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1200 lines daily is great if you have the work, personally, I never had enough work so

Posted By: am on 2008-08-07
In Reply to: KS - REBELMT

I left and have NEVER been sorry!

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Who here is required to type 1800 lines on a daily basis for FT work?
I used to work for a company who separated the MTs by work type daily. sm
regret ever leaving that company. we had a max of 4 MTs typing a large training hospital with clinics. i was assigned consults and discharges with consults being my priority. another MT had ops and admits, etc. it worked so much better. we were RARELY out of TAT and each of us were trained on other report types for backup in case someone need to take off. not to mention that we were easily able to learn the ESLs because we got them repeatively enough to learn them, set up templates, etc. much, much more productive for us as MTs, for the company as work flow, and i am sure for the dictator because they got someone who knew them and their dictations well enough to be accurate. i don't understand why large MTSOs cannot comprehend how much more beneficial that would be.
I average 1200-1400 lines per day with a national, and am only getting around 600-800 lines per day.
It's been this way since the day before Thanksgiving. I've been doing this for almost 30 years now, and more often than from Thanksgiving until the new year is the slowest time of the year. I have some months where I am swamped with up to 2000 lines per day. I stash that little extra money, and take advantage of a handful of extremely slow days this time of the year to actually cook dinner, decorate for Christmas, or do Christmas shopping. I actually anticipate this slow time every year and have grown to enjoy the breathing time. Any time I have attempted to pick up extra work with another company to supplement these slow times, the minute I get adjusted to the new accounts, etc. I have no time to finish all of my work because my full time job with national gets slammed again. Hang in there if you can, and hopefully your work will pick up significantly around New Years.
Great pay rate on a 55 ccl, great lady to work for and work is not tough. sm

It is all IC work, although you still are expected to give a schedule if you are doing stat coverage.  Only major drawback is the big wait for your first check -- almost a month from the time of your first invoice.


Good luck!  

Daily Work and TAT sm
I just started a new IC position last Monday.  I had one day with some work last week (due to holiday) and yesterday there was nothing and today a 2 minute job.  The company says they do not know when or who will dump the jobs.  The TAT is 24 hours and work could be dumped any time of day.  I report for work at about 7 a.m.  Do you just sit around all day waiting for work?  Should there be a cut-off time when it's too late to start?  We do have lives too.  What would you do?  No other job expects you to wait around without being paid.  I must be thick or something.  Thanks for the input.
Daily Work and TAT............
It is probably just the holidays. Just hang in there. I have a very flexible schedule, so I know what you mean about waiting all day. I am home all day (homebody) and like the fact that I can check in, work when needed and get my house clean, take care of my kids and cook, etc in between time. I work for a GREAT MTSO and have never had an out of work situation until the holidays. It will pick up. :)
Running out of work daily
We have started running out daily, a lot of the time when I sign on in the morning there is no work on my primary, maybe not even secondary. Our supervisor has asked many to switch shifts, to work the night shift and I know 10 or so have done so. It seems we were getting out of TAT in the evenings, so NOW it is over compensated and there is not much during the day, before noon, anyway. Used to work 8-10 hours OT every week, now that is down to 5-6 or less hours OT. I don't know what to do. I need my hours and some OT, too. Can't work nights.
Transcend's out of work daily.

You might be able to get enough work if your hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. but there is no work in the morning and at night I watch 40 to 50 jobs disappear all at once and I have nothing left to do. 

