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Any info on Phoenix Medical Transcrioption out of NY? nm

Posted By: SPMT on 2006-06-08
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Phoenix Medical Transcription????

Anyone ever hear of Phoenix Medical Transcription, Inc.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Phoenix Medical Trans.,Inc
Can anyone give me any information on Phoenix Medical Trans., Inc. working conditions and prompt payments, et cetera?   Thanks a bunch.  Just had not heard of them prior to this.
Anybody hear of Phoenix Medical Transcription, Inc
Is this company the same as Phoenix MedCom?
Anyone work for Phoenix Medical Trans.

I was offered a job months and months ago and for some reason regret not taking it.  Just wondering if anyone works for them and their opinion of the company.  TIA!

looking for info on Phoenix ..sm

I found a job posting for ortho in 2005 and they were paying 9 cpl at that time.  Now they offer 8 cpl???  Only in this job does pay go down each year LOL.  Anyone know what the pay ranges are now?  THANKS!!

Any new info on Phoenix MedCom

I have looked into the archieves but found nothing recent.  They have a post on this board.  Wondering whether it is worth testing with.  Thanks

Any further info on Phoenix rates, etc.?
Any info would be appreciated!
Info about Phoenix Medcom

Does anyone have info on Phoenix Medcom?

Just started with Phoenix Medcom...any info?
I just got back into being an MT and start with Phoenix Medcom on Monday.  Everything seems to be great so far.  Any info would be appreciated!  TIA!!
Phoenix MedCom (looking for up-to-date info)
Does anyone have any up-to-date information on Phoenix MedCom.  I checked archives but everything is very old.  Would current transcriptionists there please share how they like it and if they have enough work and make a good line count. I am trying to make up my mind and really need your input.  Thank you so much for your time.
Any recent info on Phoenix Medcom?
I looked in the archives but everything's a few years old... any feedback would be very much appreciated
Any info on Phoenix MedCom would be greatly appreciated :)
Such as platform, schedule flexibility, payrate, VR, etc. info? Thanks in advance! :)
Phoenix MedCom and Phoenix Transcription in CA are 2 different companies
Phoenix Med is in NY. The posts seem to confuse the two at times.
This is not Phoenix MedCom fromNY...it's Phoenix from California
Phoenix MedCom doesn't pay by gross line.
Any more info on Another Medical Must? NM
Any info on DW Medical Transcription

Any information on this company would be helpful, I'm considering a job offer from them.  Thanks

Anyone have any info on USA Medical Transcription? sm
They are posting their editing job again, but their website looks like a training course for beginners.  Does anyone know what is being edited?  TIA.
Any info on TransTech Medical
Was made an offer and am thinking about it. Pros, cons?

Thanks in advance :)
info on transtech medical

good company?

Any info on PRN medical trans?

I checked the archives and didn't find much except 1 post below asking the same thing.  Does anyone currently work for PRN or recently worked for them? 

Any info would be appreciated.

Any info on p.r.n. medical transcription?
Any info about ZNF Medical Transcription? .... sm
Pay on time, DD, platform, flexible with schedules, etc?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
Do you mean a different Phoenix...Phoenix MedCom doesn't use IM
Maybe a different company?
So they trust you with private medical info
What a rip. And how many of their employees have actually made off with one of their precious computers that they have to stick you with a deposit? I think they're just trying to cover their training costs.
Anyone have any info on Speedy Medical Services out of FL?
any info on Superscript Medical Transcription
Anyone know anything about Superscript Medical Transcription out of Michigan?  Thanks.
any info on STP Medical Data Services,Inc
i did a search but didn't find anything. 
Integrated Medical Solutions...any info??
Anyone with any info on STP Medical Data Services? TIA. nm
Any info on Hycare Medical Transcription?
Hi all! Does anyone have any info, good or bad, on Hycare Medical Transcription? TY!
Info on MTS Medical Transcription Service?
New England Medical Transcription - Info
THinking of applying with this company. Any information. Good/bad.  I know IC and pay 7 cents for clinic, flexibility with schedule.  Anything else would be much appreciated.
Anyone have any info about prn Medical Transcription Services?
Not even sure where there are located.  Platform....good company to work for?  Anything  TX
Any recent info on First Choice Medical? sm
I've looked in the archives.  The sound files seem to be an issue, but there is nothing very recent on them.  Has sound improved?
Any info on Medical Data Services, Inc.?
I am not coming up with anything in a search.
Info about Peachtree and New England Medical please?
Any recent information about these two companies would be appreciated. 
Is there any info on p.r.n. Medical Transcription? Can't find anything. nm
Anyone with current info on ZNF Medical Transcription? nm
Requesting info on Medical Dictation Services

Documed Medical Transcritpions, LLC out of New Jersey...anyone with info?

Info on Medical Transcription Services, Inc. in Green Bay, WI?
They have an ad on the Jobs Board and I can't access their website.  I can't get anything on Google, and I hate to jump from the fat to the fire.
New England Medical Transcription company - info??

Anyone have any info on this company?  Anyone ever work for them?  Thank you!

Info on Medical Voice Technologies? Job offer
Anyone familiar with this company? Just curious. Possible job.
Any info on Medical Records Corp or FutureNet?
Can't find much info here on archive search...anybody know anything they can share?  thanks much!
Anyone work for Electronic medical Transcription? Need info.
MTS of Texas/Medical Transcription Service - any info?
I've searched the main board and company for any information and have come up empty.  Would appreciate anything on this company, either good or bad.  Their website said they've been in business for 20+ years?  Thanks!
Have anybody have any info on Medical Services Transcription out of Green Bay, WI
Info on MedScript Medical Transcription Service (WI)? sm

I'm looking for QA information on this company--what is it like, do you know anyone who works for them, etc.? Bascially any information would be helpful. 


Any info on Scan Medical Services, LLC out of Michigan?
Has anyone worked for them? Are they reliable? Pay on time, etc?
Any info on Medical Transcription Services, Inc. Green Bay WI nm


I'm all for writing our congressmen about offshoring medical info, but...
These are old bills introduced to the 109th congress in 2005.  I wish people would get their information straight.  It just makes us all look like idiots if we write to congress refering bills that don't exist anymore or we are actually referencing current bills that have nothing to do with protecting privacy and offshoring medical info!