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Serving Over 20,000 US Medical Transcriptionists

And their office in India employs over 3000 MTs.

Posted By: Dolly Llama on 2007-06-13
In Reply to: Spheris - MTLIFER

abba dabba

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Neither. The owner has homes in KY and IN. The office is in India. nm

I heard it was the company that bought their office in India. SPI?
They have a "front" office in Mass.. but your supervisors and QA are in India.
Your tech support is also based in India. You communicate with your supervisors via Yahoo IM. They are in India so when you have questions they are the ones answering your questions. Good luck with the communication. Also, remember your paycheck is penalized for errors. This would not be so bad if people sitting in India were not the ones QA-ing your work. That is where the real issue comes in. If I can hardly communicate with them, why would I want them in charge of my paycheck. I mean truly do you want them deciding what is proper English, I think NOT
That is the owner's home. Office is in Ahmedabad, India. It is deceptive sm
to advertise otherwise.  All of the work is sent to and comes from India. 
No one gets 3000 line a day!
No way!
i could do 2500 to 3000 on ER too
You have life in the easy lane... ER docs, the same 10-20 at most day in and day out.. Try basic 4 with antiquated platforms (meditech) and 2000-5000 dictators to try and get a handle on.
3000 lines at 3 cpl $90

First off, you need to get 3000 lines worth of work to make the money.  IF you manage to get 3000 lines worth of work to make 90 bucks per day, then you've had a good day.  Most do not have good days.  IF you can make 3000 lines within the 8 hours without compromising quality that's okay too, but IF you have to run audio at full speed and you’re listening to a chipmunk on speed, then that's not good for the doctor, the patient, or for you as a transcriptionist.

I almost forgot, Uncle Sam needs his cut of that 90 bucks and depending what state you live in.........he has a health appetite and takes a big bite out of it.  The one thing that gets me through the day these days is the joy of retirement within the next year and a half.

3000 each day? Wish I was young again-LOL - good for you!
Is this consistent 3000 lines per day
I have hit 3200 lines on a secondary ER account, but not on a consistent basis because the work ran out.  This was also working overtime on a VERY easy account with very good normals.  It is my understanding that this account no longer exists.  
2500 to 3000 a month is not unreasonable. SM
I do about 2000-2500. It depends on the work type. I like OP notes (if I am fortunate enough to get them). ERs would be nice too, but haven't done those in years. I work for MQ.
I have made $2500-3000 for a national, but....
I have to work seven days a week 12-15 hours a day to do that and end up having no life and no benefits. I am giving this up and going to work for a local hospital. I know that at first I will not make the same, but it is worth it to me to go to work for 8 hours and be done instead of dragging it out up to 15 hours a day and not making that much less. Actually, over 8 hours in a hospital I do make more than working 8 hours at home. It makes me tired and grouchy and my family is tired of me being at home like that. I feel so much pressure every day trying to make a decent line count and it just takes too long. I want to get a life..
Okay what is great money? $2000-3000 a PP
I usually average anywhere between 2500-3000 lines per shift
at KS.
WAY! The closest I have come is 2700 but I do know a couple of ladies that have hit 3000. nm

Big difference between 2000 and 3000 lines per shift.
The main office was in Bolingbrook but they built an office in Yorkville last fall. SM
I think that the owners live in Yorkville, so it was built close to their house. Nice office, just pretty far out.
Just curious, is the MQ Nashville office the old Lanier office? nm
I don't work in the office and never claimed to. I am just saying that since the new office open
October with everyone of the admin staff in one place, these problems do not occur any more.
Can't get paid in the office if you don't work in the office.
JLG has MT's working at home, not in the office, not to mention working out of state.  The mail is the only way to get paid since they have temporarily suspended direct deposit.  The only ones getting paid on time are the ones that do work in the office, like the management and people answering the phone. 
Closed FW office, Indianapolis office too. nm
India, Michael. The MT world is going to India. Wonder why? nm
I said that I do 1600+ per day. Most days, I am over 2500-3000 lines per day. 1600 is the personal
I do not work overtime except very, very occasionally. I use my Expanders and know my account inside out. It IS possible no matter how many people try to say that it is not. I rarely post here because I see people chopped to pieces when they say they make good money, no matter who they work for. It is as though only the negative voices are heard here.
offshore to India, it's OFFSHORE (off shore), not outsource to India.
If the transcribed files go to India, are sent out from India to be transcribed, sm

then the transcribed work is sent BACK to India to be pasted into the GEMS platform and then sent back to the clients in America, how on earth can the company claim to be US-based because its Indian owner has a home in Kentucky?


Which office?
been through three office changes in the last 10

Went from 7 cents a line to now 9.5 cpl, on this current account going on three years, the one before that, five years, and the one before that two.  My opinion, i'm a good MT and they treat me as such.  Do you work your schedule?  Do you do PLUS lines while maintaining quality?  Are you up their butt constantly asking for raises?  Take tons of time off?  They are weeding out the awful MTs by starving them of work!!! 

Which office is this.
Are you an MT in the office currently
I do not know which office you are from; if you are hearing rumblings,it is probably true. Many offices are closing and I do not know why. I was told my office was closing because there was no need for it?? It closed this September. Is your office being transferred to another region?

