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Only thing Focus has in US is payroll & recruiter. All mgmt., IT & acct. operations in India. nm

Posted By: as on 2007-06-13
In Reply to: Need to know which companies offshore - PJ


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The first thing I would do is talk to Payroll and

sorry...a 60% ESL load for that acct. No website, just a recruiter's name
ad - "multispeciality clinic" - the acct they offshore to India
Who are you to say something like that? Maybe you're Webmedx mgmt lurking, another thing that mak
Work is very, very low at Webmedx and there should not be a reason for it.
LOL, I have to laugh, as I just lost my acct to Spheris Global (India). nm
I've never gotten any. The whole acct thing sm
is usually sprung on us like a big surprise and really throws a curveball.  Suddenly all these emails, half the time there are no account specifics.  Very disorganized.
Recruiter really meant India gets the EASY accts
US based company? Focus MTs US=925, India=3800.

Anirudh Baheti (an Indian) started the company and sold it to Nuance for 58 million dollars last year.

Just an FYI, Mr. Baheti also owns a company called Focus Care which is a service that recruitis Indian nurses, trains them to pass the US nursing boards, and then places them in US hospitals to work for a much lower wage than an American nurse earns.

Mr. Baheti also owns/owned a company called Focus Enterprises which deals in industrial tubes and pipes.

Tell me again how this is US based company?

the whole india thing
Oh boy, don't even get me started on the whole India thing.  The company I work for outsources to them and in doing QA their work is awful.  They can't understand how to change the present/past tense to make it sound correct, they type what they hear or make it up as they go along.  They say it is so much cheaper to send overseas but by the time they figure in all the QA hours spent correcting their mistakes they can't possibly be making that much money.  What about the good old USA, we have people here who need jobs, why not keep it here?  Ok, sorry, off my soap box.
Focus offshores 80% of their work to India. And I heard they are headed
Focus doesn't offshore to India, they are an Indian company
that offshores to the U.S.  They have an office front in MA, I think.  
another thing...just fyi...those people are in India. nm
another thing, recruiter told me about this
wonderful account that rarely had an opening because the MTs loved it so much.   I had worked on this account when I was at YOG so I knew how horrible it was.  After talking to the TL she told me they constantly have openings because the account is so difficult that they can't keep anyone on it.   I'd only believe half of what the recruiter tells you.  The recruiter is the one who denied the offshoring, the TL was the one who told me they did and also told me they offshored the good stuff.
The other thing is that I know India is a sore spot.

that really can get ahead with Focus.  I also feel that not all nationals (hence their name) and MTSOs are really going to reveal they offshore.  I feel that if a company offshores and is honest about it that it says a lot for that company.  Honesty is a good policy. 

I also feel that since Focus is a large company, you may not run out of work and you may advance in the company as I said.  You could always give it a fair shake and if it doesn't work out, then move on.  You can only live and learn, and you never fail until you stop trying.  This is just my thoughts on your situation.  I definitely would not worry because all money is green and it spends.

