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As usual, another one who knows

Posted By: Hmmm on 2009-07-26
In Reply to: Why take it so personally? No one - mt2

nothing about the poster. How was I insulting and what makes you so sure I'm not an MT? This Army Brat obviously has some issues with her company and is very paranoid that her work is being directed away from her. Maybe she should talk to her supe and not assume things she doesn't know.

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pay as usual!
Companies pay when hospitals pay welcome of the world of Mt!
just the usual with KS
It is nice to get an answer. It is nice that KS does not offshore. But what is not so nice is finding out that the person giving you the information may be misrepresenting themselves and may not actually be a recruiter for that company. So if this is the case, how can you know that they are not telling you lies about the company????
You mean, just BS as usual.
The usual gig.....
Poor work flow management. Zero communication. Don't want to hear your input on anything. Whether or not you have a good or bad experience there is pretty hit and miss I'd say depending on all the variables. Certainly not a well-thought-out equation by them.
Just the usual cowards who have nothing SM

better to do than rip other people apart so they don't have to acknowledge that they have their own deficiencies.  Instead of actually speaking to someone with their company and having them know what kind of people they have working for them, they come here anonny and post the same tired stuff all the time and talk about how great they are in comparison to other people they work with, how the company should value them, blah blah blah.

The loudest ones are usually the most lacking in skills.

Ok, so this is hopefully just worse than usual? sm
Do I have to let them know to hop on at other times, or is it understood that it's necessary?

thanks much for your help!!!
Yes, one to her, one to office as usual.
Thanks so much...As usual trying to do it the hard way
Yes, still here - Business as usual SM
No major changes since Acusis buyout. Same pay, same clients, same platform, matching 401K now in effect. No reason to *jump ship* that I can think of unless swimming is something you like to do for aerobic exercise.
Aside from the usual abrrv, try dividing SM
words in half.

hydronephrosis = hyne
scoliosis = scos
cholecystectomy = chec
aforementioned - afme

Or divide words together like
Babcock clamp = bacl

This is very easy, once you get the hang of it. Have fun!
excellent advice - as usual

She may not be lying - but it is not typical or usual. nm
OSI W2's late as usual this year?
Yes, mine was there are usual. TT is still the best IMHO.
Glad to be there. Glad to stay.
There is the usual posting by DIT. Gotta ask ..(sm)

Is there anyone out there that is currently working for DIT, getting paid and on time?  I know that there were many, many posts here not long ago on how they had stiffed a few employees but was wondering if they had turned things around.


You're the only one giving anyone flack, as usual.
My usual VR fits mostly the same time frame
as yours although I have gotten 600+ before but never 800+ and I start usually at 12, started 15 minutes earlier and by 1 o'clock that is what I had. I keep my speed as fast as it will go also, you cannot make any money unless you are able to do that. I was surprised myself, first time for me and perhaps just a fluke but hey, I will take that.
No, just your usual hunt and peck for lines day. nm

Should add the usual disclaimer...No I am not mgmt - just another MT finishing her shift for the
night! I work out of Amherst as well, and the work is back-logged on many of our accounts.  Again, I don't understand those who claim no work.  We get daily emails listing loads of accounts, and nearly all of them are always full of work, if not out of TAT.  Dozens and dozens of clients listed I never even heard of! So, just seems a mystery to me how, or why, some MTs "claim" to always have no work.  Amherst sends mass mailings out 3 times a day, I believe, or at least 2 to ALL MTs - don't you read them? don't you get them? If you have no work, pick one of the dozens in the "red zone", and call your supervisor and ask to be put on a backlogged account. I have never been turned down a new account.  Learn it - get on it and make it yours! If its often backlogged, Bingo! Now you have a good busy account! 
It's not law, but it's usual general policy to avoid law suits. nm
Is it usual for company to assign specific jobs?
I'm just so frustrated right now.  I've had some jobs assigned to me that are from one of my backup accounts, not just one but many, and many ESLs, which has really brought my line count down.  I know I have to just deal with it, but I'm wondering if this is a normal occurrence.  I got hired under the idea that I was on a low ESL account, which my main account is, but not the backup accounts.  This doesn't happen all the time, but it is happening more frequently now.  Do I have a reason to be frustrated with this, or should I just get over it and accept it?
No we won't. I said slow, meaning slower than usual, should have clarified.
MDI-MD - What is the usual starting line rate? smsg

Upon receiving email from MDI, it states they offer a generous line rate?  Any input here?  I'm interested in the cpl rate.  Thanks for any info!

Just how are they to work for as far as accounts, ESLs, etc. The usual things such as how they treat
the MTs and so on.
Merit is what is screwed up. As usual. New managers couldn't care less.
My primary is even busier than usual and my back-up has been looking for extra help. Maybe time for
Where do you get a Lanier dictaphone and what is the usual charge for unlimited long distance. nm
I work on it. Usual amount of work. Not running out but not backlogged either. They seem to have
about the right staffing on it. Hope that helps.