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SGS require 2400 daily lines?

Posted By: ll on 2009-01-23
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Does anyone know if it is true that Superior Global Solutions out of Texas requires 2400 daily lines to qualify for full time and receive benefits?  If so, is there enough work to actually make that many daily lines?  Are they a good company to work for?  Thanks in advance, all responses appreciated.

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SGS require 2400 daily lines?
Does anyone know if it is true that Superior Global Solutions out of Texas requires 2400 daily lines to qualify for full time and receive benefits?  If so, is there enough work to actually make that many daily lines?  Are they a good company to work for?  Thanks in advance, all responses appreciated.
If you are doing 2400 lines in an 8 hr day on an MQ
If you do 2400 lines in an 8 hour day working on an MQ platform, please tell us all how you are doing it.
Are you required to type 2400 lines in eight hours? Only
2400 lines, I'm stuck on that number. 8 hours??? I want to see her answer that one.

outstanding account(s) to do this in 8 hours.  We had one whole week lately with no work at all, maybe get 30 lines an hour.  And it wasn't just our office, people were calling NJ also about not having any work.

 And if you are doing quality work, you have to be slowing down to make out the slurrs and bad grammar. 

Well, her day will come.  When they turn her into an editor, and her accounts dry up into nothing but VR let's see what happens.  And her account must be very simple (tasty for VR grabbing), it will disappear. 


If you are doing 2400 lines in an 8 hour day, working 5 accounts +, running out of work on all 5,

then pray tell us how you are doing it.  I certainly would like to share this with MQ because I also have done this many years, know my work, and there is no way to do 2400 lines because most days all the accounts are out of work.


what is their daily lines requirement
I use to work for Spheris which I loved I just got tired of working the Sa-Tu for two years and they would not change from schedule. 
We enter our lines daily on the intranet SM
You don't enter the minutes that you type, just the lines for the day.
I'm about 300 lines short daily. I've had some
dictators that were absolutely horrendous and the my reports come back from QA with blanks too, but then I have some really good dictators.   The changes are driving me crazy.   I wish they could explain things one time in a way that the MTs could understand.  I'm sure there are more changes to come, though they have had at least part of the account for a long time so I don't understand all the changes now. 
How many lines do you average daily on eScription?
Doesn't matter where you work, how many lines do you average daily on eScription?
Who here is required to type 1800 lines on a daily basis for FT work?
They require 1150 lines per day

How many lines were required when you worked there? Why did it take you more than 8 hours to do 1150 lines?

Does OSi really require the 185 lines per hour that they ask for on their website? nm
pretty sure they require 1200 lines/pay pd for SE (nm)
Yes, they added a tiny bit to the benefits, but now require 12,000 lines.
That was a low blow!!! It is almost impossible to get 10,000 lines on those nasty VA accounts and now they are requiring more. I will be looking for a new home. This sucks!!!
MDI-MA does not require a set schedule- you do your required lines in 24 hours. nm
Companies that require ONLY lines - not certain hours, preferably internet sm
based and part time.  TIA
Only require 400 lines completed within 24 hours....good company...
think, people! If she does 250 lines/hour, same docs daily, will make $15/hour
1200 lines daily is great if you have the work, personally, I never had enough work so
I left and have NEVER been sorry!
ended up almost 2400
So what?  You are a critical person.  So what?  Just because my post may be sloppy due to trying to hurry doesn't mean I am a bad transcriptionist.  However, your nasty post speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. 
I don't think anyone requires 2400 transcribed
lines daily. Where I work, to maintain FT status we are required 1200 lines a day/6000 a week.
Is do you do a daily log. I currently do, but

I know different accounts do things differently.  The work is submitted to the client differently. 

I don't know enough about the accounts to offer any help, but if she is already working then her lead should have provided this information. 

Oh my GOD.... no wonder they have ads up daily. THANK YOU! NM
Emailing daily log........ sm

Do yourself a huge favor.  If you don't have a scanner, buy one!  I keep a handwritten log and at the end of the day I just scan it into an email.  You certainly don't need another screen to contend with. 

...rather than on a daily basis? Thanks.
Daily Work and TAT sm
I just started a new IC position last Monday.  I had one day with some work last week (due to holiday) and yesterday there was nothing and today a 2 minute job.  The company says they do not know when or who will dump the jobs.  The TAT is 24 hours and work could be dumped any time of day.  I report for work at about 7 a.m.  Do you just sit around all day waiting for work?  Should there be a cut-off time when it's too late to start?  We do have lives too.  What would you do?  No other job expects you to wait around without being paid.  I must be thick or something.  Thanks for the input.
Daily Work and TAT............
It is probably just the holidays. Just hang in there. I have a very flexible schedule, so I know what you mean about waiting all day. I am home all day (homebody) and like the fact that I can check in, work when needed and get my house clean, take care of my kids and cook, etc in between time. I work for a GREAT MTSO and have never had an out of work situation until the holidays. It will pick up. :)
I have never seen this in the news, which I keep up on daily.
The Daily Transcription

Does anyone know anything about this company? I am going to be testing with them, but I just wanted some opinions first.