I am sure you will keep your position but at what cost I do not know. I am still waiting for the PACKET to come and I am nervous about that myself.

You are not alone. We are all feeling this re-structuring and in my opinion things do not look good.

Try not to let it get to you too much. MQ is not worth it.
I have been upset for 3 months now and will be making a big decision on what to do in the next few weeks.

Hope things work out for you.
what office are you with? nm
I sent one to the office, too. nm
TT office help
I have had plenty of work too. I guess it depends what accounts you are on. As far as office help, I always get a prompt response to any question or need I have. Why would it matter how much office work they have?
TT office help
I mean why would it matter how much office help they have, duh!
They also have an office in ....sm
southwestern Indiana, but when you call that office you speak to an Indian male. Go figure.
THAT MQ office does sound bad!
Keep in mind, they are not all the same.  In 7 years of working for them, I've never had an experience remotely like that.  My immediate supervisor will respond to my emails within the hour and my regional manager will respond at least the same day, usually within a couple of hours.  I have never not received a pay check on time.  I don't doubt she is telling the truth, but she got a bad apple.  Doesn't mean they're all that way!
MQ Dallas Office
Actually, the work is not difficult.  I'm one of the highest leveled MT's at Spheris (back again) and when I was with MQ I started off on one of the most difficult accounts in the SW region.  I found it actually to be very easy.  But, to each their own.  Its just my opinion.  Being an IC person, you may not have as much to say about all the communication (or should I say lack there of) from that office.  You hardly ever get updates (especially if you are use to seeing them) and in order to find out if there is OT available, it's like pulling teeth to find out.  Payroll in that office is horrendous.  You email for a question regarding Payroll and it will take them a good 2 weeks to answer.  You call and you almost always get the voicemail, which also takes them 2 weeks to get back to you.  You leave a message with someone and they always says they'll get right back to you, but low and behold they never do!!  The supers aren't that bad, but the higher ups are the problem down there!   I heard a few of the other region were wonderful to work for, just wish I had been given one of those regions to work in and I might have been a pretty happy camper!!   Good luck and hope all goes well for you.
Me too .. it is with the SW/Dallas office ?? NM
Warminster PA MQ office sm
Can anyone tell me anything about this office? I am still debating on whether to turn in paperwork or not.
Cannot recommend this office at all!
I have been there for a long time, and it just gets worse. They have lost so many accounts that I seem to constantly be learning something new, and I do acute care, any specialty. No money to be made this way. In addition, the office personnel have changed so much that I don't even know who to call with certain matters. It is beyond frustrating!

The only high point has been the excellent computer room staff, but I figure they will probably all be let go in favor of calling 1-800-DICTATE or whatever.

If you have other options, I suggest exercising them! I can E-mail you if you need more info.
MQ Monrovia office sm
With all the MQ horror stories I see on this board, the Monrovia office MTs always seem happy.  I don't understand.  It's the same company, so why such a difference?  Don't all offices all have to adhere to the same company guidelines? It almost sounds like each MQ office is a completely different company.  If I apply for a position at MQ, what factors determine which office I'll be assigned to?  Or is it just pot luck?  I don't get it. 
Ohio MQ office
Welcome aboard.  I've been with them for 10 yrs, now on DocQscribe, love it, never ever out of work...we need the help desperately
What can you tell me about the Warminster MQ office?
The good, the bad, and the ugly are all appreciated. Thank you very much.

Which office do you work out of.
What office were you hired at?
Just curious... is this the new pay plan?
Office Politics
Thank you all for your comments, but I would like to say....I really want to preserve my dignity and integrity. There are some very special people at OSi, some of whom are very good friends. I am truly blessed for making those friends. I did my best at my job at QA and for whatever reasons I was fired from OSi does not change that. I loved my job and the MTs and the accounts that I worked on. I only wish the best for my friends that are still there. Losing this job is nothing compared to losing my spouse, so this too will pass. I am tough and I will be fine and I thank you all for your support.
which MQ office running out? sm
Monrovia, Ca. How were you
informed of work shortage?
Sorry this is the Amherst office of MQ.
St. Louis office
I work for the St. Louis office. They are very flexible but I hate the DQS platform. The old one was much better. I stay with a national because you can work anywhere in the country without being tied down, but when I say I am a slave, that's what I feel like. All I ever do is work to try to get my lines-- I don't have a life any more. I don't spend money foolishly--I am just trying to survive. This MT business has really gone down the toilet ever since the "being paid by production only" and the sweatshop mentality began.
Where at - in the corporate office?
or maybe you are management and get paid by the hour. I am guessing probably the hourly paid since you do seem to have a lot of time on your hands chatting all day.

I have 16 years experience and I did not maintain a job for this long with no skill.

Perhaps you should work on some SOCIAL SKILLS - you think? I have always heard if you're good at something you don't have toot your own horn, but you go right ahead and sing your own praises.
phoenix office
no, Dallas office..I believe.

I'm with the Nashville office...
I haven't really heard anything good or bad about them. I've searched but came up with nothing. I'm hoping that's a good sign since the bad ones seem to come up a lot. Which office are you with?