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OSi hasn't changed

Posted By: momt on 2008-09-29
In Reply to: What is up with OSI (in Georgia) these days? - SM

I just left there because of the VR and the low work volumes. They aren't offshoring, I can tell you for sure. I can tell you also that the work is still very low, the VR pay is terrible and forget it about communication, and yes they still micromanage through the IM.

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The owners haven't changed, MT supe hasn't changed
I've been in their office. I know the people. It is a sweat shop and you will never be paid a decent amount or get respect. You won't know which is a good or a bad day for the person you report to until you literally get yelled at.

They have to offer bonuses because their reputation is that bad and nothing has changed. You may get work that has been recorded 3 times from some of the worst accounts you could ever imagine. They take accounts no one else will touch. That hasn't changed.
She has been told this for years now. Hasn't changed.
You would be shocked at how many MTs have left them.  Amazingly they keep finding others to hire.  Sad, sad, sad.
They changed buildings so maybe the phone number also changed...
They are still going strong...
hasn't it been said it can be 30% less...
Is there any company which hasn't been...

complained about???

I've read the posts and wonder.

It hasn't been announced yet..
But some of the office people have "leaked" the info apparently.
Really, that hasn't been my experience at all.
I was initially concerned when I heard the company was sold, but honestly you would never even know they are a part of Transcend unless you actually knew it. (Does that make sense??). The owners are still extremely active, and my managers and team leader are really special.

You are the first person I have ever heard has noticed a change. MDI is growing, but they are growing on their own. I think they have almost 500 transcriptionists at this time. BTW, I don't think Transcend is much bigger than MDI - they also have 500 employees.
This hasn't been my experience other than to say
do my work. Working before anyone else gets up and then end of day seems to make all the difference in making line count in my situation with MDI on a C-phone account. Perhaps it is an issue of what accounts you have and how versatile you are.
This hasn't been a situation that has gone on for
months.  The biggest account took some of the work back in-house w/o warning.  It was done w/o warning and the other accounts have had to absorb all the MTs who were left w/o work.   I have been there less than a year so I don't know if the work flow is a cyclic thing or not, though if you read the board it seems like the workload is low all over.  I know things are frustrating, but at least they pay for down time.
I have never known them to use the supervisor as a recruiter!!!!!!!!!
it hasn't started yet, still getting set up
Amphion hasn't, to my recollection
It still hasn't been resolved for everyone. I'm still in limbo. I'm going

to give it until tomorrow. 

Huh??? CyMed hasn't been around for almost 2 years now.
They were bought out by SPi, which is one of the worst companies out there! I know this for a fact as I worked for Cymed for about 2 years until they were bought out by SPi in the mid to late summer of 2006, so they don't even exist anymore.
This is the first year Oracle hasn't sent anything...oh well.
Not even a thanks. As a matter of fact, been unusually quiet this week. Hhmmm, feeling guilty maybe?
I'd like to know why this bunch of crooks hasn't
I can think of a few MTSO bigwigs who could use 150-year jail sentences.........
The industry HASN'T advanced. sm

That's what the 'gripes' and 'complaints' are about.  Technology in this field has advanced, but normally with advancement of technology comes advancement with compensation for continuing education.  That's not happening in this field.  THAT's what the complaints are about.  I, for one, welcome advancement in technology.  I'd still be working on a Selectric typewriter with carbon paper if I didn't.  What I don't welcome is the fact that while technology is advancing, the working conditions are declining.  While we are continually learning and sharpening our skills, researching new terms, equipment, drugs, procedures we are LOSING pay.  This is one of very few industries where the workers are continually required to learn more and do more, but the compensation is going backwards instead of advancing.  When technology advanced for the physicians and for the nurses, did they take cuts in pay?  No, they actually advanced with their fields and their compensation increased based on the justification that they had invested time and money to learn the new technology.  They became 'specialized.'  When technology advanced for the medical centers and hospitals, did they lower their prices because their staff could do their jobs in a few less steps?  No, they raised prices based on the premise of increased price of equipment and costs for doing business.  What about us??  We have increases as well!  What honestly justifies a cut in pay when the cost of everything else is skyrocketing?  Can you tell me that??

This MT board is really the only way we have to communicate about our field.  The 'griping' and 'complaining' is a symptom, and there wouldn't be a symptom if there wasn't an illness.  So obviously there must be something wrong with the way this field of medical transcription is moving.  This networking board allows us to discuss it openly where we can't with our employers or management.  It almost seems as if some people won't be happy until they can take that away from us too. 

So you're one of the lucky ones who hasn't
taken a cut in pay for working longer & harder? It's sad to not be able to feel compassion for your fellow MTs who are struggling to make ends meet when their pay is being cut & the cost of living is rising. The CEOs of the MT corporations aren't going hungry, but some of our fellow MTs are really struggling. My compassion lies with them.
Are you sure you don't mean MDI (Medical Dictation Services, Inc.? MRC hasn't been around
I was told it hasn't started for any account
In order to finish you have to start and as far as I know no account has been started with this new line counting utility. When I questioned this, on several occasions, each time I was told its still happening but that was the extent of any information that was conveyed to me.
If your company hasn't paid you come payday and

promises it will either be overnighted to your or in your account by the end of the day and it isn't, and the next day the money isn't there and they wait until the end of the day to tell you they don't know when you'll get paid doesn't that sound very fishy?  I think the CEO should have issued a statement and outlined exactly what the issue is.  If it isn't a matter of money (like they don't have it) then why not say what the problem is. 

Someone mentioned this situation yesterday or the day before and got reamed, but I think this is now a MAJOR issue.  Fortunately for me I got a big tax return and I haven't paid all the bills yet so I'm not hurting, but I can imagine there are more than a few who NEED their checks NOW.  

