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Nothing has changed, same old garbage

Posted By: Looking on 2007-08-03
In Reply to: TRANSCEND - Marla

day in and day out. Just no raises.

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The owners haven't changed, MT supe hasn't changed
I've been in their office. I know the people. It is a sweat shop and you will never be paid a decent amount or get respect. You won't know which is a good or a bad day for the person you report to until you literally get yelled at.

They have to offer bonuses because their reputation is that bad and nothing has changed. You may get work that has been recorded 3 times from some of the worst accounts you could ever imagine. They take accounts no one else will touch. That hasn't changed.
They changed buildings so maybe the phone number also changed...
They are still going strong...
garbage NO MORE

Sorry I offended you percy I was only having a little punctuation fun. I did not take into account the hypersensitivity of those with low self image.  On your second point, I agree people need to see a variety of opinions about the companies - no individual's opinion is worth more than another's.


No they don't. Cut the garbage.
actually, it was my ER doc who said VR was garbage...
to tell you the truth and he said he hated the system, hated using it, hated the results and all the errors even though it had been edited by professional MTs.
You did say "because I was new Garbage"
That was not very complimentary to yourself but I think we get the gist. You are not the first person to complain about this company so we heard you loud and clear. You post did make me laugh and that's good too..
U kiddin?? When U get the same garbage over and over, you just KNOW that
So now we have to put up with this foreign garbage.... sm
undercutting us and taking our work with such poor grammar? You've got to be kidding. This is ridiculous.

If you click on that job listing, at the bottom of the page is a moderator link. Click on that and it will bring up all the moderators e-mails. Let's all e-mail them with thumbs down and get these messages removed.

Red angry smiley face to these moderators and definite thumbs down.
That's because they know what a garbage account it is!
It's always amazing to me what MTs will put up with.  Don't let them bully you!  I would refuse to work on this account too. 
VR is garbage, for the most part.
is that it's that whole 'guys and gagets' thing. Most big companies, hospitals are run by guys, and guys just love their toys!

Look at the cars they buy. The computers. The cameras and camcorders. The more bells and whistles, the better. Never mind if they'll never use them, or if they don't work so well. They just WANT 'em.

I think a lot of the big-wigs still buy into the notion that 'Whoever dies with the most toys - wins.'
The MQ VR is garbage. I've been doing it for 2 yrs
and it's never gotten any better. Why 2 years? Because it pays about what my other part-time job pays, and I know the accounts, so just keep along. However, I make 60% of what I made as a straight MT because the speed isn't any faster than straight MT. Their software STINKS.
Does verbatim equal garbage?
Do they say they want verbatim so they can blame the "dumb typer" when the patient record is incorrect?  The doctor says over and over that the patient is a male, yet "he" has had a hysterectomy, C-sections, etc.  Now, this is in a report where I also heard nothing about transgender. That is a minor example, but you get the point, right?  We are told to type what we hear.  When we hear garbage, we have to type garbage.  Apparently the hospital thinks the docs are flawless.  I want to give good patient care and provide accurate reports, but I can only do so much.
I think not - If anybody believes the garbage you put on here, I would not want to work with them an
I agree! And only a garbage company......sm
would pay QA less than what they are worth. Unfortunately there are quite a few of those! But there are still some good ones out there (although few) that really do care about quality are willing to pay more than secretary wages.
some accounts are okay and others are pure garbage!
Some of the accounts will sink your line count fast. I think their clinic work is maybe worse than the acute care for that, but some of the acute care is really bad with horrible dictators.
Edit the contract or THIS IS GARBAGE
I signed one of those stupid things once and when it came time to quit, I had a nice new job that I wanted to start right away, not in 30 days, so I asked the OLD company and they agreed to let me off the hook, although they were not nice about it.  Ask if you can just x that part out on the contract.  Why is it that the contracts are ALL one sided, nothing good in it for the MT?  yOU CAN be canned in a moment's notice, but you are supposed to give 30 days.  What crap.
VR produces garbage, and it's too easy
to miss something, not to mention if you need to triple your number of lines to make the same amount of pay as straight transcription, that means MTs are going to have to rush them through. It's not a good situation any way you look at it.
Cleaning up garbage is job security? nm
Amen to maybe they are sick of the offshore garbage.
With all due respect and just out of curiosity, why settle for this garbage pay? Go elsewhere..sm
preferably with a company who appreciates an experienced and quality MT. As long as they have enough U.S. MT's to work for these wages, our pay scale will continue to decline.
This industry is insane... they treat you like garbage and ...
you get no respect... here is the deal... many women want to work from home to be there for the kids... the MTSOs know this and push what anyone will put up with to the limits. It ain't worth it.

This thing about working 40 hours for benefits is garbage.
So if I do my usual 20,000 lines a pay period but only work 30 hours, I lose my benefits, but a newbie who takes 40 hours to do 12,000 lines gets benefits? This is insane. I've enjoyed working for MedQuist, but between this lousy new platform and stinking corporate rules, I've had it. My notice goes in next week, and I'm going back to school this quarter to become a P.A.

