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It's already happening...and all that will be left is...

Posted By: ooooold MT on 2005-12-27
In Reply to: Will NEVER happen - PathGuy

the ESL that VR doesn't work on. For every 10 MT jobs, there will be 1 Editor job left. Each new generation that churns out of med school is more and more comfortable with keyboarding, and point and click. They surf the web. They pay their bills on line. They PalmPilot their entire life schedule. EMR will take 30%, off shore will take 30%, VR will take 30% and all the rest of you will be fighting over what's left. Good luck. I'm going to nursing school.

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Has anyone ever left Keystrokes and gone back? I left a few months ago and realize that I made a


It is as simple as filling out a form. I did it when I left an MTSO and when I left sm
a non-MT position at a company years ago.

What company? I did not know that any of them offer 401K anymore.
What is happening with MQ
When I started with MQ five years ago it was great and I was really happy until the last year.  What has happened?  They never tell the truth about anything.  They have been talking about an incentive plan for ages but where is it.  All they seem to come up with is a way to pay less.  When I started I got very good bonuses and incentive pay.  Now all I get is foreign doctors, never enough repeat to learn the doctors to increase speed.  If they ever got strict about the schedule or if they cut the pay any more I am leaving.  I can find someplace better to work or I will not work at all.
that is what is happening to me
I told them I pretty much did not want to do the editing side but am soon to be put in a class to learn editing. Getting worried.
What is happening at
TransTech, any info?
I am sorry this is happening to you...
Been there myself with working on 4 different accounts with 4 very different account specifics. I was bounced around and assigned stuff from all 4 of them. Just as I was climbing out from under the pile and MAYBE getting my line count back, here comes another batch assigned just for me. I am not talking about small accounts here or a few dictators - literally hundreds if not thousands of different docs and all kinds of very different account specifics. I did this for a few months and finally gave up. Surely there has GOT to be a better way to assign work? I have 6 years of acute care and easily went some place else. Maybe that might be best if it is really dragging you down. Good luck and best wishes.
By the way it looks, Im the only one this is happening to lol
Can't believe this is still happening
When I left 2 years ago they were running out of work.  They have either lost more accounts (which was why I left) or they overhired (which they are known to do).  They used to be a very reputable company and, unfortunately, I have only heard negative things about them in the past couple of years. 
Who knows what is happening with TT. It is like
a Jekyl and Hyde situation. Wonderful around Christmas-time; then with the changes to help decrease the insurance costs, things have gone all strange. Suddenly lack of communication, some lack of organization, and unfortunately, a lack of job for this MT now after records were not updated by HR. Long story. But the mgmt knows who I am and they know I was #2 cheerleader (besides TTMAX),and now unsure as to exactly what happened. One day they say more work than you can imagine is here, and then a month or two later, trying to get lines any time of day or night. Finally gave up. Maybe they gave up. Never got the real story. But I would still cheer lead if only I knew what is happening and why, I would probably understand. Oh well. Moving on. As they say, don't look back; you will turn to salt, Lot!. Good luck to those who are there, and to those who are no longer there all the best to you. HOpe TT will weather the storm okay. Still believe in the place. IMHO.
Not happening. Why would
a company or facility do that?  There has to be a minimum # of lines or you'd have bunches of people just typing whenever they feel like typing.
To the OP, I am sorry that this is happening to you ...

And I really do hope that things improve for you.  When researching companies, especially on this site, you cannot take what everyone says about a company to heart, as the site lists and as so many on here will tell you, you have to make the decision yourself and sometimes that means taking a chance, just as you did. 

To the person who placed the post about listening ... As stated above, no one can make a decision based on a company because of the posts on this site or any other site, that has to be a decision made based on your gut feeling.  Several people may be absolutely happy with a company and several may not be, which is what you typically get when you post about a company here but again, ultimately it comes down to a gut feeling.  Be nice and sympathetic to this person, they decided to take a chance and it has not worked out in their favor, there is no reason to be ugly about it, it can happen to anyone looking for a job in this industry. 

