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LOL, it DID look kinda like something Focus would do to get applicants....

Posted By: Don't be mad....It was giggle-worthy!!! on 2009-03-07
In Reply to: No it was in response to an email - & my reply to her bounced.

We all need an occasional giggle...Thinking Focus posted that to attract applicants was pretty entertaining :-)

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100 applicants
Curious...Do you know if those positions have been filled? I tested too.
100 applicants
Curious...Do you know if those positions have been filled? I tested too.

I'm one of those applicants!
I'm one of the acute care applicants, we just got a mass email listing the days and times they want us to work (but they are flexible if something happens) and that they filled their radiology but will probably hire again in summer.

I'm glad to see this post...I know there are different opinions about companies so it is good to see some real opinions based on fact. I think if someone was bashing my company and possibly stating false accusations I'd threaten lawyers too!

Anyway, If anyone has tips for the testing and such let me know! :)
Unfortunately, they will get applicants,
There are 2 companies that I know of that pay less than this. They pay their ICs 4 cpl and 1.25-2 cpl for editing, yet they get tons of applicants from new grads hoping to get experience. I see new MTs on the Career Step forum all the time excited that they got their first job with these companies. To them, 5 cpl is a raise! It really is said how fast the rates are dropping. When I graduated, the norm was 7-8 cpl and my lowest offer was 6.5 cpl for employee status. That was only 3 years ago!
Yes and no. It depends on how well the other applicants did.
I've left blanks and been hired, but I've also left blanks and never heard from the company again. It doesn't necessarily exclude you unless someone aced the transcription test, which I've done that before, too.
Well, maybe they don't want US applicants to send pic?
Thanks for clarifying. I looked and to be honest, thought you had put the synthescribeofamerica.com link. i'm just crazy, lol.

Thanks again.
Any applicants who interviewed..
for DeVenture's radiology account starting next month heard anything back yet?  I had my interview almost 2 weeks ago and I can't wait no longer. 
Iridium job applicants
Has anyone who applied for the oncology job at Iridium heard back from them?  I applied but haven't heard back and was wondering if anyone else has...maybe they're inundated with applicants.
Maybe potential applicants
will respond to the ad by pointing out the apparent history of nonpayment. We can deal with difficult aspects our jobs; we CANNOT tolerate working without timely pay.

I agree with the other poster- if there is even ONE legitimate IC/employee posting about nonpayment, an MTSO shouldn't be allowed to post job openings (until issue resolved).

Are all the bad applicants necessarily newbies?????


You should be grateful for, and consider, any applicants you get, cutesy or not. Do you really sm
think you are going to get professional experience MTs applying in this day and age?  LOL.  I think not.  But still, you need to publish the name of the company and provide a website, if you expect any qualified applicants.
TransTech has been flooded with applicants
They are so personable and devote as much time as necessary to each person and talk to you like you are an important person with a real life. I have never been happier in my life at a job whether sitting in an office somewhere or working remotely from home. My last job consisted of the holier-than-thou attitudes and treating me like I was about 2 years old, constantly being admonished for stupid crap. Debbie Hood and everyone else at TranTech are great. :)
Betcha most do (or at least get permission to), and applicants don't
Can you imagine the 100s of applicants
I could not even imagine working in HR for TT right now! I would not apply there now, it would be impossible to try to stand out among all the applicants. Its crazy!!!!!
sick person going through applicants.
I haven't heard back yet either. I hope that because the person has been sick that it doesn't mean she will be rushed and use arbitrary criteria to reject people without reviewing all the tests. This happens a lot, I did that job off and on for many years and when busy, they tell you to thin the herd quickly meaning the tests/transcriptions are not thoroughly reviewed.
I have very few applicants who can even do easy clinic notes,
Hiring is can be a total nightmare.
Most applicants GROSSLY overestimate their abilities -
The worst was a former nurse of 20 or so years. She could not do the easiest clinic notes with no ESL doctors. Some days I would swear she was writing a fiction book because her transcription was THAT far off from what was dictated. She had very poor English skills and, if you can believe this one, seemingly little actual understanding of medicine or disease processes. She also claimed to have graduated from one of the top 3 schools, which we did verify. She was astounded when we let her go. I bet she found her way to some other service and is drifting around! Acute care? I would not have let her feed my fish, let alone be responsible for what can be the complex care of an acute patient!
No but it is my job to weed out applicants based on their resumes. sm
I cannot speak for Keystrokes, but I doubt any company would hire you with typos. This is in any industry, but especially in transcription. This is one of the first things you are told when you are looking for a job. I learned that back in college, and I was an engineering major, not anything to do with transcription.