I saw the daily report
yesterday that said nothing was nefarious and that this is supposedly normal. I can tell you, I do not remember it being slow at this time of year either. Part of me wonders if like someone else had posted that some of the accounts are not starting to give their work to other vendors. Another part of me wonders if they are doing this to get people to quit so they can hire on people at lower rates. I mean it would stay in line with their value of money.
It is done on the computer daily
though intranet.  They should give you instructions on how to do it after they have set you up in the system. 
so why are they hiring on mt daily?? nm
They want you to meet your daily
lines counts. I don't think that is asking for too much.
They used to have a job board ad almost daily
...now you never see anything from them. Wonder if they are losing accounts.
Daily changes make me . . .
want to commit myself to a psych hospital. Driving me crazy. Acid tongue supervisor makes everything worse.
1800 lines is easily achieved. I average 300-340 lines per hour. nm
whats the $$$ on that daily incentive?

How high does the daily incentive go? Please.
How high does the daily incentive go? Thanks. nm
I used to get 2000+ daily with one hospital

oh my god that work rocked!  It was 95% normals and work was plentiful.  Imagine, ortho reports that were 2 pages long and all you had to do was type in your little Expander shortcut and poof there was the whole report whenever the dictator said Please use my _____ report.  Ka-ching! 

Ahhhh...the salad days.  I remember them with such a sad fondness...it was the kind of thing that was just so good you just knew it wouldn't last.

Now I'm all bummed again.  Where did I put that cheesecake....


Running out of work daily
We have started running out daily, a lot of the time when I sign on in the morning there is no work on my primary, maybe not even secondary. Our supervisor has asked many to switch shifts, to work the night shift and I know 10 or so have done so. It seems we were getting out of TAT in the evenings, so NOW it is over compensated and there is not much during the day, before noon, anyway. Used to work 8-10 hours OT every week, now that is down to 5-6 or less hours OT. I don't know what to do. I need my hours and some OT, too. Can't work nights.
What is their daily line count?
can anyone tell me about sending daily report and how
you keep track of that? You can e-mail me if you'd rather. Just started and curious if you have to write down all your jobs at the end of shift of is there an easier way of sending this info?
MDI-MD, but you set the daily line count
Yes it is QA's job - and they send feedback daily

Every day, hand typed, sent to the supervisor, who then passes it onto the MT.

Of course, many of the errors are seen time and time again because the MTs either:

A) don't read the feedback 

B) don't care

C) both of the above


WHAT??? I talk to the office almost daily. sm
I lead a few accounts and have been training on a new one that starts in a few days. The phone number has not changed in 5 years and it should still forward from the old one. This site takes off phone numbers if we post them, so please email me.

Not only are they still in business, but still growing. I spoke with someone there today that said that they doubled in size last year and will this year too.

I am just excited about the new insurance!!!!!
i appreciate that and do count my blessings daily
I definately know I have a great situation job-wise. I'm also definately not one to groan and moan about life/job/bills, though I didn't really do that when I was making half of what I make now either. Sometimes I think a lot of success has to do with attitude. If I wasn't so nose to the grindstone and instead spent a good part of my time dwelling on the not so great parts of being an MT or about life in general, I definately could not be as successful or productive.

I realize that I may not be the norm, however do want everyone to know that it is possible. There are good companies out there and there are ways to make yourself successful and highly productive.
They are discussed almost daily. If you'll look through
past posts you'll get lots of info.   They are in India with a storefront office in the US. 
Transcend's out of work daily.

You might be able to get enough work if your hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. but there is no work in the morning and at night I watch 40 to 50 jobs disappear all at once and I have nothing left to do. 

10 lines per minute = 1500 lines for 150 minutes - average. nm
I average 1200-1400 lines per day with a national, and am only getting around 600-800 lines per day.
It's been this way since the day before Thanksgiving. I've been doing this for almost 30 years now, and more often than from Thanksgiving until the new year is the slowest time of the year. I have some months where I am swamped with up to 2000 lines per day. I stash that little extra money, and take advantage of a handful of extremely slow days this time of the year to actually cook dinner, decorate for Christmas, or do Christmas shopping. I actually anticipate this slow time every year and have grown to enjoy the breathing time. Any time I have attempted to pick up extra work with another company to supplement these slow times, the minute I get adjusted to the new accounts, etc. I have no time to finish all of my work because my full time job with national gets slammed again. Hang in there if you can, and hopefully your work will pick up significantly around New Years.