Same thing happened to me last year. Got garbage. Left after 6 wks. Those w/
I think it's that services only get the overflow & the garbage anymore. All the good stuff is kep
You're blessed to get dictation you can hear clearly. I'm finding only garbage being offered l
Can you say where you work if you get assigned docs/accts.? I'm tired of this pool garbage/left
They seem to have changed since I did..
I worked for them 6 years ago. I was an employee, I see now on their website they only hire ICs. I was very happy with them, basically could work when I wanted as long as the reports were back when due. However, they somehow decided that their pay scale was unfair to new hires, so those of us who had been there, got knocked down to the new hire scale and everyone basically had to start from scratch to level the playing field. I quit shortly after, was not going to take a pay cut. I believe at this same time they also started sending some stuff offshore, not something I was ready to deal with. If they still have the same owners (I think the guys name was Ed), I found him to be very rude and only interested in himself and his $$. I believe about 6 of us all quit at the same time because they downright rude. I am now with a big national and making about double what I did with Accutype because of better systems and support.
So nothing has changed...
Thanks for the headsup guys. I passed the test with them and received an email, but I guess nothing has changed from past posts.

Thanks again
I see nothing has changed in the last
year since I left MDI. This is exactly how they operate on every level. A lot of people don't mind but I stayed for way to long and have a much better position now without all the drama from MDI! Good luck to you.
Pay Changed
I also agree that you should not take the job, but if they did offer to come up to the original offer I would still not take it. In my mind, this is a either a very unorganized company or a manipulative company and either way it is unlikely things would change once actually working for them.
Must have changed
Their training period used to be for 4 weeks--it must have changed within the last year.
Unless it has changed
you get paid for training what you will be paid for when out of training.
i changed this yr from emp to IC (SE)
left the Q for another job...and i'd have to suggest job #2. I have been an employee for several decades, and wish i would have found the joy and freedom of being an IC-type years ago. I have my medical insurance through BC/BS of my state, and do that so i am free to change jobs if i want to. I get a little higher deductible and the premium is not so bad. As far as a computer, i decided to have a backup for my desktop and just yesterday purchased a laptop online from Circuit City (sale goes off today) for a toshiba A215-S4697, $600 (includes printer/wireless router/security software). That's less than half of what i invested in my desktop. Maybe that would be of interest to you? Feel free to e/m me if i can be of any further help. Either way, good luck!!
looks like nothing has changed much...
the owner gave me some sob story about how she wouldn't make any money if she paid us more than 1.5 cents/line to edit. PLEASE!!
Unless they have changed
since last year when I worked for them, and I doubt they have,stay away from them. They STILL call me and want me to call them and act as though I never worked for them before; I worked there 4 months. Cannot understand any of them when you need to talk to someone, never had any work even after they promised there would be plenty of work. I finally threw in the towel and left. Couldn't feed the family that way. I definitely do not wish this company upon anyone.
Could have changed but..
I elected NOT to take a position with them because the pay was the worst ever. They had VR accounts that they paid 1.5-2 cpl on I believe. There is NO way I'd do ANY work for that.
Nothing has changed.
They have told some that they have 'optimized' their work pool to eliminate the cesspool, but we are STILL getting cesspool. Nothing but empty promises.
May be old but NOTHING has changed
She must have changed!!!!!!sm
This woman must have changed! She was the most moody, strange, and rude person years ago when we worked at the same company.  But I think back then, she had a substance abuse problem. not sure
I think she changed her name.
I read old posts, but don't remember specifics.  I think it was something about work drying up.
JLG has not changed
Their QA staff is rude and not helpful.
Unless the law has changed
it is the physician's responsibility to ensure that the record is correct when his name is signed to it.  I used to have a dictator who always ended his dictation with I have signed but have not read this document or something like that.  Every time  I typed it I thought fool!
They changed their name, was it Healthscribe before? If so
they don't pay very well. 
MDI-MD MTs: Has something changed with Bayscribe?

very consistently without pushing myself too hard, 300 lph if I did push myself.  But 250 without much effort.  The last several weeks I seem to only get 200 to 220 lines per hour just transcribing leisurely, and even when I push myself I have not been able to get up to 300 lph; more like 250 when I push myself.  I don't get it.  I have worked there for a few years.  I have been with Bayscribe since it started.  I'm just wondering if headers aren't being counted anymore or something.  And I do copy the document and paste it into Word and do a line count on it, and the line count comes out the same - but there is definitely something different.  I have always loved MDI but I just can't survive on 200 lph and I'm going to have to go back to my own accounts if it keeps up like this.

I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed a difference?

Changed my mind
I believe they have changed the policy about (sm)
bonus lines for reaching next level. 
Pay Rates Have Not Changed -
It must have been the level of the account.
How long ago did you use it? All of that has changed
No, I asked to be changed.
I changed my mind too sm

I thought it was just me. 


She offered me a position, but I chose not to accept the position because she was very rude.

Has Transcend changed its name to