All I could recommend to anyone looking for a job in this industry is to research the company, use this site and any other means that you have, try the BBB in the state that they are located in, sometimes that can be very telling, go through the interview, ask lots of questions and then make your decision on what your gut feeling is.  All you can do in the end is pray that they were telling you the truth when they hired you, that is all any of us can do these days. 

What is happening is that
in addition to not paying for headers, they are also taking away a percentage of the lines you type. Different accounts, different percentages. It is not ExText -- just do the math.
What IS happening?
Quite frankly, I never have been able to crack the nut with TT.  Took a cut from the Q to come there, but at the time, they were so nice, so caring.  It was a refreshing break from MQ, but, in hind-sight, I'm thinking I should have stayed with the abuse, at least I could pay my bills.  I don't know about everybody else, but I just can't make it; 30 years of dedication and the conclusion I come to is that there is way, way, way too much brass that cuts into our pay; years ago, we didn't have the brass and everything ran just fine.  The technology has killed us, as well as our fellow 25+ year veterans have sold us out.  Sad, Sad, Sad. I say, bring back the tapes, pick-up and delivery and companies where everyone works, even the owners...nobody was paid salary, and bring back the day when the only revenue-producing person was the transcriptionist! Now, we are bottom of the totum-pole.  Degrading, sad, sad, sad. Anyone have any plans/ideas for a different future with a crippled up back, arthritic fingered 50+ year old woman that has dedicated her life to a dying field? Geezzzz
Don't wonder, it's really happening. sm

At first they did pay for demogs and headers, then stopped without saying a word.  Then they changed the characters per lines by about 10 or 15 without telling anyone.  You're running out because C-Bay in India is getting it.  You don't find it odd that you have to cover when there's an Indian holiday but the Indians don't cover our holidays because they get the work anyhow and there's no reason to cover; there's not enough to go around in the first place.  Maybe your QA people are keeping busy if they also QA for India but I don't know that. 

It keeps happening
because we let it happen. I realize the job hunt is tough but they can only do what we allow.
This is happening everywhere.

VR is the 'wave of the future', the 'new direction of MT'...but who does it really benefit and who is pushing it more than the president?  AHDI, that's who.  Everybody is going to VR...EVERYBODY.  If you think you're secure with a company who says they'll never do VR, think again.  All the large MTSOs are going to VR and they're buying up all the others.  The next wave is not only going to be the pay cut, but after the initial cut for VR, they'll cut it again to be competitive.  Transcend did it years ago, Alltype did it earlier this year, MDI sold out to VR, now Webmedx.  That's just to mention a few, and I didn't even include the Squid b/c they're not worth mentioning anymore.  I think the poster below hit the nail on the head when she/he said price fixing. 

why run? whats happening
I wonder what caused you to say that...I worked for Accustat of Albuquerque, NM for a year and got let go along with about 20 other MTs last December (after Christmas) with no warning or notice whatsoever. I was told the doctors for those clinics were no longer required to dictate. Just like that with one email my job was gone. I have learned this is a very unstable job field.
Sounds like what is happening to me (sm)
I have emailed the recruiter 3 times already.  She has responded each time but after 3 attempts, I pretty much can take a hint.
Happening for over a year - sm
They go through cycles it seems. I left once and went back when this issue was supposedly solved. I worked on full four-hour shift the second time around and literally had no work. Never again. They are inconsistent and do not know how to staff properly at all!!
what is happening at Transcend
i have applied there - how much less do they pay for speech rec than for real MT? i have heard some companies pay 8-9 cpl for MT and half that for speech rec. is that the way Transcend does it?
Do you find this is happening to you

Several months ago we were low on work at my company.  No excuses were given to us, no apologies. Just make up your lines whenever because you had better give your best.  So, sit and wait. All the time.

