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Info on Spheris? - MTinTexas

Posted By: MT in MS on 2006-10-11
In Reply to: Spheris info - MTinTexas

Just curious - are they going to speech/voice recognition now? I used to work for them years ago.

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Any info on Spheris?

Good, bad?


Any Info on Spheris?

(Sorry to repeat this, but I'm very interested in receiving feedback.)

Please email me at OctoberMT@Yahoo.com.

Thanks in advance.

Considering a job w/Spheris and need info from other MT's (sm)
It is hard to meet your line count? Is it true you have to use their Shorthand Expander and cannot edit any of their abbreviations that are already included with the program? A friend who works there on one of the Mayo Clinic accounts is having quite a hard time getting any sort of a line count. How good is communication between MT and supervisor? Are they right there for you?

Again, thank you for any honest info.
JLG and Spheris, Any info on these two?
Which of these companies would be good to work for??? Thanks in advance.
Spheris info
I wouldn't exactly call it a ball and chain. You do NOT have to clock in and out all day, certainly not for breaks. There is a time clock, but in this day and age a company can get in a lot of trouble for not tracking employee hours and paying overtime when over 40 hours are worked in a week. I consider the time clock the means by which I get paid for any extra time worked, so it's to my advantage. It's a very simple, fair system - no headache involved. To each his own, though. I happen to like working for Spheris.
PS: I never tested with them either. I hired as a new grad out of MTEC.
Info on Spheris?
Any info on Spheris?  All I know is that they do not hire independent contractors.  Is the pay decent and what type of platform do they use?  Thanks!
Spheris info
I am a Spheris employee. The pay is comparable with other large nationals, to the best of my knowledge. They have numerous platforms and a new one has just been implemented. HTH
Info on Spheris

Any veteran employees out there--can you give me info on Spheris?  I am going broke trying to survive where I am.  What is the cpl? is there plenty of ASR work? How is the text?  Is it pretty accurate?  How do you like their software (Clarity right?) How is their insurance, and what are the rates for a single with no dependents? what is the minimum line count for ASR? What is the shift differential for second shift?  I would really appreciate any info, as I need to make a change very soon--have all these bad habits--eating, paying bills, etc, etc. 

Thanks so much!!

Spheris Info
I was wondering if anyone has any positive/negative info about Spheris.  Most of what I have found is too old to be of any value.  Am looking for cpl, insurance, schedule, incentive, or basically any info that you would be willing to share.  Thanks in advance. Amy
Spheris Info
Thanks for the info! Do you know of a company that has good benefits that are not too expensive, as well as decent pay and flexible schedule?  I'm not asking too much, right?
Anyone have any info on Spheris


Last summer when I was in need of a job, I had applied to Spheris, and they are now sending me an invitation to interview.  Currently with MQ.  I am so dissapointed in the sample scenerio with MQ, I have never worked for a company without samples.  Has anyone worked or still working for Spheris?  Do they have actual "primary" accounts or would I be just wasting time jumping from ship to ship.  I am a realistic person and understand ALL companies have their draw backs, but just looking for average pay and how many lines per hour are required.  I am a tier 3 and have 5 years exp.  Thanks for any info...

Anyone work for Spheris? Would appreciate any info

You can email me if you would like.  Thanks.

Seeking info on Spheris
Thank you and have a nice weekend. 
I still feel like a team player of Spheris, as the shackle scars are still on my legs! Spheris was

Micromanaged to the microsecond, or ms!  Horrible. And part of a team?  Total opposite - part of a team as in prison.

Don't imply you're worried at all. Just stating fact that Spheris does NOT allow a Spheris MT
work concurrently for MQ - no exceptions.  MQ, on the other hand, does not have the same feelings as Spheris.  Just all I had to say so that MTs aren't misled into thinking they can do the same "legally". Even went to the ropes on this issue with Spheris, as I was professional as well, and wouldn't share info, etc. The point they raised was that MQ is their direct #1 competition, and if I was typing for MQ and doing great work, that was in direct conflict of interest with Spheris' best interests.  Guess which one I obviously stuck with!!
Thank you, Spheris recruiter! Anybody wanna place a bet that there are lots of Spheris
HELP WANTED ads on the job board?? So funny!! Out of the blue, Spheris, we love you!! Lets all run and apply NOW!!
I also know Spheris would fire you if they knew you worked for MQ. That is a BIG NO with Spheris!
Spheris - any spheris employees out there care to s/m
comment on the new Cornerstone platform, good, bad? Will we all be going to SR on this? Thanks.
My experience with Spheris isn't bad at all. I have been with Spheris sm
6 months and already have 40 hours PTO. I was shocked.  Spheris is a  great company.  After 90 days I did get my sign on bonus and didn't even have to ask.  There is soooooooooooooooo much that Spheris offer I wasn't even aware of.  I am so glad that I didn't listen to the negative posts on this board in regards to Spheris because I am a happy camper.
Any recent info on MedTrans Unlimited? newest archived info is 9 months old... m

