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Perhaps instead of whining and complaining

Posted By: Hmmm on 2009-07-26
In Reply to: So, MTSOs actually ENCOURAGE the leads.sm - Army Brat

you should find a different profession? If you don't like your company and the way they treat you why not leave? You're allowing someone else to cause you grief and misery; most wouldn't take it, they would have enough sense to go elsewhere.

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Just hate whining and complaining when there are backup accts with plenty
Had to reply to this one.  Accidently sent to her email.  She thinks I'm whining.  Sorry if I seem to be to anyone else.  I was only trying to find out if there are others?  It must be nice to be able to say Oh, I look at this as a little vacation. I am the sole provider of a 6-year-old little girl living paycheck to paycheck, so yes I do get worried when there is no work.  I wasn't blaming anyone or anything. I was just curious if maybe it was just my accounts.  Never expected such a reply.  Always seems to be a smarta... in the bunch. Thanks all you other understanding considerate nice fellow MTs out there.
*However, what disturbs me just as much is the attitude of so many MTs. If the shoe is ever on the other foot, these MTs will be begging for someone to tell them what company is best and who pays the most, only to be told nanny, nanny, boo, boo! Why can't we help one another? What is it going to hurt to give company names? Are these MTs job scared? If not, why the cut throat attitudes? So sad!*

That is MY definition of whining. No offense, seems exaggerated description of us MTs. My day is OK, thanks
I just don't want to have to listen to the whining when this happens, as you know it will. nm
This board can be used for more than whining. SM
I personally skip over the obvious whiny posts. But when I was looking for a job, I found it invaluable to come here and read about various companies. It helped me weed out the obvious bad ones and send my resume to the better ones.

I've been doing this for 6 years - from local doctor (actually my brother-in-law) to hospital to large nationals. I tend to sacrifice speed to accuracy and take pride in my work. However, I have worked for 5 companies this year - yes, FIVE - with 4 of them (which I still consider to be good companies) unable to provide enough work for me to pay my bills, that is to say 8 hours a day, a minimum of 150 lines an hour. I have an excellent work ethic, sign on at the beginning of my shift, work 8 hours, my last QA rating as of 2 weeks ago is 100%. So, what I'm not understanding is - is it me or the companies who are mismanaging? Do I have a legitimate complaint or am I also a whiner? Something is definitely going on with this industry - and not all of it good. Let's put it all out there, the Stepfords and the whiners, and see if we can make gradual improvements to our industry.

P.S. I love my current company and finally have enough work to keep me busy - woohoo!
ah..stop your whining already..
get some work done so you can pay your bills and feed your kids LOL
Why? Because you incite whining?
You bait people who are already hurting and when they strike back, you call it whining.

You are pathetic.
Certainly a better idea than whining along with them.
from under a bad MTSO and working in a situation that they can be proud of. 
Quit whining and grow up
So, you were fired from Spheris. Probably because you couldn't cut it. You get 90 days to make your production, and if after 90 days, you aren't producing, they will cut you loose. Why should they keep people like you, who are obviously bitter, and carrying a huge chip on your shoulder, when there are other so-called newbies, with good work ethics who want to work hard, and are willing to put in the time required to get the production required. 3 months is a long time to get used to an account, and build your production. There must have been more to your firing than what you state in your post.