I work for a company that is much larger than Keystrokes, and if they get half the garbage we get in resumes, they are definitely frustrated. I know I am!
Focus, focus, focus on your work. It's amazing what you can do! nm
I am grateful - for professional, mature, experienced applicants.
I'm not responsible for the voice recognition craze. Go blow somewhere else about that!

Doesn't matter whether you like it or not, the MT has to get past ME in order to get the job!

If you were one of the recent applicants for Advanced Transcription in Oregon ...SM
Are any of you still hearing back or is the hiring over, I wonder? I sent my application in but pretty late by the time I saw the message.

If any of you have started already, how do you like it? Are they really that flexible that you just log on and work when you want as long as you meet a minimum number of lines a week? How does the QA work...what if you have blanks?

I guess any info would be appreciated, even though I'm probably not going to get in on it this time around, it seems.

I am a recruiter and sick and tired of the stipulations put on us by applicants. sm
You want the job, why should we bend over backwards, arrange our schedules, etc. What happened to actually working to get a job. Instead, it seems like everyone wants it handed to them on a silver platter.

I work Monday through Friday, 9a.m. to 5p.m. If that does not work for someone, they need to make arrangements to make it work. If you were in another industry and were interviewing, they would not stay late, work weekends, etc to accommodate you. Grow up and treat this as a career - you may be pleasantly surprised!
The recruiters (pleural) test and fill applicants based on (sm)
what accounts have needs and whether your skills and shifts requested fit those account needs.

Also, perhaps another recruiter filled the position they originally thought was open.

I do know there are some new accounts coming on soon and I hope many of the more qualified applicants are tested and ready to jump on board with us when they do.

It is a good place to work and worth waiting for an appropriate opening.

Also, call the recruiter and ask more questions if you want. They certainly won't bite.
It's kinda like the Irish.
There are people who feel compelled to set off a bomb just to keep the war going. That's you.

Are you entertained by all of this, and can't bear to not continue the conflict? And here I am, adding to it. Well, actually my issue is with YOU, not the company.
Kinda of late to run away when most of
us were KICKED OUT.
I kinda hope you don't.
I've landed in a similar place and I don't want somebody mucking it up. I, like NorCal, has an exclusive account. It's a wonderful feeling seeing there are 12 jobs there, and knowing I can go pour a cup of coffee, take a shower, check the mail, or even paint my nails and know that those 12 jobs, in no danger of going out of TAT, will be there for me. There are days where the account is light, but they are balanced by the ones that are bountiful. I have no desire to poach on anybody else's account and accept the light days as part of the rhythm of the job. When they add new accounts, I can ask for a piece of that, but until then I respect other people's work, and I sure as heck would hate to see this place turn into your type of snatch-and-grab tactics, because it's great being able to go to the bathroom without worrying about a vulture picking the work carcass clean.
I kinda had that same thought, but I tried to stifle it.
I see some of these posts where people brag about making big bucks on their own accounts, and it just boggles my mind because their spelling and grammar are atrocious. Why am I having such a tough time making any money at MT with a 99.8% or higher QA score?
Ew - kinda scary! Thanks for the warning everybody. (nm)
kinda agrees with my point

great new insurance -- NO DETAILS AVAILABLE ---  trust us, we have anonymous posters on a board that say they love working for us.


haha - actually I kinda' like it better as a DO-DO list! nm
Here is my question.. kinda long..
I work as a trainer for a great company; however, the pay is just not there.  I asked for a raise with no response. I have been in the MT business for 20ish years.  I have and do perform QA duties, MT duties, etc when needed, but unfortunately the company I work for does not care.  I truly love working with new MTs and new employees. I just want to find a company that wants the same.  Any suggestions?!
lol...yah, person sounds kinda mad
Kinda like you should check your capitalizations?
Because she's not simply expressing an opinion, she is on a rant about a company she doesn't even intend to work for. If you don't like what you're offered, don't accept. It's that simple.