Hasn't your mother taught you any manners?
What is wrong with you to judge? Do you think every MT has to be just like you. Every business has the high achievers and the ones who struggle, possibly to find they have chosen the wrong field, or the wrong company, specialty expander.

Your ladies who toss off your smart a$$ comments at every chance are part of the reason MTs are considered difficult.

If you are like this 24 hours a day, I have a feeling you spend a good deal of time MTing because there is no one else in the house with you. Who'd want to spend time with a person who could cough up a post such as yours? A masochist possibly.

Find yourself a sense of humor and until then, cease posting in representation of medical transcriptions. We have more class than that where I am in this business.

Medware..There hasn't been anything on this board since August 2007...(sm)

Does anyone who works for Medware care to share their opinion about the company in regards to steady work, flexible schedules, platform, benefits, etc.?  You can e-mail me if you wish.  TIA. 

WELL SAID TT12 - mine hasn't run out yet (I love slow times though)

CEO hasn't left yet, she's leaving in August. Co's are bought and sold all the time and I
think this is that big a deal.
They seem to have changed since I did..
I worked for them 6 years ago. I was an employee, I see now on their website they only hire ICs. I was very happy with them, basically could work when I wanted as long as the reports were back when due. However, they somehow decided that their pay scale was unfair to new hires, so those of us who had been there, got knocked down to the new hire scale and everyone basically had to start from scratch to level the playing field. I quit shortly after, was not going to take a pay cut. I believe at this same time they also started sending some stuff offshore, not something I was ready to deal with. If they still have the same owners (I think the guys name was Ed), I found him to be very rude and only interested in himself and his $$. I believe about 6 of us all quit at the same time because they downright rude. I am now with a big national and making about double what I did with Accutype because of better systems and support.
So nothing has changed...
Thanks for the headsup guys. I passed the test with them and received an email, but I guess nothing has changed from past posts.

Thanks again
I see nothing has changed in the last
year since I left MDI. This is exactly how they operate on every level. A lot of people don't mind but I stayed for way to long and have a much better position now without all the drama from MDI! Good luck to you.
Pay Changed
I also agree that you should not take the job, but if they did offer to come up to the original offer I would still not take it. In my mind, this is a either a very unorganized company or a manipulative company and either way it is unlikely things would change once actually working for them.
Must have changed
Their training period used to be for 4 weeks--it must have changed within the last year.
Unless it has changed
you get paid for training what you will be paid for when out of training.
i changed this yr from emp to IC (SE)
left the Q for another job...and i'd have to suggest job #2. I have been an employee for several decades, and wish i would have found the joy and freedom of being an IC-type years ago. I have my medical insurance through BC/BS of my state, and do that so i am free to change jobs if i want to. I get a little higher deductible and the premium is not so bad. As far as a computer, i decided to have a backup for my desktop and just yesterday purchased a laptop online from Circuit City (sale goes off today) for a toshiba A215-S4697, $600 (includes printer/wireless router/security software). That's less than half of what i invested in my desktop. Maybe that would be of interest to you? Feel free to e/m me if i can be of any further help. Either way, good luck!!
looks like nothing has changed much...
the owner gave me some sob story about how she wouldn't make any money if she paid us more than 1.5 cents/line to edit. PLEASE!!
Unless they have changed
since last year when I worked for them, and I doubt they have,stay away from them. They STILL call me and want me to call them and act as though I never worked for them before; I worked there 4 months. Cannot understand any of them when you need to talk to someone, never had any work even after they promised there would be plenty of work. I finally threw in the towel and left. Couldn't feed the family that way. I definitely do not wish this company upon anyone.
Could have changed but..
I elected NOT to take a position with them because the pay was the worst ever. They had VR accounts that they paid 1.5-2 cpl on I believe. There is NO way I'd do ANY work for that.
Nothing has changed.
They have told some that they have 'optimized' their work pool to eliminate the cesspool, but we are STILL getting cesspool. Nothing but empty promises.
May be old but NOTHING has changed
She must have changed!!!!!!sm
This woman must have changed! She was the most moody, strange, and rude person years ago when we worked at the same company.  But I think back then, she had a substance abuse problem. not sure
I think she changed her name.
I read old posts, but don't remember specifics.  I think it was something about work drying up.
JLG has not changed
Their QA staff is rude and not helpful.
Unless the law has changed
it is the physician's responsibility to ensure that the record is correct when his name is signed to it.  I used to have a dictator who always ended his dictation with I have signed but have not read this document or something like that.  Every time  I typed it I thought fool!
They changed their name, was it Healthscribe before? If so
they don't pay very well. 
MDI-MD MTs: Has something changed with Bayscribe?

very consistently without pushing myself too hard, 300 lph if I did push myself.  But 250 without much effort.  The last several weeks I seem to only get 200 to 220 lines per hour just transcribing leisurely, and even when I push myself I have not been able to get up to 300 lph; more like 250 when I push myself.  I don't get it.  I have worked there for a few years.  I have been with Bayscribe since it started.  I'm just wondering if headers aren't being counted anymore or something.  And I do copy the document and paste it into Word and do a line count on it, and the line count comes out the same - but there is definitely something different.  I have always loved MDI but I just can't survive on 200 lph and I'm going to have to go back to my own accounts if it keeps up like this.

I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed a difference?

Changed my mind
I believe they have changed the policy about (sm)
bonus lines for reaching next level. 
Pay Rates Have Not Changed -
It must have been the level of the account.
How long ago did you use it? All of that has changed
No, I asked to be changed.
I changed my mind too sm

I thought it was just me. 


She offered me a position, but I chose not to accept the position because she was very rude.

Has Transcend changed its name to
Another example of how this industry has changed -

that's why many are leaving this profession.  After 10 years, that is how you're treated.  It's a shame - and very degrading.