Hopefully you will find employment elsewhere. But, I would urge you to change your attitude, lose the chip on your shoulder and grow up. Don't blame everything and everyone around you. Take a look at your production, skills, etc. and then ask yourself again, why Spheris let you go.
Ok, I won't. It IS hard to sing over the whining.
Exactly MOVE ON and quit whining
This has been going on for months and months and months. Obviously a new group of MTs over and over and they go through the same thing.
Nagging, whining WOMEN!!!
Exactly why I choose to work at home!!!!
Bunch of whining ladies
Andrea Renner does not care about postings here, she thinks the moderator will remove it! Seems she considers hard working participants here as bunch of whining ladies!
Nope, just tired of the whining; feels like a daycare center
Seems to me all the time and energy put into this board whining over something that cannot be changed would be more wisely used either (a) learning VR or (b) putting out one's resume.
Everyone Is Complaining
even their TOP producers are losing lines now. They are going to lose a LOT of really good people with this new platform they are using. It's bad enough having to deal with the inconsiderate management they have there, but a job is a job and the money was okay. Now, we have to deal with a lousy platform, line counts cut by a third, and being the ginnie pigs. I'm just tired of it all.
Complaining that there is complaining? LOL!
not complaining, asking
Every day I give basically the same blanks filled in. The dictators are easy and clear. I repeat myself constantly. Do you really think I should quit being an MT because someone doesn't pat attention to the mounds of feedback that I give? I do give extensive feedback. It sounds like you are complaining about your QA person and want to take it out on me.
And you will be the first one here complaining when you
braggarts are also the biggest complainers and also the first one to quit when their bubbles pop.
Are you complaining already?
Do you think she would have told you that it took that length of time if it did not?
I think you should stop complaining... how many people do you know that make $20.00 an hour? Hmmm? I would be pleased as sh_t if I made $20.00 an hour for sitting here in my jammies making that kind of money. Everyday, I struggle to meet my lousy 1000 lines a day and for some reason, even after the 25 years I've done this, I can't seem to do it because I feel the company I work for is skimming money off the top. So, you see, I'm making approximately $9.25 an hour. You're making more than twice what I do. If you are looking to make a fortune in this business, you have to be the business owner and I'd never, ever, ever in this lifetime, do that again. Get a grip and be grateful.
why are you complaining?
I'm sure you'll get paid, it'll just be LATE, but it looks like you normally wouldn't mind if your check is late as long as you get paid--unless it X-Mas, of course.
How many of you that were complaining
about not getting anything from your company this year for Christmas actually did receive something now that the time has come and gone?
How many of you that were complaining
about not getting anything from your company this year for Christmas actually did receive something now that the time has come and gone?
well I'm not complaining
Cause it is VR at 9.5 CPL. I'll take that anyday.
i am not b#))^)#g and complaining sm
about not making enough money either. You are the one that thinks you are worth so much. Do you give your job that kind of quality? If you do, you don't deserve to be in the business, much less gripe and complain about 21 buck an hour.
I don't work for KS, but if this many MTs are complaining...

There HAS to be SOMETHING to what they say, and like another poster stated, deleting the posts from this forum does not delete it from our memories, and someone will be back on here complaining about the same or new things as long as they are not being heard by the company.  If it bothers KS's Management team so much, then maybe they should listen to their MTs and treat them with the respect that they deserve.  KS wouldn't be anywhere without its MTs, so why not try and make them happy.  I am so glad we have a forum like this to share our good/bad experiences.  You know the MTSOs can't stand it because they cannot take complete advantage of us, which is what most of the companies I have worked for tried to do to their MTs---as long as they are making their money off the sweat of our backs.  It seems like KS can dish out the misery but can't take it when people start talking about it...just my opinion.  Keep talking and sharing experiences, good and bad.  Maybe this forum and others will force them to do right by us, especially regarding compensation.  We have to work together and try to make the MT profession better. 


Yup, Busy. I'm not complaining, but...! NM
Is this the same MDI that everyone was complaining about no/low work
Then get a new job and quit complaining
Had you not been shouting, might have had more sympathy for you.
With so many complaining of having no work
A little extra work for you might mean a very short paycheck to the person who is scheduled to work those hours - ever think of that when you were awarding yourself extra work?
i don't understand what you are complaining about.
In this competition-driven market, some hospitals give their overflow work to the MTSO, some give all their work to us. You can inquire about what kind of accounts they offer when you apply for these at-home jobs. YOU have a choice of where you work!! If you don't want to work all the holidays, find a job that does not require it. Try counting your blessings -- i am sure many would love to have your situation, or would even just love to have a job!!
Who's complaining about schedule?
Some people just like to get ugly I guess. I am not complaining about my schedule, which is very flexible I might add. The company is so great they have let me change my own schedule twice. I would just like some PTO.
But I am not complaining or annoyed at all.
Live and let live.
Complaining about VR earlier
Weren't you MDIers complaining about MDI work going to VR about 6 months ago?  If it already has gone to VR then what is the problem with that VR work going to Transcend's platform for VR?  I'm not a VR advocate by any stretch of the imagination but I was following the thread a few months ago that your work was already going there and I was glad to have dodged that bullet when I turned down the job with MDI-Carlotta had told me the work would NEVER go to VR but then it did.  I'm sure Transcend does not want another VR platform when they already have their own.  Just an observation.
Everyone keeps saying this is a real job yet all of the people I see on here complaining sm
are the ones that want to work when they want. My guess is that it would have to be horrible being the workflow managers for any company that has people working that think that way. In the real world if you went out to the office, you would work a schedule. Working at home while offering flexibility does not change the job. The job has to get done and it is my guess that the workflow goes to those they know they can count on more often than not over someone that works when they want. I may be wrong, but that is what it seems. TAT is of utmost importance. I just feel that it would be so much better if people had to at least be required to work within a close window to their schedule. If you only want to work 2 hours a day, that's fine, but do it in a manner they know they can count on you without getting up to do this or do that,etc. Just my opinion. I work my schedule, always have, and prefer it that way. That keeps me in line and then when it is time to quit, I know I am done for the day.