MT work losing money daily
With the no raise and line count these services pay, 1 report with a difficult ESL doctor who makes a lot of money can end up with the TX making 3/hr. Illegal aliens make more so hospitals seem to hire interpreters now at 50/hr or more and thick accented doctors seem to not care to learn English and the Transcriptionist leaves holes for Editor - if someone else feels like learning their language - be my guest, but I have to feed a family and make some money in this dying paid profession. If I received 50/hr or 12 cpl, I would try to decipher but for 4 years .0825 and I cannot. I am not an interpreter. Starting to hate my job lately. No money. I see illegals with cell phones, nice apartments and yet they won't learn English and I struggle working 14 hours a day or more just with maybe a little food. The job is not an easy one but the pay is less than picking fruit in a field.
Emails daily regarding TAT, order of work
it's usually first thing in morning; then the auto-generated emails regarding STATS. Otherwise, it's *no news is good news.*

It would seem strange to get no communication at all.
Old posts show they want 1200 lpd and that the work load was very uneven. nm
My plumber doesn't do work for me on a daily basis. .sm
In my state, we need to get a 1099 if we make over $1000 as an IC. I have never paid a plumber that much money, thank goodness!
You get for over 1200 lines a day
and this is just MT, ME is different and too complicated. MT gets for over 1200- extra penny, 1301-1450 +0.015 per line, 1451-1550 +0.025 per line and so on. But on DEP what are the chances of this?? I hope good but hear not so good. plus to move up a pair tier from 1 to 2 and so on must pass test and have AVAILABLE POSITION IN HIGHER TIER, must meet work availability and must be manager approved. So just getting better at your job doesn't make you automatically move up.
1200 lines per day (nm)
only 1200 lines
ONLY 1200 lines you say?   When you sign on in the morning and work 45 minutes, then run out of work for most of the day...........are you able to type 1200 lines?  That would translate into 1200 lines per hour, can you do that?
1200 lines or more

Now, tell me this, how does a company expect you to have 1200 lines a day when all dictators are foreign, have to download the report to type, which takes a while to download, not because my computer is slow, but it does show slower in the other side, and when the transcriptionists do not type the hard reports get to be the first ones to come up? I am not a perfect transcriptionist, nor a slow typist, but it takes me one hour and about 40 minutes to type 150 lines....frustrated!!!!

Personally I like DSG. I work for them and MQ sm
I know there are people out there who disagree but if you work when you are supposed to and do what you tell them you will, then they don't bother you.  I like them.  Pay is decent.
Personally, I would never work for a
company where I had to pay if certain conditions were not met. What if there is no work and you are short your lines. I would look elsewhere.
Anyone else working for eTransPlus running out of work on a daily basis?
How are you handling it?
NO WORK at Transtech -- did no good to work the holiday for 1.5 lines, did it?
I am sure the office staff will share their PAID HOLIDAY MONIES with us who sit here with no work.  This has gotten to be such a frustrating profession.  I guess I need to relocate to Houston so that I can work in the office, too, and reap those wonderful paid benefits that us at-home piecemeal workers do not get.
12,000 lines/pay period not 1200
I'm sure it was a typo, and I'm not picking on anyone, but I just want to clarify that it is 12,000 lines per pay period that is required of an SE which is roughly 1200 lines a day.  Hope this helps! 
1200 lines/pay period?? nm
1200 lines a pay period

The requirement for direct deposit is 14,000 lines a pay period CONSISTENTLY, so in breaking it down over a 13-14 day period, a bit over 1,000 lines a day -- hope you can brush up on you math too

More than 1200 lines a week?
so what's the point in being so rude to wandering MT?
I hit 1200 lines a day easy, sm
I hit 1200+ daily at Axolotl.  I was reaching my line counts within the first week.  As stated in another message, it could be the difference in accounts/dictators.  I work on several accounts though.
1200 lines per day for VR is extremely low.

With VR, a person should be doing at least 2000+ per day.  You're kidding yourself if you think you will find a VR job that only requires 1200 or less!

I'm FT and it's 1200 lines...Not sure what PT requirement is (nm)
Average of 1200 lines per day.
Personally, I wouldn't work for them if *sm*
you do have it correct and they do not pay you for an evaluation period. Any work you do for them at all should be paid for. This company just gives me a bad feeling anyway, based on the posts from when they first opened up and started advertising online for help. At that point they weren't paying more than like 0.06 per line. I think maybe you can still find some information over on MTChat.com about them from that time period. I also remember a few posts on here about NSF checks a while back.

