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Phillips Medical Trans.

Posted By: question on 2007-04-11
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Anyone heard of Phillips Medical Transcription in Washington State?  Any info. would sure be appreciated. Thanks much.......

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Phillips Medical Transcription

Anyone have experience with Phillips Medical Transcription? Is pay on time, etc.? Thank you very much!

Phillips Medical Transcription
I don't think so. It's in Olympia, Washington.
Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Svcs?
Which is the one that everyone is always saying is so good to work for?  Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Services out of Iowa?  Thanks for any clarity you can provide!!!!
Phoenix Medical Trans.,Inc
Can anyone give me any information on Phoenix Medical Trans., Inc. working conditions and prompt payments, et cetera?   Thanks a bunch.  Just had not heard of them prior to this.
Trans Tech Medical

Anyone hear of this company?  Anyone have any experience with them?  Thanks. 

Augusta Medical Trans
Great company, pay monthly, IC only, but very very nice owners - Mike and Pam

Augusta Medical Transcription, Inc

118 Davis Road

Martinez, Georgia 30907
Phone: 1-800-766-0844

Email: info@augustamedicaltranscription.com
Fax: 1-706-854-0633
WEB: www.augustamedicaltranscription.com

DocuMed Medical Trans., LLC
Any info on this company.  Maybe looking for a change, but know the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  They say all trans., no ASR.  ?pay, benefits, etc.
Any info on PRN medical trans?

I checked the archives and didn't find much except 1 post below asking the same thing.  Does anyone currently work for PRN or recently worked for them? 

Any info would be appreciated.

Anyone work for Phoenix Medical Trans.

I was offered a job months and months ago and for some reason regret not taking it.  Just wondering if anyone works for them and their opinion of the company.  TIA!

Has anyone heard of this medical trans. company?
Accel Systems Group, Inc.?  How are they?  Any good?
Insight Medical Solutions/Trans At Its Best GOOD/BAD
Any information would be appreciated on these 2 companies.
Any opinions on Advanced Medical Trans Service?
P.R.N. Medical Trans in Cape Coral Florida
I just tested with PRN Med Trans. They seem nice, from what I read on their website, and do not offshore, but I cannot find anything about them in the archives. Can anyone share? I have been writing and submitting my resume every where I can and also testing online many times, too. I just hope this leads somewhere soon. Until it does I am stuck with MDI/Transcend.
ASAP Medical Trans - Same as Alliance/Documed in Tennessee
Don't be fooled.  NOT a good payor.  Pay consistently late, late, late.  I believe she is trying to change the name since the word has been put out about Alliance and Documed.  This has been going on for some time and should be stopped.
Anyone contact Augusta Medical Trans to see what they were offering as far as acct, platform, pay?
Phillips- I thought this was MQ. nm
Phillips Transcription
Is this a branch of Medquist?  Where is it located?  Just curious.  I heard that Medquist was owned by Phillips Electronics.
any input on Phillips MT company?

if anyone can provide information please

I do DSS files. Mine are done by a doc who uses Phillips digital recorder (sm)
They are compacted so they are smaller files. They can be played by many wav players including GearPlayer, Bytescribe and the free ExpressScribe. No special software is needed to transcribe them.
Phillips OWNS MedQuist, who bought Lanier Healthcare in 2002..nm
SC Trans
Has anyone worked for or heard of SC Trans? Thank you!
CC Trans
I had ben contacted several times to work, then nothing, then once they contacted me and I was unable to that day, so nothing.  Now I got another call asking if I could - said yes, and guess what - nothing. Maybe they forgot who they are contacting?
Work is easy/normal, but platform is slow with entering a lot of demographics. Pay is regular at 8 cpl. Staff really easy to work with. Have you applied yet?
Med Trans, Inc.
Has anyone heard of this company? You pay $4xx.xx to take the course, and are then hired by them to work for them. They are a member of the BBB, and have very few complaints. Just can't find anything else on them.
Does anyone know the new name of Transcriptions Plus?  It is or was located in southern California.  I believe it has been renamed tho.  Does anyone know the name? Thank you.  Dee
LMT Trans
We have filled the position for radiology transcriptionist.  Thanks to all who sent resumes to LMT Trans.  We still have an opportunity for psych transcriptionists.  Please feel free to send your resume to LMTTRANS@aol.com, attention: Sarah.
Med Trans, Inc
Does anyone know any information on this company as far as work, pay, etc.?
ANP Trans
I was wondering about them.  I just started doing some research on them tonight and have read some pretty decent comments about them -- until now.  The rate sounds very low; however, if you break it down you get -- 0.0051 per word comes to about 82 cents per minute of dictation or 8 cents per line (65 characters).  When you look at it that way, it doesn't seem so bad anymore.  Pretty much right up there with every other company.  Thnx for the info about late checks. 
Is this CC trans?
no, I'm not an MTSO if that's what you're asking
CC trans
I've been doing the same thing. I'm still waiting for the fees for wire transfers and for the bounced check I had because of her bounced check to be deposited in my account. In the meantime, I need a job.
Med Trans Inc.

