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It isn't that simple

Posted By: MQQA on 2009-02-19
In Reply to: You are so right! - sm

It isn't just whining! These people are taking MONEY out of the other MTs' pockets! While an MT with integrity does all the jobs that are assigned to her and gets hung up on an extremely difficult dictator, while the other MTs are taking all the easy dictators and making money hand over fist. That is NOT fair to the MT with integrity who makes chump change because she refuses to stoop to that level.

It is not fair and it is up to management to put a stop to the practice.

Don't judge others until this has happened to you. It isn't fair and this is the only place MTs can come to vent their frustrations over it. If you don't want to read the posts, just skip them, but don't tell people they are acting like children fighting for candy. This is FAR, far more serious an issue!

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It is simple...

This is a privately owned Web site.  We reserve the right to delete or modify any posts that are not within our Terms of Service.  We also reserve the right to ban IP addresses of individuals who do not abide by those terms. 


It isn't quite that simple...

Thank you for your input; however, it is a deeper issue than that.  It is a major opportunity to teach the offending MTSO a lesson.  Speaking for the collective MT group, we are human beings and we deserve the same respect as any other human being.  It seems that MTs have, for too long, allowed themselves to be doormats.  Obviously, there is an exception to every rule, but I am not referring here to those few exceptions.

It is that simple...

There is no deeper lesson to be taught.  If you feel that you are being treated as a doormat and do not want to be, then do not accept the position and move on.


If you type 100 minutes of dictation for this company and their operative notes are 1-2 minutes maximum (I worked for a company that paid like this) and they add up to 30-40 lines per report, you would be typing anywhere from 3000-4000 lines for 100 minutes, which equals $100.00 for this amount of lines, which in turn equals about 3-4 cents a line. Believe me, they pack the dictation in this amount of time. The company in turn charges the hospital or clinic per line and they pay you the minimum.
OSI plain and simple
Speech recognition, outsourcing, massive turnover, only the beginning. The only way to offset this was to offer more benefits but they also upped requirements to receive them. You can't make more lines if more and more companies are outsourced, and two new ones have been added to that, Mayo and Sarasota--Ochsner already was. They aren't being that generous with benefits in the long haul and as someone said the other day nobody will stick around long enough to actually receive the benefits.
Simple solution
As long as Cymed can continue to find MTs who will put up with this crap and accept their positions that don't pay for spaces, they will continue to do what they're doing.

Why would a quality MT accept a job that doesn't pay for spaces. Why would a quality MT stay there?
SE versus IC. I know there is s simple

but I'm a math retard.  If an SE made 10 cpl and an IC also made 10 cpl, and everything else were equal, then the SE is actually making more because half of the 15% social security tax is paid by the employer.  So the SE makes 7.5% more than the IC, correct?

Now here's where I'm a math retard.  If you take that 7.5% into account, what is the SE's *real* line rate?  Sure, it's still cpl but when you figure the employer is paying 7.5% of the taxes then does that make the line rate actually more like 10.75 cpl?  Or am I off on my math?

Simple -- 5 steps
1) Do NOT answer the phone if it is not about your child or your husband, period. Get an ans machine and check it on your breaks. It is your responsibility to treat your job with respect and spending your time on personal calls is not respecting your job, your pay, your finances. You're an adult; you can do this.

2) Try to arrange your appts during nonworking hours.

3) Make an alternate schedule for yourself that you can commit to when appts or emergencies call you away.

4) MAKE everyone aware that you are working during ## hours and that you are not to be interrupted, then do not ALLOW them to interrupt you. If you answer - you are allowing it.

5) Define what really constitutes an emergency to TAKE YOU AWAY FROM WORK and stick by it.

It sounds as though the phone is your biggest problem. Simply stop answering. Let everyone handle their own problems...they are adults, too.

If you take control of your phone calls and have an alternate schedule for true emergencies (I mean - child/hubby sick, etc.), then you'll be able to handle unexpected/unplanned pressing needs such as your cousin (going to Iraq) dropping by!

Make YOUR time the most important time in the world. Because it is!!!
Some simple feedback for you..
Just wanted to say I think it was your tone with your suggestions that angered a few. It sounded bitter, angry, and downright nasty the way you spoke/typed it. We have all had our run ins with recruiters who make promises and do not follow through irregardless of the resume itself. I think you just hit a sore spot. :)
radical yet simple

Pay based on knowledge and difficulty NOT production.  This will raise the howls from those on the board who want all ops -- but you reward knowledge not limber tendons. Higher line rates for those willing to slog through ESL Discharge summaries and medium line rates for flying through ops and ERs.


Simple solution -
email me.
The rationalization is simple...(sm)
I'm laughing here because it's so simple you're gonna laugh at yourself for asking! Of course they're now trying to sub-contract to other companies, no one wants to work for them. So, if they hide behind another American MTSO, they can get American transcriptionists that way!
Anyway, thanks for the warning. I hope everyone who is contacted by or contacts another National company does what you did and ask where the work is coming from.
I use ChartScript and it is very simple. The only
demographics I fill in are ptient's name and doctor's ID # if there are any CC. 
A simple solution...

get a fake email address.  go to hotmail or yahoo and just make something up.  i will never know who you are.  :)  I do understand your hesitation.  I wouldn't email me either.  LOL  I'm safe, I don't work there anymore.