Good thing you are just a recruiter - definitely not a speller - LOL

Is a hiring manager the same thing as a recruiter?
Same thing--something is rotten in the state of Focus
I took the test too.  I used to work for Focus a couple of years ago and I've been transcribing for 20 years.  I have never failed a MT test and I was surprised when I failed and got the same email.  I spent a lot of time on that test and I know I know I did good.  If I was okay to work for them a couple of years ago, then why are they playing games with this testing?     
I think the OP did fine. I think everyone here is anti-mgmt, anti-QA, anti-recruiter,
How funny.. I did the Focus thing too but even they paid 4 cpl for editing, not 2.5, that is too low
but I understand your just trying to get the experience. I havent heard anything about AC but I say go for it.. You dont know until you try and your right ANYTHING is better than Focus.. They are a nightmare for sure.
I lost an acct with MQ, called the hospital and they told me who had the acct. I chose not to go wi
Older posts about them have the MTs bouncing from acct to acct and not being able to make
My acct mgr sent an update this morning stating a large acct sm
starting next week; another in 2 more weeks; another in early October; and another in November. This is just a normal end of summer / holiday slowdown. I'm sure other posters on this board are also out of work due to the same circumstances.
Give it a whirl. I WAS on that same acct, same pay. Asked and got put on an acct just as bad, so I
I tell the operations guy how
much to send me and I have 24 hours to get it back to them. If I want a day off, I just call or email and tell them I'm not working today, tomorrow, whatever. I'm never out of work. I'm on a different time zone, so he sends me my work the afternoon prior so I don't have to wait until he gets in since I like to start early mornings. It's not in a queue so there's no pulling it over. I just tell him how much, he sends it through the server, I download it, work it and send it back. I love it. I like this company better than any one I have worked for, although that's not a lot!
Operations are in the US - sm
QA are ALL Americans as are the team leads, etc.
I wonder if K.C. will have a job.. there are no 'U.S. Operations' anymore to be VP of!!! nm
BIG 3rd on the operations manager! sm
She is as nasty as they come. Sweet as sugar until you have worked there for a little while. I REALLY suggest you stay away. They don't value their employees in any way.
operations director
Call their nashville office and ask
email operations
with this question, they will tell you.
How was your acct at Amphion? I have a HORRIBLE acct...

I am new to Amphion and have this account that has a lot of account specifics, no automatic ADT (which means I have to search for the names, etc) which is not a problem for me, but there is one dictator who is ALWAYS awful, and I have been getting him back to back to back my first week with Amphion.  Did you find that you basically only had 1 or 2 dictators while there or did you have more?  Of course, I would not mind doing him occasionally but can't do this all day.  I will never be able to make any money, especially at the line rate that I am being paid.  I have 2 children of my own and 3 of my sister's children in my care.  I cannot afford to do this everyday and don't know what to do.  I work as an IC for another company making 9 cents a line, which is much more than Amphion, but really wanted employee status so was willing to make a little less, but I am afraid it is not going to work.  I do not want to have to find yet another company and start all over with them to only find out that they suck too.  Any suggestions?

did you talk with the MDI techie/operations?
I am disappointed too, but then again, the new operations manager used to work sm

at Medquist, so obviously outsourcing would not be something unfamiliar to him.  I have worked with them for over a year, and I truly believed the family thing that was pushed, but it does not have that feeling anymore.  I need to talk to Tonya, but my gut feeling is to walk away, just scrape it off like something bad on my shoe and move on.

I'm sure you can find something else.  The great thing about this industry is you can always find another job.  It may not be ideal and exactly what you want at the time, but something to get by until the right one comes along. 

Good luck! 

verification of foreign-based operations

Q.  Who is Focus Infomatics?
A.   Focus Infomatics is one of the most respected speech recognition services organizations in healthcare, serving some of the U.S.’s largest healthcare organizations. The company combines the use of speech recognition, a web-based editing platform and an optimized India-based operation to achieve superior customer satisfaction, turnaround time and cost efficiency. Focus’ practices have garnered the industry’s highest customer satisfaction as evidenced by its 2006 Best in KLAS® ranking by KLAS Enterprises, an independent organization that monitors performance of healthcare vendors worldwide.

Q.   Where is Focus located? How many people work for the company?
A.   Focus has operations in both India and the United States and has more than 1,500 employees and contractors on staff.

The basic 4's are: history and physical, consultation, operations, discharge summaries. sm
Radiology is not one of them. Sorry, but I don't have an answer for the strictly radiology question.

Focus, focus, focus on your work. It's amazing what you can do! nm
India, Michael. The MT world is going to India. Wonder why? nm
DQS payroll
full-time people fill out a timesheet online. statutory MTs don't.
not dure what cmpany - but if you had a contract and it states a pay date or pay time frame - you can take steps to get you money an dinterest - legally they are bound to stick to the scheudle they gave you - go to the department of labors web site and file a complaint - they will get the message.
It would depend on the account you are typing on. The account I was on was paid weekly by direct deposit; however, there were other accounts that were paid bi monthly.
SPI Payroll
I also got that e-mail and even though I appreciate the heads up, it is still an inconvenience for me. My checks are deposited in a credit union account which has limited hours and this will entail me taking time away from my work schedule, not to mention a 20+ minute drive each way, to get my check deposited and then of course having to wait for it to clear before the funds to be available. I am not going to get too excited yet, unless it becomes a recurrent problem.

