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On further ruminating

Posted By: catsxoxo on 2009-02-12
In Reply to: we need to set our price - calling all girls

I've noticed that most of the low paying 6-7 cpl jobs are in the southern area of the US.  I don't mean to be rude to those of you who live in the south and love it, that's fine and dandy.  There are parts about the south I love also, but the business climate for MTs is not one of them.

In my own experience working for two southern MTSOs I was expected to put up with their cramming their hyprocritical religious e-mails down my throat and scolding ALL of the MTs like little children for one person's mistake.  Very low pay, entitlement attitude and trying to call me an IC when I was an EMPLOYEE.  I did report them to the IRS.

Calling me on the phone and IM'ing me on my days off to browbeat/threaten me into working.   You would have thought this was the 1960s or 1970s by the atmosphere.  If the morale does not improve, the beatings will continue.   Any time I see a southern address, I don't even bother to apply.  I RUN the other way.

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