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we need to set our price

Posted By: calling all girls on 2009-02-12
In Reply to:

Upon looking at the job boards, I notice they want us to have 10 years' experience but want to pay only 7-8 cents a line. 

It's time we decide on OUR bottom line. 

What is the least we will accept as a group for transcription and ASR? 

I say no LESS than 8.5 cents a line for transcription and no LESS than 5.5 cents for voice.  We do not need to go any lower than that, if maybe that it even too low for some of you out there?   I want to hear from you.

We MUST follow this up with action, or nonaction as it were, by not accepting any job for less than our bottom line. 

Let's set a new standard for ourselves.

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for that price?
so if they were to pay you what you thought would be worth it, you would write an MT training program for people in India? That's nice. Don't complain that we are being treated as professionals and that our career has gone downhill when people like you are contributing factors to all of it.
Where did she mention a price?
I didn't see a line rate posted.  Usually a rate like 7 cpl is a temporary rate just to see if the person has the experience they claim (9 times out of 10 they don't) or it's temporary rate to offset the cost of editing of new hires.
Price fixing
It seems that ever since AAMT suggested that the line count should be characters divided by 65 (which cut our gross line pay by 1/3), clients have been insisting that we count that way. So now Escription comes along and tells the client the same thing and they want us to change the way we count. It seems to be there are some antitrust issues lurking here to be plumbed. Isn't that called price fixing? And wouldn't one think that we should check on it like with the attorney general?
price point?
Is that a nice way of saying cheap?
I think you are wrong. Everyone has a price. I think she would be sick of all of this by now. xx
This is the price of doing business. If there weren't
something in it for you, you wouldn't be doing it - whether it be money, ego, prestinge, etc.  
she didn't mention a price, i said
If you send a professional resume, go through the trouble of testing, passing it with flying colors, 7 cpl should not be anywhere in the offer.  Pay a professional what a profession is worth from day one.
You can make more -- negotiate your price. sm

Dorothy is one of the few that pays MTs for their experience and quality.


Good luck!

The competition is in the price NOT quality.
Editors clean up American MTs and Indian MTs. Bottom line is COST!!! DUH! It is just like everything else being made overseas in China, Mexico...IT IS CHEAPER THERE!
Contact me for good price
$60.00 plus shipping for StartStop foot pedal. I got it when I worked for SoftScript before, so know it works well with their program.
Just remember.....everything/anything is for sale for the right price sm
No matter what, everything and anything has a price tag. Good luck to all KS MTs.
Price fixing does not need to be accepted and should not
I see, 5, 6, 7, 8 and should not be accepted. Get your calculater out. Figure out what that would be per hour. Com'on this is a highly highly skilled profession, not just anybody can do it, takes year YEARS and you never know it all, never.
It seems like price fixing in t this industry.
They all pay the same unlivable wages. Anybody know a lawyer? Ask about a price-fixing lawsuit.
I'm beginning to believe its price fixing
Seems like reps from all the major MTSOs sat down, came up with a so-called competitive rate, and decided to all cut wages at approximately the same time - so there's really nowhere else to go when MTs want to leave!  Greed!  Plain and simple!
How can you compete with the big-company price-wars? - nm
Forgot to say that I value accuracy over speed...sure I could go fasther but at what price? NM
You're forgetting the Consumer Price Index has gone up 30% since the 90s
And as for doing well in VR, see this old post about why some people do well and some do not...just because you lucked out doesn't mean others didn't get screwed, and they DO have a right to complain.


To quote: *In any of these usually extensive discussions about VR, most complain about how broke they are, and there are always one or two who say they're doing well with VR.

Well, the reason is not that one group is exaggerating or the other group is lying. It's because there are good systems and bad systems, and it's a crapshoot as to which one any of us ends up with.*

So enjoy your $16/hour. With your dearth of sympathy for those less fortunate than you, I'm guessing you'd also step over a homeless man in the street without a second thought.
yeah and the MTSO still charging full price for the work
Most physicians/hospitals don't even know they're dictating into VR so still paying full-on transcription prices while the nationals/MTSOs cut the MT's salary in half. Nice huh?
ALSO, the plumber sets the price. So this plumber/MT analogy