I used to work with her at another company. I wish her well. I personally did not sm
care for her or her theatrics but would not wish chemo on anyone. I hope she has a speedy and full recovery.
do you personally work for this company?

If so, and if it is SOOOOO bad, GET A NEW ONE

W A K E    U P

Do they leave you alone to work? I personally
would rather be left alone instead of bothered all day with phone calls, etc.
Great people to work for, but I had to leave due to lack of work. Hopefully that has changed. SM
Most of us who do not live in California had to go IC. When I was there, they did not have statutory status, although they told me they did when they hired me. Their pay for VR is VERY low, not a living wage. Many of the folks in the office are ex-YOG and great to work for/with. Good luck.
I do 1200 lines a day in 2 hospital accounts and I can
usually get my work done in 4 to 5 hours.  BUT, if the kids are around or whatever, then of course, it takes quite a bit longer.  Also, I have a lot of Instant Text saved etc. and normals that my doctors repeat in their reports.
pretty sure they require 1200 lines/pay pd for SE (nm)
0.085, but I am averaging 1200 lines in less than 5 hours - sm
and I have only been on the account for 4 months. Personally, I do not think $20/hour is all that bad, do you??? Consider this, most hospitals are hiring at $12-13/hour in the south where I'm located.
Full time = 1200 lines per day. nm
MedQuist requires 1200 lines a day
I do voice recognition and am only required to do 1200 lines a day, 12,000 per pay period.
1200 lines at 3 cpl equals 36 bucks
You can work at 7-11 for that kind of money.
Wait, you can only type 1200 lines a day?
You can't type more?
Based on what...do you say that I will be out of work? Have you personally experienced this?
As for meaning and substance, the words speak for themselves. If you are not sure what they mean, Webster's is always helpful.
Not personally, but seen this happen to a few when I used to work in HR at a bank - sm
Sorry you are going through this.  I know when I worked in HR at a bank we absolutely would not consider anyone no matter how nice their resume if they had filed for bankruptcy or even had a bill more than 30 days late.  You may want to consider another alternative.  Best wishes to you.
Webmedx - low work ? Can you make up lines when work available (sm)
or do you have to schedule a make up time or just do without the lines? 
what is their daily lines requirement
I use to work for Spheris which I loved I just got tired of working the Sa-Tu for two years and they would not change from schedule. 
I do 1200-1300 lines in 5-6 hours. I am not very fast
though. My fingers are getting old :)
For companies that hire FT 1000-1200 lines, what happens when
Due to low work or a particularly bad day maybe in which you struggled with difficult physicians? I am an IC so never had to deal with how many lines to get in a day or having to keep up with a certain quota. I am not particularly interested in any insurance or anything but perhaps PTO and 401k, so taking a look around and trying to figure it all out. Thanks MTs!
We enter our lines daily on the intranet SM
You don't enter the minutes that you type, just the lines for the day.
I'm about 300 lines short daily. I've had some
dictators that were absolutely horrendous and the my reports come back from QA with blanks too, but then I have some really good dictators.   The changes are driving me crazy.   I wish they could explain things one time in a way that the MTs could understand.  I'm sure there are more changes to come, though they have had at least part of the account for a long time so I don't understand all the changes now. 
SGS require 2400 daily lines?
Does anyone know if it is true that Superior Global Solutions out of Texas requires 2400 daily lines to qualify for full time and receive benefits?  If so, is there enough work to actually make that many daily lines?  Are they a good company to work for?  Thanks in advance, all responses appreciated.
SGS require 2400 daily lines?
Does anyone know if it is true that Superior Global Solutions out of Texas requires 2400 daily lines to qualify for full time and receive benefits?  If so, is there enough work to actually make that many daily lines?  Are they a good company to work for?  Thanks in advance, all responses appreciated.
How many lines do you average daily on eScription?
Doesn't matter where you work, how many lines do you average daily on eScription?