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Indian Youths MT training.....

Posted By: fastfingers on 2007-06-13
In Reply to: Need to know which companies offshore - PJ

...... Leading medical transcription company in India, Vasant Scribes is set to provide training to the unemployed youth of the State to join the field even as it has commenced commercial operations from its Bhubaneswar facility at STPI here.

..... It has recently entered into a partnership with international transcription major Medquist Inc. to provide services across the world.

Full article at: http://www.newindpress.com/NewsItems.asp?ID=IEQ20070612013206&Page=Q&Title=ORISSA&Topic=0

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Their training schedule kind of got backed up and so far the only training..(sm)
I've had is one short Bayscribe session. But I extended my 2 week notice at Medquist and I have until July 17 now to get some training in at MDI and do some reports to get familiar with the platforms. I'm looking forward to it! 
Focus is Indian run and you'll be editing Indian
work, so seriously doubt you'll make a bunch of $$ on editing.  99% of the MTs love KS.  If you'll just scroll down the page you'll see dozens of posts about them. 
I can't say enough about their training team. Excellent training!
The people at Medware are all just great. I wish I would have joined the Medware family sooner! They are very flexible and caring!
do you mean company training or med transcription itself training?
Probably not - I believe they are Indian run or Indian based company. nm
Go to their Indian website or other Indian websites
what training? no training for me, first day they Tried to give me 2 ESL....
they did not come up first. An hour of training is not really training.
They did go through it on your first day of training.
Check your email attachments again. Call the HR person or the trainer on her toll-free number, and they will explain it to you again. Posting and venting here won't do anything for you.
Training was good. It is what happens after the training that is not so good. Why do they not read what people post on their own portal. If they would just do that they would see what they need to change.
Have you had any training? sm
You know, I hate when people nitpick over accidental misspellings in otherwise good posts, but your post makes me wonder about your background--and I don't think it's nitpicking.

What MT education do you have? You do have to train for this field. It's not an easy thing you do after just a couple months of studying medical terminology from a book. Maybe you know these things already.

The answer is no as far as at-home entry-level jobs. Any reputable company I've come in contact with wouldn't let entry-level MTs work at home or probably hire them, for that matter. IF you have completed MT training, a hospital may be your best bet for getting your foot in the door as well as getting a firm foundation for later at-home work.

Good luck
New training

I just had to give my 2 cents. I started training on Monday, I got sick with the stomach flu early Tuesday morning. They were so nice and understanding about it, and rescheduled me for next Monday. I was a bit skeptical of this company because of this board and all of the negativity that I almost didn't take the job.

I left one nightmarish company in December. They were soooooo unorganized it was pathetic. I get the feeling that Spheris is going to be a lot more organized than the last company, and I also feel that if I have any problems at all, I will be able to get in touch with someone and maybe they will listen to me.  I am really upset that I had to get sick this week, because I would have been starting on my scheduled shift this coming Sunday. Yes, things are new at the moment and I am not even out of training yet, but I have a feeling that I am really going to like it there. Unlike the last company, I kept having red flags and bad feeling all the way around. And because I was new and the money seemed decent, I went against my best judgement and spent 5 months of hell.

Anyway, that is just my 2 cents.

I'm training with new job & then I'm out of there! sm
I was happy there before they started being ignorant! Now there is too much required OT, hours must be exact, too much header info we're not paid for, and most of all the account hopping is absolutely awful! There is no way to make any $$

It really irks me that they send out these emails noting the high producers. If I were allowed to stay on one account I'd be a high producer, too. I usually have 2-3 accounts per day. I've asked them if they would let me stay on one, but I'm told that is the nature of the business; deal with it.

Going to be good to be gone. New job is better already.
Training pay???
Any  suggestions on companies who pay an hourly rate for decent period of training?  Any info would be appreciated.

For training, they do the conference call to tell you how to use the program and show you how to find things on the intranet.  After that, they turn you loose to start typing.  Everything will go to QA until you get the required accuracy (usually takes 1 to 2 weeks).  You will get feedback through your email on pretty much every report you do in that time.  The QA people are awesome and a great help.  Plus, you have everyone on IM to contact if you should have any questions at any time, including other people who work on the accounts you work on.  My TM sends out an updated team list every week or so to let us know who works on what.

