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Any new updates on Focus for QA? Good info/bad info? sm msg

Posted By: QA Lady on 2008-11-15
In Reply to:

I checked the archives and read all the messages.  Have things changed for the better here?  Is there steady, reliable work?  Able to make any decent money?  Thanks!

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Thank you for Focus info.
That is just about what I was hoping to hear as I am needing to make a job change. I've almost always used Escription, so I take it that I can use my own computer and not have to use theirs as with some companies. Again, many thanks.
Thank you for your Focus Info! sm
Yes, I'm currently working for penuts and am still trying to get back pay of just over $1000.00. I've been looking around for greener pasture. It sounds like Focus might be just what I need. Again, thanks for your post.
What about Focus Info????
Would someone tell me about Focus Infomatics.  Are they really bad to work for?   I do not know much at all about this company.   Would appreciate anybody who does know about Focus Info.  
Info on Focus Infomatics? - sm

Just a question on Focus Infomatics (their ad was removed).  Everyone is posting that they are totally an Indian-run company.  It looks like their corporate office is in Massachusetts. I am a little confused about how they are set up and whether the company is run from India or just employs most of their MTs from India. Any information would be helpful.  Thank you.

FOCUS INFOMATICS any info please
New info on Focus Infomatics

Does anyone have any updated information on Focus Infomatics.  Just offered a position with them, need to know what they are like.  Thanks!!

Does anyone have any info on Focus Infomatics? nn
Need info on Focus Infomatics, Inc.

eight cents a line? I posted my resume on MTStars site and received a form-e-mail from them stating they pay eight cents a line. Does anyone make more than that? Do they have a lot of ESLs, steady workflow, etc. Any info would be appreciated. I don't want to waste my time or theirs taking a test otherwise.

Thank you in advance.

Any info on Focus Infomatics? nm
Any info on Focus Infomatics?

Are there any editors currently at Focus Infomatics that can let me know how the work conditions are?  I've heard there are positions for the SWAT team, but I'd like to know what I'm walking into before I take the plunge.

Thanks in advance.

This program same as Focus Info
Any feedback on making good production with Focus Informatics?
Any info on Focus Informatics would be appreciated... Thank you! nm
Any info on what VR editing is like at Focus Infomatics? TIA. nm
Disregard info on Focus Infomatics, Inc.
Info needed on Focus Infomatics sm
Good morning.  Can anyone tell me if Focus offers paid holidays and vacation to their employees?  Thank you! 
Have job offer for Focus Infomatics, need info (sm)

Could Focus MTs please give current information related to amount of work, flexibility, income potential and any other helpful information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

I was asked to test for Focus Info...sm
After making multiple posts on MTstars about the low work my company has and no backup account, I have been asked to test for Focus after sending a resume.  I just need another second job because as you probably know I have been getting little work.  If it is this or nothing, is Focus alright to try?  What other option do I have?  I need work.  Opinions please.  I have heard some bad about Focus.  I need to know if it is Focus or nothing what would you do?  They are the only reply I have gotten from my resumes except others to say they aren't hiring at the moment.
Focus Informatics QC/Editor, any info on what this entails??? thanks.
After much searching on this board, I am not finding any info on Focus for sm
rate in pay. Can anyone please spare a fellow MTs time and just let me know if their pay is decent?? I just got a 10% decrease in pay today with MQ and I am just so upset! I'm looking for a decent company, that's all. Thanks so much!
See the Focus discussion below. I posted some pretty interesting info.
Opinions on Focus. Please. I read all archives. Please most recent info. Thanks. NM
Does anyone have any info on JLG good or bad?
Any info good or bad about OSi...
I did a search but nothing comes up. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you & Happy New Year! 
Any info on DSG - good or bad?

Any info on the company greatly appreciated.  Both Transcriptionist and QA.



