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It was a good deal 15 years ago if you could live with

Posted By: strict Muslin restrictions. I would have been in t on 2009-09-11
In Reply to: Actually, they pay well and with the lower or tax-free status - and living expenses paid, it works out well. sm


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I was told, if you live near hospital, can get better deal with
DO apply. I have not had a lack of work problem that I couldn't deal with in nearly 3 years. nm
Not a good deal there! sm
You will be doing all different dictators and jumping back and forth from account to account with different formats. You have to format headers/footers and they are all different for each dictator. I tried it for 2 days and the owner sent me a picture of himself. How weird is that?!!! Kinda out there.........
Good deal.
I live in NY & have applied to them svl times over the years. Have never had a reply. nm
I live in NY and sent resumes twice over the years. Never heard back. nm
Spheris...not a good deal!
I can tell you this, even if I COULD transcribe 200 lines per hour, which allows no time to look anything up, there's not enough work! I've been there for not quite 3 weeks, and since being turned loose on production pay only, EVERY SINGLE DAY, the account I work on runs out of work. There's not enough work for me to make enough money!
Accupro actually looks like a good deal
even if they require hours for IC.  Any information on ths company?
good deal for THEM. NOPE NOT ME
I have seen ads for 2.5, 3, 4. I would not take. When they say editor, don't confuse this with QA. It is simply voice recognition and you sit and unscramble, delete out, retype in, put in caps and periods and take out where they were put in by the machine.

IF you do 400 lines an hour THAT IS listen through and correct it at 4 cents a line....I would say pretty hard to listen through that much and correct in an hour but maybe you like it.
That's how mine paid - it was a really good deal.
Times past, was a good deal...now
Today we get the short crud/fast talkers/accents from who knows where... so 1:00 a minute is not good at all...BUT with all the changes in the way the software counts for us... if you would have a GREAT dictator (not) would be an OK deal...
This sounds like a pretty good deal, especially if....sm
you are making $$. You can always contribute to an IRA that will be tax deductible at end of year. Sometimes going to a company for the benefits doesn't pay off - ask me: I tried it twice in the past month, only to quit both jobs after about 1 payroll period as it became obvious that they either didn't know how to do payroll correctly, or that the lines weren't correct (even though they claimed to pay for hdrs/footers/spaces etc!).

I would sure like to know where you work - I'm an EXText-er myself and want just PT. Care to share???? Thanks!!
It's a good thing we don't live in Canada then
as my hubby was 64 when he had his 2 heart attacks and CABG last fall. He was lucky to have survived it as it was! 
Maybe if this deal loses clients, I can work out an at-home deal with one of my current accounts.
Or else get a McJob at McDonald's flipping McBurgers....
Good luck. If you can live past their inconsistent
you'll next have to worry about running out of work.
I don't know where you live but where I live foreclosures are rising and there are no jobs -- non
I worried about my employer for part of the winter as my accounts grew sparse. I had plan to switch to being an employee with benefits but dared not make the switch in this economy (this was last year this time, got it?)
I figured keeping my seniority was worth whatever security it afforded.

My accounts have rebounded some and I can pay my bills.

By economizing seriously, I have paid off my credit card and put some money aside, just in case. I'm breathing easier, thanks.

So, all in all, I'm not complaining. This last winter was brutal, but I had a job and I paid my bills. When employment rebounds and/or national health goes into effect, people will go to the doctor again and we will be busy.

My part of the world is like a ghost town -- everyone who could left to find work in the city -- many apparently leaving their homes to the banks. Several houses in my vicinity have been on the market more than 4 years.

Forgive me my loyalty ... it pays the bills.

What does yelling at the rest of us do for you?
been there almost two years, really good

Right after I started with them, I was able to drag two MQer's over with me.  The three of us can't be any happier.  They run off DQS, but are NOT affiliated with MQ.  They fine-tune your work pool to exactly what fits you best.  I type mostly OPs, then RAD mixed in for variety. 

They're not planning on becoming huge.  They're family owned and small is quaint.  They close the office at 5 p.m.  We have our own mail site where we can all communicate with one-another as we are transcribing.  Also, no ESL and the pay matches all the big companies out there.  No honeymoon phase here, we are truly appreciated and respected.  Such a relief.  It's so sad reading these posts where people say there just are no good companies out there, when the truly do still exist.

I did MQ 23 years. THey use to be good sm
and then got bad. I got out in February 2006. I STILL miss the way MQ/Transcriptions Limited use to be. I figured I would work there until I couldn't raise a hand to type anymore!!!!!! haha
Good idea - don't. She was with OSi for several years
obviously a wrong move... she didn't know how her new boss is-- that she gets rid of anyone who knows more than her which of course is most people. Damn shame but heck she already has 2 other jobs and 3 more offers which should say something for her.
Not possible to be a good ditor after 2 years.
no way, no how
Good company for me for last 2 years.
Lots of work. Good pay rate. Management/team leads are accessible. Good feedback. Get paid on time.
Is 7 cpl test/3.5 cpl VR for someone with 13 years exp a good amt.
Does not sound like it. Depends on their definition of line and whether they count spaces, but unless it's an awfully short line (most are 65 char) and they count spaces and headers and footers and supply the computer and have really, really cheap insurance (and you said there were no benefits), I'd say definitely NO. 8.5-9 regular and 5 for VR for acute care for experienced. And that's with benefits. Without, I'd say 10-12 or more. Have never heard of more than 5-6 for VR, though.
and just because you have been an MT for 20 to 30 years doesn't mean you are good at it...
10 years experience... that is good for 8.5 cpl. YUP, thats it.

