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QA score

Posted By: another MDIer on 2007-04-12
In Reply to: QA - Interested

Honestly, I've never seen a QA score since I've been there. They probably have one somewhere and if it gets too low they probably alert you or something, but I've never seen one. I'll get occasional random QA'd reports to review or occasional emails from QA about remember to do this. I can also go into the system and review ones that I knew I had a hard time with that have already been through QA and review them myself. So, I guess they're strict in a this-report-needs-to-be-perfect way but not in a you're-going-to-get-your-pay-cut-if-you-don't-get-your-commas-in-the-right-place way.

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Does MedWare post your score in their email to you? How high a score do you need to get hired?Thx.nm
Hm, well if that was my score, it was better than a
I have no clue. Maybe someone will come along that knows if that was, in fact, the score or not.
I do know and I score MTs when I QA them sm
I asked for an updated weighted scale the other day and got one. I know where my full time job is my QA runs about 99.7% or a little better. I have been off my game of late and I think I have dropped to 99.4%.

Now...where I QA I go ballistic with errors. I have an MT who will not WILL NOT look up anything. She had Asthmanex for Asmanex and transcribed NovaLog when the doc said Novolin. The insulin problem could be life threatening!!! She has doctor names misspelled all the time when we have an easy datatbase to use. It is not perfect, it is convenient and not hard to use. She has semicolons when commas and periods are better. I have not counted her punctuation otherwise, don't care where she sticks a comma. She can't use a compound modifier properly and she has a habit of hyphenating every instance of a number (q.8.hours. or 3-days time instead of 3 days' time, etc.) I can't score her above 92% at best and she is often at 88%, not acceptable.

I completely agree, punctuation can't get you down to the 80s. I am tough and the MT above might get worse out of others who are sticklers in ways I am not, but still.

Ask for specifics and examples. QA gals are not perfect. We do the best we can.
I'm sure not going to get into a credit score war w/you, BUT....
I can guarantee you that mine is way higher than yours - and it didn't get that way by allowing whomever wanted to look at my credit report to send me a bunch of BS through the mail or call me! I have never heard of the person to whom you referred in your last posting, but I guess there is only one expert or advisor in the world, correct? I will continue to use the freeze on my account and know that I'm protected while you on the other hand..................
You don' know what you are talking about. My QA score was 99.9. nm
I was QA'd on training every day I'd see my score.
Did you forget about the training review reports? You review your reports daily on QA during initial time period.
Why should I ask about my score if I passed....sm
Usually one asks why one did not pass.
You didn't score an 80 something just
Yes, and passed with a high score -
but that was a while ago (last summer). I don't know if the test has changed at all. Good luck.
Well I didn't get my score yet but it was ridiculous.
I don't understand it, I've been doing this 20 years and don't necessarily know anatomy like the back of my hand. We are not diagnosticians for pete's sake, we're MTs! If we knew all of that, we wouldn't be typing for peanuts we'd be MDs! LOL. Just a little ridiculous I thought.
It should have instantly sent you a pretty low score.
what is the minimum QA score required


Sounds like somebody didn't score too well on their
QA audit!
Execuscribe On-Line Test Score
Hi! I just tested with Execuscribe yesterday and recieved a score of 88%. Does anyone know if this is a passing score?  Thanks!!
I got an email stating my score within a few days.
That score is with current company. I also have e-mails from
my STM at Webmedx telling me how pleased they were with my work.   Someone is always wanting to say that you just couldn't cut it when you leave a company, but that wasn't my situation.  Actually the lack of work was a blessing.  I now work for a company whose QA is very strict, even more so than Webmedx, where my score last month was 99.9%, there is lots of work 24/7, and the pay is better.  I was also making my line count after 3 days.  So the story had a happy ending.   When one person leaves that might be chalked up to a quality issue, but when several leave at the same time then that likely isn't the case.  The numbers showed what the workload was like. 
On that score, you are 100% correct, just slow with the flow.
I didn't receive a score but the test was hard.

I'm almost afraid to ask what I got. 

It would be nice if they would provide an applicant with their test score.


Your line count varies based on QA score.
Maybe the trick was to NOT show a score, like the poster below? Who the frig knows?!! I thought