Now, the last month or so, the sudden sups are suddenly in contact with us several times daily, saying we'd better do work all the time, especially nights and weekends if we want to keep our jobs and not let it go to India, or so they don't overhire.  (Not just veiled threats, but outright.)  We are lucky to have a job in this economy, forget the soccer games with our kids, we'd better get to work! All times of day and night we get these e mails. We sign on the end of the weekend, there are lots of these kinds of e mails.

Then, today they send an e mail the sup is excited because our team is growing, and this will help.  Okay, so does this mean it will help the team because we won't have to be working overnight and weekends every week in addition to our sitting and waiting during our schedule, or does it mean, we now will be sitting and waiting overnight and weekends along with our doing that during our schedule.

What is this kind of thing? Making us frightened all the time and lucky we have a job? This MT does go the extra mile, always has the correct number of lines and more every payperiod, this MT stayed through the slow work periods, hanging on, and now is getting tired of veiled threats, outright threats, and incidious you are lucky to have a job because we are hiring more... comments.

Thanks for listening to me vent.  I sit here and do the best I can, and my DH says to ignore the e mails.  But it does grate on my ego, which I guess is the purpose of this.  I do try to please and work and seems like I get more uncomfortable every day with the situation.  But reality is, it will go to India, and my kid's soccer game has to be sacrificed just to make sure my family eats. Are you seeing this happen to you, and how are you dealing with it? Thanks in advance for your input.

It's happening where I work too..
Don't know if this is because the work fluctuates or if cues are not monitored. Maybe everyone just jumps on during the day. Maybe I will work extra weekends as the company suggests.
The same crap is happening to me - sm
You wouldn't be working a company based out of Chicago, would you be?
First, it shouldn't have been happening sm

often enough for anyone to notice, meaning if they are truly monitoring, that person should have been dealt with immediately, not only when people complain.

Second, why would an email like that be sent to all the MTs?  If all of you aren't doing it, why punish everyone with these threats?

Whoever the **same person** is, that person should have been called by management and given an ultimatum.

I have worked on the same VR platform now for about 4 or 5 years. It has not learned (Escription, supposedly 1 of the best) what it should, I have to make countless number of corrections every single day and it goes from getting something right last year to a total hot mess this year. I am telling you, I know from experience. I have not changed accounts, not changed the platform, etc., etc. and I am NOT worried about the transcriptionists being phased out, not with the platform I work on. Right now it is taking so much time just to correct and it is very irritating. There is 1 physician that dictates operative reports. I do not care what his preop diagnosis is, his postop diagnosis is always chronic renal failure, whether he says it or not. Now really, why is this. It has been the same for all these years. I am telling you, it just donít get it. It is NOT taking over our jobs. It cannot even start to do the first thing right loads of time. It does not have to be a foreign dictator, it can be with simple English and good dictators at that. You are worrying needlessly.
sorry that is happening. I hope it is sm
not going overseas!
Gourd, I am so sorry that this is happening to you,

Isn't it bad enough that we all have to worry about our jobs on a daily basis, worrying if work will be there, if the company that we are working for will actually pay us for the many, MANY hours that we have put in and having to work literally almost every holiday because in this industry, that is just how it is?  Now we have to worry for expressing our opinions, something that, IMHO, is my God given right, after all, last time I checked, we were still living in the United States of America!! 

To me what makes this entire situation even more sickening, is that someone is being paid to watch this board.  This company could use that money, the money that they are paying for attorney fees, court fees, etc., to pay their MTs what they DESERVE and instead of worrying about looking bad on a website, they should do everything in their power to make their company the absolute best in its business.  Again, IMHO.

