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Phoenix Medical Transcription????

Posted By: Help Me Please! on 2005-10-20
In Reply to:

Anyone ever hear of Phoenix Medical Transcription, Inc.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Anybody hear of Phoenix Medical Transcription, Inc
Is this company the same as Phoenix MedCom?
Phoenix MedCom and Phoenix Transcription in CA are 2 different companies
Phoenix Med is in NY. The posts seem to confuse the two at times.
Phoenix Medical Trans.,Inc
Can anyone give me any information on Phoenix Medical Trans., Inc. working conditions and prompt payments, et cetera?   Thanks a bunch.  Just had not heard of them prior to this.
Anyone work for Phoenix Medical Trans.

I was offered a job months and months ago and for some reason regret not taking it.  Just wondering if anyone works for them and their opinion of the company.  TIA!

Any info on Phoenix Medical Transcrioption out of NY? nm

FutureNet, p.r.n. Transcription, Phoenix Medcom

Would like to hear pros and cons of these three companies, please.

Thank you.

Webinar -Evolving Medical Transcription: Technology's impact on traditional transcription process

Hey everyone, check out this link. This is what we are up against. Be sure and note how 3M or whoever is the sponsor of this webinar throws in that dictation and transcription is time-consuming.  Nevermind that EMR and VR take more time and money to be successful and it only takes 38 seconds to dictate a returning patient and 2 minutes to dictate a new patient versus 500 clicks on a point and click EMR or the mess VR makes and having to have an Editor come in and clean up the mess. Propaganda that we should know about.



Do you mean TMT Transcription or Tidewater Medical Transcription sm
known as TMT. Their tactics are to look for you so it sounds like them.
This is not Phoenix MedCom fromNY...it's Phoenix from California
Phoenix MedCom doesn't pay by gross line.
Medical Transcription, Inc. in NY
In researching for jobs, I noticed this company and was wondering if anybody knew anything about it - comments please.....
USA Medical Transcription
Anyone know of this company and what they are like?
$60,000.00/Y for medical transcription?!
... so sorry to hear about your dissolutionment about MT pay. If your school told you that you would be making $60,000 a year, that is so deceiving. How long ago were you told this wrong information? It's heartbreaking when I hear so many people tell me their school lures them in on this statement. It actually burns me up. Now, I even hear a school advertising on the WAV FM radio advertising hotel sites where presentations will be given on this lucrative career. The ad says that there is a very great need for medical transcriptionists and you can work at home for hospitals and doctors and make as much as you want. SO DECEIVING. I have a good notion to show up at one of these seminars and stand up in the middle of the talk and tell it like it is!

At one time, YES, you could make $60,000.00 a year. Since technology and the nationals have taken most big chunky accounts, if you were to make that kind of money, you would need to be chained to the computer. SO SAD. Don't get me wrong, it can be done with a national. Only a very savvy Transcriptionist who has the right conditions i.e., steady account, knows drs well, expanders, works more than 8 hours can do it but it is getting increasingly difficult to attain that yearly income with pay going down.
Anybody know anything about USA Medical Transcription? Would appreciate anything. nm
medical transcription
accuscribe - does anyone have anything to say about this company?
DTS Medical Transcription

Has anyone heard of this company?  They had an editing ad and I have never heard of them.

Medical transcription

We need Medical transcription outsource .

medical Transcription
We have all required software & hardware essential for Medical Transcription, including dictionaries and reference tools.

We have 24/7 service with two internet broadband connections, UPS and Generator for power backup.

Looking forward for your reply....

USA Medical Transcription

On the Job Seeker's Board it says USA Medical Transcription.  That is all I know about it.  It says they are seeking transcriptionists for VA Hospital work.  Thanks.



USA Medical Transcription
I applied - took a test which was not so difficult. It was a few weeks before they finally got back to me (I subsequently emailed for a reply) saying I'd passed.
The pay schedule is not very friendly and their offer was for 7 cpl with an opportunity, depending on the account to which you're assigned, to go to 8 cpl...


Anyone know anything about this company?  Web site or has anyone worked for them? 

prn medical transcription
Does anybody have any info. on prn medical transcription in Florida? Thank you!  
prn medical transcription
I just know that it is called prn Medical Transcription, Inc., the website is bestprn.com, and it is in Florida.  Thanks! 
USA Medical Transcription, Inc.
I worked for them for about 3 months last fall. I didn't QA, though, just transcription.  I was on a VA Clinic account (lots of ESLs), which was lost, so I found another company. But they had other accounts and offered to give me one of those. They paid on time twice a month.  
IPR Medical Transcription...sm
Has anyone ever worked for or heard anything about this company? I believe they are out of MD. I've searched but can't find anything. I'd like to know about their dictators, whether they pay on time, what they are like to work for, etc. I'd really appreciate any info anyone could provide. Thanks!
OSI Medical Transcription

Thanks for mentioning that.

Good to see those few posts from OVER 2 YEARS AGO!!  Excuse me, but things can and do change. 

At least one person was positive and has a good head on her shoulders.  Her response was excellent about OSI.


TMT Medical Transcription, Ltd

Does anyone have any experience with this company; good, bad or indifferent? I believe they are based in Shreveport, LA, but billing invoices go to Jonesville, TX. I did a search on this site, but nothing comes up for this company. Thanks in advance!

