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Love your post. Never thought about it that way. (sm)

Posted By: New TT'r on 2006-12-27
In Reply to: I agree with you, but don't forget (sm) - TT2

Glad to be going to work for a company that has people with positive attitudes like yours and others I see posted here.

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that's what I thought but she was under my post
Thanks, BlueEyes. Much more well thought out than my post. sm
We can't talk out of both sides of our mouths, on one side complaining about offshoring, while on the other side buying foreign products. 
At first I thought I had written your post
The same thing happened to me.  Yet I continue to try and I ask myself WHY???  I am retired so I've got mine, why should I care about anyone else?  I guess cuz that's just the way I am.
I misread your post - I thought it was about fraud
Are you being sarcastic or serious? I thought it was a good post. nm
I thought I saw a post somewhere that says they pay bimonthly and not biweekly. Can anyone
Sorry for the double post - I thought it didn't *take*
Thanks, that was me, but could not find so thought I forgot to post nmI
Well said. Never worked for D&L but when I read the "IC" post, that was my thought as well..nm
Actually, I thought her post was professional. Do you work at MDI? I doubt it.
she can most likely weed out the MTs just by their posts anyway if she's dealt with them at all. She did the right thing to simply state MDI MTs can come to her IF they have concerns. It's great to share info, but not ALL posts are by sister MTs sharing the good word. There are many, many who love to incite drama and there are always 2 sides to every story! Anyone can come on here and claim they are great MTs and do all that is expected of them yet are treated terribly by a company, but that sure doesn't make it the truth. About how many MTs do you think are at MDI? And how many individual MTs are here complaining? Not the same posters using different names but single persons. Do the math and figure out from that how many are unhappy at MDI, and my bet is your percentage will be low. I know of a lot of MTs very happy at MDI with enough work. But then I'm sure the naysayers will just claim those are the favorites or something.
I love your post!
can you imagine if all medical professionals who sent their work to offshore accounts did not get the benefit of US editing, what a mess they would see in the work that came back, and I think that would do the trick and stop it cold in its tracks!
I LOVE this post
And couldn't agree more. The more pay for better work just sounds like corporate blackmail to me.

The bottom line is patient care, and if you don't care enough about the patient to deliver a quality report to their record, you need to examine the reason you're an MT.

Remember, as above poster said, if that were one of your family members in that hospital bed, you'd be outraged if a shoddy report was in their chart.

This sword cuts both ways.
Aw, I love your post!!!
I actually giggled out loud...Thanks so much for summarizing it all so nicely :-)
That's okay. I still love your post, anyway.

I really love your post

If it isn't the newbies whining, then it's the retirees who have really seen the hay day.  Well I've been in this profession for 20 some years and I am very happy.  Every single time I post something positive about a company, someone comes here with a backlash because it did not suit their needs or some QA person squashed their sense of know it all attitude.

I get tired of the same old whining and complaining.  Either hire on with a company that doesn't do VR or quit your bellyaching.  It gets old and quick.

The one post that got me was the lady who couldn't afford the milk and bread.  Well what do I say to that?  Get off your lazy butt and find a job.  These same complainers are also the ones that don't want to pay for food stamps or welfare for people who are able to work.

I have to say that I do not believe that the poor mouth is the norm.  I make plenty of money but I do have to work for it.  I only work weekends if I feel like it because I am an IC.  I don't take work from companies that require set schedules.  I also don't take any crap from QA.  Thank God I found a good company and before you ask, no they are not hiring!  LOL - I love saying that!  heehee

Love your post, Sir Percy! LOL
I love DeVenture. I think there's a post..
on pg 2 or 3.
Love the literation of your post.
I love your post, it is PERFECT!!!!! sm
When I started, there was NO WAY you would EVER EVER get away with guessing a word because you didn't know. That would get you fired on the spot. If you didn't know you put a s/l note and left a blank. QA 9 times out of 10 would get it and follow up with you. What I don't like now, is when you send something to QA you never get a followup to find out what you didn't know.

I also remember going straight to the horses mouth the dictator. We use to page em in the hospital and ask what they were saying. I think it made for a more accurate report. Obviously there is no way that could work now though.

Great post and very true! I read these today and was amazed that someone's first thought was pay
I agree that circumstances can make loans necessary but the OP sounded more like she uses these on a regular basis. No I'll have to learn to budget for the difference, just oh no, now I need to go to Payday Loans and pay 400% interest.

