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Possibly a penny a line? I've never had anyone ask if I had my CMT on an interview. nm

Posted By: Sad MT on 2006-01-06
In Reply to: Becoming certified, anyone know if there is more money involved in being a certified MT versus non - Suzanne


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This is possibly one of the best responses I've seen

Possibly a new Indian company. They've never been mentioned here before. nm
How can you possibly make any $$ for 2 cents per line???


Am I missing something??

Interview by phone. Tests are on line. NM
I got 100% on the phone interview, and thought the on-line test was easy, but they still didn't h
My line rate was better than any I've seen posted
before.  I haven't been there long enough to get a raise, though I think someone asked this question last week and the answer was you do get raises. 
I've worked both per line and hourly..sm
so I wholeheartedly agree with you that, as an hourly MD, there's no justification for subquality work or passing the buck along to QA when not absolutely necessary.  Maybe that particular MT wanted to show how much work she could produce in so much time.  Neither is it justified by a production-paid MT.  It would be inexcusable in a regular state of affairs where, at one time, an MT was able to make a fair living, whereas most find it difficult if not impossible to scratch out minimum wage and having to do 8 hour's work of work in 12 or more hours.  But, as you did agree in your post, it is certainly understandable in the latter case.  MTs are fed up, burnt out, etc, and realize they're for the most part getting a rotten deal, especially as paid-per-line, home-based ones, and the bottom line, whereas it used to be quality work and being able to take pride in it being replaced by rushing to get enough work out to keep the lights on and kids fed.
Like a bad penny...
A Kool-Aid drinker, too Like the mantra in Field Of Dreams- If it's posted, it must be true! Can't you just hear Johnny Cochran bellowing that out in court? Yes, my tired, old, ex-QA (riiiight!), she said she wasn't interviewed so that's that. She didn't disparage the recruiter either, I suppose. Maybe all of this is just a bad dream- like when you supposedly worked here. Oh, that's right- you quit! Uh-huh, sure. Oh, but wait! Before you did, the owner BEGGED you to stay! Anyone who knows anything about our illustrious leader knows BEGGING is not part of his ballywick, so you must be sharing the same dream. I would love to know when you left, as I'm sure our research would find that you were terminated, or resigned in lieu of. It would certainly explain your sour apples after so much time. I thought when you QUIT a company, you do so to improve your lot in life and show them that you are much better tahn they? How come, after so much time away, there is still such anger and resentment? Could it be that you realize it was a big mistake to quit or in fact you were really let go? I think we know the truth. Enjoy your dream!
I believe her name is Penny, not sure if still there.

To penny...
You have a point. I have tried to do this for 9 years now with the same company. This last one really has me thinking though. If they keep cutting, pretty soon we will have to pay to work for them because what we get will not even pay our internet bill. I keep going until I find something I am sure will work for me. I do not care for uncertainty especially in this time. I may be not happy, miserable, and completely beside myself over it, but I won't just quit on a whim. Did that once in my younger years and learned to regret it when the paycheck never came.
I've been on it since the beginning. It sucks. My line count went down sm
about 20-30% and so did ALL of my co-workers, yet no one can explain it. Did we all lose our typing speed with the transition? I think not.

I cannot, on my good conscience, recommend DQS to anyone. Look for better. Seriously. I'll save you the grief.

So, I won't even answer all your other questions because if this doesn't scare you away, then nothing will.
Penny has only been with KS a month or so. sm
Call Becky at the office or call and talk to whoever answers. Tell them the situation and tell them that you want to work for KS but feel that you have been shuffled. I would bet that they will get it done for you. No company wants a reputation for letting good MTs fall through cracks.
And they don't pay 1 penny of downtime
when the system is down for hours at a time.
Penny Pray
Penny Pray's company is a small Maine transcription company. They are a good company, and good to work for. The only problem is if you do their psych work, it's very difficult to make decent pay because many dictators are slow speaking, different formats and it just takes too long to get decent pay. If you get their ops, you might do ok.
Penny is awesome!
I know everyone has their own opinions and experiences with people, but I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Penny Whalen. She is a great recruiter and a great person!!!
Penny Bashing!
I have never heard more woman being catty! Have any of you ever watched the movied called Mean Girls? I have worked with Penny and found her to be communicative, friendly, and out of her way helpful! Have you ever heard that old saying, if you don't have anything nice to say?
I've had checked line counts in Instant Text and sm
actually found Instant Text lines to be less than i-Chart and pretty much equal to Word.
It seems they are dodging questions about the supposed new line counter they've been
job posting (Penny Pray)??
Anyone know who this company is?  Their job posting seems to be incomplete.
12 years ago I charged a penny a word
Transcription @ Its Best - Penny Pray, owner.
Great woman to work for. Pay is always on time, plenty of work. She runs an honest company with integrity.

I've been with places that disabled Ctrl/I as they said the line count given was "too high.
No, I'm not on his side. He ought to pay every penny he owes. It doesn't matter what
This is a capitalist society. He is free to charge as much as the market will bear.