Sounds like there's a lot more than the MDI offer that has her off to the races.

There are constructive ways to present your argument and there are less constructive ways that make one appear a bit over the edge.

Nice way to pick on another poster's spelling though. I'll bet you're one of those delightful ladies that try to rain on everybody's parade who's happy, too.

Next time, check your own posts very carefully before you squirm in delight at finding a typo in another poster's post.

Have a lovely day :-)
Ever analyze this kinda stuff???
Those ticker-tapes that run along the bottom of the TV screen during news broadcasts, such as local news channels, MSNBC, CNN, HLN, etc?

I love to watch those just to catch all the typos (yes, I sometimes sit and watch the news for an hour to catch the highlights and find myself obsessing over the typos the ticker contains, lol!).
Oracle...nothing. Kinda disappointed.
I thought they liked us?
I kinda don't think they give a rats azz.

Hey if they can get us to work for 8 cent s a line, 150 lines an hour for a whopping $12.00 buck/hr.  Hey!

 May even be less and hour as the trend is  going lower than 8 cents a line.  Plus they keep hacking away at the lines counted by reconfiguring the system to give certain letters a value of this or that, or no value.  It is a bad profession.

Sounding kinda paranoid.
Why are you so up in arms? Some of your comments sound like you're a caffeinated conspiracy theorist.

For instance, you think IC's billing statements will be scrutinized.

Uh, I have no problem with my bills being scrutinized. They are absolutely accurate and in keeping with my contract. Why would anybody be concerned unless they were trying to fudge the system, hmmmm?

As far as companies putting Spyware on ... pfffft. I go through a HIPPA compliance training session every year. Takes, what, 10 minutes? I sign the paper. Everybody's happy.



Learn to differentiate the difference and you'll be a much more relaxed person, IMO.
Kinda like being RAPED, and then believing
excited in a scared hopeless kinda way

Yeah, they kinda help to get the message across. Barb, let me
know if you need help finding them. 
whoa what kinda mistakes are YOU making?
You work that many hours and I am sure there are a few screw ups here and there in your reports from tiredness. I mean even your posts are very hard to understand.
Not sure why the negativity and sarcasm ... kinda sounds like the old

lover scorned thing ... LOL.   No company can probably say that it never runs out of work, but I have 2 accounts, and have only had to go to my secondary account maybe 10 times in the almost 1 year I have been there now.  At least the management team at TT cares.  I have worked for companies where I ran out of work, and the response I got was a laugh and just take the day off.   At least TT will get you another account.

As far as your remark alluding to the fact that if we were so busy working, we wouldn't be here -- do you work 24/7?  Also, TT is not a sweatshop.  We are allowed breaks. 

Maybe you had a bad experience with them.  No company is a great fit for everyone, that's for sure.  I have seen people rave about companies on here, tried them myself, and thought YUCK. 

It is only 6 am and my shift doesn't start until 4p, but I guess I shouldn't be posting here since apparently it implies that TT has no work ... LOL. 

LOL .. kinda funny when they try to be mean and can't even spell. Good for you. nm

Hmmm...sounds kinda fishy to me.
They need to give you a straight answer.
I kinda have the feeling this is a Cardioscribes account ...
... it just sounds so similar. And if CS is outsourcing to them (and they pay 9 cpl), the 7 cpl would make sense. Not that it's anything close to respectable pay.

Clearly, it's so much more financially intelligent to just go straight to CS if you want this kind of work.
Ya know, I've been kinda depressed about not getting hired by them...
even though I'm sure I did well on their test and got the mass E-mamil stating that there were some evening shifts open and they would get back soon as more positions open. Just reading about how great they are and me not even able to get hired made me feel, inadequate. Maybe, I'm lucky I didn't get hired?
Who says you have to give your correct name/address/etc? I did it .. was kinda fun. nm

Kinda funny huh? Guess no one will get hired, LOL!
Geez people ~ take that off before posting an ad looking for MTs!
I thought it was no only VERY easy, but kinda fun, after the initial panic !!!
I received a job offer the next day which I also accepted. Nice to be working with you.
Cheney:Halliburton (kinda)::Soros:"Blank" co.


CTS never pays on time and platform kinda sucks.
No idea about other company.