We have the potential to earn what we need to, although sometimes lately it is harder and harder.

Good for all of you. Wish I had seen these earlier.

p.s. Can someone call and tell my BIL to grow up too?
Thanks for this post. I love a new perspective on things.
I've always felt that the women libbers helped the need for 2-income families, but you are right - I hadn't thought about the single women and women who wanted to work not being able to get decent jobs or decent pay. We still have a long way to go to break the glass ceiling, but women can be anything they want to be these days with regard to career, and we have the women libbers to thank for that most definitely. I am very grateful for all their efforts. I just wish that it was easier to be a SAHM these days...whatever the reason - economy, government, libbers, greed, etc. While I do feel they played at least a small role in it, the good they did outweighs the downfalls. I appreciate your input. It has given me a new perspective on things. Thanks!
Just came upon this post and LOVE it, thanks for posting, have one thing to add....sm
This past year I had a lot of changes, some okay, some pretty bad, but one of the only consistently bright spots has been my job this past year since Februry. Just wanted to share, as they are hiring, perhaps someone else would not like this position, but I have been MT for close to 30 years and feel very compensated, cared for, content, un-stressed, and happy.

My company is on the west coast. They have many accounts from clinic/acute care, sports medicine, ER, primnary care, and just about every specialty. They truly strive to match up each MT with primary accounts, and also with accounts you are familiar/comfortable/proficient in. Work is strictly IC, and they truly work it that way. You basically choose hours/how many/when, there are no weekends unless you want to work, no holiday coverage (unless you want!), very flexible with personal days, sick days, etc, as long as there is sufficient notice for coverage; pay is always corret and ON TIME, although we are paid monthly; Yes it was a drawback the first month, but after that I just took that fat check and budgeted it, no problem.

One of the best things is that we are paid by the GROSS LINE, which is a line is a line is a line, everything counts, spaces, returns, macros, certain headers, it adds up fast and to the the MT's benefit, believe me.

Our platform is MedRite XL on Crescendo network, very easy, fast, user-friendly, Word-based, all you need is a high-speed connection, Windows XP, sound card and foot pedal, training is very laid back, kind, helpful, and very rapid if you have been an MT for quite a while. My boss was just asking me if I knew any fairly seasoned, dependable, well-rounded MTs, and although I have a few friends in the field, they are busy with other jobs they have been at for a long time....I am not a salesperson, I am not a headhunter or anything, never even been QA, I actually over regular old transcription, but I really love this company, I have had some horrible experiences, and these folks have been a JOY to work for this past year. Please feel free to e-mail me with questions, I did not give the name so as not to be too much of a cheerleader. Happy, peaceful, prosperous, and very healthy new year to everyone out there!
See my post above...I love to read posts like yours!
I'm ecstatic to be on board with Transtech and reading posts such as yours from long-term TT'ers makes me smile that I'm part of the team now as well.
Haha yen, love your post and agree completely with what you say!

Love, love, love TransTech! Not overhiring, just growing like crazy!
I actually thought of that. I even thought of trying to go back to MQ part-time!! (sm)
I just wonder about hours at a second company.  I work days (and some nights) with this company.  I have a set schedule but with the no work situtation I've been on the computer at all hours of the day and night.  Right now I have no work, so I would love to jump on at a company #2 and start working.  Do you have to have set hours at your company #2?  Thanks for the suggestion.
I too love path & can't find it at home & would love to cross-train into rad in the meantime I do
Love this company, love my boss, very informative QA.nm.
My post should say the post above not the post below, Sheryl's post to be specific. nm
Does anyone think 41 is too old to go to nursing school. I love MT but I just would love to be a
nurse.  I have such a interist in helping others and the medical world.
Love, love, love DeVenture
Super nice, flexible and just all around nice to work for.
Love, love, love Axolotl
I totally love Axolotl.  Just as A-team said, fantastic benefits.  Yes, strict schedule, but never ever had a problem getting off when I needed to.  I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. 
I would love to know too, I love EXText
Love Bayscribe and love the pay
At 11 cpl I love working for MDI Maryland. Bayscribe is a breeze. The lines build up so quickly. Everything is right there on the page. Sometimes, you have to fill in patient data, but who cares.... you do get paid for it. No holiday or vacation pay as it is an IC position. It beats 8 and 9 cpl any day. IMO
Love, love Archivus
Mind my asking what your line rate is? Do you have to work a schedule? Is their platform good? Anything else?
love/hate MT, mostly love it :)
i've long been dismayed with the direction in which this profession has gone, and i agree with the person who posted that women have accepted substandard wages and/or unfair IC or employment situations. It's very sad to see how, when outsourcing became the norm, women did not adequately negotiate to, you know, pay their bills!!! It seems this has resulted in lots of undercutting and lower line rates for everyone. I see some companies slowly improving and not requiring crazy line counts and hours in exchange for paying into health insurance. i entered this profession as a single female. i married an engineer and was living mighty comfy and cushy and happily doing 4 hours at 11 cpl in the late 90s. didn't have to worry about not having bennies at all. now as a single mom with a young child, i truly struggle. but i do love my work and hold out for my specialty to keep the line count up. still, i see the glaring problems and it's just a shame. if there were an MT union, i'd join in a heartbeat. no time/energy to start one and be some kind of norma rae, though!