If you're tolerating that, then the market holds.

For the trouble, I'd make a surcharge onto the shipping charge as well.

If he did not pay my 1st check within 24 hours of the pay date (absolute proof), I would stop working that very day for him.

You dont think any company wont save a penny anywhere they
Save a penny post is not slanderous. Not only are you naive,
I agree. The line counter is a pain, but I've checked lots of reports against MS Word
But a 'Thanks for Your Hard Work' email wouldn't cost them a penny :-(
It's not even about a gift, really. It's just more about the lack of acknowledgement in general.

I'm sure a lot of MTs, not just MDI people, are feeling a bit disillusioned and unappreciated this week.

I just took a PT IC position with Paladin Retrieval and so far so good.  I believe they are still looking for acute care folks.  Pay is good too.
Now, how can you possibly know that? (sm)
Seems to me 9 months is more than enough time to meet requirements.  Sounds fishy to me.  There's probably more to it than OP is saying.
How can you possibly say that? They are NOT going to be the next
to go. That client in NV is extremely pleased with TT and isn't going anywhere. I have been with TT for almost 5 years now and they have lost a total of 2 clients in that time. Gimme a freakin' break!
is that possibly why...
it takes a long time for that recruiter to get back with you, if she/he does?
Very possibly

Nothing is 100% sure of course.  But some transcription companies are already doing this, charging more and offering quality and doing very well, especially in specialty fields.  They don't advertise as much because they have lower turn over but we know who they are.

I will bet that because of increasing lawsuits and liability, hospitals are going to be a lot more careful about what becomes part of a patient's medical record.  And who has access to it.  As the economy gets worse, the big companies are going to cut corners more and more trying to squeeze more money out the business.  They probably won't even want to be bothered when their profits go down and cut into their big CEO paychecks.  First there was a glut of nurses because the hospitals didn't want to pay them.  Now there is a shortage and they are going nuts trying to recruit them.  There are cycles in business.

I don't want to become a mllionaire.  Just make a decent living for myself and some other transcriptionist.  As I said, some companies are already doing this. 

She can try RC Transcription. They have an internship. The downside is it's free. As in they do not get paid at all. But after completing the internship, they often, if they do well, get hired. Focus also has an internship. Other than that, I'm not sure of any companies that do it that way. You may want to consider giving her a letter of recommendation with the info that you are mentoring her as she works, maybe be able to get her foot in a door with a company that occasionally will take on a new MT? Good luck to her!
Could it possibly be the -
very first one, at the top of the list?
Possibly - but for whom? But even
if we lowly MTs were even offered these perks, who among use could actually afford a hybrid, or even a used jalopy, at this point??
No SE but possibly IC
In our call he said Transcend doesn't have a statutory employee status.  They do have IC status which will be addressed on an individual basis.  It's obvious they prefer folks to choose employee status but IC may be available.  I've seen their ads for ICs and they require you to have a federal employer identification number.  ICs also have to pay self-employment tax, which amounts to an additional 7.5% to cover the SS/Medicare match that the employer pays for SEs.
I don't know where they could possibly fit
they should change their name to 'TRANS-CRAP'.
possibly MedQuist
Maybe MedQuist? I was recently hired as a newbie. As a newbie, they want a set 40-hour schedule, but I was told that can change down the line. I'm statutory, BTW.
What about my message could possibly have come across like that?
All I did was comment on some of the rude replies to legitimate posts and ask for input on other positive MT sites.

Why the chip on your shoulder?

Possibly DTS in Tennessee. nm
Possibly Milner ? .... nm
How can you possibly say too many MTs look for the perfect job? sm
It is those who settle for substantially less that drives the field down.  And MOST cmopanies pay for headers and footers ... anything I have to research and provide should be paid for .. to think less means you have been brainwashed.
I don't know anything about Transend, but they can't possibly
me worse than SoftScript.  If you read back through old posts there are lots of posts about both of them. 
I believe it is at least 90%, possibly as high as 98%...nm
Did you consider that possibly they do not have anything that fits what you want or that sm
you might not fit what they want for openings they have right now?

Don't take it personally but if you are really upset about it and want to find out what the reason was, ask them. The worst they can do is not tell you, but they might give you insight into something that you are projecting or missing, something that you can correct.
What training can they possibly have
that cannot be done online?

The company should invest in modern technology, otherwise it is going 'under, 'soon!'

And if you have to go, I hope the company pays for EVERYTHING.

They couldn't possibly know...sm
I plan to continue to use mine as I always have. I am just really going to have to be extra careful! I've never sent any Expander faux pas through, but my luck, it will happen now!

I agree that everyone should be on their toes. It would be quite unfair to put any unnecessary work on QA expecting them to catch it. We all need to be grammar police. It comes with the job!
Looking to possibly hire on with JLG. Is anyone happy there?? nm
Cover letter possibly?? nm
Were there too many ESLs or possibly not enough work? nm
Does this natl possibly start with a big W?