Has anything changed in 9 months? Particular worries are the invoice/pay time; one post mentioned 2 to 3 week wait and another post stated 1 week. Info from the company states pay is sent out 10 days after the last day of the billing period, but we all know what is said and what is done isn't always the same. Another concern is the platform; some mentioned it was slow and cumbersome. They have 2 platforms from what I can gather.. Are they both slow? It seemed like certain specialties were done on certain platforms, or at least that is what I got out of the archives. I really hate to jump from the frying pan to the fire so any info would be VERY much appreciated.. the good, bad, and the ugly! TIA!!

Any Axolotl employees willing to share info., platform, ESL %, etc. All info greatly appreciated. sm

Along with the platform, ESL %, pay range, lpd required, split shift or 12-24 hour window available, I would be interested in knowing your personal experience with this company, what type of relationship you have with supervisors and other coworkers, etc.  Otherwise, the all the 411. 


Current info on Diskriter?? Past info was very mixed. Either MTs hated it or liked it, does anyone

love working there and why? Do you easily meet your incentive pay or as past people have said, the ESL are so bad that you never meet the line count. I need current and new information. Isnt there a company out there that has a handful of happy employees or does all of them have both the haters and lovers. It is so hard to sort out fact from fiction sometimes and all of us have different expectations. It kind of goes along with the one man's junk is another man's treasures theory, I suppose.

Any new info on Amphion? Archive search doesn't provide new info (sm)
Looking for a part-time position with decent pay and decent workflow. There's nothing new in the archives.
Need info on eMTS out of Florida. Any info would be appreciated!
Any new updates on Focus for QA? Good info/bad info? sm msg
I checked the archives and read all the messages.  Have things changed for the better here?  Is there steady, reliable work?  Able to make any decent money?  Thanks!
Any info on Sten-Tel..not much info
Any info is appreciated.
Sorry, but I want info, lots of info...
before I make any decisions about what comes next in my work life.

Would you like fries with that, Sir? Welcome to WalMart! How'm I doing so far? Do I sound sincere yet? (At least these two companies are, and always will be, USA-based.)
MQ vs Spheris
I worked for MQ about 5 years ago. I wouldn't recommend them. Not enough time to go into it. I understand things may have changed, but I still wouldn't recommend them. From what I've read on boards, they haven't changed.

I've been with Spheris for almost three months now and I really like it. I'm making good money working Mon-Fri and I'm not getting hounded by a supervisor for petty stuff. I enjoy working for Spheris. I say, give them a try!
Spheris is

Spheris is hiring for all shifts, PT and FT, acute and clinic.  I've been with them for about a year now and am really happy there, after having worked for 2 other nationals that I didn't have such great experiences with.

I'd be happy to pass your resume along to a recruiter, if you'd like, or answer any questions you have.  My email is carasoffice@yahoo.com.

Good luck!

They tell everyone that - not to say you are not a good MT.  But I was too, but when I reapplied, they said no - I think because all their new Spheris management is installed now, the ex-Edix management is probably gone (except those who fit in with the new regime), and they just don't want to be bothered with ex-Edix people.  Just my theory.  At any rate, plenty of us have posted on this board, so it is obvious that most if not all of us are not being rehired.
Try Spheris. NM
TO: MTMQ... Why are YOU making this business? Are you the board monitor. It's none of your business what anyone Or when anyone posts on this board.
And just how they going to get anyone's identity on here. What she is doing is NOT dishonest, It's smart because even if they do find out, she has another job to cover herself. BusyMT'ing is diong the right thing by protecting Her interests, which you have to do in this dog-eat-dog MT world. My hats off to you BusyMT'ing. You go girl. And if you really think about every MT company is competition for another MT company no matter how you look it. If one is independent, no company has any say what you do.. IC is the way to go. More pay and you answer to no one but yourself...
Yes, we will see. Spheris has only
acquired one company. Spheris was formed with the merger of Total eMed and EDiX. So, Spheris itself has only made one acquisition - HealthScribe/Acivis.