USA Medical Transcription Inc

Any info on this company would be great.  Thanks

Actually, medical transcription
is not done in the offices in Manila and Phillipines.
TMT Medical Transcription in TX
I saw their ad and see they pay by the minute....any information would be great!
USA medical transcription

If it is the company out of SC, I worked there.  It was great until I got sick.  I had to have surgery and the President herself assured me everything was okay and my job was safe.  To make a long story short, I had complications after my surgery and they terminated me.

The supervisor was HORRIBLE to deal with as well.

USA Medical Transcription MTs -- a few ?s

Whats the platform??  Is pay okay?   I have seen 8 cpl...is that about right?  Do you work rotating weekends?  Thanks! 

p.r.n. Medical Transcription
good company?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!  THANKS.
USA Medical Transcription
Does anyone have any information on USA Medical Transcription? They have an ad at the top of the Job Seeker's Board that is always there, and I was wondering if anyone had anything to say about them, good or bad. Do they pay on time? Do they pay for spaces?
RE USA Medical Transcription
I have been working for USA for over a year. It is a great company to work for. They do always pay on time. They do not pay for spaces. I like the flexibility I have on the account I am working for. (acute care)
USA Medical Transcription
I can only tell you what I know about this company and how they used to operate. I worked for this lady for about 2 years when I first started out in the business. Wages were low, hours were long, and she did not pay for spaces. She used to fine us for every little mistake. The only problem was that her opinion of a mistake was different than other references, which would make sense because for every mistake you make, it is saving her money. I would say RUN for your life. If you hit the space bar, you should be paid for it. I stayed there until I had enough experience to get a real job, but I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone if she still operates the same as she did before.
TMT Medical Transcription does

I have worked for them since October 2007. Their website is http://www.tmtmedicaltranscription.com/contactus.html, however, I do not believe the information is current.  ***Edited by Moderator***

Please do not put names and E-mail addresses in your posts.

TMT Medical Transcription, Ltd....
I work for the above company and they use it. Personally, I despise Meditech, but have learned to deal with it.
p.r.n. Medical Transcription- sm
Any info on this company out of Ohio?
TMT medical transcription????
Just wondering if anyone has heard of this company, experiences they have had, pay?  Anything really would be helpful.  Thanks bunches.
USA Medical Transcription, Inc.
Does anyone have any information (good or bad) on this company?  They are out of Jupiter, Florida.  Thank you very much!!
PTN Medical Transcription
out of Philly?  I kind of got the uh-oh feeling from talking to them.  Anyone have any input?? Thanks in advance.
TMT Medical Transcription Ltd (NM)


USA Medical Transcription
Anyone have any experience with this company?  The person doing the hiring sounds rather rude through e-mail and the pay doesn't seem like anything to write home about. 
USA Medical Transcription
I've searched the archives already and couldn't find anything.  Does anyone know anything about this company?  Does anybody know their website because I can't find that either.  I'm completely worthless on holidays!  lol.  Thanks for any info.
Medical Transcription
Does any one know of any other Medical Transcription workathome companies which are good?
CMC Medical Transcription, Inc.

The CMC I know is based in Seattle, a great company to work with!  Most of the transcriptionists who work for CMC are located in the Pacific Northwest, but CMC contracts with transcriptionists located all over the country – from New York to Arizona. Because it has transcriptionists in so many different time zones, CMC is better able to schedule service for clients that need a short turnaround on a 24 hour basis, such as emergency rooms or pathology labs.

CMC has acquired its clients, as well as its contract transcriptionists solely through its reputation for excellent service in the health care industry. Colleen’s goal in starting this company was to establish a business that takes pride in its quality service. CMC realizes that a well-trained and supported Transcriptionist provides a better product than an ill-trained, unappreciated worker. Therefore, CMC strives to provide their transcriptionists with the finest in both technical and emotional support, as well as a good living.

CMC continues to grow and diversify. Its clients consist of primary care clinics, emergency rooms, pathology labs, hospitals, and related health care companies. Most of CMC’s clients are in the Pacific Northwest, but it has recently taken on clients in other parts of the country.  You need a willingness to work, a solid background in MT, your own dedicated computer, and a fax machine.
USA Medical Transcription, Inc?
I checked the forums and didn't see many, if any at all, posts on this company. Anyone work there? What's the pay? What's the account like? Tons of ESLs and bad dictators or are they decent? What are the people like?

I don't mind doing VR work, in fact I love it, but it depends on the pay.
ZNF Medical Transcription
ZNF pays semimonthly after the 15th and last day of the month.  They have direct deposit.  Transcription is done in Microsoft Word within the MT World platform that controls uploading and downloading of files and the delivery of normals, templates, etc.  The scheduling is flexible in the sense that you can work whenever you'd like as long as you meet customer TAT (generally 24 hours).  They do not pool work, so you don't hear a different voice on each job and can build up speed on your doctors.  Their quality expectations are high, and they only hire folks with 10 years of experience at a minimum.  I hope that helps.
ZNF Medical Transcription
No, ZNF has been using the MT World platform since early 2003. Prior to that, they ran a simply DVI system.
USA Medical Transcription
They are paying on a VBC line which results in about a 33% paycut as compared to the same standard line rate. 
USA Medical Transcription
Has anybody applied for USA Medical Transcription lately?  Have you tested fine and answered all questions, and still they don't get back with you as promised?  They said they would get back with me in 1-2 days and it has been 7 days.