I've been there for 3 years - yes, good company
Is 7cpl text/3.5 cpl VR for someone with 13 years exp. a good amt. sm

or is it low?  I've recently had to start looking for a new job and am trying to figure out what a good cpl rate is for someone with my experience:  13 years of mostly acute care work.  It seems kind of low to me but maybe not.  I've been an IC for the last five years or so, but kind of wanted to get away from it for a while as I can never seem to be discplined enough for my taxes.  The 7 cpl text and 3.5 cpl VR is employee status, the only benefit right now would be PTO with insurance in a few months possibly.  I worked at my last company forever and only made 8.5 cpl as an IC, so all of this is kind of new to me.


I guess 17 years of ortho exp. isn't good enough for them

Sounds good to me. I agree 100%. Am 50 years
30 years and have a LOT to say and share.  Its late, and I just happened to stop here for a second before bed while my other computer is defragging. I will follow up on this definitely within the next day or two, holidays or not.  We have no time - less than no time, right?  Can't wait to communicate with others who have some hope for us as a profession, a UNITED profession.   Laurie
I've been there a few years. I think it's a good company.
Although I feel that ALL MT pay is far too low, Acusis pays better than most. Several accounts are teaching hospitals, some regular hospitals, and some clinics. Most of the time they have plenty of work, except right after the Holidays.

I find the management to be VERY nice to work with - a welcome change from my old situation, which was horrible. Excellent techs, too. The SoftScript platform they use works well. Sound quality is good. If you email a supervisor or other person there, I've found they respond in a timely manner.

The pay varies based on the account; more for harder ones, less for easy ones. They ask for feedback from MTs, and are appreciative to get it.

Anyway, judging by what I read on this board about other companies, I think one reason you don't hear much about Acusis is that most people that work for them are happy with them.
You can do a good job and despise the company. I was at MQ for 10 years.
I eventually deservedly despised them, but I did a great job. Otherwise, I would have heard about it. I'm at the Web now, and I agree with those that say they are getting to be just like MQ before MQ imploded and was sold. I don't despise Webmedx, but I don't love them, either. I don't think you can completely trust any of the nationals.
Hey, wages were even still good 5 years ago, now pretty much gone. nm
I used this years ago, first hated it, but once got used to it, it was not so bad. Good luck :)
You will get used to it. Build up a lot of shortcuts, like you are probably acustomed to. I'm sure you'll do fine.
It depends on where you live. If you live in their
service area it would be cheaper than outside their service area.   I only have rates for out of service area and medical is  139.13 for family or 168.42 depending on what plan you choose.  Dental is 20.85 for family, vision is 5.13.  These are per pay period. 

Individual coverage would be 44.79/54.21 medical, 7.99 dental, and 1.71 vision.  

I opted out of insurance as we have through my husband's job.  I believe  the cheaper insurance is a 70/30 plan and the more expensive an 80/20, not sure about co-pays.  Deductibles are $2000 for family, not sure about individual.
I started 18 years ago and gave up a very good career
at a major medical association where I was just starting to move. I was 26, married three years and having my first child. I wanted desperately to stay home with him, but back then, my husband was not making quite enough to keep us afloat.
I just fell into MT when I saw an ad in the paper posted by a local MTSO. I thought, I've worked with doctors before and I know how to type. Well, I failed their test, but they were running an in-house class that cost $100 for six months, and the promise of a job as long as I could pass the test at the end. We had $123 in our savings account, and against my husband's wishes, I invested $100 of it in that course. It was well worth it!
Socially, it was hard at first to be isolated at home with children and work, but it's great now that they are all teenagers. I've always known where my kids were and been there for them when they needed me. I worked part-time for many, many years, and that gave me the chance to relax, not be stressed, go on hikes in the afternoons, or have a paddle in my kayak occasionally while the kids were in school.
I have a bachelors degree from Temple University and majored in marketing. My husband is a CPA, and we'll be married 22 years this January. He is now a partner in a small firm. He gets very good medical benefits and insurance, but no vision or dental plan. I'm sure that if I had worked for 20 years and attended to a career rather than a job, I'd be making six figures these days. I certainly don't make that doing medical transcription! But, I worked hard at raising my kids, and I have three great ones! I've saved bushels of money because I've not had to buy an office wardbrobe, pay train fare to the office, or send my children to daycare.
I have been very, very fortunate in that we no longer need my income to survive, but now I have the time to work full-time, the kids need me less, and I can still be reasonably flexible and unstressed. And, I'm still here when my teenagers need me, even though that's not as often as before. Yes, the industry has changed, but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!
I cannot say enough good things about Keystroke, not just one month but years
I remember when they were having growing pains and I was with another company and saw them on this board. Lee even got on to defend her company. At least she cared and nothing but good things have happened to this company. She still cares. Recently complaints were of running out of work and needing secondaries, and high insurance. She contacted all MTs and has been working on and from what I understand is correcting all that. She is a hands on owner and appears to deeply care for the Transcriptionist even though she cannot see our faces.