Line counts?!  Um, yeah.  Encouraged to be dishonest to the MTs regarding that also went against my grain.

And here are even more simple facts about
I have been with them for 2 years. I work PT (6 hours/day). My average for last pay period was 163 lph. Yes, I exceeded production for PT (6000 lines/pp), I always do and did even when I was FT. I don't understand the complaints or the inability to meet production. The DI honestly takes all of 2 seconds on MOST (I aint saying all cause I don't work on all) accounts. I have worked on 6 different accounts and all but 1 have ADT feed...I am sorry it didn't work out for you because Amphion is one of the best nationals out there...good luck!!
Simple answers
Okay, simply put, I work for SoftScript, the workload is steady, the supervisors, etc., are great communicators; they pay within a few days of the end of the pay period by DD.

Now I'm off to work. :o)

PS .. the reason you don't get a lot of response is because we're all happy with our job and not having to hang out in here with all the negativity.
Simple solution:
Don't work for them. 
Simple solution:
Don't work for them.  I don't.
How about a simple - Let the supervisor
they can bypass the supervisor and just let other workers know?  Unfortunatley by accepting their IMs and working based off that you pretty much made your bed. 
a simple solution
Next time it happens ... just invite the person over to your home and give them a shot at actual transcription. Try to give them a dictator who is midway between fantastic and a nightmare. Don't leave any medical books around for reference. Tell them they have 15 minutes to do as much as they can.

And then post the results here. Should be good for a laugh.
In simple lay terms...
If the post in question is the post that culminated in this lawsuit, the OP went into great detai about how TT received work only through what Dictaphone chose to essentially spoon-feed them and this was resulting in the lack of work for many posters at TT.

This was not prefaced, to my recollection, as an 'in my opinion' type of format. It was done as OP had 'inside information' or was somehow privvy to the internal workings of TT. HER POSTS WERE PRESENTED AS FACT AND NEVER INDICATED IT WAS SUPPOSITION OR HEARSAY. THE POST WAS WRITTEN AS HARD, SOLID, IRREFUTABLE FACT.

Presenting something as factual that is in fact NOT based on fact is the entire premise of a libel suit.

I'm not here to argue with you or anyone else. Everyone has their panties in a bunch about the OPs freedom of speech, with which I agree 100%. However, there is a vast difference between saying, 'I THINK TT GETS THEIR WORK ASSIGNED TO THEM FROM DICTAPHONE BECAUSE...' and I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THERE IS NO WORK AT TT BECAUSE DICTAPHONE IS NOT GIVING THEM WORK.'

Do you see the difference now? This was a VERY lengthy series of posts between 4-6 weeks ago perhaps a bit longer.

Apparently, the powers-that-be at TT take exception to this poster's assertion of their internal operations, and what the OP led us all to believe must not have been factual or no lawsuit would be in progress because there would be no grounds on which to sue.

I do not know why, with a group of professional, educated woman such as at this forum, people cannot seem to comprehend this has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER FREEDOM OF SPEECH; IT HAS TO DO WITH MISREPREENTATION OF FACTS.

If TT was running around suing every one of the MTs that trashes them on this site, EVERYONE would have a summons. But, no, that is not the case. The only one who has a subpoena is the OP, the one who professed to know exactly why there was no work at TT.

And obviously her facts were not facts at all; hence, the lawsuit.

C'mon, people, research is part of our job. Does it make any sense to you that TT or any company would randomly select a poster to arbitrarily sue?

No, it doesn't.

What DOES make sense if the OP apparently overstepped her bounds of knowledge, posted erroneous information as fact, made TT look terrible with that information, and TT has decided the misinformation and malignment were sufficient to warrant legal action.

Search the archives, find the original posts about Dictaphone and TT. NOWHERE in those posts will you see any disclaimer that is is the OPs opinion or theory or anything remotely similar. It is all presented as FACT. Presenting misinformation as FACT is illegal and punishable by law.

This is my last post on this subject. If the pack mentality would rather prevail and defend someone for spreading misinformation as fact, so be it. No amount of common sense will change your minds.

I'm a staunch support of our freedom of speech; however, I am not a supporter of libelous/defamatory information towards ANY entity.

Flame away; I couldn't possibly care less. I've done my homework. I've done my research; and I've seen with my own eyes the posts I believe spurred the lawsuit.

And you'll all really hate this. TT is on firm ground and will likely prevaill.

simple terms
Transcend bought MDI. MDI employees unhappy because they have not been given many details about their pay scale or flexibility of schedule. Also, many MDI empoloyees are angry that MDI sold to a company that oursources to India. In a nutshell, that is what is happening.
It's pretty straightforward, simple, not
a lot of messing around, MT-friendly.  Good luck!
Simple answer, because companies lie!