Besides being an MT for close to 14 years now, what specific training is needed for QA? We take turns doing the QA in our department in the hospital where I work.
10.00 an hour for the first 12 hours worked
How do you get trained on VR? I have transcribed for 30 years and am ready to do VR because I think eventually that is all that will be available. Does the company train you? Any info appreciated. Thank you
What's the training like?
I got a call from them and all they said was that they want me to get a yahoo account so they can set me up on an account.
They sent me an e-mail with information for my electronic signature on the IC documents and then another with how to set up the platform and a userguide to get started.  Training was only about an hour with IT and then they usually have you do 25 notes in an 8 day period, 5 max notes per day for your review period.  I found set-up, training and review to be very undemanding and simple. 
Yes they DO pay for training.....sm
3 weeks for text and 6 weeks for VR. Whoever this person is that stated they don't is a LIAR. Remember, there are going to be disgruntled employees who spread LIES about companies on any list you are on.
MDI training
You have a 2-week probationary period where you transcribe 5 reports/20 minutes a day. After 2 weeks, both parties decide if it is a good fit and want to proceed with employment. No hourly training. We are not employees. System is easy, easy to learn. My training session was maybe 20 minutes, and I didn't even need that.
MDI training
Yes, 20 minutes of dictation, about an hour of work. You don't have to purchase a spell checker or expander. It is all included in BayScribe. Some accounts are on the internet. Some still require a Dictaphone or Lanier station, which they will rent out. If you have one of those accounts, you are responsible for long distance.
In training currently and
I don't find it difficult to deal with.  It is much different than I am used to but I think it is fairly easy to learn.
TT training etc
I wouldn't want to get my account specs via phone, for sure. I get those and any necessary updates by email. I get very prompt responses about QA and all other questions by email. If you felt you needed extra time for training or further explanations, you should have asked. They understand that each MT is different and some need a little more time and reiteration than others to feel secure. I'm sorry you left a good company but hope you find a good fit for you.
It has also been a couple of years since I worked for them (I do not work for them anymore). I did the evening training. I do not remember the exact hours, but it was kind of like the summer school version of training. It was very intense and a lot of information was condensed into a more abbreviated format. My kids are grown, but there is no way I could have done it with a small child. You really need to be able to concentrate while in training without interruptions.
I am this trainer.  I explained the situation at the beginning just so you would be prepared. I also apologized for the interruptions.  A trainer can only train those wanting and willing to learn.  Funny...out of all the many folks I trained, only 2 complaints here...That is pretty durn good in my book. 
Your training
If you can before it's too late. Now that you've lost your money, at least do not lose your precious time on their endless training. Once you are there you are in a dead end and would never move into the real work.
There are lots of rip-off reports and articles on internet written about them.
Just go to Ripoffreport.com and read it. Good luck to you.
I actually went through the training with
them and was supposed to start but decided not to once I saw the acct rules.  The information was very confusing and in many cases contradictory.  The training was okay and the trainer stated in response to my question if they every run out of work it is very rare this happens.  I'm glad I saw this post since I know for certain now I made the right decision.  As for the platfrm - I think it was Apix or something like that.  They do have to send you the pedle that goes with it since regular ones don't work.  I should mention that during training the program actually got stuck and the trainer had to close it down and start over so I guess the platform issues in other posts could be accurate. 
IM training
It sounds like I work for the same company and account. I have been an MT for 10 years and this is the first account that I would fight to keep. The system is a little confusing at first, but only the first time or two you log in. I don't think it is unreasonable to log into a VPN, transcription platform, and then program to get voice files (best audio quality I have ever come across). I was also trained through IM and there were no confidential files EVER sent through that method, only account specifics and drivers. When I had questions, the trainer graciously provided me with a phone number and walked me through anything I needed. Did you ask her to call you? I know she would have. Because of this account, I have now surpassed DH in income and am doing very well!! Little pat on the back here!! I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but I know it has for many others. Good luck!
I am probably going to regret posting to this and would like to start by saying I mean no disrespect to the OP or anyone. I am the trainer the OP is referring to and feel the need to say a few words on my behalf.

First, I am lead on this account, but I still make my money on production. I have set up numerous people for this account and it normally goes off without a hitch. You do need some computer skills in the set up process. I am very accommodating to the new MTs and will often, as in this case, rearrange my schedule to their convenience. I do give my number if asked and do everything I can in order to make things go smoothly including, as in this case, walking through putting in a job step by step even though all of that information is readily available in the account instructions.

I am immensely happy with this company. When this account has gone low (which really is not very often), they have immediately found other work and back ups for me so that I never go a day or minute without work. I have made long-lasting friendships here and plan to stay for some time to come.