I think they have to get this acquisition settled before buying anything else and when/if they do make another purchase, I think it will be more global oriented, not US-based like MQ is. That is strictly my perspective.
OSI or Spheris
My husband came home on Friday and said he was going to be laid off soon.  I am still trying to accept this and what it means to our family budget.  I got a job offer from Spheris and OSi to begin in their mentor programs.  I am really lost and don't know which would be better for my family.  Please everyone give me the heads up on both companies.   I know Spheris offshores, but have plenty of work.  OSI seems to be running out of work.  Which program should I choose.  Both recruiters tell me their companies have plenty of work.  HELP
Spheris or OSI
OSI pays better than Spheris. I work at OSi on an account that runs out of work but I can make $500-600/wk...I worked for a lady locally and used to make $1000/wk on the same account, but she lost the account to OSI, and they keep a little more for themselves if you see what I mean. I know someone who worked at Spheris and only made $300-400 week, and then she made $600 wk at OSI. And let's just say her speed didn't bring her down.
re: spheris
I currently work for Spheris. I find their platform makes it difficult to get a decent line count.... it feels like I type alot more then what the platform tells me??
why Spheris...

MQ or Spheris
Keep looking. Don't go with either. You'll be sorry if you do. Have been with both and there are better options out there.
It's great if you have 20 years experience and like to make 8 dollars an hour.  They formulate it that way, so even if you get a raise, you get yet another pay cut.  McDonalds is sounding pretty good right about now!
I like it at Spheris
It amazes me how rumors fly around here - chained to the chair?  I don't think so!  I take breaks when  and as often as I want.  No clocking in and out for breaks.  I like the company and am quite happy there.
Yes, Spheris is currently hiring for radiology. They are a good company to work for supplies computer and reimbursement for phone service. Good benefits, too.
Currently, Spheris does not have IC/SE.
I doubt Spheris is in the picture for MQ though.

I'm sure that some MTs have been called by MQ Rewards Plan committee though I doubt all MQ MTs get on this board so we wouldn't necessarily hear about it.

I hope they don't do away with SE either.
Actually, I don't see that. Spheris has
leveled their accounts period. Whether you have 1 year of experience or 10 years of experience, if you work on a level 7 account you receive 0.0867 cpl as a base rate. Period. Flat out. No consideration is given to experience period. The incentive is based on WEEKLY production.

Sounds like MQ is basing pay on 2 factors --- years of experience AND level of account.

Of course, I realize SEs may become a thing of the past. However, I highly doubt it. I believe they would have stopped advertising and hiring SEs recently if that were true. They'd only be hiring FT and PT employees.

We'll see!

Did it take long for them to get back to you after you applied.  I just applied today.
what about spheris?
I am not familiar with their requirements.
No where near Spheris....Let me tell you --
Sounds like the info just posted on here about the packets is very credible -- although I have not received my packet yet.

If this is this plan, and I've put all this info together so far -- the pay is far better than Spheris. Even the different tiers and hours for shifts is better. The incentive is better.

All-in-all, this beats Spheris completely. Mind you, I love Spheris still but this pay plan beats them all around.

I thought that beforehand as well. Spheris' highest incentive was 0.015 and no bonuses. No extra incentives at any given time of the year period. No extra money to be made in anyway. MQ has offered a lot more than that for pay.

Just giving you what I know about both companies since I work for both.

I may well go FT with MQ once I talk to my PS and see if I can test and go to pathology and/or radiology (have done those for many years and enjoy both).

I appreciate the information posted here. I wish everyone peace and good guidance in deciding what is best for their individual situations.
Spheris? MQ?
So..which company is better..Spheris or MQ? 
Spheris does. Not as much though.
Spheris vs. MQ
I have never worked for Spheris, but am a high producer for MQ and make a lot of money. No complaints here.
Spheris? MQ?
They both are horrible. Neither is better than the other.