Ah, yes, a love/hate thing indeed!

Best to all of you wonderful mts, male and female :)
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It's a "fishing" post. Same post a few days ago with numerous errors
You are not allowed to post their link on this site. Post
will be removed. It was up last night and post got removed.
Read Spherson's post below, who admits, in the post, they do pay it.
Peachy, your post is interesting, but my post now is irrelevent but
A few weeks ago I went to my clinic where they had recently implemented EHR or EMR, whichever you call it, and the doctor's back was to me the whole time he and I conversed because his nose was stuck in his laptop. To me, it felt a little more impersonal, but I understand he was doing what he had to do, but it seems like the bedside manner may go to the wayside if the doctors can't even look at you when they are asking you questions or you are speaking to him/her. I know this is relevant to your original post, but just an interesting fact that I had not anticipated. Anyone else experience this?
This is why I NEVER post my cpl. I'll post the range of
what the company pays, but NEVER what I make.  I know that I make more than probably 70% of the people there, because they know I produce a client ready report and that I can do anything they throw at me.   We don't have levels, but I guess if we did I'd be at the highest level.    Telling how much you make isn't so bad, but when people know what company you work for and then what you make that isn't a good combination.  The ONLY people I have ever discussed what I make with, are my husband and my MTSO owner.   Talking about your salary/pay is enough to get your fired in lots of companies. 
Post edited -- DO NOT POST NAMES. (SM)
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Your own post verifies other post about MTSO not
This post is in regard to the post w/ the heading below
Nothing is closed. Anyone free to post or not post.
One post was another "run" type of post and the
the recruiter. Once you are in with the company, the recruiter has nothing to do with you or your job. I want specifics about problems with THE JOB, not the recruiter.  Specifics such as no or late checks, line counts being messed up, no work, taking bennies away with no explanation. Things that matter, not the recruiter. 
A thought. sm
Good points. From what I've heard, managers don't have to handle situations exactly the same way as others might. They follow basic company rules and procedures, but you could get different people running things differently depending on their style, preferences, or client needs. MQ offices are like this, too, from my experience.

Maybe it's not favoritism, or misinformation, or conflicting information, but rather just a choice being made. Then again, if there are vastly different methodologies between managers, to the point that it affects the MTs, maybe that does need to be brought to the attention of a higher authority so it can be worked out to the satisfaction of all involved. The managers may not even be aware that they work so differently! Maybe this is something that MTs can address with the managers involved?
Has anyone thought that.....
the office politics we suffer from national MTSOs is WORSE than the office politics you find in hospital medical records departments?  At least in the hospital you run into people and they can't ignore your communications, whereas with nationals they can not only ignore you but they can deny reality.  I don't fault any MT for NEEDING to work at home, but it's not pain-free, there is a heavier downside than commuting (especially when you add in the inferior benefits: vacation, sick leave, etc.)
I thought they might get better, but...
Sorry, you are having a rough time. Are you new to MT or just new to the company? I have to say they do pay well, but it doesn't matter if you don't get paid for all your lines!!! I like the accounts I am on, don't mind ESL, but QA has gotten really bad, very inconsistent. It is hard to get a hold of anyone if you have a problem, too.
sorry, I thought you said w/o
Sorry, thought you said w/o.