I'm well aware of the fact that boards come with both good and bad.  However, the reason I don't go to the company or just read their website is because companies lie...they do it all the time.  You are much, much more likely to hear things that are bad about a company than you are from the actual company.  They sugar coat everything in order to make themselves sound great, right down to completely lying about things like compensation, work availability, etc.  I have had it happen to me more than I care to mention. 

Thanks for replying though.  I appreciate it. 

Pure and Simple Exploitation
These companies are in the business to exploit MTs and make money. Bottom line. If there is a dispute, believe me the MT will take the brunt of it. It's very sad, but after 15 years, I'm leaving transcription. Enough is enough. For all I care, they can continue to pay those new transcriptionists that bottom wage who type garbage like, LUNGS: Crackles in the BASIS.
You just type in Word. Very simple. nm
Only guilty of asking a simple question
Here's the simple facts of Amphion:
I used to work there too. Could not meet my line requirement either. I moved on and am now with a company with a HIGHER LINE COUNT REQUIREMENT and just as difficult QA but I consistently EXCEED their line requirement because their PLATFORM IS MORE FAIR TO MTs. I am not yelling at you, but this subject is being defended by current Amphion employees who are loyal to their company but are not listening to the facts. There are better companies out there who have platforms that are FAIR FOR MTs. Keep looking, and I wish you luck!
true, but any MT can ask to help out on an OT account. Simple as that. nm
Simple solution: Notify the IRS.


Oh, the pain of having to explain the simple!!
She doesn't want this going on any longer, and asked for it to STOP, take it private email. So, now this one is just stirring up the pot. If you can't figure out that logic, well, good luck in life.
It's simple, look at the job posting board.
The more ads you see from the same company, they are the companies to avoid.  They have the biggest turnover and the worst MTs.
Ask a simple question, everyone goes directly
There's a very simple solution to MTs that don't improve
You put them on warning after so many same mistakes and then if they continue to make the same mistakes, you follow through and LET THEM GO. End of sob story. As QA, part of the job is weeding out the inept. Why any MTSO would keep an MT that continually made the same mistakes and compromised quality to that degree is beyond me. Highly nonproductive and bad business practices, IMO.
Same program used now as 4 years ago. Very simple to use. nm
Exactly, very true & a simple answer to it all.
Well, plain and simple - they just don't care about the MT -

they want to make $$ - meet their turnaround times (for which they get paid more), take on clients, hire more MTs, perhaps lose clients, leave us all hanging with no work and as long as they can make a profit off of us, they could give a darn about all us lowly MTs.  Run out of work, too bad, and they don't need to give an explanation or they can just say they have new accounts coming and please be patient  and string us all along.  Plain and simple, they are in it for more profit, don't care about the MTs, kinda know we are all at their mercy cuz we have to have a job, but plain and simple just giving us all the runaround. 

Somebody prove me wrong - please. But unless you work for a company, can honestly say you never run out of work and never get bounced around on different accounts - spending YOUR  time logging in and out to scramble for work, please don't respond with how good your company is to you.  Yup, you guessed it, I am having a bad day, bad week, and bad past months working for MTSOs.  Unless you are making a decent wage, every hour of every shift - as management and owners are - you are being used and abused.  Feel more like I am on-call lately than an FT employee. 

I ask myself that too but I was just ready to have a simple account sm
with a repetitive dictator daily where I could make more money using templates and macros with all the repetitiveness. I know I can make more money in the long run that way and that is what it sounded like to me so I guess I was desperately looking for a way to make more money for less time spent.

Also, the pay was only 0.06 gross line or they call it physical line.
It is very simple, if you don't feel like posting about
TT again then don't, let someone else do it that works for TT and just skip over that post instead of being negative or ugly to the OP.  It is really not that hard to do.
you need to hang it up, she asked a simple
question and you get all bent out of shape and defensive and stressed.

Perhaps this is not the business for your.
this is a flame plain and simple. NM
Simple answer. Call a recruiter.

It's not like you owe them your first-born child if you talk to them, they're paid to help.

I've been very happy with ShortCut - simple to use.nm
That seems pretty low to me, esp. for your exp and it's IC., even though Psych is fairly simple.
I guess it would work for some; everyone has different needs. I sure wouldn't take it.

But if you decide to, I wish you happiness in your new job.
exactly...there is no excuse for a simple acknowledgememnt of an email...
Not the Op, but do you not see a simple grammatical error in your post? nm
"Just me" means just me and no one else, that simple, go to work
Oh be nice...she just asked a simple question...
if you don't have the answer or have never heard of the company no need to respond...geeze...
Companies using simple online software?

Hi all,

I tried to put up first post here and am not seeing it, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself.  Anyway, I haven't looked for a job in years but am looking for something to supplement.  I work from home for a hospital who uses Wmx's software.  I'm wondering which companies use a similar platform, where I just log onto their website and the work is there, no file transferring, unzipping, etc?  Is Editscript the same kind of thing, except for VR editing?  (I also use Powerscribe).  Thank you.

so, in simple terms and a small paragraph, what's


Maybe because not ALL companies post there. He/She just asked a simple question!