To the OP, I am very sorry if you feel your training was not adequate. As another poster stated, as an IC you are expected to be able to hit the ground running. I feel I did spend a good deal of time with you in comparison with other set ups, but I do wish that you would have asked for a contact number. I would have very gladly tried to go through the process again so that you understood. I do wish you luck and hope you find a good fit.
I had my install this morning and my training is scheduled for a week from today.  HTH!
QA training
You are moved off of the 5 reports a day usually in 2 weeks, but sooner if you catch on quick and do well. I was off it after 3 days and they were ready to let me type full time, but I had just given my 2 weeks' notice at MQ and needed to finish that out, so they were patient and just let me keep typing the 5 reports a day until the 2 weeks were done.
That's where I got my training. s/m

They used to have an in-house training program.  It was an excellent program, very intensive and thorough, and I learned a lot.  Worked for them for almost 3 years.  Very strict QA.  Almost impossible to get any other shift other than 3rd shift, and I hated 3rd shift.  Not a very good tech department.  All in all, as good a company as anywhere else.

I did. The training was

OK I guess.  There is not as much work as I thought there would be.   I find the QA person a little on the brusk side.  I asked a simple question by IM shortly after getting started about formatting and using MS Word functions and was told to look it up in the book.  I had no idea what book she was talking about but from the perceived 'tude I didn't ask.  I'm giving it another week to see if work picks up and if not I'll look elsewhere.

I'm right there with you. I have my training
today too. I've been losing sleep ever since they sent out that dreaded email. I have my mortgage and car payment and electric bill to pay out of this pay, and I can't afford to take a cut in pay halfway through the pay period or at any point for that fact. I'm going to see what the training is all about, but in the meantime I have applied at another company that isn't going to force me to do something I can't afford to do. Good luck to you and to all of us who are going through the same thing. Hopefully everything works out for us all. Just a quick question though, did they happen to tell you what your line rate for VR will be? I'm not asking you to tell me what your rate is. I emailed and asked and nobody every got back with me.
FYI on WMX training pay . . .
Unless they changed it from when I trained last year, they pay the base rate plus all the lines you produce (didn't tell me that). I made more my first pay check than I did the following 6 months :)
MME Training?? What is that? NM
98% is 98% during training or after (sm)

If there is an expectation of 98% (I am just using that figure, since it is the one most companies use), then an audit during training or after should be 98%, new account or not.

Training should be the time where the company can tell if there is a problem with the MT doing creative transcription, leaving out words or sentences, knows terminology, can transcribe ESL doctors and knows how to research.  All of that, even on the first job of a new account, should be at 98% or better.

Indian ran?
They ARE Indian!!!
If you want to take a chance and not believe what you read, you will see for yourself that they are ALL Indian RUN!!!! Some people are so hardheaded....they are a horrible company and Bobbi is a real MEAN person to deal with as well....NO WAY FOR FOCUS!!!
CMT for Indian MTs
As an Editor who worked an account for several years transcribed 100% by an Indian company, I am surprised to hear they are able to pass the CMT certification exam. Their transcription was comical at best and sheer nonsense at worst.
HIS has been Indian since day one.
It has not one whit to do with AAMT.  This company tried to recruit me years ago when they were first started and they were Indian then and still have their heavy ties.  You lost your jobs because Manor Care will not be deep pockets to a dying entity any longer and can't even sell the damned thing!!  Blaming AAMT is easy.  I think the letter you got may have been from the executive director and not the President.  Each of us, has to take responsibility for the choices we make with employment and having been through a lay off with HIS I had to blame myself ultimately for making a choice to be lied to and believe it because it suited me at the time.  Offshoring is over 15 years in existence and I guess here to stay so the next time you make an employment choice be sure you pick a company that does not offshore .. in the meantime, put the blame where is squarely belongs at your own doorstep and not AAMT.
...that should be Indian MTs. nm
Indian MTs
There are always exceptions.  I emailed often with one of the Indian MTs at one time.  His English was probably better than my own.  I think he was starting up his own transcription company and he was kind enough to ask me to work for him. (I was already working, but I considered it nice of him to ask).  Really, I do think he was the exception, he was a great fellow.  He was supporting his mom, his father had just passed away.  Now he has gotten married.  I do not exchange emails with him anymore but, if there were others like him, they would do pretty good.  I do not really think that there are others like him though.  Honestly, my primary account probably has 80% of his nationality.  Wish they could type those. 
Didn't you know this board is run by Indians??
I wonder what they pay the Indian MTs? ..sm
I guess it is now equal, we are paid the same as the Indian.
Amazing. You are training ASR, and they cut your pay. nm.
cross training
Please call me and I will see what I can do to help you out.
how about DEP training time?
It took me 3 hours to hook up the internet as I had problems because I have a broadband phone unit and needed to go back and forth between companies, 7 hours for the course, 2.5 hours to complete the training tapes. Lost so much money this pay it is laughable. And had a funeral the second week to top it off. Oh yeah, MQ will pay me for DEP training (measy 10 bucks an hour) and they won't give it to me in the same PAY PERIOD. Go figure. And you have to train by force. Enough already.