Happening all over the place
I work on VR also. We were told our pay would be cut as soon as VR was able to start picking up on the dictations. I along with everyone else thought, well this will take some time. Did not happen and within about 2 weeks my pay was cut in half so that is how I have been working now for the past probably 5 years now. My livlihood is not totally made up now with this 1 paycheck or else probably would have to work more hours. I can understand why so many upset but then again, am surprised that the company has not dropped your rates before now, every one else seems to have.
Don't know what is happening with my brief post below, so will repeat. SM
If most of the drafts you get are truly all that good now, then it sounds like you won't even be needed in the not too distant future. Pretty soon those drafts won't need editing. What then?
How long have you noticed it happening? For me, just
It's been happening since the beginning of time.
Jobs get phased out and are no longer needed.

I don't know any blacksmiths, mule skinners or pony express delivery people.

But live in your world of denial if you want to. That's up to you. I'm going where there is a future, and that's not this industry.
Don't think I want to jump into the MQ frying pan with all that's been happening lately. nm
I have heard of that same thing happening to
someone else and they were out of a job. Knowing the person it happened to and the quality of her work, I knew what she told me was correct and I would never apply there. I hope all their editors leave and put out the message that you just will not stand to be treated this way. As far as the outsourcing, I knew they outsourced.
Same thing that was happening months ago.
Paying late and wrong is a chronic issue for TTS.
This is happening at Transtech Houston

No work this week the majority of my shift.

Are you TT MT's out of work, too, or just me? I am wondering, as this has not happened to me since I began working for them.

Is this happening on your primary, as well as your back up
accounts? Have you called management regarding your situation?
I haven't run out yet and don't see it happening today.
It's happening all over. We have to adapt or find
When it was free, it was quite the happening place.
This is happening to me now, due to start tomorrow
with a new IC company paying 4/7 that ignored me once I was told I was hired. After two weeks and my prompting, I am scheduled to start tomorrow. I've yet to get a login or any information. I had decided to take the job mostly to get more updated experience on a new specialty account and hopefully make a bit more money. I'm not so sure about them now. Does the company you are talking about start with a D?
Same thing happening in straight MT, too.

your post is strange. I have no vendetta, I just like to keep up on what is happening with my

...sorry. This is not a rare happening and will happen to you a few times more. nm
I asked mine. She said it wasn't happening. sm
BUT, I know SPI and I dont trust them. I know they are liars.
Recall reading years ago of this happening sm
can't recall all the details but the MTs said they needed their money and would discontinue until paid or would go to the physicians (same similar situation)and mention this fact and DID.

They actually posted to the dictator (somehow online, so when thhey tried to dictate, stated the situation -- they could not continue dictation until the company (the dictators contracted with) paid them. Gutsy, not sure I could but THREE WEEKS com'on!!! Seems I am reading this more and more on the boards.
The line cuts are happening across the board...sm
for VR. This is not just about individual MTs. I know there are a select few who roam the board thinking they are above everyone else and hence their wages will never be cut, but they are just a number in the end like everyone else.

Why is it when anyone objects to having their wages cut for VR or because India can to it cheaper, there are people like you who imply MTs deserve it? Anyone who says anything is told 'obviously you are not a good MT.' This isn't an original or compelling response. It's kind of stupid.
Big changes happening very fast at Medware! Anyone know what gives? Making me a spot of nervous.
Are people trying to scare people or just tell them what is happening. I am not scared just seeing
that things are changing very rapidly and not for the better for me. If I have no work and need multiple accounts everyone else is in the same boat now arent they that have my accounts. That is how people know what is going on.
may I ask why you left? nm
I would keep looking. I left after a
month because of the very low and convoluted pay scale, as well as the fact that I was never kept on an account long enough to build up any speed. Unless things have changed, you'll waste a lot of time looking up information that other services provide. They're nice people and they paid on time, but I didn't see enough earning potential so I moved on. BTW, I had 15 years of experience at that time and 99+% QA scores.
When I left
I was told by my PS that if I went with another company, MQ would one day buy it and then fire any MQ working there who had left MQ for that company. At the time it seemed like an empty threat, but who knows?