on job seeker's board? (nm)
Shouldn't the companies learn not to
Why not let a lot of folks have off?????  HUH????
No. You shouldn't give up your hospital job (sm)
because a few people are rude. BUT, there is a big difference between someone who is just rude and one who is verbally abusive.

Although I work from home, I still come in contact with people who are rude. That's just a fact of life and is never going to go away. However, I refuse to surround myself or associate with people who are verbally abusive.
I usually just ask Rahul. Maybe I shouldn't bother him, but he is sm

usually pretty good about telling me when the funds have been released.  Some day I hope to be in a place where money does not mean so much, but right now it is VERY important! 

I have been with them for quite awhile now, and I have always been paid, so do not worry. 

IC? No set hours if it's IC; shouldn't have to state
If it's employee, then that's a different story.
I can't think of a single MTSO that SHOULDN'T be
Most of them skirt labor laws so blatantly, it's like they all think they're bulletproof.

They should think again.
oh, but you shouldn't HAVE to...NM(no message, don't bother)
you shouldn't feel stupid...

You shouldn't feel stupid for being part of this industry, you should feel stupid for writing that post. 

If they've asked you to resign, you shouldn't be using
them as a reference anyway. They obviously won't have anything nice to say about you. Cripes, I couldn't make the line count there either so you're in good company! They kept bouncing me around on all their stupid ESL accounts with a new account every week and different specs to remember. I never had a dictator more than once there except for the worst of the worst as everyone else cherry picked.

I would quit and find another job without using them as a reference. Then again, you can let them fire you and collect unemployment. You need to decide which one to do right now. Find another job ASAP or collect unemployment.
shouldn't the owners have made it a point to ask
when I switch banks or accounts and I'm not responsible for the lives of many other people.

~~>scratching my head
Shouldn't you be factoring that into the bid and making accommodations for

we shouldn't be surprised by anything AAMT does (or should I say IAMT)
It will be interesting to see how AAMT spins that their prez is party to eliminating American jobs without notice so more can be sent to India?

medware = aamt employer of the year, hda nothing to do with the prez working there, ya riiiiiiight...
Why take it to email. Shouldn't we all know if this is an employer who is dishonest to their
employees. Inquiring minds would like to know if they really offshore..
You two shouldn't be giving account names.
It definitely shouldn't be taking that long to get started - SM
It sometimes can take a week or two for the hospital to get your IDs ready, but a month is definitely way too long. I would contact either Lee or Becky in the office. They are both EXTREMELY helpful and very, very nice. They should be able to check into what is taking so long and get things moving pretty quickly. There is no way it should take that long.
Uhmmm shouldn't you be consulting your lawyer

Ya know this has taken over the entire company board, and it's not fair.  No one can even ask regular questions due to all this mess.

That's the problem. Shouldn't have to be a squeaky wheel to get jobs

When a person takes a job they assume that the work slowdown will occur at the usual times.  Everybody anticipates that.  But to have to be a squeaky wheel just to get work is ridiculous and a sign of bad management.

Shouldn't you get to work? They need you typing, b'cuz they have lost all
Shouldn't mention names. It's one thing if they come here and embarass themselves by name. nm
Since you are the queen of perfection, I shouldn't have to point out it is catastrophe. nm

Considering some companies do give a weekly quota, maybe you shouldn't speak
In retrospect, I shouldn't have named my company because truly I do love working for them and sho
assume this was just a payroll error. So, that's what I'm thinking until I know better. If I did lose my insurance without any notice, then I would not be a very happy camper and would do what I needed to do. But, in the meantime, they have been great to work for...
So true. Massive overhiring. Shouldn't have left my other job for Webmedx. Use caution....nm
Good luck.
So am I...shouldn't tater be tator as in tator tot!!! :LOL!!