Good to know, thanks for the info. - sm
I used C-phone and have been considering selling it since he is the only one I have used it for lately, still sitting here by my desk. I hate using it though, like having the voice file in front of me where I can stop and start at will if necessary.
Precyse good or bad and info?
I am wanting to know about Precyse, good or bad as far as communication, supervisors, training, and platforms.  Information regarding radiology would be appreciated.  If their platform is anything like their test, I like it.
Lots of info on them, none good. nm
Any info on Palidan? Good or bad?
Saw a job on MTDaily and was curious if anybody worked for them.
Good question, and thanks for the info everyone else! nm
RIU Unlimited out of MN? Anyone here of them? Thanks for any info, bad or good
Lots of info on them, none of it good.
Very hard to make lines, can't make $$, pay scale isn't easy to figure out, mgmt problems. 
Any info good or bad on Transcripts USA
Can't find much through searches. Thank you!
Any info or Smart Med, good or bad? nm
Keystrokes, need info. Good? Bad?
Any info would be appreciated.
Anyone have any info on InScribe, good or bad...thanks
Any good/positive info on...

TTS in NH?  I was recently offered a job with them and so far have seen only bad reports on here.  Does anyone have any good info to share?  I really would like to start work with them, but if they are all bad I may have to reevaluate my decision.  Thanks in advance...


TTS good/positive info?
Info on Aneri1Publications good or bad?
Does anyone have any info Aneri1Publications? Good or bad will be welcomed. Thanks. KP
Any info good or bad on Medscribe out of FL....
I found some older posts on them, mostly about pay rate, but wanted to know how their software was, is it easy to get lines, are you happy, etc.  Thanks. 
Does anyone have any info on Orion good or bad? Thanks.
Good or bad info on Transolutions
I am thinking of trying to get employment with the company Transolutoins out of Lake Bluff, Illinois.  Does anyone know anything good or bad about them?  Now it is saying they start out paying 11.18 to 12.36 cents per line for editing and supervisory positions.  It almost sounds too good to be true.  Does anyone work for them that could help me out?
Anybody have any info on Oracle (OTI) Good or bad?
Need info on Oak Transcription. Good/Bad?

If you have any info good or bad about this company I would appreciate it.  Feel free to email if you don't want to post.


Do a search for them. There is some good info.
Lousy insurance plans, bad platform, etc.
Thanks for info. I think TT is a good company
caught up in a bad situation. From day one I thought that Dictaphone system was crap, and I couldn't believe anyone was productive on it. I was just fortunate to have a good supervisor and found another MT to mentor me through the problems.

I have wished for a long time they would just ADDRESS what is going on, as this silence or the retarded excuses for no work were getting a little ridiculous. Your list explains a lot to me, and you seem to be in the know a little more than the average MT.

Any thoughts for those who stay? Will we be working for Focus or not working at all?
Any recent info on MedTrans Unlimited? newest archived info is 9 months old... m

Has anything changed in 9 months? Particular worries are the invoice/pay time; one post mentioned 2 to 3 week wait and another post stated 1 week. Info from the company states pay is sent out 10 days after the last day of the billing period, but we all know what is said and what is done isn't always the same. Another concern is the platform; some mentioned it was slow and cumbersome. They have 2 platforms from what I can gather.. Are they both slow? It seemed like certain specialties were done on certain platforms, or at least that is what I got out of the archives. I really hate to jump from the frying pan to the fire so any info would be VERY much appreciated.. the good, bad, and the ugly! TIA!!

Any Axolotl employees willing to share info., platform, ESL %, etc. All info greatly appreciated. sm

Along with the platform, ESL %, pay range, lpd required, split shift or 12-24 hour window available, I would be interested in knowing your personal experience with this company, what type of relationship you have with supervisors and other coworkers, etc.  Otherwise, the all the 411. 


Current info on Diskriter?? Past info was very mixed. Either MTs hated it or liked it, does anyone

love working there and why? Do you easily meet your incentive pay or as past people have said, the ESL are so bad that you never meet the line count. I need current and new information. Isnt there a company out there that has a handful of happy employees or does all of them have both the haters and lovers. It is so hard to sort out fact from fiction sometimes and all of us have different expectations. It kind of goes along with the one man's junk is another man's treasures theory, I suppose.

Any new info on Amphion? Archive search doesn't provide new info (sm)
Looking for a part-time position with decent pay and decent workflow. There's nothing new in the archives.
Any info good or bad in regards to Webmedx radiology
Can anyone give info on Sten-Tel? Good or bad? Thanks.

Merry Christmas all!