All of my posting is from hands on experiences and if for 2 years I can say this is where I want to retire after all the other companies I have had to go through, I am only trying to help and not post pie in the sky hoopla to rope anyone in. This is a down to earth, straight shooting company that I am sure is in it for profit but deeply cares for the transcriptionists who work for her and not make that profit while we eat 69 cent pot pies because our pay checks are so crummy. it takes time even for a good transcriptionists to get familiar with a new account but if the dictation is fairly distributed (I mean first in, first out, unless other arrangements are made between you and the company) then there is hope and a chance to make a living. I don't think it is fair to complete with your team leaders for dictation because they will always win and you will be left with what they do not want as they have dictation goals too with some nationals along with supposedly helping you. That is my 2 cents.
I have been there awhile. The good posts are because over the past few years sm
they have really worked hard to improve employee relationships and it has worked. There are no problems there anymore. They used to say they were growing pains and we all wondered how long they could say that. Now I am glad I stuck it out because all the old problems (and I mean old being over 2 years or more) are gone. Great company to work for.
Good riddance! They have gone way downhill in the last few years and do an awful job.
Thats why we fired them.
I have worked there for a few years now. Not a lousy company but a very good one. sm
Perhaps you did not meet their standards or perhaps they did not meet yours, but there is no reason for you to be on here bashing those of us that love working for KS. If you have specifics, please share. I will:

Good pay, on time every time.

Good account with plenty of work.

Good benefits.

Managers that are human and know that the employees are too.

Owners who care about the company and employees. They are involved but less and less with employees as they grow. Instead, they have hired managers that are great so that they can concentrate on sales and customers.

Growing company with no lost accounts, which is more than most can say.

Opportunity for advancement.

IT helpful and caring, especially since the major change in that area a few months ago.

I love my job and I'm not in Illinois either; I'm in Florida.
Webmedx didn't about 1-1/2 years ago. Good luck. nm
I am not afraid of VR, as I learned it many years ago on a very good platform, but they did not cut

my line rate, but instead paid me for my knowledge in the medical field.  By the way, I made very good money back then, too.  Cannot allow my skills to be sold at one-half my current line rate.  I have more pride in myself and confidence in myself than to be paid that cut-rate by any MTSO out there.

I am still making good money with a natl. Not giving up yet. Just need about 10 more years and I a
I've been looking for years. It's always a mix anymore. Good stuff gets kept in house. nm
I've been there a couple of years and it has been a good fit for me, very flexible with my schedu
as long as production is being met.  We are definitely a growing company and sounds like you have the experience that we need.  Paychecks have been always on time for me, direct deposit.
I'm at Webmedx after 10+ years at MQ. Good company. Plenty of work. SM
Pay is direct deposit and on time. You have a 12-hour window and 35 hours is considered full-time. I cleared QA review in less than a day, and they leave me alone to do my job. Benefits are affordable. I don't need the insurance, but I understand it's pretty good. Don't get much PTO the 1st year, 3 days. If you know you will need to be off ANY time in the first 6 months or so, tell the recruiter. Line rate is fair and you can negotiate. They have a bonus/incentive plan that allows you to earn good money. Seems like no place is great these days, but they are probably as good as it gets. Feel free to E-mail me if I can help you out.
webmedix- I have 25 years exp., was offered low rate of pay. Heard it is a good company. nm
been with spheris 4.5 years, easy platform, good clinic account
if someone puts up with crap for 5 years... they deserve the crap!! good grief... grow a set and get
Okay, here's the deal...
I am a Transcender myself. I have just put in my notice, but in hindsight, wondered if I was being fair. I was becoming disillusioned about certain things and could not decide if it was just my perception and if I was the only one who noticed or if I was doing something wrong that I wasn't getting the same benefits as some others and wanted to know what others thought.

I think what I've come up with here is that it is a combination of both - that at times, I put all I had into it and didn't get much in return and at times, I could've put in more. Live and learn, I guess.
I was up the next day. It's not that big of a deal.
I don't know where you were going with this post, "In the know," as it's hard to tell if you're commiserating, bashing V, or accusing her of something. Sounds like maybe this is something between the two of you given the tone, but I'm going to post this anyway.

Dunno why. Hope you're both on good terms!
Here is the deal
The work load is down tremendously which in turn is causing the transcriptionists to have lower than normal line counts. I do wish you luck making the 2000 lines per day, but honestly I don't know if that will happen. Be cautious if they "promise" that work will never run out. I think we all have been told that at one time or another. Other than the lack of work right now, Medquist is a really nice company to work for. I just hope the work load situation is temporary!
Oh big deal!
Hey, we got CHAPSTICK for Christmas! ROFL - seriously, congrats on sticking it out - U deserve the best, as do we all in this profession!