Does anyone have any information about this company?  I already did the archive search and found very, very little. (So, please don't tell me to do that ;) )


Thanks in advance for any information!

Med Trans

Run away from J. at MedTrans of America.  She will not pay you.  I am going to the Labor Board.  She has only voice mail and now does not answer my e-mails.  She says she does not pay for spaces.  Thank the Lord I only worked for her briefly.  Keep away. 

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MTStars Team

Executive Trans

disorganized company, just my opinion

trans tech does
x-press trans

Can anyone tell me of any experience they have had with this co?? Thx

Trans Sollutions in TX?
What are you doing for them?  Are they located in Texas?  If so, then I worked for them.  What can I tell you?
New England Med Trans
I worked for them back in 2000 and 2001 for 8 cpl hosp and 7 cpl clinic.  They direct deposit pay and are reliable and on time with pay.  Only problem I had was that pay never would go up higher than that but don't know about now.  No set hours which is good but 24 hour turnaround time.  I actually know the owner from living in that area in the past and they are a trustworthy company just not high paying unless they have changed.  I would be interested if you get a job with them how they are now to work with.  Anything else I can answer just ask.
Med Trans of America

Can anyone tell me anything about Med Trans of America?  Have they always had payroll problems?

Anyone work for LMT TRANS?

I am going to be starting with them today and I was just wondering what anyone can tell me about their experiences with LMT TRANS?  I had to leave my other company because started sending work overseas and left me with next to nothing to type or QA.  I am hoping that this company can keep me busy. 


Out of where? Heard of LM but not LMT trans?
No, read my name GA trans......SM
I'm not defending her as she sounds quite immature and unprofessional, have never worked for her and had never even heard of her until this post, but I can understand plain English when I read it.
trans company
Because the company I worked for did a very bad thing and think they can get away with it by placing balme on others away from the facts at hand. And if they sign up here as a trans they can copy and paste the information - how do I know, because when I worked there they did it frequently.
I learned alot from the inside about trans companies - they need us, but at same time abuse their power over the work they assign. They think because we work for them, we arent as smart as them.
trans and typing
Back up plans are good. A smart employer and as IC we are our own employer, you must always have a backup. I understand your intentions fully, and hope you contiue to do well with whomever you contract with presently or in the future. Those questions should be asked, in one way or another to know who you work for. keep in mind you are not in the office so you only know what you are told or what you ask. maybe others here have other questions that could be asked too - If they have nothing to hide, the answers should come easily. You could always search for complaints to the Employee benefits division of the US Dept. Of labor, watch the news - I am sure there will be something eventually and read the papers, online or otherwise to find out some information on the company you work for. Even the Better Business Bureau could be helpful. Many other trans forums are out there to review. Even some myspace locations to review for some interesting information. again good luck, hope your company is a good one. There are several in PA as in any other state as well.
Trans company
There are many posts here that have a bit more detail, and the usual going back and forth, seemingly harmless could be with someone you actually work for. It would be difficult to prove yes, but the attitudes towards others could get caught in themiddle with their employer thinking that your username is actually someone else. Just a heads up that the trans companies out there are not all as niave about these sites - instead of treating us right, they would rather watch here for anything said about them. You may not give details and good for you - but others may need to keep in mind that they do watch the sites.
trans company
It is funny how everyone feels when 3 letters are used they are initials, everbody's name means something to them, The letters CLK mean something to me, not necessarily initials, but I guess it could be. Besides, anybody can put anything they want into the name field. This forum has so many trans on here, to think that your employer would see it and then assume it was you - you must not have a good relationship with them- or they are one of the ones we all should watch out for. Good luck.
New England Med. Trans.
They had a recent job post.  Did anyone apply and hear back after taking the test?
Trans Tech
So do you like it there or what?
Re Trans Tech...
Are their incentives pretty easy to obtain?  Have heard many good things about this company.  Thanks.
I was offered a job doing ortho with Phoenix, 7.5 WI spaces.  Does anyone have anything to offer, good or bad.  How much per hour would this come to, are the dictators good, how is the company.  Any info would be helpful.  THANKS