Stop complaining I only make 7 cpl as an IC!!!!
Exactly. Which is why MTSO's overhire...which I also see a lot of complaining about.
She WAS complaining about basic answers.
A direct quote from her post above:

I can't seem to get basic answers to my questions without it being an educated guess or noneducated for that matter!

Quit complaining and ask for a backup (sm)
There are accounts that have a lot of work.
Did not mean to imply YOU were complaining. I too read below.
Transtech same 2 or 3 people complaining ??????
Keep thinking that, but I don't think it is just 2 or 3.
Wow, you people are never happy, always complaining
Not enough work, too much work, bad line counter and now ESLs? Are you lazy or what? You get off a gravy train account and have to do some REAL work and have the nerve to come here and complain? COME ON NOW. YOU ARE AN MT, ALL MTs DO ESLs! GET OVER IT.
There have been several posts the last month complaining
about lack of work and I haven't posted them.  
If I were an employer who didn't want complaining, I'd be -
fair and above-board with my employees, to begin with. And I'd probably have my hands full with running the business properly, not checking internet sites to see who said what.

And if I did have an MT that was still complaining, better she do it here, than show up in the office someday with an Ouzi in her hands.

There are safe ways to vent, and dangerous ways to vent. This is the safe one.
Not complaining, just asking for reference. Only out a few minutes (sm)
and it was early early Sunday morning, not during her normal work hours.

BTW, can you call solution center for help with this during weekends/off hours?
She isn't complaining about not finding a job. If she states
do they even contact her if they don't have that specialty? I don't agree with any MT limiting to certain specialties because it makes it harder to find quality jobs, but I also don't know her circumstances so I'm not about to judge. Maybe she's close to retirement and doesn't care to struggle with learning new things. Who knows? Either way, for someone to try to talk her into doing something else and then be rude when she won't, that's not right either. At any rate, yes, just keep telling them NO, that's about all you can do. Annoying, yes, but no one can force you to do anything. As for the rude people, I find saying have a nice day or good luck finding what you need and hanging up works well.

For the record, the same happens to companies, too, in that they'll advertise for certain criteria but people will still call or apply without the criteria hoping to talk the company into giving them a chance anyway. I guess it's just human nature. lol
Not really complaining, just stating a fact
had not gotten even an email and never did.
Maybe YOU need to read the posts you're responding to.  I never said 1 word about low/no work, mention a company, etc.  NEITHER DO I MAKE OMELETS - YOU HAVE THE WRONG POSTER!!      
There was someone on here this week complaining of being fired from a co and on another board
there was an MTSO who openly posted about that as well as other issues that apparently that MTSO had.
To those complaining about no work because of the lost account...
I wasn't aware that an account was lost because I wasn't on that account. However, instead of complaining about not enough work because an account was lost, you should be thanking DSG for not just up canning your butts! They could have just gotten rid of the ones on that account, but sounds like to me they tried to move you to other accounts in order to keep you on at the company. I guess if you look at it that way, they don't sound so bad, huh? Everyone is always so quick to look for the bad and bash a company and don't think about the other side of things. I'm sure it wasn't their wish to lose that account, but it sounds like to me they are trying to look out for their MTs.
She wasn't complaining about getting basic answers - sm
She was talking about posts that assumed she was pregnant and looking for a job when she clearly stated that she was planning on a family in the future, and not currently pregnant.