They never told me I would get paid in 30 days. I do not need the money that bad since I have benefits/salary through my husband, but I can totally understand your situation if you totally depend on your paycheck once a week, twice a week, or semi-monthly. Getting paid in 30 days is very hard. You do not want to get behind on your bills and ruin your credit.

This company is Synthescribe. I think they have been going through lots of personnel changes and that's why they have changed their name. So far they have been very nice to me. I'm supposed to start training next week, so I shall see how it goes!

Many companies use payroll companies and they are just a number waiting for their work to be done.  You dont generally dictate to the payroll company that you have MTs who are just dying to file their taxes on January 15....which is what y'all are doing I guess.

If you have your last pay stub, most companies have YTD info on there.

If you're an IC and not an employee, getting 1099s instead of W2s, you should have records that support the 1099, and therefore already have those totals as well.

Or just relax.... you will get them :)

Please submit $29.99 with next payroll
We encourage AT&T, as you can get multiple lines for $29.99, but there are other companies that have come out with comparable prices. Then, fax the bill to Rochelle and submit it with the second payroll of the month. Thanks a lot, Liz
Medscript payroll??
Does Medscript out of Naples, Florida only pay direct deposit?? I got a call from them wanting me to work PT as an IC but can't get anyone to answer the phone when I call and I have sent emails.  I want to accept this position, but I prefer a paper check. Anybody know?? 
payroll checks

is there anyone here who is as tired as I am of bounced checks, late checks, etc.

I finally have someone who pasy but evry three weeks the checks come and it is getting ridculous.  They held the first one for four weeks then mailed it out, and now it just gets later and later- I have two others I work for I sent myinvoice and got a check within three days.  is there a logical reason for this over and over again?

TTS payroll issues
Same here for me. I thought it was just me.
Leslie is payroll
...but now since most of the managers are gone or lost their titles (and money) she is being used to run accounts.  That's the biggest problem over there, people with absolutely NO transcription experience making the rules. 
Outsourcing for HR and Payroll
How many transcription companies have partnered with ADP, a global conglomerate listed on the NYSE.  Transcription companies, et al,  are turning their Human Resource and Payroll functions over to ADP.  Now in my opnion, an mouse does not partner with an elephant.  Partnership????  Thousands of ADP accounts were already invaded by hackers this year.  What is going on?  Is there a gobble-up in the offing for some of the smaller, more independent transcription companies?  Is this why they are partnering?  Is this why were are being treated as disposable commodities?  Are they all going to sell out to foreign companies listed in the US as corporations, but actually foreign owned and controlled?  Any insight would be appreciated.  E-mails welcomed.
It's not just during the week of payroll. SM
Also, sending e-mails and expecting a reply is not as you put it bothering them. It's a normal part of business.
Proveros Payroll
Has anyone out there ever worked or is currently working for Proveros? They say one gets paid after 30 days. It has been six weeks and I am looking to get paid. I feel I've given them ample time to pay me. I wrote an email to the gal in payroll, and she has not replied yet. I would think she would apply right away.
Payroll Question
Out of curiosity, I am asking for input.  At Focus/Nuance MTs are ORDERED to show up for their shift or they are fired.  Many show up for work every day, no work is available.  The manager won't give them additional work/more lines so they sit for 4-8 hours with MAYBE 300 lines a day.  Is it legal to do that without paying some kind of hourly wage?  Other companies I know will pay $10 an hour as "compensation" for the time you wasted since there were no lines available.  Is it legal to ORDER someone to go to work and then not pay them?  If it is illegal, where can MTs go to report this?